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Albedo sighed as night fell over Mondstadt. The stars shone down on everything except him, it seemed. 


The cavalry captain he held so dear to his heart paid him almost no mind, always making an effort to talk to someone else after talking with Albedo for a mere ten minutes. It was like torture for the alchemist, his heart twisting in his chest every time he was ignored. He had never felt like this before, his constant study of alchemy keeping him from feeling love for anyone, so he never truly paid it any mind. 


It was difficult to see Kaeya smiling as he made his way through Mondstadt every morning knowing the smile was never for him, though he always kept the feeling tucked down deep, scared that if he let it shine through, no one would ever see him the same. 


“Mister Albedo?” Sucrose questioned, tapping him on the shoulder gently, “Why are you out so late?” 


“Hm? Ah…no need to worry, Sucrose. I couldn’t sleep, so I came out here to clear my head. Nothing out of the ordinary.” the blonde replied as he wiped his eyes, any traces of tears or tiredness disappearing almost completely. Sucrose took notice, though she left it be and sighed. 


“Alright then. Well uh- if you need anything, just let me know.” she said, her ears drooping as the exhaustion set in again. 


“I will. Thank you, Sucrose.” Albedo said, a gentle smile displaying on his face. Sucrose nodded and walked back inside, making her way to her room in the small inn and into her bed. 


As for Albedo, though, he remained outside. Even though rain began to pour, the alchemist didn’t budge. He had never been one to shy away from the weather, no matter how cold it got. He remained where he was, his hands on the cold stone, until he heard an all too familiar laugh ring through the air. 


His entire body tensed, his mind flooding with the fear of what the captain might think if he saw him out in the cold, his hair sticking to the back of his neck with his now water-drenched clothes. 


Kaeya took his time climbing the steps, every movement he made felt like an eternity for Albedo as he waited for him to ascend the steps, his legs refusing to work. He would have collapsed had he not seen the cavalry captain earlier. 


His hair was drenched, the fur on his coat was dripping rain, though he held an umbrella over himself as he walked, his boots clicking on the pavement as he made his way closer and closer to the alchemist. 


Once he had made it to the top of the steps, he stopped in his tracks. Albedo looked beautiful, his eyes sparkling as he looked up at the constellations above. His blue eyes glowed in the moonlight as he smiled, pretending not to notice the cavalry captain staring at him from the top of the steps. 


Though, as the rain got heavier, Albedo pulled his coat closer to his body and walked back inside the inn, his hair sticking to the back of his neck and the top of his back. Soon enough, Kaeya followed him in, a small smile plastered on his face. 


“It’s a lot warmer in here than it is out there, don’t ya think?” Kaeya jested, laughing at his own jokes as Albedo giggled silently. 


“Thinking it sounds more like an opinion, no? It’s a true fact that it is a lot warmer here than it is out there, though I’m quite used to it.” Albedo answered, picking up a vial of liquid before holding it to the light and examining it. 


“That is true~” Kaeya said, Albedo’s hands balling into fists as he set the vial down, his body tensing as he attempted to keep tears from pouring from his eyes, “Albedo, are you alright? You aren’t usually hiding away like this.” Kaeya said, setting his hand on the alchemist’s shoulder comfortingly before it was smacked away, the bittersweet expression on Albedo’s face confusing the captain. 


“I have spent…months! Trying to talk to you and- and the moment we are alone together in one room, you wish to talk about the weather?” Albedo asked, wiping the hot tears from his eyes, “It’s like you prefer to stay away from me, choose to ignore me!” Albedo said, his left hand gripping the edge of the wood table so hard it may have snapped in two. 


“That is not what I prefer, Albedo.” Kaeya said, crossing his arms as he brought one hand to his forehead, massaging his temple gently as his brows furrowed. 


“Kaeya…you have avoided me every chance you get.” Albedo said, a single tear flowing down his cheek like a small waterfall, gushing with pain and anger, yet only a mere drop of water. 


“I’ve wanted to speak to you, Albedo.” Kaeya said as he began to pace, his hands now down at his sides as he contemplated the difficulty of the situation, “I was just- trying to keep myself from saying the wrong thing to you.” 


“You can barely even talk to me for five minutes, let alone look me in the eye for more than one!” Albedo retaliated, his face turning a bright pink as he thought about what Kaeya had said. 


“Because I could not sit here and look you in the eye when I knew I would be witnessing only pain and sorrow coming from within your eyes.” Kaeya argued, a painful silence filling the room as they stared at each other for a moment. 


“I was the one who didn’t make an attempt to speak to you…” Albedo said, though Kaeya dismissed the thought from Albedo’s head by waving his hand. 


“No, this is my fault.” he began, pausing in the middle as he thought about what to say next, his pacing stopping as he faced the blonde, “I have spent the last few months…in agony…” he said, his hands beginning to shake from the sheer pressure he felt, “Unable to talk to you, unable to look you in the eye because I thought you wanted nothing to do” 


Aledo attempted to speak, though he was cut off by another round of damaging words coated in sugar. 


“I was the one who put us in this situation because it was too hard for me to utter a single word to you without feeling so unimaginably guilty that I wanted to cry. You wanted to talk to someone, to be around someone you truly knew and trusted. You wanted…someone to care about and yet!” Kaeya said, gesturing for Albedo to finish the sentence. 


“Yet this could not be any more different than what I wanted…” he said, his teary eyes staring at the ground, “Is that what you wanted to say?” 


Kaeya fumbled over many words in his brain, trying to accumulate a sentence, a way to say something to Albedo without feeling guilty for all the pain and suffering he had put him through. Albedo scoffed, then turned back to his vials and bottles full of potions, picking up one and swishing it around before accidentally dropping it, gripping the table as his tears fell onto the white tablecloth, the glass vial in pieces at his feet. 


“I shall be resuming my work momentarily.” Albedo said, waving his free hand in the air, “You may take your leave.” 


“Everything I told Sucrose was true.” Kaeya said, watching the alchemist’s body shake as tears flowed down the bridge of his nose. He turned around to be met with Kaeya staring at him, his brows furrowed in feigned confusion, “I cannot get you off my mind. From your early morning sketches to your- evening humming to Klee to the research you put into every small thing…it never stops. My thoughts of you never end.” Kaeya said, giving Albedo a quick once-over before sighing, “I am yours, Albedo. I was yours from the moment I met you…” 


Albedo stood there, his mind boggled with questions, though not a single thought could form itself on his tongue. All he could formulate was a small “I don’t understand…”, which angered Kaeya. 


“I do not know how to be any clearer.” Kaeya said, throwing his hands up in defeat as he grabbed the door handle and began to turn it, Albedo grabbing his arm as a form of silently asking him to stay. 


“Well, do not get angry!” Albedo said, Kaeya turning as pinching the bridge of his nose between his thumb and pointer finger, the annoyance prominent on his face. 


“I am not angry!” Kaeya retaliated, closing his eyes so he could collect his thoughts easier, worried he would say something he might regret. 


“Well you look angry! You look bothered! Look at you, you’re downright flushed!” the blonde said, ceasing his grip on the captain as he closed his eyes tighter, annoyance growing into frustration. 


“Yes, this is what happens!” Kaeya almost shouted, barely pushing past Albedo so anyone on the other side of the door would not hear. 


“When one is angry?” Albedo asked, crossing his arms and raising a brow at the captain. 


“When one BURNS for someone who does not feel the same!” Kaeya said as he grabbed Albedo’s arms. Not too rough, though not too gentle, but just enough to silence the blonde, even if only for a moment. 


“You…burn for me?” Albedo asked, his nose turning pale pink as his ears grew hot, hidden by the small tufts of soft, blonde hair. 


Kaeya let go of the alchemist, sighing frustratedly as he sat down in a chair, exhausted, “Why do you think I followed you to the garden?” he asked, massaging his temples as tears pooled in his eyes. Albedo walked over and sat in a chair next to him, wiping the tears from the latter’s eyes. 


“Why do you think I went to the garden?” he asked, Kaeya looking at him in surprise. The blonde moved his hand to Kaeya’s cheek, wiping away a tear that had slipped out, “If you had spoken more than a word to me these past few months you would have seen…it is you I would not give up for anything…” he whispered, Kaeya still staring on in loving shock as the alchemist spoke. “I…I burn for you…” the blonde whispered, Kaeya moving his hand over Albedo’s as they connected their foreheads together, their shaky breaths filling the air as tears began to pour from Kaeya’s eyes, his shoulders bouncing with each hiccup and sob he let out. 


Kaeya then pulled him closer, standing so it was easier to hold the blonde. Albedo tensed up as he had almost never experienced this. It was completely euphoric, his face going pink as his eyes shone in the light of the lamp, his hands suspended in the air as Kaeya moved his face into the crook of Albedo’s neck. 


“Kaeya…?” Albedo questioned, Kaeya moving again so he was facing the blonde. He trailed his thumb over Albedo’s lips, a soft smile appearing on his face as the blonde giggled nervously. Finally, after a moment, Kaeya pressed his lips to Albedo’s. 


The blonde’s eyes widened out of surprise, his pupils dilating as he savored the moment before closing his eyes and wrapping his arms around Kaeya’s neck. Once they pulled away from each other, the moment felt magical. They quietly giggled as they connected their foreheads, the softness of the moment making both of them smile. 


“I never would have guessed…” Albedo said, his smile able to be heard in the words he was speaking. Kaeya laughed, then began to kiss Albedo all over, the alchemist laughing at the sensation it gave him, “That- that tickles!” Albedo cried, Kaeya snickering as he continued to pile kiss after kiss onto his face. 


Once the kisses ceased and the laughing stopped, the two of them could only admire each other’s beauty, taking in the moment as they held each other. 




Albedo was sleeping peacefully next to Kaeya, the captain gently rubbing his thumb along the side of his face as the sun shining through the window behind Albedo made him look like he was glowing. 


“Albedo…” Kaeya whispered, moving to run his hands through Albedo’s hair as he smiled gently, “Hey, Albedo…” 


“Hm…? Yeah?” Albedo questioned as he stretched, his eyes fluttering open as he laid on top of Kaeya’s right arm. 


“You’re beautiful…” Kaeya whispered, pressing his lips to the blonde’s once again, both of them smiling as the domesticity of the moment filled their souls with happiness. 


“Thank you, Kaeya.” Albedo whispered, his exhaustion clear. He was warm, the air around them was colder, and Kaeya was at his side. He was comfortable, and about to fall back asleep. 


“Mhm…” The captain grumbled in reply, falling asleep right along with Albedo. 


Domestics had never been either of their stronsuits, though for each other, they were willing to try.