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Night Out

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you had just finished up a three day case in orlando, florida. everyone walked into the building together and disbursed into their separate offices or desks. you walked to your desk and put your go bag on the floor before sitting in your chair. you sat back and took a minute to breathe and reflect on the case. a man kidnapped and killed four women and left them posed at playgrounds around the city. it was awful and you really needed a night out after this one.

morgan walked over to you and put a hand on your shoulder. “hey, who wants to go out and get some drinks.”

“yeah, definitely.” emily said immediately.

“i’m down, just let me go home and change first.” you said.

with a little convincing, the rest of the team agreed to go our. they settled on going to morgan’s favorite club in an hour and a half. that you then all time to go home and get ready.

you drive home and took a quick shower. you dried your y/brunette hair and put in a purple dress that reaches mid thigh. you quickly curled your hair and added some natural make up. finally you texted spencer that you were ready.

you and spencer weren’t together. you had more of an unofficial thing going on. you acted like a couple all the time and the team betting on when you would get together.

a few minutes later, spencer knocked one you front door. you opened it and was met with spencer’s warm brown eyes. spencer smiles and pulled you into a deep kiss. you smiled into the kiss and wrapped your arms around his neck. you broke the kiss and closed the door behind you.

“let’s go. they’re waiting for us.” you told the man, smiling at him.

spencer took you hand in his and you made you way to the car. about halfway through the drive, spencer places his hand on your exposed thigh. your breath hitched and you could tell it didn’t go unnoticed buy him. spencer inched his way up your thigh. his fingers going painstakingly slow. you tried not to snow your emotions and it was working until spencer reaches your covered center. he rubbed your core agonizingly slow.

you gasped as you felt him slip a finger into you. you looked over a spencer and he had a smile on his lips, he suddenly started pumping his finger in and out of your core. you tried to holding your moans in but they slipped out. spencer slid his finger out of you and you whined at the loss of contact.

“hey baby, calm down. we’re here.” spencer said to you, putting his finger in his mouth as he rid the digit of your juices.

you open the car door and got out. you walked into the club in front of spencer and made a beeline towards the girls. penelope smiled at you and pushed martini your way.

“i really needed this.” you said to your friends. you all were a couple drinks in now.

“me too.” jj said, taking a sip of her drink.

you and emily has had the most devils and everyone noticed.

“let’s go dance!” emily exclaimed, dragging you on the dance floor.

you could vaguely hear penelope say that she would watch your drink. you started dancing to whatever song was currently playing with emily.

soon it was you, emily and derek dancing in the edge of the dance floor. this gave spencer a clear view of you. suddenly the music changed to something more sensual. spencer watched as derek took you by the hand and pulled you into him. the two of you grinding into each other.

spencers gaze was locked onto you and derek in a death stare. if looks could kill, morgan would be six feet under. hotch noticed spencer staring at you and questioned him about it.

“watch it reid, morgan’s gonna burst into flames.”

spencer snapped out of it and tuned to his boss with an embarrassed look on his face. “w-what are you talking about?”

“i can tell you like y/n based on how you’re staring at her.” hotch said to spencer, drinking his beer.

“go get her reid before she goes home with morgan.” rossi said, pointing over at the two dancing fbi agents.

spencer downed the rest of his drink and made his way over to you. he tapped on your shoulder. you stopped dancing with derek and turned your attention to spencer.

“mind if i cut in?” he asked confidently.

you stepped closer to spencer and put your arms around his neck. “yeah, go ahead.” you tell him.

spencer leaned into close to your ear, his warm breath making you feel shivers down your spine. “i think it’s time to go.” he whispered into your ear.”

you closed your eyes for a second and nodded subtly. spencer took your hand and led you out of the club, the man quickly waving good bye to his friends . you made it to his car and you both got in. the ride to his apartment was silent. you waited anxiously as you watched him drive. your gaze fell slightly to his hands and you let your mind wander. you could only imagine what’s his hands could do to you. you wanted them everywhere. you snapped out of it when you arrived at spencer’s.

as soon as you walked in the apartment, spencer shut the door and pushed you against it. he pressed his lips to yours hungrily as he pinned your wrists to the door. you kissed back, deepening the kiss. you wriggled your wrists, struggling against spencer.

he finally let go of your wrists and you immediately reached up to run your fingers through his hair. spencer ran his hands along the small of your back all the way down until he reached your ass. he squeezed lightly, but enough for you to gasp. spencer took the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth. your tongues fought for dominance until he finally won. the man tapped the backs of your thighs as a way of telling you to jump. you did as he wanted and you jumped up and wrapped your legs around his waist.

pulling away from the kiss, you leaned your head on spencer’s as he carried you into his bedroom. he set you down on the bed and you both kicked off your shoes. you reconnected your lips with spencer’s. your arms made their way around his neck as his moved up and down your back. they reached the top of your dress. spencer unzipped and took it off, throwing it on the floor. you hastily undid the buttons on spencer’s maroon colored shirt and you pulled it off of him.

he pushed you back onto the bed and brought your lips to his once more. he bit your bottom lip slightly and you gasped, moaning as you felt his tongue dominate yours. spencer’s hands started kneading your breasts over your bra. you run your hands down his chest, stopping when you get to his pants. you wanted him more than you ever had.

you started to undo his belt when you felt his lips leave yours and start to leave a trail of kisses down your neck. your movements faltered as the man roughly bit down in your neck, sucking intensely. you moaned, your head falling back. you knew he would leave a mark you’d have to hide later.

you brought your focus back onto spencer and finished unbuckling his belt. he undid he pants and let them fall the the ground, stepping out of them. this left both of you in your underwear. you broke apart for air and looked at him. spencer trailed his hands upwards, leaving your waist. his touch was everything you’ve ever wanted. his hands found their way to your back, touching your bra.

spencer’s eyes flicked down to your breasts. “can i?” he asked.

you nodded and spencer skillfully took off your bra. he look led down at your breasts and he took them in his hands. he ran his fingers over your left nipple, squeezing it gently. you gasp as you felt his mouth latch onto you other breast. the way his tongue swirled around your nipple was something you hadn’t experienced in a long time.

of course you had had sex before but it was different with spencer. he did things other men wouldn’t and you loved that about him.

spencer moved on from your breasts and kissed his way down your stomach, stopping just before your clit. he hooked his fingers onto your lacy panties and pulled them down i one swift move. he kissed down your thighs and you whined, wanting him to stop teasing you.

after what felt like an eternity, spenders mouth found its way to your clit. his tongue ran the length of your slit. you moaned loudly, and shivered from the warmth of his breath.

“be quiet princess, you don’t want the neighbors to hear you.” spencer said, his hot breath tickling your clit.

you nodded and tried to hide your moan when spencer’s tongue moved between your folds. spencer groaned against your core, the vibrations making you shake. his tongue darted in and out of you. you gripped the sheets tight as your walls tighten. spencer quickened his pace until he felt you reach your orgasm.

spencer stood up and look at you on his bed. your hair stuck to your forehead and breath jagged. he thought you were beautiful.

you felt like you were on cloud nine. you wanted more of spencer reid. he made you feel better than any other man.

spencer took off his boxers. he moved so that he was on top of you. he brought his lips to yours in a sloppy kiss. you ran your fingers through his hair.

“are you ready?” he whispered into your ear.

“yes.” you breathed out, ready for him to fuck you.

spencer placed himself at your entrance. he slid into you, filling you body with pain and pleasure.

“fuck spencer.” you moaned, reaching up to pull his hair.

spencer quickened his pace, thrusting in and out of you. your hands moved from his hair to his back. your hips bucked up against him. his thrusts became frenzied.

“spence, baby, i’m gonna cum.” you gasped, your nails scraping his back.

“cum for me baby. good girl.”

spencer could feel your walls clench around him. you felt pure ecstasy. he thrusted into you a few more times before he came into you. he moved from inside you and laid next to you.

he peppered your face with small kisses. you buried your face into his neck, cuddling in close.