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Dirty Christmas

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“You’ve been a bad little boy” You purred as you twirled a cock ring around your finger

Richard tugged on the metal chains forcefully pulling the headboard with him.

“Baby uncuff me. Right now!” he barked

“Still have an attitude now…do we?” You purred as your finger lightly trailed up his thigh

“Baby at some point you’re going to have to uncuff me” he hissed

You pounced on top of him and wrapped your hand around his throat. You stared deep into his brown eyes, challenging him to continue to argue with you.

“You forget your place Richard” You warned as you squeezed a bit tighter

He groaned out in defeat as he relaxed his muscles sinking further into the bed.

“Fine” he grumbled

“Good boy” You smirked as you pecked his lips releasing his throat and climbing back down to his erection

“Now” you purred “what price should you pay for your bad behavior?”

“Well what are you thinking?” he questioned

“Well…” you began by dancing your fingertips dangerously close to his pulsating member “I could put this ring around you” you whispered, “let you lay here and squirm as I go downstairs minding my ow-”

“Please don’t do that” he interrupted already shifting around in his restraints

“Do you prefer I overstimulate you until you beg me to stop and I don’t stop while I debate if you deserve a break?” You asked looking into his brown eyes watching him bite his lower lip struggling against the chains

“What’s the third option?” He questioned making you giggle as you climbed back up him to hover your face over his

“Baby this is a punishment, I am showing you mercy by allowing you to choose between two evils. A reward would be something you like” you cooed as your finger delicately ran down the valley between his abs

“Second option” He huffed

“I was hoping you’d say that” you smirked as you lowered your face to his throbbing member

You held his base as you licked up his shaft feeling every vein press against your tongue. Teasing his slit with your tongue Richard groaned making you moan contently. The vibrations ignited Richard’s nerves making him thrust his hips. You took more of him in bobbing your head and massaging the base. You slowly took more and more in with each bob until your face was pressed against his base. Your throat closed in around him as tears built up in your eyes. The air in your lungs depleted as your throat squeezed his member. Richard was a moaning mess as you pulled out of him and sucked on each ball. Teasing his slit more, his cock pulsated, ready to spill out his warm seed.

“Cum for me baby” You encouraged, the first orgasm you always granted immediately so when the second came around it was quicker but you would deny it making him squirm and struggle

Richard tilted his head back and cursed as you pulled your mouth out massaging his shaft letting him spill his warm sed over himself and your hand. You milked Richards loadout before aligning his shaft between your wet folds never letting him fully soften.

The mushroom-shaped head spread your walls open making your head tilt back as you released a moan. Richard groaned as you slowly sunk down engulfing the addicting feeling of every rugged crevasse open your walls more and more. You set a slow pace, teasing him grinning at his struggles.

“Fuck baby go faster” He whined

“Part of your punishment baby is being my little fuck toy” you grinned as you grinded your hips down angling his tip against your g-spot.

Your eyes rolled back after he hit it, making you set a faster pace as you chased your high. The room filled with both of your moans and groans as skin smacked against skin. The headboard shook back and forth pounding onto the wall as each movement of the hips grew rougher.

“Fuck!” Richard groaned as he felt his second edge come closer

Your own knot began to tie as each thrust made your toes curl. You walls soon began to follow into your edge as they fluttered around Richard. He struggled to keep his orgasm in as you released on top of him. Your fingernails dug into his sides as your thighs quivered making the sweet bliss take over your body. Panting, as you came back to earth you pulled out of him. You grabbed his base again and massaged it.

“Cum baby” you permitted

He released again, cursing your name and making another mess with his seed. Smirking you finally let go of him and pecked his lips as you grabbed the cock ring off the nightstand.

“I was hoping you’d pick the second option, so I could end up putting this on you and leave” You whispered before pecking his lips again and climbing back down. Richard tugged on the restraints as you put the cock ring on him.

“Baby…baby…come on” he whined as he watched you open the nightstand pulling out the remote turning it on

The little ring lit up and buzzed as you set it on the highest setting.

“I’ll be back” you grinned before throwing on your robe and walking out only to hear him scream out your name.