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Devil in the Belfry

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Tomura sat proudly at his spot, his red coat flowed with the wind, “Father” kept his still bandaged face covered as he looked down upon the crowd of Villians, recruits for the Paranormal Liberation Squad, each of his lieutenants stood around him, including one in particular who he had his eye on, she wasn't a lieutenant but rather her person, her character. Zero was only a year younger than the Leader but she proved herself well, showing that she was able to help rule by his side, she was the one who helped save Tomura multiple times whenever he needed it, but there was a darker side that he preferred about her, especially when she wore the items he asked her to wear, he looked down to his side where she stood, without anyone looking he slid his left hand up her leg, forcing her to bite down on her lip, he knew her weaknesses all too well.

“Any other inquires you may can take up with Zero, that is only if you don't waste her time with bullshit and unless talk,” Tomura finished with a smirk, his fingertips continued to grasp the soft flesh of her leg, the purple-haired girl reached down, placing her hand on his shoulder as she stared at him. “Take her for me Dabi, I have “unresolved business” that must be attended to before our next attack,” Shigaraki said as he stood up, the scarred man nods his head and slowly escorts Zero away from the crowd, he was curious about this, just as much as she was. “What business do you think he needs to take care of?” She asked, obviously a little worried about the white-haired man, Dabi shrugged his shoulders. “Beats me Zero, anyways you'll remain in here until he returns I guess, must be something to do with the Heroes or something, the only thing I can think of at to why he's so concerned about you,” Zero shrugged and sighed quietly, she knew the real reason for his worry, the heroes were the main ones.

“I'll be here...make sure he doesn't do anything stupid as well as the others will ya?” Zero asked once she made it towards the bathroom door, Dabi nodded and immediately walked out of the room, giving her the privacy she needed, the scarred man had his suspicions, he knew something was up between the pair but he wasn't one to pry on someone's private life, that was more Twice and Toga's job rather than his, he was more of the protective older brother when it came to Zero and the loyal right-hand man to Tomura whatever they needed he would deliver no matter what. “Thank you Dabi...” the purple-haired girl looked up into the mirror at her appearance, she looked tired and beat, like she hadn't slept in days or better yet a week. Zero splashed her face with cold water in an attempt to wake herself up, and wash any blood she may have missed, her hand reached over to the dry black washcloth, wiping away the water on her face before she sat back up, her purple and blue eyes stared into the mirror, back at the person who stared back.

Zero often wondered how her life would have turned out if she didn't become a Villain...if she was never harmed by the Heroes, if her father wasn't a feared Villain just like All for One, she wondered what it would have been like...if she never met him, never met Tomura Shigaraki.

“What are you doing Tomura?” She sighed before walking back out into the open room, her eyes glanced down onto the bed, black with the sheets of gold and red, small black lines defined the small patterns that lined them, the whole room had a colour scheme of black and red, small hints of gold here and there, maybe the odd blue streak but it was mainly black and red, nothing more, nothing less, it wasn't the first time she'd been in this room. Zero knew what was hidden in the closet at the opposite side of the room, same with the box beside it, Tomura loved being able to use them on her, a way to release tension for the pair of them, the sight of seeing her squirm and beg was too much, he couldn't hold back whenever she cried his name in bliss or begged for another hit, just to feel the sting once more.

He'd do anything for her, and she'd do anything for him.

“Tomura wanted me to give this to you Zero...he said he'll be back in an hour or so once he takes care of business,” Zero nearly jumped upon hearing Dabi's sudden voice appear out of nowhere, he was holding a package in his hands, it was well wrapped so no one could see what it was, her cheeks started to burn from the millions of possibilities, but she had a damn good idea about what it was. “T-thanks Dabi keep an ear out just in case he needs help, please?” She asked with a smile, the scarred man returned a smirk and nods, before walking out of the room, taking the liberation to close the door behind him, leaving her in complete silence once more. Zero walked to the bed and sat down on it as she ripped into the package, the first thing she was was a letter


I apologize for my much-needed absence, there is something I must take care of before I return to you, once I do I will make it all up for that 1 hour missed. That 1 hour I would rather be spending with you, in this package I have a special gift for you, I saw you eyeing it up a while ago, and I love spoiling you. I will see you once I return, I expect to see you in the surprise by the time I return home, that is if Dabi has given it to you, I heard him talking to me about you wanted him to be with me.

There is no need to worry about me Zero, you know I am more than capable of doing these things on my own, Dabi will be called if needed, his main purpose is to remain with you I can't let them take you away again, not like before. I will be back within an hour, I hope to see you then, where I will make it all up to you for that hour missed.


Zero smiled as she read the letter, Tomura wasn't one for poetry or anything romantic like this, but she thought it was adorable and well written, she knew he meant well, her curiosity reached its peak and she was curious about what was in the package, a special surprise for her? Tomura shouldn't have. Zero reached into the package and pulled out the outfit, a dress of black and white, it was short with small frills of lace, the tiniest hint of leather on the sides with the stitching, she knew what the dress was, especially when she found the matching headdress, gloves and garters, it was the little maid outfit she'd been eyeing up for Shigaraki for a while now, she wanted to treat him like the king he was, and what better way to do that than her in the maid outfit. Zero continued to dig until she found the next part, black and white kitty ears, her thumb ran across the soft fur, her teeth sunk into her lower lip upon feeling it he was a man with a dirty mind.

“So naughty Tomura...I see why you were drooling earlier,” she smirked, placing the ears down, she nearly threw the packaging away before she noticed one last thing, a box at the bottom, of black with red and gold intricate designs all over it, it was like something she'd never seen before. “Whats' this then? It looks expensive...Tomura,” she whispered as she laid the box before her and opened it, she froze upon seeing the item inside.

Zero reached inside to pick up the blue choker, which had silver spikes all around, some large and some small, Tomura's name was engraved on both sides of the choker and at the front was a small charm like object, a grey hand attached to a large silver ring, the purple-haired girl stared at the choker for what seemed like an eternity, she couldn't stop staring at it, she wondered how much time and effort went into creating it for her, but whatever it, she couldn't deny how happy she was, it looked so pretty and she sure as hell wasn't going to be taking it off anytime soon, not yet anyway. Zero carefully slipped the choker around her neck and smiled upon seeing herself in the mirror with the new accessory, she changed into the little maid outfit, which was short, only reaching her mid-thigh, if she bent over everything would be revealed, her fingers slipped across the fluffy ears which made her smile more.

"I can't wait till you're home Tomura..." she whispered with a smile before turning back towards the bed, she was excited to finally see him when he returned.