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Daddy Is Cumming To Town

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Your phone vibrated continuously from the edge of the coffee table, making you sit up and check it.

“Hey Papi” You smiled as you picked up his facetime call

“Hey baby” He beamed his bright smile back at you “What are you doing?”

“Mmm just watching Netflix” You hummed as you brought your grey fluffy blanket closer to your face “what about you?”

“Standing outside a shawty’s house waiting for her to realize-” He teased as you screamed out,

“NO WAY!” repeatedly

You threw the blanket on the floor as you jumped over the couch and ran to the front door. Quickly, you unlocked the front door and squealed at the man standing in front of you. Without hesitation, you jumped into his arms wrapping your legs around his waist and drowned him in kisses.

“You missed me?” He chuckled as he supported you in one arm and dragged his luggage with the other.

Once he made it to the foyer he let the luggage roll away and gently placed you back onto the hardwood floor.

“Papi let me take care of you tonight” You purred into his ear as you wrapped your arms around the back of his neck licking the shell of his ear

Richards brown eyes dilated in lust as you snaked your hand down, intertwining your fingers with his.

“Damn baby” Richard groaned feeling his blood rush down to his member

You lead Richard up the stairs and into the bedroom seductively swaying your hips the entire walk there. Your lips nipped his neck, slowly making your way to his weakest spot and began to mark it. Richard let out a soft moan as one of your hands traveled down to his bulge and the other tugged on his curls. Your soft fingers moved under his sweatpants and wrapped around his base. You massaged his erection as Richard wrapped his hands around your hips and began to lead you towards the bed. The back of your legs gently hit the back of the bed, and before you could fall onto your back you stopped him.

“Papi I told you…let me take care of you” You whined softly as you sunk to your knees, and pulled his pants down.

“Fuck” He groaned

His hard cock sprang out, making your mouth water. You locked eyes with Richard as he grabbed your hair, forming a ponytail and tugged on it. Grabbing his base again, you licked up his shaft and swirled your tongue around his tip. The salty taste of his pre-cum hit your taste buds, making you softy moan out. Your vocal cords vibrations hit Richard’s sensitive area making his head shoot back.

“Fuck baby” he groaned as you relaxed your jaw taking more of him in

One hand rested on his upper thigh as you buried his cock inch by inch. His tip hit the back of your throat making a few tears to escape you. Your throat closed in around him, as you gagged on his girth. You pulled his full length out letting the air fill up your lungs as you massaged his shaft and sucked on each ball. Richard melted against your touch, turning into a moaning groaning mess. You sunk down on his member, easily relaxing your jaw welcoming his tip to the back of your throat. You felt Richard twitch inside you as you swallowed down the extra saliva. Richard let out a string of curses mixed with your name as he emptied his load in your mouth. You contentedly moaned as you swallowed everything and massaged out the last drops.

“Tasty” You purred as you stood up wiping the corner of your lips “up or another round?”

Richard shoved you on to the bed, grabbed the hem of your leggings and pulled them down.

“No panties baby? Damn” He growled as he spread your legs apart exposing your glistening core

“Papi let me take care of you…” You whimpered as he kissed your inner thighs “this is your first break from tour you must be exhausted”

“Princessa let me take care of you” he groaned as his tongue penetrated your wet folds.

Your head rolled back on the mattress as your fingers locked in his hair. His tongue glided in all the right places sending you on a cloud. His fingers gripped your thighs as you bucked your hips begging for more. His teeth tugged on your sensitive nerves turning you into the moaning mess.

“Fuck papi I need you inside me” You moaned

Your toes curled as Richard let go of one of your thighs and slipped two fingers in your entrance. He stretched you out just enough to please you, but not the amount you fully wanted. He drew figure eights against your pearl as his fingers curled in your g-spot. You were seeing stars as Richard tugged on your bud.

“Fuck me papi” You whimpered as the need to feel his thick cock stretch you out, grew.

“Cum on my tongue first” He growled sending waves of electricity throughout your body

Richard pumped faster, roughly hitting your sweet spot as his tongue changed the pattern on your nerve endings. Your eyes were rolling back as the ability to form coherent sentences faded away from you. A knot built up in your lower abdomen as Richard showed no mercy to your entrance. Your walls tightened around his fingers as the knot grew tighter and tighter.

“Richard!” You screamed out as you released the knot letting the orgasm take over your body

Your thighs convulsed around his scarlet curls as little black spots clouded your vision. Richard’s tongue caught everything you released as he rode you out. Once you came back down to reality, catching your breath Richard crawled back up to you.

“Papi let me take care of you this time” You pleaded as you leaned up and kissed him lustfully tasting your own arousal against his lips

You flipped him over and straddled his lower abdomen aligning his hardening cock against your soaked arousal. You were so riled up from him you didn’t waste any time burying his full length inside you. Richard’s hands grabbed your waist and helped you set a fast pace. Moans and whimpers slipped from your lips as you grinded down on him looking for the right angle. It didn’t take long for his tip to perfectly align itself with your inner sweet spot. Your headshot back as you went back to the rough pace screaming his name. A light layer of sweat formed around both of your bodies as you chased your highs. A knot grew in your lower abdomen as your second orgasm fast approached. Your warm wet walls squeezed Richard sending his need to release closer and closer.

“Papi cum inside me I know you want to” you encouraged as it grew more difficult to hold in your own orgasm

“Fuck” Richard groaned as he released his warm load inside you

The feeling of Richards cum dripping down and filling you up sent you on your second orgasm of the night. As the two of you recollected yourselves you slid him out of you immediately missing the feeling. You bit your lower lip as you took in the image in front of you of the man you loved glistening in sweat.

“What if we take a warm bath and clean ourselves up?” You purr as you peck his lips