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Dripping Like Acrylic

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Paint has always fascinated Namjoon. 


He’s always found it impressive how simple messy brush strokes could evoke such deep emotions in him. How thick globs of oil paint could be just as strong, yet so vastly different from muted watercolours.


As a student in an art school, paint has always called out to him. 

Yet he was never satisfied with his own paintings, never liked how his brush would slide on paper or how his colours would blend.


He discovered photography instead and found a whole new love in painting masterpieces with the shots of his camera, enhancing the beauty of the world with the colours that were already there. 


Sometimes though, when he would smell the fresh scent of paint coming from his roommate’s room, he couldn’t help but feel his heart squeeze, longing to let his art bleed on a white canvas. 


He envied Taehyung somedays, for being able to create new worlds or paint the Earth in a colour so far from the truth. He couldn’t help it.

That’s why, when his professor announced their next project as ‘ the interaction between humans and art ’, letting each student decide on what art to portray: Namjoon immediately chose painting.


He came back home that day, ecstatic in a way that only new ideas could make him feel, and ran to Taehyung’s room as soon as he heard the tale-tale sign of Taehyung working: the sound of squeezing paint and the other man’s low humming. 


He knocks on the door, not waiting for Taehyung to answer before opening it and starting his ramble. Taehyung pays him no mind, sitting shirtless on the tiny stool in front of his easel as he adds details to his painting with his fingers, whipping them on his stained sweatpants. 


Finding Taehyung in any state of undress with paint somewhere on his body —or in his hair— isn’t new to Namjoon. He’s gotten used to the sight by now and can skillfully ignore the way the glistening of the straight barbells going through Taehyung’s nipples make his face flush.


“Taehyung-ah, guess what!” the photography student exclaims, trying to be mindful of the plastic sheet on the floor so he can sidestep around it and comfortably lay on the other’s bed.


Not that Taehyung cares about getting paint everywhere, he’s just trying to be mindful so he remembers not to get paint on the walls or floor. 


Well, it’s not like it hasn’t happened before. They’ve learnt the hard way that it’s just a lot easier to redo a paint job on the walls than having to deal with dry paint on wooden floorboards.


The painter only hums in response as he slathers some red onto what looks to be an outdoor scene. Could be a person though. It’s very abstract.


“ ‘ The interactions between humans and art’ ” Namjoon announces, making a wide gesture with his hand as if presenting Hollywood’s newest film. 

“ ‘That the theme of your new project?” The other asks absentmindedly as he chews on a popsicle stick. 

“Yup! And obviously, I chose painting for the art part!” the photographer squeals, “ Finally ! I can do something with paint! It’s been so long!”
“Got any ideas for it?” 


Namjoon stops to think, frowning.


Uh. He got a little carried away. He doesn’t really have anything planned. His frown turns into a pout as he remembers that he hates whatever he paints.


“By your silence, I’m guessing you didn’t and are now regretting your life choices?” Taehyung predicts nonchalantly, eyes never leaving his canvas.
“Shut up,” The other mumbles out weakly, pout deepening.


He stays there, lost in thoughts as Taehyung lets him be, returning to what he was doing.


“I could have you be my model!” He yells out suddenly, before immediately groaning, “No. That’d be so boring. Just taking pictures of you painting different things? That’s too simple. Too basic. How do I not make it boring?!” He whines. 


Taehyung just shrugs.

“Well, how about picturing different emotions through paint instead? Even if you still want to capture me painting, how about each picture representing each mindset? I’m sure you can take cool photos and find ways to make the setting more gloomy for the sad ones and more vivid for the happier ones?” He suggests, just throwing random ideas in as he seems to ponder on adding some green to his already rather busy art piece. 


He shakes his head, whipping his green fingertips on his sweats before he finally turns to Namjoon, having decided to stop there for now.


He must have missed a spot while trying to get the paint off because when he scrunches his nose and scratches at the tip, green paint gets onto it. 


Namjoon, who was about to let out an uninterested noise, freezes at the paint on Taehyung’s face before gasping loudly and scrambling to his feet.

“I’ve got an idea!” He yells out, running out of Taehyung’s room, not listening to the other’s whines when he steps in some paint and leaves trails behind him on their freshly washed floor.

Taehyung doesn’t hear about said ideas for a few days —doesn’t see Namjoon much either— before the older man, once again, barges into his room unprompted. If Taehyung cared more about his privacy, he’d definitely be bothered by his roommate’s carelessness. 


“Tae-ah! Look!” He yells as he makes a beeline to his bed where Taehyung is reading a book.

The other barely has time to roll to the side with a yelp before a few medium-sized bottles of paint get thrown at his face.

“What the fuck Hyung?!” He whines as he gets into a seating position and grabs the paint to read the label.

His eyebrows shoot up and his mouth turns into a smirk before he whistles.


“Erotic paint? Damn Hyung, should have told me we were doing that kind of photo shoot, I would have dressed up for the occasion”, he teases, propping himself on his hands as he gives Namjoon a sultry look. “or down,”


“Wh-what?!” Namjoon stutters, face turning red as he grabs one of the tubes to read, only to groan when Taehyung ends up being right about the label. “I didn’t see that. That’s not-”

He sighs, pinching his nose. 


“I bought it because it’s edible body paint. Not the… other thing.” He mumbles, blushing “I was thinking about your emotions idea and thought that it could be more interesting to see you in paint and interacting with it on you instead of painting something. Of course, we can still use props but I wanted to make the paint a part of you, or represent the emotions or needs?” The photographer explains, getting more and more animated as he rambles on. “For example anger and fury represented with you pulling at your hair and scratching yourself with paint on your hands. Or you pretending to wipe something off as if you ate for hunger or need. Lust with paint in your mouth, a hand on your neck, stuff like that! I also got eye drops for despair, so you can cry colourful tears. You know I’d much rather use real things than editing effects in after.”


Taehyung lets out an approving noise at that, nodding.

“That’s kinda cool actually. I like that idea. Is this gonna be a video project or just a photo project?” He asks, getting more invested.

“We don’t have much time for it so she recommended that we keep it simple and not bother with videos if they’re going to be too long. So I think I’ll stick to photos for that, but I really wanna capture the movement still so it might take a lot of trial and error to get it right.”

“Nice. Alright, I’m in.” Taehyung says with a big grin.

It’s only a few days later that they get to work on it.
They decide to do it in their living room, where Namjoon usually installs his big screen and takes photos at home. He does just that, making sure to plan for a floor protector under the white sheet just in case. It’s always a hassle to move his lights, but he loves playing with colours too much to just try and wing it with their shitty living room light.


Namjoon decides to concentrate on picturing a few different feelings: hope, despair, anger, anxiety, and lust. 


“Is it alright if you’re shirtless for this? I’m probably not going to show your chest, but I think a shirt would ruin the movement and feeling of the piece.” Namjoon explains seriously.


Taehyung just cocks his head to the side with a grin, as if expecting this request. 

He’s sitting on one of their kitchen stools in front of the white screen, waiting for instructions. For now, Namjoon only brought the paint out, as well as the coloured eye drops he mentioned. He seems to be going for a rather minimalistic approach.

“That’s a lot of words for ‘I want your shirtless, please’ ” He purrs out, making the other sputter.

“Shut up,” Namjoon barks out, blushing. 


The painter just giggles before grabbing onto his shirt from the back and pulling it over his head and throwing it away.


Namjoon tries not to let his eyes linger, yet he can’t stop them from following down Taehyung’s chest before immediately darting back up as they land on the other’s pierced nipples.
He currently has a straight bar in the form of an arrow and a heart around the little nub. 


“You can look, I changed them to the arrow-heart ones for a reason,” Taehyung giggles. 

“It-it looks cool,” Namjoon mumbles, feeling his throat dry up as his eyes trail down to Taehyung’s happy trail without his permission.

“Weird way to say hot, but okay”

Stop ,” Namjoon whines, “Anyway! Let’s get to work!”
“Alright boss.” Taehyung shrugs. “What are we doing first?”

Namjoon decides that the piece about despair is probably the best to start with since it’s the only one with eye drops. He was thinking he could also end with it, but he thinks lust would be better since there will be dried paint scattered everywhere and will make it a little more dirty and messy. And the eyedrops are much easier to clean than the rest.


It goes relatively smoothly. He keeps the lights rather dim with a slight blue tint, decides on dark blue paint for this one since it’s a rather sombre piece.


He takes a few photos but only one calls out to him: it’s the one where Taehyung reaches out to the camera, paint dripping from his hand and blue eyedrops pooling down his face like tears. 


Every time Namjoon has Taehyung modelling for him, he takes his breath away with the emotions that he’s capable of portraying. He never understands how the painter always seems to know exactly what Namjoon wants, even when he doesn’t ask for it. 

He’s a natural-born actor and model, but Namjoon will never let him know that he considers him a little bit like his muse. He doesn’t want to stroke his already huge ego. 


“Okay, this one might be a bit gross,” Namjoon warns after Taehyung cleaned up a little bit of the excess paint on his hands.


The photographer doesn’t need him to take the entire paint off, he kind of likes the idea of the other colours peeking through a little bit. It kinda shows the complexity of human emotions. How you never only really feel one emotion at a time, how anger can come with sadness, how positive emotions can also come with negative ones, deep under. He decides to keep Taehyung’s hands dirty but helps him clean up everywhere else a little bit, so his face doesn’t get too busy with paint, his neck doesn’t become too distracting and his hair doesn’t stay stuck with dry clumps of paint.


For anxiety, Namjoon has Taehyung holding onto his neck with an excessive amount of black paint dripping down his hands, flowing down his arms. It’s a mess but they make it work.


“Alright so now, I’m going to pour paint in your mouth and I’m going to need you to pretend to choke on the paint when I’m taking pictures. Make it look painful but don’t actually choke on it, please? You can like, gargle or something. I just need some stuff to come out and the motion of it coming out, but don’t actually hurt yourself with it. I know it’s edible but that’s a lot of paint and I don’t want a trip to the hospital just for an art project, because that’ll be difficult to explain.” He jokes as he gets in front of the sitting man. 

“Alright, choking on paint, can do that.” Taehyung says with a glint in his eyes as he holds his dripping hands away from Namjoon, “But hurry up before the paint on my hand dries”


Namjoon chuckles before opening the bottle of paint.


“Okay, open?” He asks, tapping Taehyung’s chin.


Taehyung listens obediently, yet Namjoon can’t help but feel his skin prickle at the intense look he’s giving him.

When he deems the amount of paint enough, Namjoon quickly grabs his camera and gets into position, and just like that, the look is gone, and Taehyung is back to his professional self.


Anger has Namjoon’s photographer heart singing. They decided to go with deep anger, but not one that’s especially loud. Instead of Taehyung screaming, the man is looking straight at the camera, face tilted down as a single red tear falls down his face. Some parts of his face have traces of scratches and red smudges to show that loud anger. 


Taehyung had been the one to suggest the change after they had taken pictures of that furious outburst. He thought that it was much more stereotypical to portray anger as such a brutal emotion. So they decided that the aftermath was much more interesting,


And he was right. The intense angry eyes, the smudges, the tears, messy hair and locked jaw were much more powerful than the screaming. The look on his face reminded Namjoon of the Fallen Angel painting by Alexandre Cabanel

It was perfect.


Hope had Taehyung covered in colours, a rainbow dripping from his hand as he looked at it with childlike wonder. He kept the light a bright white for this one, making Taehyung’s honey skin stand out and the colours of the paint didn’t get affected too much by the light. The way the light hits Taehyung’s eyes has Namjoon’s heart skipping a beat. The brown colour is so warm and inviting, that when they make eye contact, Namjoon feels like he could drown and burn in his eyes simultaneously. It’s weird how mature Taehyung looks and acts on the daily, yet stuff like this shows how much of a child at heart he really is. Namjoon feels honoured to portray that part of him in his work.


Finally, they move on to lust.

Namjoon has a vague idea for lust, but he’s not as confident as he was with the other ones. 

He decided on purple for lust. A vibrant purple that is accentuated by the lights of the same colour. But when Taehyung follows as planned, putting paint in his mouth while making direct eye contact with the camera, Namjoon just frowns.


“This isn’t it. It’s not working.” He sighs, troubled by finally finding a problem with his work. “It’s too basic. Not as intense as the other ones. Fuck.”


Taehyung just swallows the paint, making an approving noise and face at the taste as Namjoon tries to come up with the solution, knowing he needs to rant a little bit before Taehyung can recommend any changes.


“I like the finger in mouth thing. But like, it’s not enough. It just looks like you’re eating cake. I need more than that.” Namjoon continues to ramble on, pressing his hand on his temples as he thinks.

“How about your fingers?” Taehyung suggests with a raised eyebrow.

Namjoon stops before looking up at his friend like he grew a second head.


“What?” He asks, ready to go on a rant before Taehyung raises his hands up and shushes him.
“Hear me out. You want more intense? Then I suggest a close-up with your fingers instead of mine. You don’t have to choke me with them, but like, maybe instead of just tasting the paint you kinda just…. Shove it in my mouth? Like deeper. If I did it myself, it’d just look awkward. If it’s someone else, it looks like you’re going to choke me with your fingers. It’ll definitely imply something else, you know?” He explains with a devious glint in his eyes.


Namjoon bites on the inside of his cheek, debating. 

It’s too much. He can’t imagine himself choking Taehyung with his fingers covered in paint, it’s just-


The image has heat travelling to his crotch and it’s not a good idea.


But on the other hand, that’s exactly what he needs. 


Taehyung’s right, if he did that to himself, it’d look super awkward, but if Namjoon does it, it’ll be perfect. He feels his entire body flush the more he pictures it, but his photographer heart is yelling at him to do it and deal with the consequences later.


“Alright, on your knees,” Namjoon commands, making Taehyung’s eyebrow shoot up in surprise before his face goes back to that intense stare.

“Oh, I like where this is going.” the younger man says as he follows Namjoon’s lead. 


The way he so easily drops to his knees, hands on his lap, limp, has Namjoon taking a deep breath. And from the way Taehyung’s eyes darken even more, he definitely notices the reaction.


“Okay so,” Namjoon starts, moving the stool and tripod away, putting his camera around his neck and grabbing the purple paint, “I’m going to take pictures from this angle with two fingers full of paint on your tongue. You’re going to let your tongue out a little bit and I’ll go a bit further but probably not to the point of actually choking you okay?.”


He stops for a second, confidence faltering a little as he thinks of how to explain the next bit, cheeks turning red again.


“If the camera is by my face, just look at the camera. But if it’s not… just-... look at me.” he finishes making Taehyung smirk.

“Sure.” That is all Taehyung responds.

“Kay. Let’s go.” Namjoon breathes out as he pops the lid open and pours paint on the index and ring fingers of his right hand. “Tap my leg a few times if you need me off okay?”



Namjoon takes a deep breath as he grabs his camera and makes sure the settings are all perfect, stalling for time. 


He then looks back at Taehyung and tries to give himself a mental pep talk.


Slowly, he brings his fingers to Taehyung’s mouth, resting on his bottom lips as he tries not to freak out too much. 


He pulls on the skin a little. He can’t help but feel a little disappointed that he can’t feel how soft his lips are with the amount of paint on his fingers.


“Open?” He asks gently, “Tongue out.”


Taehyung obeys, shifting a little in his spot but staying silent. His eyes still hold that same intensity, but they also seem to be paying close attention to what Namjoon is saying, hanging onto his every word.


“Wider,” the photographer says, voice getting low and quiet. 


The other complies and Namjoon counts to three in his head before slowly bringing his fingers to Taehyung’s mouth. His jaw locks as he physically tries to stop his body from reacting at the soft touch of Taehyung’s tongue. 


It’s wet and warm, and it’s very difficult not to think of other things as he starts taking photos.


After a few photos in that position, fingers barely in Taehyung’s mouth, he realizes that he’s definitely not going to be satisfied with them. He takes a deep controlled breath.


“I’m going to go a bit further alright?” he says just as gently.


Taehyung only blinks slowly in response, and Namjoon realizes that he’s panting a little. It has his entire body warming up as cool air hits his paint-covered fingers.


He pushes them a bit further and he can’t stop the gasp he lets out when Taehyung’s eyelashes flutter at that. He curses, both because he missed the perfect shot and because of the heat travelling down his body quickly. 


When Taehyung swallows around his fingers, Namjoon gets an idea.


“Don’t do that again.” He says, more firmly than planned.


Taehyung looks at him with wide alarmed eyes as he squirms a little in place.

Namjoon wills himself to stay focused, ignoring the reaction.


“I want you to let yourself drool. So don’t swallow, just drool around my fingers.”


Taehyung lets out a little punched-out noise that has Namjoon’s eyes drifting back from his mouth to his eyes.


The look on the other’s face has him shakily exhaling. His eyes are glazed over a little, yet they seem so focused on whatever Namjoon is saying that it has his head spinning at the amount of control he has over the younger man right now. 


As Taehyung starts to drool and squirm again, Namjoon can’t help it.


“Good boy,” he whispers.


Taehyung openly whines at that, not even trying to hide the little jump of his hips.


Namjoon swears quietly when his eyes drift down and he notices Taehyung’s bulge in his pants. He’s big, and he’s rock hard . Namjoon can’t tell if the wet spot that’s on his grey sweatpants is precome or the drool that’s steadily dripping down from his tongue. 


He goes back to work and decides to push it further.


“I’m going to choke you a little right now, if you need me off, just tap my leg twice okay? If you gag but you’re fine, don’t move. Stay as still as possible” He explains, earning a small hum and nod from the other.


He does as he said and pushes further until Taehyung is gagging on his fingers. But the other doesn’t move, just takes it, even as his eyes water and real tears escape his eyes. 


“Perfect,” Namjoon whispers, taking in the sight before pushing down on Taehyung’s tongue.


It has Taehyung’s eyelashes fluttering again, but this time, Namjoon is prepared and he takes the photo right as it happens. 


It’s perfect.  


“Good boy, you did great.” Namjoon praises as he slowly removes his fingers. 


Taehyung immediately swallows at that, coughing a little and panting hard. His head immediately lowers as he claws at his sweatpants with paint-covered hands. 


“Holy fuck,” he lets out, voice breaking a little. “ Hyung


Namjoon swallows harshly at the sound as wipes his hand on his own sweatpants —which are actually probably Taehyung’s since they already had some paint splotches—  and puts his camera back on the tripod.


When he comes back to the other, he’s still panting, looking a little shaken. 

However, when the older man gets close, he frantically grabs onto his thigh. 


“Let me suck you off.” Taehyung blurts out.
“W-what?!” Namjoon sputters, face going red at his roommate’s bluntness.

“Don’t pretend this wasn’t the hottest fucking shit ever, I need more. So fuck my mouth, I need something to actually choke me right now or I’m gonna go mad.” He says, still panting as he starts pawing at Namjoon’s thighs. “Come on, please? I’ll beg, I’ll be so good for you.”


Namjoon feels his mind spin at that, blood rushing to his cock. 


“Yeah, fuck, okay.” He says, overwhelmed with need now that he’s allowed to be.


He’s glad to know the tension wasn’t all in his head, but he still didn’t expect Taehyung to be so blunt about it. They’ve never done anything remotely sexual together before. He’s so used to Taehyung jokingly flirting with him, that when the other says something that cannot be interpreted as anything other than real advances, he can’t help but be a little shocked.


“Thank you, thank you.” Taehyung says as he grabs Namjoon through his sweats, making the other hiss, “Fuck, you’re so big. Do whatever you want to me. I’ll tap your leg if it’s too much but like, shit, use me .”

Namjoon can’t help but groan at how filthy Taehyung is, gasping as he mouths at his cock through the fabric. The older man should be used to him being this direct though, he never left any crude details out previously when they talked about previous sex partners. Yet when it’s directed at him, he realizes why people wanted to get into Taehyung’s pants so badly.


Who is he kidding, he realized that way earlier in their friendship.


Taehyung doesn’t waste any time. He quickly pulls Namjoon’s pants and underwear down in one go, letting out a moan when his cock springs free, before licking his lips. 


He doesn’t let Namjoon get self-conscious or embarrassed. He immediately grabs his cock, starting to trail kisses up and down the length, sucking on one of Namjoon’s balls before going back up and circling the tip with his tongue. He’s a little frantic and all over the place. 


Messy even. 


So messy.


So perfect.


“Shit, Tae” Namjoon lets out, immediately grabbing onto his shoulder. 


He lets out a long moan as the other progressively goes lower, only now realizing how on edge he really was. Taehyung himself hums around his cock like it’s the best treat he’s ever received, shoulders immediately relaxing. 


After a second of seemingly just feeling the weight on his tongue, the younger man looks back up through his eyelashes and starts a rhythm, eyelashes fluttering. Namjoon can’t stop the noise he makes at the sight of slight purple smudges along his cock from the paint that was left on Taehyung’s tongue. Can’t help but imagine it as lipstick, which makes his dick throb in the other’s mouth.


Taehyung doesn’t take him all the way, for now, just going a little bit deeper each time and jerking the rest. He doesn’t seem to be struggling to go down though, he’s simply waiting.

However, after a second of Namjoon panting, he seems to have had enough and pulls off. 


“Come on, use me again. Do what you want.” Taehyung whines, squirming in place. 

“Alright fuck. Tap my leg once for yes and twice for no or if you need to stop, okay?”

“Yeah yeah, come on, fuck my throat,” he responds impatiently, opening his mouth wide and letting his tongue peek out a little.


Namjoon curses at the sight of his slightly purple tongue. He grabs onto Taehyung’s jaw, holding his mouth open as he leads his cock to his mouth. 


He groans as tight heat envelops him again. He thrusts in experimentally a few times, cursing again when Taehyung barely reacts before starting to set a slow rhythm. Taehyung’s mouth feels so good around him, it’s difficult not to lose himself in it.


When Taehyung hums around his cock and looks at him with pleading eyes, Namjoon decides that it’s time to pick up the pace. He manages to drive his cock a bit deeper than what is comfortable for the other man, making him choke. Taehyung immediately grabs onto Namjoon’s legs, making him shake his head.


“Hands off, in your lap. Don’t move them unless you need to stop me” He orders as he pulls at Taehyung’s hair and fucks his mouth harsher.


Taehyung gags again, tears starting to fall down his face and eyes closing. He drops his hands down and doesn’t move them from then on.


“Good boy, doing so good, uh?” Namjoon says as he pushes his cock in deeper, holding Taehyung’s head in one hand and moving his hair out of his eyes with the other.


The younger makes a little pathetic noise at that, hands fidgeting in his lap as he tries to be good and hold still. 


He ends up swallowing around Namjoon, and while the sensation makes him moan, pleasure sparking through his entire body, Namjoon lets out a disapproving noise, grabbing more harshly at his hair and stopping his movement, cock still in Taehyung’s mouth.


“None of that. Don’t swallow.” He scolds, “You looked so pretty drooling all over my fingers, so be good and drool around my cock now, okay?” 


Taehyung lets out a loud muffled whine at that, squirming again. He then slaps Namjoon’s shin once.

Surprised, it takes a second for Namjoon to comprehend what just happened before remembering what he told Taehyung about tapping his leg for yes.


He doesn’t continue, cock still in Taehyung’s mouth making the other squirm again at the lack of movement. Namjoon just grabs onto the back of his head, pushing his cock a bit deeper and making him gag.

"Hold," He orders breathily. "5 seconds. Be good."


 He stares deep into Taehyung's eyes when he looks up before gently wiping the tears from his cheeks. He can see his clenched fingers on his lap in the corner of his eyes but he pays it no mind.

Taehyung’s eyes glaze over again, falling shut as drool falls past the corners of his mouth and onto the floor. Namjoon hums at the sight before fully pulling off, letting Taehyung breathe again.

The other pants when he pulls off, eyes opening again and looking between Namjoon and his cock with teary eyes. He never closes his mouth, openly drooling on the floor, making Namjoon's heart warm up with pride.
When he openly whines though, Namjoon gently shushes him as he brings his cock back in and resumes a slow pace.


“There you go, sweetheart, just like that,” He praises as watches some of the drool slide down his neck.


Taehyung opens his eyes again, looking directly at him with such deep need that it makes Namjoon falter. He pushes through though and starts up his rhythm again. 


“You’re doing such a good job. Perfect little cock slut, uh?” He says, vaguely remembering drunk discussions with his roommate about his many kinks.


It works just like planned, Taehyung whimpers and kicks his hips at that. It’s then that Namjoon realizes that Taehyung is using his arms to get a little bit of friction on his cock.


Namjoon, not wanting to lose his momentum, shakes his head as he pants.


“Take your cock out.” He orders, making Taehyung whine and scramble to obey. 


The younger man moans around Namjoon’s cock as he takes his dick out, making him hiss at the sensation.


Namjoon looks down to observe Taehyung’s flushed cock, which seems to be just as big as his if not longer, and can’t help but coo at how desperate the other looks. When Taehyung reaches to touch himself, Namjoon slows down, feeding Taehyung his cock inch by inch before pulling back just as slowly, trying to take himself off the edge for a second.


“You’re doing so well. Now arms crossed behind your back. Only move them if you need to tell me to stop, okay?” He tells the other.


Taehyung whines in protest, eyebrows frowning but compiles nonetheless. Namjoon can’t help but feel proud of that. Such a good listener.


“Don’t worry, we’ll come back to it. For now, I want to see your cock drool just as much as your mouth.” He says before starting to set a more punishing rhythm, grabbing onto the back of Taehyung’s head as leverage. 


Taehyung doesn’t respond, but his eyes roll back at that as he gags on Namjoon’s cock, tears steadily streaming down his face now. 


Namjoon, who was so busy being mesmerized at how compliant Taehyung was, gets a little surprised as he feels his orgasm approaching fast.


“Such a messy little slut, hm? You love having your throat fucked, don’t you?” He groans out, only earning a sputtering sound in response as he hits the back of Taehyung’s throat.


He does notice Taehyung’s cock dripping precome everywhere, and he can’t help but hum in approval.


“Mmh, what a good boy, getting everything dirty. So filthy. ” he praises, panting between each word as pleasure travels through his whole body. 


He groans, feeling himself get closer and closer to his climax. 


“I’m going to cum and paint your tongue white okay? Let it drip out too.” He warns as he pushes his cock a few times down Taehyung’s throat again before pulling out to stroke himself to completion. “Open wide.”

Taehyung listens, panting and letting his tongue out as he looks at Namjoon with wide expectant eyes. He stays silent, just alternating between looking at Namjoon’s cock and his face.


When Namjoon comes with a groan, Taehyung only whimpers as he feeds him his cum, filling his mouth with it, some of it landing on his lips and chin. Taehyung pants when he’s done, letting the come drip down his chin, moaning when he feels some land on his own still very hard cock. 


Namjoon puts his dick back in his pants before taking his phone out and opening the camera app since he doesn’t want to use his expensive camera and dirty it.


“Can I take a picture of you? You look so gorgeous like this, I need to remember it.” He asks.


Taehyung gives him a small nod, trying not to let the come drip out too quickly. 


After Namjoon is done taking the photo, he squats down to Taehyung and grabs onto him. 


“You were so good. You can relax now, spit it out, swallow, whatever. I’m just going to help you get back up because your knees must hurt.” He says. “And then I’ll clean you up a little okay?”


Taehyung swallows, moving his arms and wincing before tucking himself back in his sweats with an overwhelmed little noise. He can’t stop the moan of pleasure and pain as Namjoon helps him to his feet. His legs shake as he tries to hold on to the older man so he doesn’t fall back down.


“Fuck, I can’t feel my legs. I hope you have one more load because I need you to fuck me. Shit. Fuck. If I had known you’d be like that .” Taehyung croaks out, voice raspy from his throat being abused. 


Namjoon lets out an embarrassed laugh at that.


“That can be arranged. Let’s clean you up a little first.”


Taehyung pouts as Namjoon helps him to the bathroom sink to wash his paint-covered hands and clean his face.


“What’s the point if I’ll be getting dirty again after?” He grumbles, unhappy.


He lets out a gasp as Namjoon plasters himself to his back, caging his body between him and the sink.


“Because I love getting you dirty. I wouldn’t be able to see the difference if you weren’t clean at the start, now would I?” He whispers against his neck.


Taehyung’s eyes widen at that, a little scared at what he’s unleashed. He preferred the cute flustered Namjoon he was used to, not this horny demon. He’s going to have a heart attack because of him.


“Come on, hurry up” Namjoon complains as he starts biting and sucking at his neck.

“Yes, yes” Taehyung responds as he struggles with the paint.


He can’t stop the whimper from leaving his lips, legs shaking and nearly dropping him to the ground as the other cups him through his sweats, finally getting touched after so long. 


“Hurry,” Namjoon whispers as he sucks on his earlobe and feels him up.
“I-I’m trying,” Taehyung whines, panting at the simple touch from being so on edge the entire time. 


He finally manages to remove most of the paint off and decides it’s good enough. He quickly wipes his face as Namjoon leaves hickeys on his neck, before turning around and kissing him. 


Namjoon smirks into the kiss.


“Forgot there,” He says as he grabs onto Taehyung’s chin to hold his mouth open and explore his mouth.


Taehyung whimpers as Namjoon sucks on his tongue, letting his hands wander down to squeeze his pecs. Namjoon pushes his leg between Taehyung’s making the other let out a surprised noise before he immediately starts grinding on his thigh. 


They stay like that, just making out while he humps his leg until Taehyung’s noises get a bit too frequent for Namjoon’s liking.

He pulls away at that, nearly making Taehyung sob as he removes his leg too.

“Go wait for me in the living room, I’ll go grab some lube and condoms,” Namjoon explains as he kisses Taehyung on the cheek.

“Why condoms? Thought you liked it messy” Taehyung pouts as Namjoon leaves.
“Safety first. I’ll come on you, don’t worry.” 


When Namjoon comes back to the room with lube, condoms and a few pillows, he smirks at Taehyung sitting in the middle of the room on a new white sheet. The paint is close to Taehyung’s body and from the look on his face, it’s there for a reason. He feels the sense of pride come back when he notices Taehyung squirming yet not touching himself.


“Good boy, waiting for me like this.” He praises as sits in front of him. 

“Please touch me, please” Taehyung begs, getting impatient, “Just- prep me quickly and get in me because I’m about to lose my goddamn mind.”


Namjoon lets out a snicker at that.

“Sure. Undress then.” He orders, eyes dark, making Taehyung lick his lips.


The other listens quickly, not bothered at all by being the only one fully naked by the end of it. 

Namjoon hums as he lets his eyes travel Taehyung’s body, landing on the pretty jewelry on his nipples before travelling down to his big cock. He groans as he looks at it. Taehyung is dripping wet, cock red to a near purple at the top from how much he needs to come. The desperation radiating from his entire body has Namjoon’s own cock stirring in interest. 


“So pretty,” He whispers as he lets his hands travel from Taehyung’s face to his nipples, pinching the buds harshly.

“A-ah!” Taehyung moans out, immediately flinching away from the touch as his cock twitches, dripping more precum on the white sheet. 

“Wore these because you wanted my attention, uh?” Namjoon says, pulling on the buds and not letting go, “Little attention whore.”

“Y-yes, been wanting you to fuck me for so long” Taehyung whines, body twitching as he both tries to get away from the sensation and get more of it. 


Namjoon smirks at that, finally letting go of the sensitive nubs.

“That’s what I thought. Prancing around like a bitch in heat,” He says as he gives Taehyung’s cock a slap.


He doesn’t go too hard, not knowing Taehyung’s limits yet, but from the loud moan that comes out of Taehyung’s mouth, he wonders if the limits aren’t further than he thought.


“Please, please, please I’ve been so good, I need-” Taehyung begs, tears falling from his eyes making Namjoon coo softly at him as he reaches out to wipe them away. 

“Yes, you have. Come on, let me reward you lay down so I can prep you,” he says as he gives Taehyung a pillow to raise his hips
“Hurry, I need your cock, please!” Taehyung continues to whine as Namjoon reaches out to grab the lube.

When the first finger breaches Taehyung, he lets out a satisfied moan, as if he’s been waiting for so long for it. Namjoon barely has time to do a few thrusts before Taehyung is already whining for another one. By record time, Taehyung is moaning as he thrusts himself on three of Namjoon’s fingers.

When they graze his prostate he keens.

“Please, enough, need it! Need it, need it, need it- ” He chants, tears falling down his face again.

“Okay, on your knees. Use the pillows so you don’t hurt yourself more.” Namjoon says as he pulls out.

Taehyung immediately turns around, grabbing the pillows with shaky hands, one for his knees and the other in front of his face. Right away, he arches his back, wiggling his butt for Namjoon.


Namjoon quickly strips, deciding that he’d like the mobility and skin-on-skin contact more than being fully dressed. Though the image does make his cock twitch.

He hisses as he jerks himself off for a second before putting a condom on swiftly and adding some lube. Finally, he grabs onto Taehyung’s hips and gets closer, letting the tip of his cock graze Taehyung’s hole before slapping it against it.


Taehyung whimpers, pushing back.

“Please, please, oh- yes!” Taehyung moans as Namjoon finally breaches in, immediately trying to get more of his cock inside of him despite the stretch.

“Fuck, you’re a dream.” Namjoon groans out as he gets deeper and deeper, “Like you were made for it.”

Taehyung just arches his back more in response, already wiggling his hips for more. 

Namjoon decides he’s teased the poor soul enough and starts thrusting. He keeps the pace slow for now yet he starts hard right away. He pulls out slowly before slamming back in making Taehyung let out punched-out noises every time. 


“I- oh so big - harder” the younger man moans, already meeting Namjoon’s thrust with movements of his hips. 


Namjoon only grunts in response as he picks up the pace, grabbing onto Taehyung’s hips and using him like a rag doll.

“Hm, s-so good, fuck” Taehyung whines as he continues to back up into the thrusts, “Such a big cock”

“Yeah. You love big cocks uh? Love being used as a fleshlight, don’t you?” Namjoon says, accentuating what he says by spanking him.


Taehyung lets out a louder moan at that, squeezing against his cock at the dirty talking. He blindly reaches out for the paint, grabbing the yellow one and passing it to Namjoon as he continues to whimper with every thrust.


Namjoon frowns before he realizes what’s he’s implying.. Then, he smirks and stops his movements, making Taehyung whine.


“You want to be marked, don’t you? Come on fuck yourself on my cock while I leave pretty handprints on your ass.” 


Taehyung groans at that before impaling himself on Namjoon’s cock as the other spreads paint on his hands. 


When he’s ready, the next time Taehyung backs up Namjoon spanks his right cheek hard , leaving a beautiful yellow handprint there and making Taehyung sob out a moan. 


When his rhythm falters, Namjoon grabs onto the cheek he just slapped, making Taehyung hiss..

“Come on, don’t you want another one? I’ll make you come after that, I promise,” Namjoon says with a grin.


Taehyung just nods, head low already and drooling and crying everywhere, cock leaking precum like a fountain. He starts backing up again, thighs shaking and soft whines leaving his mouth.

“Good boy,” Namjoon praises before spanking the other cheek, grabbing both cheeks right after as best as he can so he can ram into him hard after that.

“Oh! S-shit! Ah- too- fuck!” Taehyung rambles incoherently, nearly screaming each moan, voice horse from sucking cock less than an hour ago.


Namjoon gets a knee up, before pressing on Taehyung’s back as he angles his thrusts, leaving a nice yellow handprint there too.


The change of angle has Taehyung actually sobbing out as Namjoon fucks into his prostate.

“Co-coming! Please let me- please , oh fuck” Taehyung begs, tears and spit falling to the ground as he gets rocked back and forth.

“Yeah you can come, you’ve been so good,” Namjoon pants, voice low.

“Th-thank you,” Taehyung says before moaning out, thighs shaking as come shoots out of his cock onto the sheet. 


Namjoon groans at Taehyung’s hole spasming around him, before he flips Taehyung around, quickly rearranging the pillows before grabbing onto the back of Taehyung’s thighs and continuing to fuck him, unrelenting and directly into his prostate.

Taehyung lets out an overwhelmed noise, scrambling to grab Namjoon’s arm as he whines.


“A-ah too much!” He whimpers, eyes filling with tears again as his mouth falls open.

“You’re gonna give me one more” Namjoon pants, “Come on, I know you can do it. If you want me to stop, slap my arm twice, just like we said okay?”
“I can’t- fu-” Taehyung whines, hands trying to grab onto anything, one of them landing on the open yellow paint, getting some onto it.


Namjoon continues fucking him hard, looking for any sign that Taehyung wants to stop but the man only looks at him, eyes glazed and mouth stuck panting.

“Hn- ah!” Taehyung moans at the direct abuse on his prostate, throwing his head back before biting on his lip and looking at Namjoon again, frowning.

His hand lands on Namjoon’s chest, spreading yellow paint as he scratches at it before grabbing his neck to bring him forward.

“K-kiss,” He asks between moans.


Namjoon immediately bends down to kiss him, before both of them realize they’re too close to the edge to even kiss back and end up panting in each other’s mouths instead. 


Namjoon makes his thrusts more powerful, hooking one of Taehyung’s legs on his shoulder so he can reach for Taehyung’s cock and jerk him off fast and tight.

Taehyung thrashes at that, “Too- oh , I can’t, fuck-” He whines, eyes rolling back and fingernails digging in Namjoon’s forearm, making him hiss.

“Yes you can, you’re a good boy aren’t you? So be good and come.” Namjoon orders, eyes on Taehyung’s expression as he pounds into him.

Taehyung’s eyebrows frown as he throws his head back, whining.

Namjoon hooks Taehyung’s other leg so he can bring his hand around Taehyung’s throat.
The other opens his eyes at that, nodding at Namjoon before he can even say anything.

Namjoon’s eyebrows frown in concentration as he presses down on the sides, continuing his harsh thrusts as he jerks him off. 


As if on cue, Taehyung’s eyes roll back again and he cums all over himself, entire body convulsing yet nearly entirely silent.

“There you go, that’s it.” Namjoon pants as he lowers his hand, helping Taehyung ride out his orgasm before pulling out as soon as Taehyung’s cock actually softens. 


He quickly pulls the condom off, moaning as he jerks himself to completion, Taehyung lazily looking at him with lustful tired eyes.


“Come on, paint me ” He whispers, voice even rougher than before.

Namjoon groans at that, immediately spilling onto Taehyung’s stomach and adding to the mess that’s already there. 


It takes them a minute to catch their breaths before Namjoon starts laughing between pants, making Taehyung smile, a little delirious himself.


“What’s so funny?” Taehyung asks, still struggling to catch his breath.

“I can’t believe we fucked in our living room because we got horny about paint. ” Namjoon giggles, making Taehyung laugh with him too.
“I think that’s the most us thing we could have ever done.” He responds, shoulders shaking in silent laughter.


When the laughing subsides, Taehyung looks at Namjoon again.

“Can’t believe you were hiding all this from me. I wouldn’t have waited this long if I had known.” Taehyung complains, pouting.

“It’s fine, I think I like that this is how it went. It’s really fitting. Sad that I can’t take pictures of you right now for my project, because that’s exactly what I meant by lust” He says, eyes trailing all over Taehyung’s body.


He looks absolutely wrecked. With tears on his cheeks, drool on his chin, cum and sweat and paint all over his body, as well as hickies and fingerprints when he squeezed too hard. 

That combined with the fucked out look on his face and the placement of certain handprints of paint —the ones on his throat and hips, the ones that Namjoon knows are on his back and ass and behind his thighs… It takes Namjoon’s breath away.


Taehyung is a painting himself.


The other man just smirks at Namjoon’s ogling.


“You can still take a picture, it’ll last longer. Could keep it for a ‘ home project ’.” Taehyung says, eyes filled with mischief.


Namjoon just grins at his antics, bending down to kiss him before reaching for his phone. 


“That’d already make two photos for this session..”

“Hm, I think we can add more. With this part of the session you need at least two more photos” Taehyung bargains, “And then, if you want a decent home project…You need at least 10 more from different sets. Maybe even 20.”
“Yeah, that sounds feasible enough. I think a home project sounds like a great idea.”