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Baby, you know its obvious (I'm a sucker for you)

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Stiles had forgotten it was valentine’s day. It wasn’t his fault, really, if he had no one to be valentines with, and Scott (the overly-excited puppy that really loved valentine’s day) was too busy with both Allison and Isaac to remind him. It wasn’t that Stiles hated that holiday or anything, it was surely cute and romantic for the ones in a relationship.

But he wasn’t.

The point is that Stiles spent the whole Friday night playing video games by himself and woke up just in time to the usual pack-lunch-at-Derek’s they had every Saturday. By “lunch” he meant that either he would cook or they would order pizza and stay over Hale’s place until Sunday. Sometimes the werewolves and Allison would run and train while Stiles was left with Lydia to watch some movie or get homework done.

He didn’t give much thought when he arrived and Derek’s car was the only one on the property. He was usually early. Instead of wondering where all the rest of the people were he used his key to enter the house and went straight to the kitchen, looking for the 10 pizzas they usually had to order (six werewolves, one banshee, and two human teenagers ate more than Stiles would think).

“Stiles?” asked a confused voice behind him “what are you doing here?”

The boy turned to see Derek, only in sweat pants with his hair still wet from the shower, staring at him as if the boy had gone nuts. Stiles' eyes wandered more than he would admit at the man’s naked chest before he looked him in the eyes.

“It’s Saturday. Pack-meeting.”

“It’s valentine’s day. Everyone is out on a date, we canceled it… How did you get in?”

Stiles raised his keys, shaking them in his hands. “Keys. What do you mean ‘we canceled it’? How come no one told me?”

Derek looked surprised for a few seconds before sighing. “Of course you have the keys… Scott was supposed to tell you, but he is probably too distracted with Isaac and Allison”

Stiles shook his shoulders and jumped on the balcony, sitting there as if it was a chair. He reached for an apple at the bowl next to him before announcing.

“Well, that explains why my dad thought it was weird when I said I was going to be here all day.”

“Great, as if your dad didn’t have enough reasons to hate me.”

Stiles laughed. “He doesn’t hate you. Not yet anyway, no reason to tell him a thirty-year-old is climbing on my bedroom every other week.”

“I’m twenty-four.”

“Anyway, I’m pretty sure he asked me because he has a date or something, and I really don’t want to go home if he has a date. You’re stuck with me, pal.”

If Derek was against the idea, he didn’t show. In fact, his eyes were less heavy them usual and Stiles could swear there was a small smile on his lips.

“Hey, we don’t have the Eyebrows of Doom today! Happy, are we?”

He stared at Stiles before rolling his eyes. The smile was there, Stiles was sure. “If you need to know, I like valentine’s day. And I don’t have eyebrows of doom.

“Yes, you do. Who would know that Mr. Grump Werewolf, Alpha of the grouchy face would like such a lovely holiday.”

Derek crossed his arms, and when he stared at the boy the Eyebrows of Downfall were back where they use to be.

“I miss when you were scared of me.”

Stiles smiled because he knew that was a big, fat lie. Derek had, somehow, become one of his greatest friends in the pack, despite their age gap and their convoluted start. They discussed movies and tv-shows (and who knew Derek was such a nerd?), played video games, cooked dinner, and talked (well, Stiles did most of the talking, but Derek was a great listener). At first, they only met during those meetings, then Stiles stated to come earlier and leave late so they could catch up. One night, however, Derek climbed on his bedroom window with a copy of an old video game he had talked about on the past Saturday, starting a trend of them catching up by themselves from time to time. Frequently. Almost weekly, but who was counting?

“So, is there anyone you’re secretly crushing, then?” He tried to sound casual, moving his legs and biting his apple afterward as if he wasn’t a fucking masochist for asking that.

To his surprise, Derek kept quiet, looking away, and the instinct to nag his friend spoke louder than the jealousy nagging on his insides.

“No way. Derek Hales has a secret crush. Who is she?”

“That kind of ruins the idea of a secret crush, doesn’t it?”

Stiles laughed. “Oh, you totally have a crush. C’mon, tell me, do I know her?”

“Why are you so sure it’s a she?”

Stiles stopped, the apple halfway to his mouth, blinking at the big, fit, straight-as-a-ruler werewolf in front of him. “Are you coming out to me?”

And no, there was no way he just saw Derek freaking Hale blushing. “I’m just saying you shouldn’t assume it’s a she just because…” He didn’t finish his sentence, and he didn’t answer Stiles' question either, so the boy just blurred out.

“I’m bisexual… You know, just in case you were coming out to me. Sounds like the appropriate thing to say”

Derek stared at the boy. “Oh… Yeah, me too.”

Stiles laughed again, a little breathless. This made his dumb crush worse, one step closer to absolutely nothing. He tried not to show. “You were totally coming out. Ok, tell me who is the person you’re secretly crushing”

“This is so mid-school, Stiles, are you sure you’re a senior?”

“Are you sure you’re not forty, old man? It’s totally a valid question. It’s valentine’s day, after all!”

Derek’s crossed arms moved a bit and he let a small smile on his lips. “Who are you secretly crushing on, Stiles?”

“That’s so not fair. You can’t answer my question by turning it back on me.”

Derek laughed, and Stiles’ smile grew wider. “It’s totally valid, Stiles. Answer me.”

The younger boy blushed, and he was sure he wasn't half as discreet as Derek.

“Maybe… There’s this guy. He is kind of an ass, but I really like him”

Derek leaned against the balcony, next to stiles, turning his face slighting to keep looking at him. “Tell me about him.”

“Not fair. How about you tell me something about yours, and I something about mine.”

Derek tensed a little. “Sounds fair. The person I like is a boy”.

Stiles laughed and lightly punched his arm. “I already knew that! Ok, mine is a pain in my ass. And, sadly, I don’t mean it literally.”

“Mine talks more than he breaths”

“Sounds like my kind of guy” joked Stiles “mine is taller than me”

“Everyone is taller than you. Mine has brown eyes.”

“Better not be Scott, he already has two dates. Mine is older than me.”

Derek snorted. “No, not Scott. Mine is not a werewolf, actually.”

Stiles was taken back, turning to Derek with a frowned face. “Everyone we know is a werewolf. Mine, for example, is a supernatural creature.”

Derek’s face came closer to his. “Mine has the worse sense of humor I’ve ever seen.”

“Hey, I have the worse sense of humor you’ve ever seen, I don’t want any competitions. Mine probably has a leather fetish.”

Derek blushed a little as he laughed. “Yes, you have. You’re really slow, Stiles”

“No, I’m… Wait, what did you say?” Derek only smiled before he ended the space between them, facing Stiles before he kissed him. Stiles' hands went straight to Derek’s still wet hair and neck, pulling him closer as the kiss intensified, not quite sure he would be here if he let it go.

“Oh,” said Stiles against his mouth “mine is you too.”

“I figured,” answered Derek, smiling before shutting them both off with another kiss

“Oh. Hey, wait.” Stiles pulled back despite Derek’s almost moan in protest.

“What is it?”

“Happy valentine’s day”

Derek rolled his eyes, but the eyebrows of despair were nowhere to be seen. “Happy valentine’s day, Stiles.”