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More Similar Then I ever thought...

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I look into Dream's eyes for a split second before I pass out. But that split second feels everlasting. It feels as if the timeline just stopped moving for everyone else, but me. I take this moment to get a good look at Dream, His eyes now dull opposite to the bright greens they were in what now feels like a past life. Exactly like mine. We're more similar than we once thought, I wonder if Dream realizes. His green hoodie lays loosely around his frame, his black jeans muddled and torn, presumably from the prison taking a toll on him, His shoes, missing parts of the souls from pacing the obsidian floors. I raise my hand up to my face and neck, lightly grazing the scars he'd left. The show stopper was the smile face he carved into the side of my shoulder. I stand up, then time unpauses. I'm pushed back down and kicked. I reflexively curl into myself, trying to protect myself. Dream says nothing, I beg and I sob. I don't wanna die, not like this. I still need to make my family proud, I need to make things right. Then I passed out.