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I still feel a little scared of something new (but I feel a little safer when I'm with you)

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Tommy was nervous.

It was Valentine's Day and it was the first year he was gonna spend it without his parents. Wilbur invited him to his flat to hang out and watch movies, seemingly not even realising the date the weekend fell on.

His parents had reassured him it was fine and that they would celebrate when he got back, and he was fine with that. That wasn't what be was nervous about though.

You see, his parents always taught him that Valentine's Day isn't just about couples and romantic love and partners, they always told him that it was just about love as a whole. A day to show the ones you love how much they mean to you, whether family, friends or partners.

They'd always gotten him a gift for Valentine's Day every year, whether it be a sappy stuffed animal holding a little heart with a cheesy saying stitched on the front that he treasured, or even just a big chocolate heart. It didn't matter, what mattered was the love he was surrounded by, his parents always made sure he knew he was loved and cherished and adored. Valentine's Day was just another way to show their love.

So yeah, to him and his small family, Valentine's Day has always been about family, love as whole as apposed to strictly romantic love.

The problem was that not many others agreed with that point of view.

He started getting Tubbo Valentine's Day presents after knowing him for a year, he didn't think twice about it, it was his way of showing that he loved Tubbo without saying so out loud. A meaningful declaration without a word.

Tubbo had been more than a little surprised about the bee plushy with little cringey pink hearts all over shoved into his arms as they ran up to hug each other, but any surprise had faded into a fond, dopey grin as he eyed the stuffed animal and his rambling best friend.

Tommy had explained what his parents taught him after he realized Tubbo had been confused and Tubbo sent him a fuzzy pink cow plush decorated with hearts and roses all over the fur a couple days later, a silent 'you're part of my family now too' spoken without words. Tommy snuggled up to it that night as he slept, a beaming smile still on his face as he dozed off.

He even sent Ranboo a stupid little friendship bracelet with a little heart charm on it last year, along with a small explanation that Ranboo had just about cried over on call after opening it.

He too sent back a plush, this one a giant raccoon squishimallow with a heart shaped nose and a flower on it's stomach.

It immediately landed a spot next to his cow plushy.


But this year, he got Wilbur something and it felt -different somehow.

It felt like a bigger deal then giving Tubbo or Ranboo a silly gift that made them smile so wide their cheeks hurt. Maybe it was because they called each other brothers, or maybe it was the fact that Wilbur's his idol.

It felt.... Vulnerable. He couldn't figure out the reason why, Wilbur's entire presence just radiated safety and love and protection. Complete love and adoration he had previously only felt from his parents, now felt from his entire online family, especially Wilbur.

So he didn't exactly know why he was so nervous to give Wilbur his present, would he think it's weird? Most people think Valentine's Day is about romance, what if Wilbur's like that too? What if when Tommy tells him the meaning behind the gift, he says he doesn't want to be Tommy's family, doesn't want to be his brother.

He couldn't handle that.

His parents had reassured him over and over again that it would be fine, that Wilbur would be honored, they spoke with such certainty that he believed them.

So when his mother dropped him off at Wilbur's flat, he had the mans gift in his backpack.

Wilbur was already opening the door before he could even knock, beaming at the blond before ushering him inside.

Wilbur, as he's found out many times, is a very good host. Tommy walked into the living room to find a giant stack of pillows and no less than ten blankets plopped onto one of the couches, there was a big bowl of popcorn on the coffee table next to the TV remote and a few different takeout menus for different restaurants.

Tommy smiled, looking around the flat, everything in it was just so Wilbur; the paintings and posters hanging up, the pictures of his friends and family, (most of himself and Tommy) the gutair picks scattered about the shelves, the over-prepared living room. It was just comforting.

He immediately plopped himself onto one of the couches, tossing his backpack at his feet like he owned the place. Wilbur snorted fondly, glad Tommy felt comfortable enough to do that here.

Wilbur plopped himself down next to the boy with a fond smile, grabbing the menus off the coffee table and tossing them lightly in Tommy's lap.

"Any of these restaurants look good to you? I've got more menus somewhere, I just grabbed your favorites"

Tommy grinned at him, warmth blooming in his chest at Wilbur remembering his favorite restaurants.

"Nah, all good bug dubs," he picked up a menu for a Chinese food place close by that he loved, showing it to Wilbur, "this one okay with you?"

Wilbur scoffed amusedly, "Gods, you're so predictable," he muttered fondly, "yeah, that's fine. Put on a movie or something, I'll order real quick; you're having your usual, right?"

Tommy grabbed the remote and smiled up at the man, "oh Wil, you know me so well"

Wilbur just rolled his eyes with a laugh and went to order in the kitchen.

Tommy put on 'Up' because of course he did.

Wilbur only smiled fondly when he caught sight of the familiar opening scene on his TV.

He sat down next to the boy, Tommy immediately scootching over to burrow into his chest and fist his sweater, eyes never leaving the screen, slotting into Wilbur's arms with practiced ease.

Wilbur cooed lightly, which Tommy ignored, wrapping his arm around the boys waist and burying his free hand into blond curls, scratching lightly. Tommy was putty in his hands in moments.

Wilbur just snorted fondly, paying more attention to the blond in his arms than the movie he'd seen a million times before.

He squeezed Tommy closer to his chest lightly to get his attention, "Why do you always want to watch this movie, lovely? You cry everytime"

Tommy ducked his head, still watching the TV, flushing lightly, "It's a cinematic masterpiece," he muttered, "and there's nothing wrong with crying, big men cry all the time, -I would know, I am huge"

Wilbur laughed, breath puffing against golden curls, making them flutter a bit. Tommy hid his smile.


They were halfway through the movie when Tommy started shifting, Wilbur didn't think anything of it at first, but then he just -wouldn't stop moving.

So as Tommy wormed around for the tenth time in two minutes, Wilbur tightened his hold slightly, gently, eyeing the boy softly for a moment.

"What's wrong, little one?" He questioned softly, "What's got you all anxious all of a sudden?"

Tommy stiffened a bit against his chest, but slowly melted back into his arms, he huffed lightly.

"You -you promise you won't laugh? Or -or, like, think I'm weird or something?"

Wilbur raised an eyebrow, eyes impossibly soft, he brushed a stray curl out of the boys face before cupping his jaw lightly, delicately, like Tommy was something precious.

"Of course not, my love, I would never seriously make fun of you, darling"

Tommy deflated slightly at that, leaning into the hand rested against his jaw with a sigh, "Okay, so, you know what day -what day it is, right?

Wilbur thought for a moment, it was a Friday, he knew that, he didn't know why that would be significant to Tommy though.

He hummed lightly, "It's Friday, innit?"

Tommy huffed frustratedly, like he was affronted that Wilbur didn't know the date.

"No, the date, Wil"

"The fourteen- oh, it's Valentine's Day, isn't it?"

Tommy avoided eye contact and nodded, "Yeah," he sighed out, "it's -it's Valentine's Day. And I kinda wanted to talk to you about it, because -because, l-like my parents always taught me that Valentine's Day was just about love in general, right? Like not just couples, -but platonic love too, familial, -just love, all love, and so I always got my friends and family presents for Valentine's Day, because, well, I love them, and it's -it's -it's a day about love of all kinds. But most people don't think that way, so sometimes people think it's weird, or that -I'm weird for it, 'cause everyone thinks it's just a stupid holiday for couples. And I just, -I just never got it, I guess? Like, there's more types of love then just romantic, and it feels like people forget that a lot"

Wilbur blinked, stunned, out of all the things that Tommy could've been worried about, Wilbur didn't expect this. Tommy was an anxious kid, he didn't even think about anything like this.

He stayed silent while he processed the breathless ramble from his baby brother, before speaking carefully.

"I agree," he said slowly, "people do forget that there's other types of love, and Valentine's Day should be a holiday of just love as a whole; and I think your parents are incredible people for teaching you that, that love isn't less significant or meaningful just because it isn't romantic. It's not weird to want to show people you love them. Can I ask what brought this up?"

Tommy glanced at his backpack, gnawing his lip, whining slightly when Wilbur tutted and gently pulled his lip out from between his teeth with his thumb. Wilbur kissed his forehead softly, lingering.

"You can tell me anything, sweetheart, you know that," he murmured against his hairline, "it's alright"

Tommy sighed contentedly, eyes fluttering shut. He pulled away just enough to grab his bag off the floor by the couch and pull it into his lap, he unzipped it hastily and dug through it.

He hesitated slightly as he seemingly found what he was looking for, he looked up at Wilbur, bright blue eyes flickering across his face uncertaintly.

"Close your eyes," Tommy blurted, flushing slightly. It felt like a childish request, like a little kid giving his parents a crayon stick-figure drawing and wanting it to be a surprise.

Wilbur paused before closing his eyes with a soft, fond smile that made Tommy smile slightly back.

He pulled the gift out of the backpack and held it up, "hold out your hand"

Wilbur's face twitched like he was trying not to grin and he held out his palm, eyes still closed.

Tommy took a breath and placed the gift gently in his palm, careful and unsure, Wilbur's fingers twitched like he wanted to grab Tommy's hand.

Tommy let his hands rest on the backpack in his lap and huffed.

"You can open your eyes now"

Wilbur slowly opened his brown eyes, they flickered to Tommy for a moment before focusing on the necklace in his hand.

It was a brown cord necklace with a yellow guitar pick dangling from it by a small clip, it had a little pink heart design in the middle and Wilbur melted.

"Tommy..... "

Tommy glanced up to meet his eyes, anxious blue meeting warm brown.

Wilbur smiled oh so softly at the boy, his boy. He dragged him back into his arms and cupped the back of his head, fingers burying into blond curls.

He kissed Tommy's temple, "You, my sweet boy, are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and my favorite person in the whole world and I don't know what I ever did to deserve you," he murmured, "I guess I must have done something right after all if I have you"

Tommy burrowed closer, shoving his head under Wilbur's chin, forcing Wilbur's head up and making the man grin fondly.

"You're my favorite person too, wilby"

Wilbur made a choked noise at that and Tommy snorted lightly.

"Thank you so much, angel, I absolutely love it," he muttered, "I'm never taking it off"

He felt Tommy grin against his neck and scratched lightly at his scalp. Tommy hummed contentedly.


"Happy Valentine's Day, Wil"


Wilbur squeezed his baby brother closer. He pressed another lingering, soft kiss to his brow.


"Happy Valentine's Day, baby"


Tommy received a package at his door a few days later, covered in paper hearts and washi tape. Filled to the brim with his favorite candies and plushies; a fluffy cow with a bow tied neatly around it's neck, a small spider plush with heart shaped eyes, and a fuzzy raccoon with a green bandana tied around it's neck, obviously Wilbur's doing. It had a sticky note attached reading: 'raccooninnit' in what was unmistakably Wilbur's handwriting, Tommy beamed at the paper.

Needless to say, the stuffed animals went in the pile. He snuggled up to every single one all night, surrounded by reminders of his family's love.