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Can you wait for us

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Pran stood there in front of the door nervous to click the door bell.All he wants for now is to run back to Pat.He is missing Pat.Is that even resonable?He is the one who wanted to comeback but now why is this hard.But afterall nothing had been easy for him.Finally he presses the doorbell and damn its his mom.

"Pran oh my god are you okay im so sorry Pran-"
"Mom I'm tired...can we talk tomorrow?"

Saying that Pran just left to his room,no he cant talk about this today.he needs to but he cant.Being away from Pat itself is giving him a hard time to stay sane.He puts on the earphones and lays on his bed.Atleast this feels better.It feels like Pat.

On the other side there is Pat,eyes swollen and red from all the tears but he has to do this today he doesn't want to talk about this to his parents about their break up ever again.He wants to get done with this one last time of telling them its over.

"I broke up with him..."
"Good for you"
'Of course you would say that' Pat thought

He leaves to his room to get changed and there is a knock
"Pat can i come in"
she stands near the door, guilty to look at pats face,
"Are you okay?"
Pat just nods his head sitting on his bed
"I dont know what to tell you im sorry you are in this mess i really am, just know that we love you okay?"
Pat nods again and with that his mom leaves.
He looks at his window;no it wasn't voluntery, it has become a habit,

looking out for pran is still a habit.

Pran's room looks dark,'he probably went to bed'pat thinks. That's all that he thought but why is he crying again?why are there tears running on his cheeks.He cant do this anymore.He looks around for Nong Nao but damn its at his dorm.

Once again there is a knock on the door, but this time pat is a little annoyed
"i brought Nong Nao from the dorm"
Pa's sad voice from the entrance makes him cry harder but he hopes she would not notice
"thank you"
"its fine,just dont cry too much please,you can talk to me whenever you feel know that right"
Pa places Nong Nao on Pats bed and leaves to her room
Two people with broken hearts that's screaming to run back to each other.But the only thing that moves is time.Its next morning here to remind them they are college students with more problems to attend.

why must life be this hard

Everything looks peaceful its as if the world hasn't witnessed their break up.Its just another morning of going to college.The only thing that reminds them about their break up is the silence,there is no pat who is confessing his love for Pran to world and there is no Pran scolding a clingy Pat.Its silent.

Pat wishes he could skip college but the thought of accidentally running into Pran is what makes him want to go and he does.Pran hopes he doesn't run into Pat because breaking down in front of Pat would be the last thing he wants to happen.But wai has already called him thrice to remind about some assignment thats due that day.It ain't a unusual thing,it still feels normal and fine.

Maybe its the calm before everything goes down

Classes,rugby practice,feels fine but now they are free and of course chatting with their friends eventually leads them to tease patpran's little elope,and that explains why they are here at the music room.Together.

"How are you missing me so much?"
"Sorry.It feels weird that you are away from me"

And that was all needed for Pat to pull Pran close to him
This is wrong.They shouldn't be doing this.But what's have they got from always doing the right thing

"I miss you"
"I miss you so fucking much Pran"
"I'm Sorry i keep wanting just another day with you"
"Hey just a couple more years and we'll be together everyday okay?
"Hey its not like we dont love each other anymore,its just a break.Not a break between us but a break from what's hurting us,come on we talked about it.We'll find our way back.And if we dont atleast we got each other right?"

Pran just stands there holding onto Pats shirt.Pat always says the right thing or atleast the things he wants to hear.Would words be enough to talk about his longing for the guy in front of him?Thats why he kisses Pat before leaving him.Again.