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Can I trust you?

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White had stayed in Seans room in the garage for over a week now and the tension between them grew more and more. He didn't know what Sean thought about him anymore at this point. They had those moments when they just stared at each other for far too long, then suddenly broke contact and acting like nothing had happened. When they were out training he always felt eyes on him, as if Sean was making sure he was okay all the time. He didn't know what to make of it but it made his heart feel weird things he never felt before in this way. When he realized that Sean was like bravery while he was like fear but even though they were complete opposites they belonged to each other, he knew he had a huge problem. He had fallen for someone who he couldn't even tell his name or his reasons, now he was lying next to Sean at night, looking at his sleeping face and imagining how it could be if only things were different. And that was when everything suddenly came crashing down.

His breath stopped before he even realized what was happening and then he felt the sharp sting going through his heart, which suddenly stopped for a few heartbeats before beating again. And he screamed, no matter how hard he tried not to scream or move around, his body just did it on his own, he felt himself losing control over his arms, his legs and everything else. After a few minutes he was so drained from trying to restrain the pain he nearly lost consciousness, that's when he felt two hands holding his arms down, which grounded him a little bit and gave him a chance to breathe. Then he heard the voice getting through to him, screaming his name, asking what was wrong with him. With one last shiver the pain left his body and he just laid there feeling as if a truck just drove over him and trying to catch his breath.

"Black, what the fuck was that? What's wrong with you??" Seans voice was clearer now and when White opened his eyes he could see his concerned look staring down on him.
They stared at each other for a moment when White got up slowly, wiped the blood from his nose and tried to look anywhere but at Sean.
"I'm fine, I need to make a phone call." He grabbed Blacks phone and before Sean could react he left the room, going outside the garage and calling Todd.

"What's up Black?" He heard the teasing in his voice but he really wasn't in the mood to play along.
"It's White, idiot. It happened again, the pain attack I mean. Please check on him and tell me if there's anything wrong, I can't leave here right now." He was exhausted and wanted to sleep for days. Todd agreed, sounding a bit more worried than before and White ended the call, putting the phone in his pocket and then just standing there for a while, breathing the air around him.

"Who is Todd...and why did you say you're White and what the fuck was that just now??"
White tensed up, refusing to turn around and looking at Sean who stood behind him, he obviously heard it all. He slowly let his head sink and looked at the ground trying to figure out what to do now.
"I'm talking to you, Black! What are you hiding??" Sean grabbed his shoulders and turned him around, then he was stunned by the tired and defeated look White gave him. An expression that he had never seen on Blacks face ever before.

And the concern and worry that was written on Seans face was what made White give up in the end.
"I will tell you... but I need you to promise me one thing before. Let me tell the whole story before you judge me, let me finish or you won't be able to understand, okay? If you can't promise this I'll just leave, I don't have the energy to argue with you right now..." His voice was tiny, nothing like Black, he decided he stopped the disguise right there and then, showing his true self to the one he cared for so much for the first time.

Sean looked so confused but then he slowly nodded "Okay, I guess I can do that..." He realized that understanding his friend was more of a priority right now. "Let's sit down, okay?" He led White to a bench where they sat down, then they stayed in silence for a few minutes before White started to tell his story, looking at the ground, not wanting to see Seans reaction before the whole thing was explained cause only then it made sense.

"First of all, I'm not Black. You might've already guessed that by now, my name is White, I'm his twin. I guess he never told you about his twin, just like I never told anyone about him. We were together as kids but our parents divorced and each parent took one of us home, I went to Russia with my father and that was the last time I saw my twin brother. They also parted us to keep us safe, their approach was stupid though. Black and me have a deeper bond than siblings usually do. When one of us gets hurt and we're not too far away from each other, the other feels the pain as well. Before we were parted I nearly drowned in a pool and Black... he wasn't even next to the pool but his heart stopped beating as well until they managed to bring me back." He risked to take one look at Sean who just stared at him as if he told him a fairytale.

"The attack I just had wasn't my body being in pain, it was Blacks. That's because in this moment he's in hospital lying in a coma after being nearly beaten to death. I could feel his heart stop beating for a second just as mine but they brought him back. I just sent our childhood friend, Todd, to check on him. Now... I'm here acting as Black after copying his exact looks, to find out who did this to him. I thought I was doing quite a good job in portraying my brother but then again I didn't know anything coming in, I knew your names and that you were involved in illegal business. And I hadn't seen Black in like 10 years. I really did my best." He tried to hold back the tears threatening to drop when he felt an arm around his shoulder. His gaze went up to Sean, slow and unsure and he saw some kind of understanding in his eyes.

"I couldn't tell anyone, I didn't know who to trust, anyone could've been the culprit so there wasn't really another way. I never fought before in my life, then Black told me I need to be strong and I'm trying but sometimes it's just too much..." At this point he just sobbed.
Sean slowly let his hand wander from White's shoulder to his hair, stroking it softly and then pulling him towards his shoulder. They just sat there like that for a while before Sean started to chuckle a bit.
White abruptly looked up at him.
"If you don't believe me then don't" he was drained at this point, emotionally and physically, he just wanted to sleep for a week straight.

"I believe you... White" it was the first time Sean said his real name and it did funny things to Whites stomach. "I believe you, I just thought how glad I am you're not Black, I started to think I was going completely nuts, I never took any liking in Black but somehow he made me feel things that made no sense to me. No one can change that much in that short amount of time and there's no way I would ever get so worried over Black... But now that I know I'm worried over his twin I feel a lot better with the situation..." His eyes searched White, then he slowly put one hand on his cheek, wiping away the tears. "Thank you for trusting me."

When White looked at him he could see the worry, the concern but also something else, something deeper in his eyes. And suddenly White felt safe next to this man. He knew he wasn't alone in this anymore, Sean would help him through it no matter what. He slowly rested his head on the mans shoulder again, taking in his scent, before pulling him in a light hug which Sean reciprocated.
"Now you need to sleep... you look like you haven't slept for days..." And with that Sean got up and carried White back to his room and laid him down in his bed. White looked up at him, feeling content.

"Aren't you gonna ask what's with Black and if I will tell the others now..."
"That can wait for now, first of all you need to rest. And I gotta be honest, I'm kinda happy to be the first to share your secret, doesn't that mean I'm special?" Sean smirked and sat down on the bed next to where White was lying.
"It's true, you are special..." White murmured already half asleep. He grabbed Seans hand softly.
"You're special to me too." Sean silently said and lay down next to him. Then he gave him a kiss to his forehead. And if he spent the rest of the day just lying next to White and staring at the beautiful boy while thinking about everything he must've been through, that was his business. In the end White really mattered to him and they would find a solution to all their problems. For now they had each other.