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White Christmas

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“On your knees Chris” You barked, tired of his bad attitude as you shoved him into the bedroom slamming the door behind you

“Make me nena. You won’t” he taunted with defiance in his eyes as he crossed his arms watching you fume in anger

“Wrong answer” You hissed as you wrapped your hand around his neck and squeezed before kicking behind his knee caps forcing him on the ground

“Whose in control?” you growled as you lowered yourself to meet his eyes giving him a death glare

“That’s up for discussion” he sassed with a smirk plastered on his face

You let go of his face and crawled under the bed grabbing a medium-sized metal toolbox. Opening it up you grabbed the handcuffs and dangled it over his face.

“You’ve been a bad boy” you tsked “so no hands tonight”

You harshly grabbed each wrist and tightly chained them to each other.

“Nen-” He went to whine as you wrapped your hand around his throat and dangled a red ball gag in front of his face.

“Open” you commanded

“Make me” he responded

You pinched his nose shut, forcing his mouth open and slipped in the round red ball into his mouth. You looped it shut behind his head and stood in front of him.

“You want to keep taunting me?” You said “then you don’t get to speak”

You grabbed the chain link and dragged him to the bed.

“You can sit there and watch” You hissed as you pulled the curved white velvet armchair in front of the bed

Chris raised his eyebrow as he watched you strip down to your bra and underwear putting on a little show for him. You began by throwing your tee shirt at him and spun around in a slow circle tugging at the hem of your leggings. Your back faced him as you bent over pulling the fabric down exposing his favorite pair of panties. Chris groaned as he stood up and touched your barely clothed ass. You spun around and forcefully pushed him back down on to the bed.

“Chris no. Tonight you sit there and watch me” You commanded as you pulled your wand out of the toolbox

Sitting down on the velvet armchair, you swung each leg over the armrests spreading yourself nice and wide for Chris to see. You turned on the wand on the highest setting as your eyes dilated with lust. You pushed your panties to the side and toyed with your folds.

“Oh my god” You moaned as you bucked your hips against your fingers “look how wet I am Chris”

Your arousal coated your fingers, as you moved them down your core. You moved the vibrating wand down to your swollen pearl making you arch your back and squirm your hips. Chris groaned as a tent built up in the sweatpants.

“You better leave that alone” You warned as you noticed his growing bulge

Chris looked at you with pleading eyes, as you continued to pleasure yourself completely ignoring his throbbing cock. Drawing figure eights against your nerve endings, you melted under your own touch. Your thighs quivered as you curled your fingers and assaulted your inner sweet spot.

“I bet you wish you could be the one doing this” You taunted as the noises from your core grew louder making your eyes practically rollback

Chris squirmed around groaning as his lust-filled eyes roamed your body barley able to focus in one area. Your toes curled as your edge fast approached you sending your nerves on a frenzy and your muscles squeezing tightly together. Your head snapped back as you fell off the edge slipping into a state of ecstasy. You could barely keep your thighs open as you made a mess over the wand and your fingers. Chris shifted around as you screamed out his name and slowly came down from your high. Panting, you turned off the wand and threw it on the armchair as you stood up and straddled Chris’s lap.

“If you want mercy clean my mess up” You instructed as you removed his ball gag.