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Naughty Clause

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“I’m horny” you whined as you wrapped your arms around Richard and began to mark his neck

He was sitting down relaxing watching tv when you approached him. Your lips danced around the forming marks, making them more evident.

“Again?” He chuckled referring to an hour ago when he woke you up because he was horny

“Papi” you purred as you slithered your hand down palming his member “there’s always an again”

“Fuck” he groaned as he hardened under your touch

Richard pulled you onto the couch making you yelp and land on his lap. You straddled his lap and grinded down on his clothed erection as you went back to nipping his neck.

“Please papi I need you” you begged

Richard grabbed the hem of your shirt and ripped it off, exposing your bare body underneath.

“Damn shawty” Richard growled “you didn’t even bother putting anything else on”

His hands ran up your sides and squeezed your breasts. You arched your back and laced your fingers through his curls as he encircled your hardened buds. Your nerves sparked with electricity as Richard wrapped his arm around your lower back and lowered you down on the couch. You bucked your hips as Richard continued to tease you, kissing down the valley of your breasts and past your naval.

“Richard” you whined as you tugged on his locks

“So needy” he groaned as your legs wrapped around his shoulders

He kissed your inner thighs, leaving more marks and turning you further into a moaning mess.

“Papi please” you begged as you bucked your hips

“Please what kitten?” Richard taunted “use your words”

“Hace algo!” You pleaded “fuck me, eat me, Richard”

Your back arched in pleasure and toes curled as Richard finally caved in. His tongue ran up your slit and collected your pooling arousal.

“Shit” he groaned “so fucking wet”

“So needy” he continued in between licking up your slit

His hands roughly held your thighs open as you continued to squirm.

“Keep these open baby” he groaned

He slowly made his way up to your nerve endings making you scream out his name. Alternating between figure eights and stars had you gripping his hair and rolling your eyes back. Richard let go of one of your thighs and slipped two fingers inside you. He pumped them at a fast pace, curling at your sweetest spot. You were melting under his touch, as the cognitive ability to speak faded from your mind. A knot built up in your lower abdomen as Richard continued to work his magic.

“Oh my god” was the only coherent thing that left your lips

Suddenly Richard pulled out of you making little whiny noises fall from you as you heard his pants fall to the ground. He roughly parted your legs again and slowly buried his length inside you. His head opened your warm wet walls with his shaft following making him tilt his head back and let out a loud moan.

“Fuck shawty you’re so tight”

You couldn’t even form a coherent sentence as the thrusts grew rough. As you wrapped your legs around his lower waist his hand wrapped around your throat. He squeezed lightly making you smile as you melted deeper into the couch cushions. Your knot quickly tied again, as you were so close not so long ago. Richards thrusts grew rougher making the couch squeak, and your knot to tighten. Your walls closed in on him as both your bodies glowed.

“Fuck” Richard grunted “Kitten”

Your knot fell from your grip as you mind unclouded enough for you to scream out Richard’s name, letting the room echo in your screams. Your walls fluttered around him as your body entered into sweet bliss. Your thighs quivered as you hit your highest point. Richards thrusts lost control as his own edge fast approached him. He released his warm seed inside you as his thrusts slowed down letting your walls milk him clean. As you came down from your high and Richard came down from his, the two of you panted as he laid back on the couch. You crawled on top of his chest listening into his heartbeat as he stroked your lower back.

“I love you papi” you hummed into his warm flesh

“I love you too baby” he cooed