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The dragon's desire with the fleeting bird

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The sun's warm rays were gently caressing the face of a young woman, who's eyes were closed as the ocean breeze passed by. The scent of home welcomed her back from many years of being away. It was a sight to see how everything within the span of time, has changed and yet, kept its resemblance. Lots of spices and flavors carried by the wind as dinner was soon to be served. It was all familiar yet, strange.

"My home, how you've changed yet remain the same."

Soon the sounds of bells and the rush of the crew signaled the passengers that they were about to pull into port. In turn, the lady went below deck to retrieve her items. A brown little sack which contained mora and some small valuables. As well as a hair pin with cor lapis at the ends, which she placed in her hair.

The buzz of the people leaving and ensuring they all had their items, reminded her of their goals with coming back to Liyue.

With a single step, all the stress within her body was released. Like a wave crashing against rocks, it seemed to clam her down, knowing that she safely arrived. The smile never seeming to leave her lips.


Heading towards one of the small inns, booking a room for a week's stay. She placed her things down on the bed and headed to the bathroom. Needing to properly wash herself before heading to bed.

Hot water poured out as she undressed and poured oils and salt into the tub. The scent of silk flowers filled the room as she carefully got in. Just as she was about to scrub off the dirt clinging to her skin, faint footsteps could be heard in her room. A sigh left her lips as she rose up and wrapped a soft bathrobe around her body. Stepping back into the room, she was greeted with a gorgeous jade spear to her throat and a figure wearing a mask.

"What a warm welcome, dearest Xiao."

A grunt was all that met her ears. She raised a hand to push away the polearm as he pushed her back against the wall. The tip now pushed against their fair skin.

"You are not meant to be here. Leave."

"Am I not allowed to visit home? I'm surprised you found out this fast."

"Your adeptal energy exposed your presence. I ask again traitor. What are you doing here?"

Pulling away the polearm, the young teen stood in a stance prepared shall a fight insues(?)

"I know Morax is dead. My banishment is over and I am not a traitor. You were not personally there when it all occurred."

"I don't need your lies. My lord's word is true."

"As is mine. Better for you to stand down. I have no intention to harm anyone."

"I've slayed your kind before. I can do it again."

A scoff.

"And hurt the people you are to protect? Not here. I'll be hurt if you decide to fight me. Did you not miss me?"

He moved, the polearm now by his side as the female in front of him rubbed down her robe. Then moved to stand by her bed, eyeing the bag left on top.

"Tell the others I said hello."

With that, he left. No words were exchanged as the other went back to their interrupted bath. The steam no longer lingering, a sign that the water has cooled off. A frown formed, clearly disappointed at the idea of a cold bath.

"The waters cold."


The next day came too soon. Seeing the sun's rays flow from the window captivated her attention. A distraction to pull away her thoughts from her main goal.

"Come on Chengnuo, you've got to do this."

Sitting up and stretching her body awake, the sensation of being home filled her senses again. The warmth, the smell of the restaurants and the buzz of the people. A pleasant purr-like noise fulled the room as she lazily got ready for the day.

The faint smell of qingxin lingered as she brushed her hair and thought of last night.

Would the others really accept her? The one who was seen as a traitor by their lord. Xiao was right about two things. Xiao could try to kill her despite her title and that all the adepti see Rex Lapis' words as truth.

Besides her, Cloud Retainer is the oldest and has been by Rex Lapis' side nearly since the beginning. Her role was already threatened while she was active and did her duty, seeing as only her negatives were allowed to outshine the benefits.

Making a list would've made things easier. Something to rely on, being home and not knowing what action to pursue wasn't productive. Though with the geo archon's passing, surely someone is planning his funeral.

A regained sense of having a goal really motivated her movements. If they need someone to help send off the spirit of Rex Lapis to Celestia, certainly they needed info on traditional funerals. Even if they send her away, they couldn't say no to a volunteer.