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Share a Coke With Derek

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The first time Stiles found it, it was funny. A small red bottle of Coke, “Share a coke with Derek” written on it. He threw it on the market basket and moved on with his shopping. Buying food for an entire pack of supernatural beings was, to say at least, a challenge. Good thing Derek was paying. Not that he knew that, but hey, Stiles had been using his credit card for months now to pay for pack-related stuff, and Derek had yet to complain. He should’ve noticed by now that someone had been using his money, it's his own fault.

He arrived Hale’s residence a little earlier than the rest – since he was doing the cooking again. Derek opened the door for him and helped him with the packets, bringing them to the kitchen.

Dude,” he said excitedly “you will not believe what I found.”

Stiles pulled the bottle out of one of the paper bags with a huge smile. Derek rolled his eyes.

I cannot believe you bought this, Stiles”

The younger boy didn’t let the eyebrows get his excitement down.

Oh, c’mon, what are the odds?”

Pretty high, it’s a common name.” He answered, but grabbing the bottle from Stiles' hands anyway

At least I thought of you. I spend my own money on this for you.”

No, you didn’t.”

Oh, so he knew about the credit card thing. Sure . At least he wasn’t complaining.

No, I didn’t.” Lying was useless now, but he didn’t sound apologetic at all.

Derek was smiling a bit, Stiles was sure. He went back on unpacking the food as he heard the buzzing sound of a bottle of coke being opened. He stopped middle act, turning to Derek just to see him with his mouth almost touching the thing.

Wow, what are you doing?” Asked Stiles.

Derek raised his eyebrows in confusion.

I’m drinking the coke you gave me.”

Dude, it says share a coke not give a coke. We’re drinking this shit together.”

Derek rolled his eyes but lowered the bottle.


But Stiles had already jumped over to the cabinet where the glasses were kept, grabbing two and turning back to Derek in a second with a bright smile on his lips.




The second time it happened, he thought it was a bit too much to buy it again, but he took a photo nevertheless and sent it to Derek.

Stiles [5:03 pm]: Look what I found? ;)

Derek [5:10 pm]: Please don’t buy it again.

Stiles was already at the line as he read the text, but he turned on his heels and left to grab the bottle, just out of spite.

That was why Stiles was at Derek’s front door, smiling widely and holding the market’s bag in only one hand.

Hey, Derek! Guess what?” he said as soon as Derek opened the door.

The man sighed, closing his eyes. “You bought it, didn’t you?”

Stiles smiled brightly, entering the house without asking and pulling the bottle out of the paper ba g.

You bet I did.”

He sighed again but closed the door behind them before grabbing two cups from the cabinet.



The third time it happened, Stiles thought it was annoying. Three was a pattern and he knew it . And Ok, Derek had a point: It was a common name, but so was Scott and Allison, but he didn’t go around finding their names on coke bottles. He ignored it, because maybe if he did it would go away. This technique never worked with any of his other problems , but hey it was worth a try.

I didn’t work.

T he fourth time he found it he just rolled his eyes and kept walking down the aisle. He should start going to a different supermarket; maybe this one had a curse that made him find the same god damn ed name every time. Maybe it was the supermarket, yes.

It wasn’t.

After the fifth time, he ended up sitting next to Lydia on the sofa. She was the smartest person you knew, she surely could help.

Have you ever felt like somebody’s name is following you?”

She stared at him with dead eyes and raised eyebrows.

Stiles, I’m a banshee. My job is to hear voices calling the names of people who will die.”

He blinked a few times. It was not the answer he was looking for. She waited for him to say something, but all he could do was stare at her wordlessly. She sighed.

But,” she said “if you mean like, normal people, the answer is yes. I swear, when you have a crush on someone their name appears to be everywhere, it’s really disconcerting.”

Stiles blinked again, without saying a word, and she sighed, turning back to face the rest of the pack.

He didn’t have a crush on Derek, right? Because sure, after he had worked out he wasn’t that straight (or straight at all, bisexuality was a thing) he allowed himself to agree that yes Derek was fucking hot. It was, however, just a fact of the universe. A physical observation of the material world. The sky was blue, his best friend was a werewolf, Lydia w ould win a Fields Medal one day and Derek was hot.

And, of course , he liked spending time with Derek, but as he did with the entire pack! If he enjoyed when Derek hang around in the kitchen while he cooked, or if he had cataloged what each eyebrow lift meant, or if he trusted the werewolf with his life, or if the memory of Derek pushing him against the wall…

Oh .

Well, fuck.

New fact: He had a crush on Derek. Next step: hide it as much as he could, because no chance in hell he was going to do something with that fact.


Just because the universe enjoyed fuck ing Stiles up , it was apparently really hard to act like nothing was happening every time your crush walked in after you realized you, indeed, crushed on them. Stiles' body entered panic mode every time Derek was in the same space as h im . Panic mode as in heart rushing and face blushing and D erek could totally hear his heartbeat, well fuck.

Stiles, are you ok?” The werewolf asked the next time Stiles was cooking for the pack.

He had been avoiding looking straight at the other man, who sat silently at the table with a book as he usually did.

Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?” he lied through his teeth.

Because you’ve been here for the past twenty minutes and haven’t started a conversation. And your pulse is so loud I’m sure the whole pack can hear.”

Well, isn’t that just great?

You’re just paranoid, I’m fine. I just… have a lot on my mind” He said, which wasn’t technically a lie, so Derek shouldn’t be able to tell with his supernatural lie-detecting skills.

Derek marked the page and closed the book with a sigh, before getting up and approaching Stiles.

Stiles.” He said in a deep, low voice, blue eyes staring at Stiles’ “What is the problem?” Stiles opened his mouth, but Derek cut him. “And don’t you say you’re fine, I’m your alpha, you can talk to me.”

Stiles stared at him for a few seconds before his mind had a shortcut with the sound of a big, loud fuck it .

You know what my fucking problem is? My problem is those god damned coke bottles.”

Derek’s very expressive eyebrows looked confused, and the werewolf tipped his head.

What are you…” he tried to say, but Stiles wasn’t done talking.

The first time was funny, but I just found the seventh. At first, I thought the whole supermarket was cursed. And maybe I was, who knows, with my luck it’s entirely plausible. But then I talked to Lydia, and she came with dead people and creepy voices, and really, our whole pack could use some therapy.”

Stiles, what are you on about?”

I told you man, those motherfucking coke bottles. Share a coke with Derek. Oh, fuck off. Well, after all that talk about being a Banshee Lydia went on about crushes. I was very happy not being aware of that, thank you very much, Lydia. Now, not only those bottles are after me, but I’m completely aware of my deeply unrequired crush on you and

He was cut by Derek, kissing him on the lips lightly, nothing more than a peck.

You’re an idiot, Stiles,” he said softly, eyebrows not confused anymore. Instead, they were a little worried, crooked, almost happy.

You… I… What… yes?” He managed to say before kissing Derek again.

This kiss was very much not a peck, and Stiles couldn’t stop smiling as he pulled Derek closer by his neck. Derek looked like he was enjoying it as much as he was, hands firm on his waist and back. It was a bit awkward, nose bumping and too much tongue and then not enough, but they worked it out pretty quickly. Stiles' mind took a little longer than he wanted to admit to moving from F uck. Yes. Panic. What. Yes . to actually linear thoughts.

Oh, by the way…” said Stiles after they broke apart.

You have a bottle on the bag, don’t you?” asked Derek, eyebrows arching.


Derek just laughed, pecking Stiles on the lips before turning back to the bags and pulling the bottle out. Share a coke with Stiles it said.

At least it’s not Derek” he joked.

Actually, I only found it because I very angrily removed the Derek bottle from the front. I didn’t even know they made those with my name.”

Derek pecked him once again, and he might very well never get used to it, but he enjoy ed them. They toasted their cups with a light smile before Stiles went back to the cooking and Derek went back to trying to read – except that Stiles decided to talk again, and he couldn’t read a single line any longer. He smiled as he took another sip, Stiles pretended he didn’t see it, and by the time the pack arrived they were sitting together, too close on the sofa, the smell of dinner filling in the whole house.