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Nothing Else Matters

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So close, no matter how far

Couldn't be much more from the heart

Forever trusting who we are

No, nothing else matters








Moscow, Russia (Twelve Years Later)



Twenty-four year old Dean Novak wakes up from a good night’s sleep. He looks over to his bedside where’s there’s a beautiful brunette laying beside him. Her name is Liza and she’s his gorgeous Russian wife. Dean has a son named Bendzhamin, Ben for short. Life is good, very good. He gets up quietly. He doesn’t want to disturb Liza. He walks over to the window and draws back the green heavy velvet curtains. His penthouse apartment overlooks St. Petersburg Square. It’s snowing. He picks up his cellphone and heads towards the bathroom. He dials a number as he sits on the lid of the commode. 


“Castiel, please. Yes, I’ll wait.” 


Dean turns the heater on. No matter how long he’s in the motherland, it’s always freaking cold here. 


“Cas, it’s me, Dean. Heard you got a job for us back in the states. Traffickers? Yeah, ok. When and where? Ok, ok. Got it. You coming? -Pause- Yeah, I understand. It’s Khanna’s birthday. Liza would kill me with my own Colt if I missed her birthday. Yeah, of course I’m taking Sammy. Just gotta pry him away from his new girlfriend, Dzhessika, is all. That cute little blonde’s got him wrapped up on her little finger. Yeah, he met her at St. Petersburg State University, studying law that kid. Anyways, I’ll be talking to you soon. Sammy and I are heading your way after this job. Save some birthday cake for us will ya? Hear Moscow’s colder than a witch’s tit this time of year. Well, gotta go, gotta call Samsquatch. Love you.”


Dean dials Sammy’s number.


“Samsquatch, Lucy’s got a job for us back at the states. Huh? Yeah, guess we’re going back as the Winchesters again, then it’s back to Novak once we get back. How’s Dzhessika? You’re smitten, dude. Just give it up, put a ring on it. Yeah, I’ll come pick you up. Just gotta take a shower and get dressed. Gotta go pick up my pain-in-the-ass little brother, the second best cleaner in the motherland. Ok, pick you up in an hour, tops. Love ya.”


Dean hangs up. He takes off his black silk sleep pants. He turns the shower on. He lets the warm steam bathe the room. He gets in, let’s the hot water sooth his muscles. He picks up the lavender shower gel and a washcloth. He grins and shakes his head. 


“Gotta love the lavender.”


 He still remembers exactly when and where he was the moment he discovered the smell of lavender. It was twelve years ago when he and Sammy stayed in Cas’s room on that first night so long ago. Look at them now. Dean and Sam Winchester, a.k.a. ‘The Novak Brothers’—-the two top hitman in the world. Cas still does some jobs, but he mostly stays in Moscow. He finally married Khanna after a long courtship. They don’t have any children. Cas says he doesn’t mind. He’s got two wonderful ‘sons.’ Why would he want for more? Uncle Lucy runs the whole syndicate now with Gavriel as second in command. Gavriel runs a respectable candy industry back in the states. Nobody’s the wiser.

Dean finally got his wish. Cas trained him to be the best in the business. Sammy soon followed in Dean’s footsteps. Dean trained Sammy. Although, Dean would prefer that Sammy should just stick to his law degree, he can’t help but be grateful that Sammy’s got his six. They make a great team together, the ultimate killing machine. There’s no stopping them when they’re together.


Dean finishes showering. He towel dries himself with the fluffiest of towels, Egyptian cotton. He wraps a towel around his waist, another around his head. He pads over to his giant walk-in closet and picks out an outfit. His casual clothes are on the right side of his closet in a myriad of colored soft flannel shirts and faded soft blue jeans. His ‘professional’ clothes are all on the left side of his closet. He chuckles. All his work clothes look the same. He grabs a pair of black boxers, black socks, black dress boots… He picks out a black long sleeve button down, black tailored slacks and his favorite black leather belt. He gets dressed. He grabs his black leather jacket, wallet, passport, black Rayban’s… He looks at himself in the mirror. Everything looks as it should. 


He kisses Liza softly on her lips. She kisses him back half asleep. 


“Hmm. Gotta a job, sweetheart?”


“Yeah. Be back by tomorrow night. Love you.”


“Love you, Dean. Say goodbye to Ben.”


“Wouldn’t leave without doing that.”


He walks over to Ben’s room, kisses him on top of his head. 


“Bye, Ben. See ya soon.” He whispers. 


He takes one last look at his penthouse as he closes the door and locks it. He gets his black Lada Revolution III out of the garage and hops in. He longs for John’s old black 1967 Chevrolet Impala, but this will have to do. 


“Come on, girl. Gotta go pick up the second best cleaner in the business. Gotta gank some scumbags off the planet. Time for the Winchester Boys to go to work! It’s gonna be a great day.”


It’s gonna be a great day, indeed.


The End