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I Just Melt

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Lovin’ you is my present

Nothing else that I need

In your arms, I’m in Heaven

Wrap me up, baby, please


Standing in the kitchen with Erick passing him more flour, as you rolled out the cookie dough. It was a tradition for you to make homemade cookies for the family around the holidays. The sugar cookies were already in the oven, making the kitchen smell warm and inviting. You guys were now on the gingerbread cookies. Cutting out little human and tree shapes. Erick ripped off a piece of the dough with his fingers sneaking a piece into his mouth.

“Aye papito no te comes todo” you teased, smiling up at him ripping off some more dough.

“Aye mamita” he smirked quickly grabbing the ripped piece of dough from your fingers, eating it for himself.


Mistletoe, come kiss me slow

Give me feels I've never felt

It could snow, I wouldn’t know

‘Cause when I’m with you


“Hey that was mine!” You pouted “vas a tener que pagar.”

It was an innocent joke, and a playful pout that quickly turned naughty. Erick ripping off more dough placed the sugary substance in your mouth. Grabbing his wrist you hollowed your cheeks, sucking in his digits and gently nipping at the pads. You locked eyes with him you continued your motions. You knew what you were doing. You knew how he would react, how riled up he would get.

“All clean” you hummed innocently.

Erick’s light green eyes clouded in lust. Soaked fingers toying with your lips before sliding down your sides, feeling the soft fabric of your hoodie. His lips crashed onto yours in a ravenous manner, as your fingers tangled in his dark locks.


I just melt

I just melt


You jumped up on the granite counter and spread your legs open. His lips were all over you, tugging at your bottom lip. Marking the weakest part of your neck had you throbbing and just as riled up as he was. Erick knelt down and yanked down your soaked panties. His face nuzzled between your thighs, stubble scratching your sensitive skin. Your legs caged him in as your back arched. Tugging at his short hair as your head was thrown back in pleasure. He showed your sensitive pearl no mercy, sending you waves of unspeakable pleasure. Erick didn’t stop his motions going as fast as possible. He wanted to get you to see the stars as fast as possible.


Peace on Earth for a moment (For a moment)

Stars set the mood for the night (For the night)

You and I, we are more than (We are more than)

Any little thing I could buy


His smooth fingers slid inside you forming a come hither motion. Erick hit your gspot as he tugged on your swollen pearl.

“Erick don’t stop!” you cried out as your toes curled.

Your breathing hitched as the euphoric state took over your body. One hand grabbed the granite counter top as your back arched. Walls hugged Ericks digits, but you still craved more.

“Erick I want you to fuck me” you moaned.

He wasn’t going to say no, or waste any more time.

Sliding his digits out, Erick pulled his pants down just enough for his member to spring out. His lips crashed back onto yours letting you taste the sweet arousal glossining his lips.


Mistletoe, come kiss me slow

Give me feels I’ve never felt

It could snow, I wouldn’t know

'Cause when I’m with you


Grabbing your thighs Erick picked you up and brought you over to the empty wooden kitchen table. As soon as your ass touched the table Erick continued. The kitchen table was the perfect height for him to wreck you at. Where as the counter top was a little too high off the ground. He thrusted inside you roughly, desperate to connect with you. The table shook and creaked with every slap against skin. Eyes glued to the back of your skull as your lower abdomen tightened.

“Mas!” You whined and Erick obeyed.

He slid out of you and layed on the table with you. His chest pressed against your back as he grabbed your leg and lifted it into the air. Erick’s hips slammed as roughly as he could inside you, rearranging your insides with every thrust.


I just melt (Oh-oh, ooh-ooh)

I just melt (Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh)

I just melt (Melt, melt, melt, melt)

I just melt (Hmm, hmm-hmm, hmm-hmm)


Your breath caught itself in your lungs as the pleasure washed over your body.

“Fuck!” you cried out as your eyes rolled back.

Your walls shook around his throbbing cock

Erick rode you out, throbbing inside you dying to release his own euphoria.

“Erick cum with me” you moaned out as you hit your highest point, knowing he wasn’t going to last much longer.

Two slow thrusts was all it took, for him to pull out and release over your slit and thigh. A delicious-sounding moan fell from his lips as he sang out your name. Erick panted as he gently let go of your leg and rested next to you. If it weren’t for the hard wooden table the two of you might have stayed in the same position for a little while longer.


Lovin’ you is my present

Nothing else that I need

In your arms, I’m in Heaven

Wrap me up, baby, please