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Santa's Lap

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Richard and his bandmates had a busy day of promos and since you flew over to see him, you thought it would be nice to tag along with Ali and Clara and watch him promote QQS. His lip bites and glances easily riled you up since the two of you had not properly fucked in months due to your busy schedules. Heat flooded your core as you watched his muscles flex in the thin fabric of his tank top. The second you could get your hands on Richard you whispered in his ear that you needed him and lust drained his eyes as he searched for an empty closet. But Richard found something better, an empty green room. He sat on the couch and threw you down on top of him.


Your thighs rested in-between Richard’s right leg as his hands rested on your hips. He moved you back and forth making your swollen pearl receive the friction you desperately needed.

“You like that kitten?” Richard whispered in your ear, sending goosebumps down your spine

Your head was buried in the crook of his neck, as your nails dug into his bicep.

“M-hm” you whimpered as your arousal soaked through your panties

“Only a naughty little slut gets this turned on and riled up in public” he growled

You where a whimpering mess as your core pulsated for more.

“I need you” you whimpered into his neck

“Get off on my thigh first” Richard groaned “show daddy what a good girl you are”

Richard began bouncing his leg, causing extra friction to shoot into your nerve endings. You moved your head from out of the crook of his neck to let out a desperate moan. Richard took the opportunity to nip your neck sending sparks of electricity down your spine and pooling more arousal to your core.

“That’s it kitten” Richard encouraged “let daddy hear how good he makes you feel”

You moaned out, letting him hear all the whimpers and moans he was dying to hear causing him to push you roughly around. A knot tied in your lower abdomen as Richard whispered filthy things in your ear.

“Daddy!” You moaned out as the knot fell apart

Your thighs shook violently as your eyes rolled back. Your back arched as the pleasure coated your body sending you on a cloud. Richard didn’t stop until you came down from your high but didn’t give you any time to recover. He threw you on the couch and brutally pulled down your leggings.

“Wheres your underwear?” He huffed

“I didn’t bother wearing any daddy” You smirked as you spread your legs further apart

“Damn you dirty little girl” He groaned as he unzipped his jeans and roughly slammed himself inside you

You arched your back as he showed no mercy to your sensitive entrance. Your legs wrapped around his lower back, as your nails scratched down his biceps. You quickly melted underneath him as he drew diamonds on your pearl.

“Daddy” was the only coherent word that fell from your lips as you were sent on a cloud

Your lips crashed onto Richards molding perfectly together. The kiss was drowned in pure lust for one another as the two of you chased your highs.

“Come on kitten cum for daddy” Richard motivated knowing this had to be quick as people would soon start looking for the two of you

However, you did not need a lot of encouragement as you were already sensitive from your previous orgasm. A familiar knot was already building up inside you as every thrust brought you closer and closer to your edge. Your walls hugged his girth as the knot tightened making his thrusts lose their pace. Your toes curled as the knot slipped from your grip sending you up to the clouds again. You screamed out his name with a mix of curses as your breathing hitched from the pleasure. Richard released his high in the middle of yours spilling his seed inside you. His thrusts slowed down as he milked every last drop inside you. Richards phone vibrated from his jean pocket, making him pull out of you and check it.

“Fuck” he mumbled under his breath “we gotta go” he groaned as he threw your leggings at you.