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“Can I interest you in a little late night dip in the jacuzzi?” Christen asked as she traced circles on Tobin’s bare stomach and rested her thigh on Tobin’s after making love for the last hour when everyone had turned in for the night.

Tobin furrowed her brows and looked at the clock on the nightstand.

“Now? It’s 11:30.”

Tobin was feeling a little worn down from traveling all day on Christmas Day to surprise Christen and then spending the last hour devouring her. She hadn’t planned on coming back to LA until the 27th in time for Christen’s birthday, but when she got to New Jersey on the 20th, all she could think about was being with Christen again and wanting to spend at least some part of Christmas with her. Her family teased her mercilessly when she booked a last-minute itinerary back to LA with a stop in Dallas.

“Toby, you are so whipped!” Jeff teased when Tobin told all of them that she would be leaving for the airport early on Christmas morning after they open presents.

“Shut up, dude,” Tobin said, smacking her brother’s arm when she sat back down to continue their Mario Kart game.

“Ow,” Jeff said, pretending to rub his arm in pain.

“That’s what you get,” Tobin huffed.

“I mean, he’s got a point,” Perry chimed in from where she was sitting on the loveseat. “You are totally whipped.”

Tobin rolled her eyes at her sister as she got ready for the start of the race.

“But come to think of it, I don’t know which one of you two is more whipped, honestly. Christen has done some crazy travel for you, too,” Perry observed, which gave Tobin a warm and fuzzy feeling just thinking about Christen flying all over the country just to see her.

All the teasing from her family and the long travel day had been worth it when Christen leapt into her arms and kissed her when she arrived later that afternoon on the west coast, almost knocking them both to the floor.

Christen laughed and kissed Tobin’s chest. “That’s why I said late night dip.”

Tobin squirmed under Christen’s touch and the feel of her mouth on her.

“We’re gonna wake your parents,” Tobin said as she let her hand move up and down Christen’s thigh, unable to resist her girlfriend.

“No we’re not. Do you know how many times I’ve had friends over to swim late at night and my parents just slept right through it? They won’t hear a thing,” Christen said.

“If you want to, we can,” Tobin said, knowing she was powerless to say no to Christen and those green eyes that she loved so much.

It had been a year since they started dating and Tobin quickly realized that there wasn’t anything that Christen could ask her that she wouldn’t do. Not that Christen asked her to do outrageous things, but when she found herself flying between Portland and Chicago just to surprise Christen and spend 36 hours with her, she knew that she would do anything for the woman in her arms. And when Christen flew to Portland to take care of her for a day when Tobin told her she was feeling under the weather, she knew this was the woman she wanted to be with always. Perry was right. They were both unknowingly completely whipped, but consciously, absolutely crazy about each other.

“I want to,” Christen said smiling as she kissed Tobin, letting her hand continue to roam across Tobin’s hard abs and come dangerously close to touching her where Tobin wanted her.

“If you want me to get out of bed, you should stop kissing and touching me,” Tobin said as her hand went further up Christen’s thigh, feeling her body come alive again, ready for another round.

“Okay okay,” Christen said as she moved off Tobin and helped her up to change into their bathing suits.


“I feel like I’m in high school, sneaking around to have a pool party,” Tobin said chuckling as she rested her hands on Christen’s hips.

Christen laughed and kissed Tobin. “We’re not sneaking around. We’re grown adults who want to go for a dip, so we’re going for a dip,” she said as she stepped out of Tobin’s grip and into the jacuzzi.

Tobin smiled as she watched Christen gracefully climb in and sit down. Watching Christen and her body move the way it did, she could have asked her to run naked into snow at 3am and Tobin would have done it without a second thought.

“I’m very lonely in here,” Christen said sexily as she leaned back and let her legs flutter in and out of the water.

Tobin could feel her heart rate picking up. She could hardly believe that the woman beckoning her was this beautiful and sexy and had the kindest heart of anyone she knew.

“You’re bad,” Tobin said flirtatiously.

“Me?” Christen asked innocently.

“You know how good you look in there,” Tobin said, biting her bottom lip in anticipation.

“So what are you waiting for?” Christen asked.

“I honestly have no idea,” Tobin said laughing as she climbed in and pressed herself up against Christen and kissed her.

Christen wasted no time and flipped them so that Tobin was the one sitting and she could straddle her lap. She leaned back in and kissed her, tongues meeting and teasing.

“So, Christen Press, tell me how many girls you’ve brought out here late at night to make out with?” Tobin asked as they came up for air and she squeezed Christen’s ass in the water.

“A couple…” Christen said coyly.

“Uh huh,” Tobin said knowingly.

“Are you jealous or complaining?” Christen asked jokingly.

“Not one bit,” Tobin smirked.

“I didn’t think so,” Christen said as she kissed Tobin’s neck. ”My first kiss was here, actually.”

“Oh?” Tobin said as Christen’s lips made her hips buck up, wanting some friction.

“Mmhmm,” Christen said as she continued working her way around Tobin’s neck and collarbone.

“He or she?” Tobin asked, her breathing becoming more shallow with every kiss Christen laid on her.

“She,” Christen said, nibbling on Tobin’s ear.

“I don’t know why I don’t know this story, but do tell,” Tobin said, reveling in the feeling of Christen’s mouth on her.

Christen stopped what she was doing and looked at Tobin. “It was Valentine’s Day 2003 and I was 14. I had been crushing on this girl on the softball team since the start of the school year and a bunch of us decided we were going to have a Valentine’s Day party here for those of us who weren’t with anyone. So there were like 20 of us at the start of the night. It was a Friday and eventually everyone left and it was just me and this girl in here.”

“Uh huh,” Tobin said.

“And she said something like, ‘I should probably go,’ and I said, rather smoothly, if I do say so myself, ‘You can go. Or you can just hang out here with me,’ because I was pretty sure she liked me too and she hadn’t made any real move to go home,” Christen said.

“Uh huh,” Tobin said.

“And then we both just kind of drifted toward each other and we kissed,” Christen said.

“And then what happened?” Tobin asked.

“It was a nice first kiss. I think it might have been her first, too. At least her first with a girl,” Christen said. “But then she freaked out and left and we never talked about it again. She basically ghosted me and I didn’t push it. I was confused about my sexuality, too, and things didn’t become super clear to me until college, so I knew what she was going through and I decided to just leave her alone,” she said.

“I’m sorry that happened, baby,” Tobin said, feeling rather protective of her girlfriend even though it happened a long time ago.

“It’s okay, I mean it’s all part of our life’s journey, right? Everything that’s happened has led me to you so it all worked out,” Christen said sweetly. “But I was totally ready in that moment to kiss that girl and lose my virginity altogether,” she said laughing.

Tobin smiled and looked deep in Christen’s eyes and pushed some hair off her neck that had gotten stuck from the water.

“Her loss. 14-year-old me would have been such an idiot in love with you,” Tobin said seriously. ”You know you’re amazing, right?”

Christen smiled. “You’re amazing,” she countered. “But I think we’re both still idiots in love.”

Tobin chuckled. “True,” she said. “But I just…I just can’t imagine kissing you for the first time and letting that be the last time. I want to kiss you like all day every day.”

“Maybe my technique wasn’t very good back then,” Christen joked.

“Your technique is perfect,” Tobin said as she brought their lips together to get a feel of said technique once again.

“I only ever want to kiss you,” Christen whispered when they came up for air.

“I might not have been your first, but I hope I’m your last,” Tobin said, the gravity of what she was saying not lost on her, holding Christen tight.

Christen could feel her love for Tobin growing even more than she thought possible with every word she spoke.

“I want you to be my last,” Christen said sincerely. “Is that crazy? Are we crazy?”

Tobin shook her head. In the last year since she and Christen started dating, any time she thought about what her future might look like, there wasn’t a version of it that didn’t have Christen in it by her side. Even though they lived two thousand miles apart for most of the year, she was as committed to Christen as she’d ever been about anything in her life and she wasn’t afraid to let it be known to her.

“I don’t think it’s crazy. I’m so in love with you, Chris. I can’t imagine being with anyone else ever again,” Tobin said.

“I love you, baby,” Christen said as she wrapped her arms tighter around Tobin’s shoulders.

“I love you, too,” Tobin said as she leaned in and gave Christen a kiss.

It was soft and slow at first until Tobin let her hands wander to Christen’s breasts as Christen’s hips started grinding into Tobin. Tobin unhooked Christen’s bikini top and threw it outside the jacuzzi.

“I thought you were worried about my parents hearing us,” Christen teased. “Are you trying to make me scream?”

“I’m not worried anymore. Let’s get out of here and take a shower. I want to make love to you right now,” Tobin said.

“But we just got here,” Christen said, only mildly protesting.

Instead of answering, Tobin took one of Christen’s hard nipples into her mouth and sucked on it.

“Oh my god,” Christen said as she threw her head back, loving the feel of Tobin’s warm mouth on her in the cool night.

“Still want to stay in here?” Tobin asked as she continued to work on Christen’s nipple with her tongue before sucking on it.

“No, let’s go,” Christen moaned, her volume getting louder.

Tobin continued for a few more moments to work Christen up before releasing her nipple so they could get out of the jacuzzi. As soon as they were out, Tobin wrapped her arms back around Christen and kissed her again.

“This is quite a last-minute Christmas gift. You’re making all my Valentine’s Day 2003 dreams come true,” Christen said when they pulled away.

“Exactly,” Tobin said smiling.

“God I love you,” Christen said. “Thank you for flying in today just so we could spend part of Christmas together. My girlfriend is so romantic.”

“Romantic. Crazy. Same thing. I would do anything for you. I love you so much, Chris,” Tobin said as she kissed Christen’s neck and started walking them back toward the house.

“No. Pool house. It’s closer,” Christen said out of breath. “There’s a shower in there and a bed and we won’t wake my parents when you make me come.”

“You’re so pretty and so smart,” Tobin said smiling as they changed directions and went into the pool house where Christen screamed into the night.


“Good morning, you two,” Stacy greeted when Christen and Tobin finally made their way downstairs for breakfast.

“Good morning,” Christen and Tobin replied sleepily as they each sat on a barstool.

“Did you girls have a nice evening?” Stacy asked smiling.

Christen couldn’t help but turn toward Tobin and wrap her arms around her waist from where she was sitting next to her. They spent so much time in the public eye, schooling themselves not to be affectionate toward one another, that when they were together at home alone or in private with family and friends, they couldn’t help but be touching and hugging all the time in those moments.

“Yes,” Christen said, smiling dreamily at Tobin.

“Mmhmm,” Stacy said knowingly.

“What?” Christen asked, slightly turning her head to face her Mom as her chin rested on Tobin’s shoulder.

“Nothing. I’m sure it was a very nice evening,” Stacy said still smiling coyly.

“Mom, you’re acting weird. What’s up?” Christen asked as Tobin watched the interaction, her hand on Christen’s arm that was around her waist.

“Well, it’s just that I came downstairs this morning and I noticed the door to the backyard was open but no one was outside,” Stacy said.

“Oh, I’m so sorry about that. We must have left it open,” Tobin said, realizing that in the heat of the moment of trying to get back upstairs quickly for another round of love making in Christen’s room, they had left the door open after leaving the pool house.

“Oh it’s alright dear,” Stacy assured. “But Christen must have been cold,” she said trying not to laugh.

“Mom, what are you talking about? You’re being so weird,” Christen said.

“Momo, you left your bikini top by the jacuzzi…” Stacy finally said.

“Oh my god,” Christen said covering her face in embarrassment, burying it into Tobin’s shoulder.

Tobin disentangled herself from Christen and quickly got up and tried not to laugh as she ran outside to grab Christen’s bikini top.

“It’s okay, sweetheart, I was young and in love once, too,” Stacy said.

Tobin was back in a flash with the garment secured in her shorts pocket. She sat back down next to Christen whose face was beet red. Christen buried her face into Tobin’s chest when she swiveled to face her, unable to look her mother in the eye.

“There’s nothing wrong with showing affection every chance you can get. I know you two are very…affectionate…” Stacy said with a smirk.

The downside to their family and friends knowing about their relationship is that they got the brunt of the affection that they showed each other, so they never passed up an opportunity to tease Tobin and Christen, which they knew was all in good fun but still no less blush-inducing.

“Oh my god,” Christen said, her voice muffled against Tobin’s chest. “Make it stop.”

“Your parents can’t hear, huh?” Tobin asked Christen sarcastically as she rubbed her back comfortingly.

“Oh we can hear everything. This house was built in the 70s. It’s not soundproof,” Stacy said. “Luckily, Daddy got us both noise-canceling headphones after the first time you two kept us up all night.”

Christen wished for the floor to swallow her whole. That would have been more enjoyable than this conversation. “Oh my god,” she whined.

Tobin couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped her lips. “Sorry about that. Maybe we should just stay in the pool house from now on when we sleep over,” she said laughing.

“No need to be sorry and no need to move. I’m just giving Momo a hard time. We know you two are adults and have all the sex,” Stacy said jokingly.

“Oh my god,” Christen said again. “Can we go back to my place now?” she asked, not really meaning it, though the privacy of her own apartment sounded pretty good right about now.

“No need to leave, dear. I’ll stop now,” Stacy said, willing herself not to laugh.

“Thanks, Mom,” Christen said sarcastically. “Has my face gone back to its normal color?” she asked Tobin.

“Nope, still as red as your Santa stocking,” Tobin said chuckling as she cradled Christen’s face. “But it’s really cute,” she said as she gave her a soft, lingering kiss and wrapped her arms around her.

Just then, Tyler came walking downstairs and made her way to the kitchen. “Oh barf, get a room, guys.”