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A Skirt and Grime

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Eren laid sprawled out invitingly in front of Levi. Red face with two fingers deep in his ass in preparation. Thrusting and twisting as he moaned prettily. Smirking, his pink tongue flicked across his lips as if just to tease him.

He was always teasing him. In the mess hall, as he licked juices off his fingers. In training, as his plump ass stuck out of his titan.

He was only a kid, 15, but acted like a slut. Got one good look at Levi's erection and laid down with practiced grace. Spread and open. Getting ready to take Levi’s cock.

Getting ready to take charge.

Levi’s fingers toyed with the fringe of his skirt, biting his lip as he looked up through his lashes at the boy.

“What a good little girl,” Eren cooed, adding a third finger and throwing his head back against the pillows. “Are you excited for Daddy’s hole.”

Levi’s breath hitched, his face red with embarrassment.

He was 30. An adult. A man.

Levi was a leader. Humanity’s strongest. Free from the humiliating boot-licking prostration most men lower down the Corp’s ladder had to endure.

Yet he still stood there in a skirt that was more a circular slip of fabric and a crop top that only effectively covered his nipples. It was humiliating, made his insides squirm, and he’d kill himself should anyone else from his squad see him as he was right now.

But right now he was Eren’s good little girl, and as humiliating as that was, he loved it.

“Yes, Daddy,” Levi said, voice pitching higher for effect. Eren hummed in satisfaction, that teasing smirk still playing on his lips.

“Then kneel.”

Levi looked down at the floor. Swallowed. It was the dungeon. Floor sandy and dirty- yet uncleaned from the day Eren arrived. He looked back up at Eren, eyes pleading, but the boy remained firm.

“Don’t be naughty, you know what happens to little girls who disobey,” and Levi took in the floor once more.

Swallowed again.

His mouth was dry.

Slowly, as though sinking to his death, Levi fell to his knees. His skirt was short, barely covering his dick, and as a result failed to cover his knees as he felt the coarse sand grains digging into his skin. Levi could only imagine the indentations, the dirty that would stick and the sickness that could come with it-

“Come now, crawl,” Eren commanded, and Levi’s hands met the floor too. His brain screamed at him.

Dirty. Disgusting.

Levi made a move forward, the grains rubbing against his skin. No doubt turning them red, making miniscule little scrapes Levi would have to scrub later.


Levi kept crawling. Hand after hand. Knee after knee…

Unclean. Just like you.

“What a good girl,” Eren cooed, fingers knuckle deep as he spread. Closed them again. Thrusted deeper.

Suddenly all the grime and illness in the world didn’t matter. All that did was Eren and that hole and Levi was entranced as he crawled closer. Eyes glued to the lewd scene. Cock bobbing against his leg. His skirt was useless, and should anyone walk in right now, look through those dungeon bars that covered nothing, they’d get a full view of his ass.

A spark traveled through his spine at the thought. The shame.

His squad would never look at him the same. Not that it mattered.

Levi stopped at the end of the bed, practically pressing up against the hanging sheets as he scooted forward. Rested on his haunches. From here he could see everything. Eren’s fingers as they dripped with oil, preparing himself, the slick substance shining around his holes. In the crack of his ass.

“Do you like seeing how wet I’m making myself for you?” Eren teased, moving slowly. Levi couldn’t see his face from here, but could imagine the look. The glowing blush on his face, the burning look in his eyes that cut through Levi’s flesh and burned his soul. 

Even without it, though, Eren’s voice did wonders. Still high with age and deep with arousal. It made his cock ache, his skin itch. The way the crop top stretched across his chest rubbed against his nipples and made him want more.

“Please,” Levi begged, breathless. He shifted for the faint sensation of his skirt as it rubbed against his cock. “Please, Daddy. Let me put it in.”

“You want me, baby girl?”

Eren put a fourth finger in, his hole gaping and dripping and Levi whined in response.

Eren gasped, pushing his fingers in deeper, hips shifting up. Searching for that angle. Levi’s hands clenched on his thighs.

God he wanted to stand up, push him over. Take control and make Eren his. He wanted to thrust into that perfect little slip of a hole with Eren begging and crying beneath him but…

“Lick me.” Eren’s fingers were pulled out of his hole with an obscene sound.

But Levi liked Eren bossing him around. In that small voice of his that turned big with commands. It was refreshing, calling his 15 year old subordinate babygirl. Just as it was refreshing to be told to do something as offensive as lick the very same 15 year old’s asshole, not knowing if he’s showered since Levi pulled him out of his titan this afternoon.

With no small amount of hesitation, Levi leaned forward and licked one long stripe along his crack. Over that puckered hole. He lapped up the oil, tracing small circles around the muscles of his entrance.

Eren’s messy hands fisted in Levi’s hair, pushing his now wet face against his asshole. Forcing Levi to lick harder, to force his tongue in… Levi’s hands flew to the bedside to hold himself. Eren was panting, moaning, and as Levi felt him tense up, just about to come, Eren was pushing him away.

“God,” Eren sat up, petting Levi’s hair as he looked down at him. Eyes tracing Levi’s slobbery face. “I guess good girls deserve a reward, yeah.”

Levi blinked up at him, nodded once. Chest hammering. Hoping that maybe he meant taking care of his own erection.

“Daddy,” he said slowly. “Please.”

That smirk was back, sharp and alluring. Eren stood up, his own magnificent cock bobbing against his tanned thighs. He patted the sheets.

“Up,” he ordered. “On your back.”

Levi sprang up, clambering to lay down on the mussed sheets. They were warm, slick with sweat and oil, and a wrinkle dug into his side, but Eren was already climbing up onto the bed. Straddling him. Looking down at him with pure want and mischievousness.

A warm hand rested against his sternum, calluses scratching his skin, and gently putting him in his place.

“Stay still for me while I ride your little clit for me, okay?”

Levi’s eyes flickered closed, a deep breath traveling through his body. Humiliating. Arousing. Levi nodded, pitching his voice high again and responded.

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Good girl.”

He flipped his skirt up.

Eren slowly sank down onto his cock, bright green eyes lidded and lustful as he watched Levi’s expression. The boy’s thighs were flexing, muscles Levi had trained working to move him down as slowly as possible. Dropping just low enough to cover half his dick, and then back up. Halfway down. Up. Again and again and Levi’s body struggled against his mind to move.

His face screwed up, almost in pain, and his breathing was labored.

“Please,” he stuttered, begging once again as he watched Eren bite his lip, face pure ecstasy. “Please Daddy. Let your little girl feel good. Please ride my clit.”

The words sounded awkward on his lips, nearly tying his tongue. 

Eren’s face tipped up, looking at Levi knowingly as he rose up before fully dropping down with his full body weight.

Levi’s body jolted, a low groan leaving his mouth. And Eren did it again. And again. Until Eren was fully riding him, hard and fast. Changing his angle as he went at his own pace, looking only to please himself, and Levi wouldn’t have it any other way.

Eren looked beautiful riding him, skin shining with sweat and eyes lustful. His muscles contrasting beneath slim, still premature yet so strong. A soldier’s body he’d trained and Levi just wanted to touch-

Levi reached out, looking to make contact with the beautiful boy bouncing on him, but before he could, Eren stopped to pin his wrists down. He slapped him across the face. Swiftly.

“Bad, girl,” Eren said with a little frown, as though scolding a dog. “You need,” Eren lifted himself, “to listen,” and dropped down suddenly. A choked sound left Levi. “Touch me and you don’t get to come.”

And Eren let him go, back to riding him how he wanted.

“No, no,” Levi scrambled, trapping his hands below his body. “I- no, please. Please let me come, Daddy.”

“Maybe.” That smirk.

Eren didn’t elaborate, just kept going and going and it was almost no time before Levi was close. He whined, back arching and fingers fisting in the sheets.

“Daddy, daddy please.”

Eren looked just as desperate up above, and his lips tightened. He nodded, seemingly unable to speak, and it was only a few more thrusts before Levi was coming into Eren. The boy quickly followed suit, his cum spurting over Levi’s chest.

Eren slumped over, Levi’s dick slipping out, and he fell down to Levi’s side. Almost instinctively, Levi’s arms stretched out to circle them around the warm body. The boy made a high pitched noise before doing the same, rolling on top of Levi’s smaller body and holding onto him with a grip that rivaled that of a titan.

Levi felt his lips turn up from where his face was smashed on his chest.

“Good girl,” Eren said, voice light. Levi smacked his arm.

“Hey,” he gruffed. “That’s over.” 

Eren laughed and mumbled a ‘sorry’ into his skin, nuzzling in deeper.

The space between the two of them was sticky with soon to be dried cum, and Levi could feel his own essence falling out of Eren’s asshole onto his leg. The crop top was getting itchy, and the skirt tangled and wet.

It was disgusting, messy, and Levi could have to take several baths to feel clean again. He wanted nothing more than to bolt up and get started on the process. But then Eren sighed against his chest, finger rubbing a circle into his shoulder.

What could one more minute hurt?