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My Reindeer

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“Behave little girl” Richard warned you while the two of you were out with his bandmates. But you and your bratty attitude didn’t listen and didn’t take his warning seriously since he had not even made an attempt to punish you in a secluded area.

When the two of you entered his car, it was like a light switch had turned on making the darkness come on. As you clicked in your seatbelt Richards hand wrapped around your throat as his brown eyes flooded with lust.

“When we get home little girl you’re done for” Richard growled before squeezing a bit tighter

You nodded your head and squeezed your thighs shut as your core began to pulsate.

“Do you understand” he barked “use your words”

“Yes” I whimpered

“Yes, what?” He growled

“Yes daddy” you moaned out as the heat flooding to your core became a pool

“I want you to sit there and think about what a brat you’ve been and how Daddy’s going to have to punish you” He demanded and let go of your throat

He sped home as you squirmed in your seat, with a pool of arousal begging to be paid attention to. For the entirety of the drive, Richard didn’t pay attention to you only letting out a few smirks as he watched from the corner of his eye you squirm around in your seat. You let out a deep breath you didn’t know you were holding as the garage door opened. You watched as Richard parked the car, slamming the door shut and walking over to your side.

“Out of the car,” He commanded

You nodded your head and unbuckled your seat belt, and slowly exited the car. Richard slammed the door behind you and roughly swatted your ass.

“Get inside” He barked

“What are you going to do to me?” You whimpered as you walked into the kitchen

“Upstairs and strip…go” He barked as he swatted your ass again

You ran upstairs, not wanting to upset him further and stripped. You threw your clothes in the hamper and sat on your knees waiting for Richard to enter the room. You heard the stomp of his boots come closer and closer until he opened the bedroom door holding his mystery bag of punishments. Your thighs trembled as he threw the bag on the bed and rambled through it. Richard stood in front of you holding up a sparkly collar.

“You wanna act like a brat all day?“ He hissed "well you’re going to get a nice reminder of who you belong to and what you are"

He hooked a leash to the chain and tugged making you crawl onto the bed. Richard pushed you down onto the edge of the bed and flipped you over. Your head dangled off the edge as his bulge dangled over your mouth.

“You wanna run your mouth? Well you can choke on this” Richard barked as he unzipped his pants and pulled his briefs down letting his cock spring out

Your mouth watered, as you licked your lips looking at his length. Richard grabbed his base and angled himself down your throat. He roughly thrusted into your mouth making your entrance pulsate. Your face pressed against his base as tears swelled up in your eyes. Throat closing around him as the air left your lungs. Richard pulled out when you couldn’t take it any longer and shoved his balls in your face.

“You better suck them good for daddy naughty slut” he growled

You whimpered and bucked your hips as you enveloped each ball as Richard smacked your wet folds hitting your swollen pearl each time. Once satisfied Richard shoved his length back inside you, and continued his rough pace. You couldn’t help yourself but snake your hand down and toy with the mess between your legs. But before you could even lay a finger on your swollen pearl, Richard grabbed both your arms and held them in his grip.

“Only a filthy little girl gets this riled up” he grunted as his free hand spanked your pulsating core

His thrusts slowly lost their tempo as your throat closed around him. Richard pulled out after pressing his base against you and massaged his shaft spilling his warm seed over your breasts.

“Only good girls get to be filled with daddy’s cum” he taunted “now turn over I’m going to ruin these sheets and you’re going to clean them up when I’m done with you”

You could only whimper as the only thing your mind could focus on was the feeling between your legs. Richard smacked your ass again and again until the stings turned sweet and you were a moaning mess. He ran his finger up your slit and tsked

“Are you really this turned on? You’re such a dirty slut little girl”

“Daddy” you finally musted out

“What?” he smirked as he tugged on your hair

“Please…I need more” You begged as you wiggled your hips

“You need more?” He mocked as he firmly grabbed your waist and rammed inside you angling his hips to hit your sweet spot

You were sent into the clouds from the first thrust, melting more under his touch. Your body quivered as a light layer of sweat coated both your bodies.

“Who do you belong to?” Richard barked

“You daddy” You whimpered

“Whose cunt is this?” he barked again as he massaged your pearl

“You daddy” you moaned as your toes curled

A knot began to tie in your lower stomach as he continued

“Then why did my messy little pussy misbehave?” He growled as he slapped your ass

“Because…I wanted to play with you daddy” you whined as he continued to rile up your most sensitive areas

Your walls fluttered around Richard as the knot grew tighter and tighter ready to snap. He felt your edge approach and pulled out before you could let the knot undo itself. You whimpered at the lost connection as Richard remassaged is shaft and spilled his load over your ass, letting some spillover your holes.

“Good girls get to cum” he groaned as he threw one of his clean tee shirts at you “now clean this up because maybe if daddy is feeling merciful he will give you your missing orgasms.”