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Growing my wings

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Tommy was skating with techno, who was all the way in front of him. Tommy rolled his eyes, attempting to speed up to him. Tommy’s arms were out and he was crouching so he wouldn’t fall down. Suddenly he felt a sharp spike of pain in his lower back. Tommy let out a small squeak, stumbling on the roller skates and bending down, hands in front of him in case he fell. Techno turned his head towards the noise of his little brother.
“You good Toms?” he asked, wings slightly flaring up in concern. Tommy huffed, straightening back up.
“Yeah! I'm fine, chill '' Tommy said, defensively.
Which definitely didn't set techno's lie detector off.
His little brother had been showing signs of growing in his wings for a while now. Techno was there when his twin and the second and third youngest got their wings, and of course he had his. So he figured Tommy was going to be growing his wings soon. He'd been more clingy, he'd been getting more headaches, more of an urge to nest. Just basic signs no one besides techno had been picking up on. So to say Techno was worried was an understatement.
Techno turned around on his skates, gliding towards Tommy, whose head was tilted in confusion.
Techno patted Tommy's head, "are you sure?" He checked.
Tommy was extremely confused, but could tell techno was genuinely concerned so he bit his tongue and reluctantly told him the truth.
"It was just my back, it just stung for a second and it hurt." He rolled his eyes. Techno winced, yeah Tommy was about to grow his wings. Techno wrapped Tommy in his blood red wings.
"Let's go back inside." Techno almost demanded.
"C'mon tech, I'm fine, I-" another sharper pain and a quick inhale from Tommy, "fuck sorry"
Techno's senses were immediately ticked off.
"C'mon Toms, we're going inside. Not an option at the moment." Techno was about to walk before he felt Tommy's arms around him.
Tommy had a few tears down his face and he was bent over, gripping tightly to techno's shirts.
Hell he'd looked away for two seconds and now the child's clinging to him. Then Techno remembered what was happening.
"Shit," techno swears. Techno moves to the grass and takes off Tommy's shoes, Tommy was biting his own arm, trying to not scream.
Soon both their skates were in techno's inventory and techno was flying back to the house with Tommy in his hands crying and whimpering. Techno saw Philza standing outside, wings flared up. He must've sensed Tommy in pain. They could never keep things hidden from Phil, he had a six sense, not just from being a hybrid but also from being a father of two sets of twins and a 16 year old.
Techno flapped his wings as he lowered himself down. Tommy Finally let out a short scream, just the word 'fuck.'
Phil speedwalked over, no reason to run but he wasn't going to just stroll over.
"Techno? Is Tommy alright?" Phil asked, taking Tommy from Techno, who reluctantly let go, Phil noticed the reluctance and stood close to Techno, holding Tommy close but not far from the older.
"I think he's growing his wings." Techno said, starting to walk inside. Phil immediately follows the pink haired bird hybrid.

After a few minutes Tommy's curled up on the couch, back facing the living room. He was swaddled in blankets. The only skin exposed was his back, for obvious reasons. Tommy was sobbing by now, techno standing right by him, holding his hands and rubbing his palm. Phil reassured him telling him it'd be over soon, other comforting things.
Eventually Tommy's mouth was just wide open in a silent scream as he curled further into himself and squeezed onto techno's hand harder.
"Shhhh, it's alright" Phil told him as he saw the wings emerge fully from Tommy's back. "I'll go grab the washcloth kiddo,"

Tommy's scream turned vocal and loud, Which was the first thing Wilbur and Niki heard when they walked up to the porch.
"Um-" before Niki could finish, Wilbur ran in. That wasn't a 'i died in Minecraft and lost all my progress' scream that was a 'i am in genuine pain,' scream.

"TOMMY?" Will screamed, opening the door to see his brothers, one with new wings? Wilbur took a second to realize what happened before gasping, "holy XD, Tom's"
Philza came back with a washcloth and started to wash the blood off Tommy's wings, "hey will, Niki, how are you? Not important, sorry, uh, your brothers growing his wings, so it'll be loud for a few hours, so if you're gonna hang out, probably not here," Phil rambled, stopping between breaths to shush Tommy and rub his back.
Wilbur turned back to Niki, "sorry, my brother needs me right now, maybe we can play some other time?"
"Of course! I'll be on my way, just let me know when you're down to play and if he's alright!" Niki reassured Wilbur before waving goodbye and teleporting away.
Wilbur let himself be over concerned as soon as Niki was gone, rushing over to Tommy and techno's side.
"Holy shit, Tom's are you alright? It's alright I'm here alright? Sorry, 'm saying alright a lot,"
Through Tommy's pain he softly chuckled at Wilbur's ramblings.
After Phil was done with the cleaning, Tommy was just left with pain from the new bones and flesh on him. Tommy attempted to sit up before crashing back down. Phil sat him up, sitting by him on the couch. He felt Tommy crawl into his lap, softly whimpering.
"Owch.. fucking hell.." he muttered as Phil cradled him. Techno sat down next to Tommy, leaning on his dad and running his hands through his youngest brother's hair. Wilbur was quick to sit by him too, chirping and trilling at him.

It'd been a few hours, Phil's kids were asleep, On him. In short, he was stuck. That's when his second pair of twins came through the door.
"Hey boo, tubs,"
"You guys fucking cuddled without us?" Tubbo asked at the same time as Ranboo whisper yelled,
"Tommy grew his wings?! And we weren't there?"
Phil laughed as the two joined the pile, tubbo nestling in-between Tommy phil and Wilbur while Ranboo joined sitting by will, slightly leaning into him before Wilbur instinctively wrapped an arm around the two toned boy. And the family eventually fell asleep like that.