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Home is where the heart is

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Whenever Zheng Yunlong goes to Beijing, he generally stays at Ayunga’s place even when his boyfriend isn’t around, which happens quite often with their line of work.

Yunlong has been coming so often to this flat that at this point, it feels like his own. He knows where everything is placed in the kitchen and even bought a few of the appliances and accessories there, wanting to be at ease when he cooks. But some items here and there remind him that this is really Ayunga’s house. It is things like the orange water boiler on the counter, the bottle of Inner Mongolian milk in the fridge, the bunny-shaped bowls given by fans on the cupboard, those ridiculously expensive snacks in the drawers.

That evening, Yunlong is in the mood for cooking. After he is done preparing his own dinner, he cooks a lot of other dishes based on recipes he has seen recently, thinking that Ayunga would like them. Yunlong likes the process of cooking itself, taking things step by step and then witnessing the result of the process. But if he’s being honest, he enjoys preparing food for others just as much.

Especially for Ayunga.

Yunlong’s boyfriend is a picky eater, and when he doesn’t like something, his expression betrays him, even when he eats it out of politeness. But when it comes to Yunlong’s food, he doesn’t bother to gloss over what he thinks of it and is just brutally honest.

“Dalong, the meat isn’t tender enough”, “The seasoning is quite heavy…”, “You put too much salt in this soup!”

Yunlong appreciates those blunt comments the way he appreciates criticism of his work onstage. Thanks to that, he knows what to fix in his recipes and cooking habits.

While Ayunga is a severe judge, he’s equally honest about things he likes, even if he doesn’t necessarily voice it out loud. When a dish particularly suits him, his eyes light up and a smile graces his lips. In those moments, Yunlong feels a surge of smugness and fondness.

Over the years, Yunlong picked up on Ayunga’s preferences, and by now he naturally knows how to arrange a dish to suit his taste perfectly. Yunlong himself got used to those flavors, and their preferences harmonized naturally.

Yunlong stores several dishes for Ayunga in the fridge. Their schedules don’t allow them to meet this time, so Yunlong wants to at least do something to help Ayunga recover from his trip when he comes home.

These past months have been busy for both of them, so they’re never in the same place at the same time. A lot of people may not get how they can handle this kind of relationship, but they both learned to be grateful for what life gives them. There are many ways to love and be loved, and cooking for your boyfriend while he’s working non-stop is one of them.

Yunlong goes to sleep not long after he finishes eating dinner and showering. He’s wearing the silk pajamas meant for when he stays over. Ayunga also set his favorite blanket on the bed, all fluffy and warm. Yunlong falls asleep almost immediately.


When Yunlong wakes up the next morning, he is not alone in bed any more. His boyfriend’s arms are wrapped around him, Ayunga’s breath hot against his neck.

Ayunga came back earlier than scheduled.

Yunlong huddles himself against his boyfriend and closes his eyes again, ready to grab more sleep in this comfortable nest, when Ayunga’s hands find their way under his pajamas and start stroking his solar plexus.

Yunlong emits a cat-like pleased noise.

Ayunga strokes his stomach lazily while dropping languid kisses on the nape of his neck. Yunlong enjoys it very much and lets himself soak in the sensation, still too sleepy to do anything but let Ayunga do as he pleases.

Ayunga probably joined him in bed right after arriving home not long ago, as he smells like his usual cologne. Yunlong savors this perfume he missed so much. Ayunga’s smell has an appeasing effect on him, and right now, he’s completely surrounded by it.

Yunlong feels a rush of affection and contentment going through him as Ayunga cuddles him and peppers his hair with sweet butterfly kisses.

Little by little, Yunlong feels his body awaken under his lover’s ministrations. Yet he lets Ayunga lead the dance, too pleased to take what he has to offer.

Ayunga moves himself slightly over Yunlong so that he can steal his lips. His kisses are sweet and soft like marshmallows, feeding Yunlong with tenderness and expressing how much he missed him.

As he kisses Yunlong, Ayunga rubs their bodies together, their legs entangled as he lets his hands wander across his lover’s body. Yunlong’s pajama shirt is now wide open, and Ayunga’s fingers are playing with his sensitive nipples, eliciting soft moans from him.

Ayunga isn’t putting too much pressure or heat in his movements, just enough to make Yunlong’s body soften and get overtaken by a warm and gentle sensation of pleasure.

“Gazi…” Yunlong whispers, his voice still thick with sleepiness but with a hint of affection and horniness.

Ayunga kisses him harder and moves one of his hands toward Yunlong’s crotch. Ayunga caresses Yunlong’s perineum, careful not to touch his hardening cock just yet. Yunlong doesn’t mind the teasing at all. He wants this dream-like moment to last forever.

“What do you want?” Ayunga asks.

Yunlong knows that by this question, his ever-so-thoughtful boyfriend means to ask if he can fuck him, and of course Yunlong wants it too.

“Please fuck me,” Yunlong replies, voice hoarse. “No condom,” he adds.

Ayunga kisses him before moving away from Yunlong to grab lube from the nightstand.

Yunlong removes his pajamas completely and turns himself so that he lies on his stomach while Ayunga pours lube on his fingers and rubs them together. Ayunga drops a kiss on Yunlong’s shoulder blade before he starts fingering him. He does it slowly and gently, never stopping showering Yunlong’s back with kisses. Yunlong is perfectly loose and relaxed and takes Ayunga’s fingers without much resistance, feeling mostly pleasure from it.

“Dalong, you good?”

Yunlong hums in approval.

Ayunga speeds up the thrusts and scissoring of his fingers, eliciting moans from Yunlong, who rolls his hips slightly to match his movements better.

“Dalong, your ass is so perfect, still taking my fingers so well even after so long.”

Ah, yes, this is perfect indeed. Ayunga knows exactly how Yunlong likes it.

Once Yunlong’s asshole is well-stretched, Ayunga withdraws his fingers. He gives Yunlong’s asscheeks a squeeze, which causes his sensitive asshole to spasm lightly.

Ayunga pauses for a couple seconds, seeming to consider his options.

Suddenly, more wetness invades Yunlong’s asshole as Ayunga starts to lick it in earnest.

“Ahhh…” Yunlong lets out a surprised gasp, which is succeeded by hopeless moans.

Yunlong’s hip movements become more and more erratic as Ayunga licks and fucks his asshole with his skillful tongue.

“Fuck… Gazi…”

Yunlong feels his cheeks heat up, but admittedly, his whole body is on fire at this point. He won’t last long if this keeps going on, and as much as Yunlong likes getting off from being rimmed by Ayunga, right now he desperately needs his cock.

“Gazi… please…”

This is enough for Ayunga to get how close Yunlong is. He withdraws his tongue from Yunlong’s ass and moves away from it for a brief moment to lube himself up.

Yunlong takes advantage of this respite to catch his breath and adjust his position, raising his butt to give Ayunga better access.

Ayunga’s cock finally enters Yunlong’asshole, and both of them gasp in pleasure.

“Dalong… You’re so tight… so good.”

Ayunga is all over Yunlong, his whole body covering him like a blanket.

Yunlong feels safe and loved.

Ayunga moves his hips and finally, he is fucking Yunlong hard and slow, his thick cock filling Yunlong perfectly and making him feel full like nothing else.

“Aaaaah… Dalong… yes.”

“Mmmmh… aaaaw… ah…”

“You feel so good.. aaah…”


Ayunga keeps praising his lover, telling him how good he feels. Yunlong can’t articulate any of his thoughts into proper words, but his moans are enough to show how much he is enjoying it as well.

The friction of Ayunga’s bare cock sliding inside of Yunlong’s ass is absolutely delicious and maddening. Yunlong really loves being fucked from behind because this way, Ayunga can really hit the perfect angles and always wraps himself around his lover, making him feel overwhelmed in the best way.

Ayunga’s thrusts become deeper and quicker and so do their panting and moaning as their pleasure grows.


“Dalong… My Dalong…”

Ayunga tightens his hold on Yunlong and gives him a succession of deep quick thrusts, bringing them both over the edge.

Yunlong comes hard, soiling Ayunga's bed sheets with spurts of semen. He feels his own ass being filled with Ayunga’s come, which sends him additional waves of pleasure.

Once their orgasms are over, the remaining energy they had left in their limbs disappears, and they both fall completely listless on the bed. Ayunga is lying on top of Yunlong, his softening cock still nestled in Yunlong’s ass.

“I love you so much,” Ayunga says, all of his filters gone during his post-orgasmic bliss.

“Me too,” Yunlong replies fondly.

When Ayunga removes himself from Yunlong, Yunlong tightens his ass cheeks in an attempt to keep Ayunga’s come deep inside of him. Ayunga smirks at that. His Dalong really is adorable.

He slides a finger inside of Yunlong’s asshole to help push his semen deep inside. Yunlong hums appreciatively at the sensation. He knows he’ll have to shower soon enough, but he wants to enjoy the feeling while it lasts.

Once Ayunga is done, they both turn onto their sides and lie down facing each other, their limbs entangled as they hug.

The dim morning light is gently covering them, and for the first time that day, Yunlong can look at Ayunga’s face properly. He missed those soft eyes looking at him so affectionately. Yunlong traces the contours of Ayunga’s face with the tips of his fingers.

He loves this man so much.

Ayunga closes his eyes, a fond smile on his lips. Yunlong is about to do the same when suddenly his phone alarm goes off.

Yunlong swears under his breath.

Ayunga opens his eyes and gives him an apologetic smile.

“Sorry for stealing your precious sleep time.”

“Don’t be. I’m still young so it won’t affect my skin too badly,” Yunlong says as he gets up and heads to the bathroom, laughing adorably.


Ayunga joins Yunlong in the shower a couple of minutes later. They both wash each other and kiss a lot while showering but keep it chaste, not wanting to mess with Dalong’s schedule.

Neither of them says it out loud, but they both know they just want to spend as much time as they can together.

Yunlong cooks them breakfast, and they eat it in a relaxed atmosphere while talking about their current work and other little things they don’t necessarily talk about over the phone. Yunlong learns that Ayunga came home earlier than scheduled thanks to managing to switch his flight. He is pretty sure that it cost Ayunga a fair amount of money, but he is not going to complain, treasuring every moment they get to spend together.

When it’s time for Yunlong to go, Ayunga accompanies him to the door and makes sure he is wearing enough layers and doesn’t forget anything.

If their goodbye kiss lasts a bit too long, neither of them complains about it.

“See you next time, Gazi.”

“See you next time, Dalong.”

They both know that next time will come soon enough.