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Wet Christmas

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The warm bath water wrapped around both your bodies as you sunk in deeper into Zabdiel. Your back was pressed on to his chest as you let out a light hum. His arms were wrapped around you as you rested your head around his shoulder.

“I missed you mi amol” he whispered as he kissed the top of your head

Zabdiel came home early last night for the holidays and surprised you. He snuck into bed with you, gingerly bringing you to his side. But you were so exhausted from the long day at work, you thought the whole thing was a dream. Waking up with familiar long limbs wrapped around you was the best gift you could ask for.

“I missed you too mi vida” you smiled

His large hands danced dangerously close to your core sending bolts of electricity throughout your nerves. Your eyes were dilated with lust as moved your hand up to his thigh and grabbed his soft shaft.

“Did someone else miss me?” you purred as you massaged him

He groaned out, as the blood rushed in stiffening his member under your grip.

“Of course” Zabdiel growled as he nipped the weakest points in your neck sending bolts of electricity to shoot down your spine

A pool of arousal quickly formed as you shifted around the tub and straddled his lap. His brown eyes were just as dilated as yours as you kissed him. The kiss was pure lust with you dominating every move. You missed the way he tasted, how he felt, his hands grabbing anything they could.

“Wanna feel how much I missed you?” you growled

Zabdiel nodded yes as he bit his bottom lip, looking at your glistening body up and down. Usually, you would tease him a little bit, make him beg to feel you wrapped around him. But time apart made you weak for his touch, for him at your own mercy. You held onto his base as you aligned him against your wet folds. You sunk down on him, moaning out as your walls opened up for him. It had been about a month or two since the two of you have had the time and privacy to be intimate.

“Fuck…Zab” you moaned, none of your toys or even your own fingers could compare to his girth and length

You set a fast pace chasing the fulfilling high you’ve missed. Zabdiels hands rested on your hips, as the water vigorously splashed around you both. He melted into a fit of moans and groans against your movements. You grinded your hips down making him moan as you wrapped your hand around his throat.

“You like that?” you growled as you tightened your grip “you miss my tight little pussy wrapped around you?”

Zabdiel simply nodded making your grip tighten.

“Use your words” you commanded

“Si mami” he groaned as his edge came closer

“Good” you whimpered biting your bottom lip “you feel that?”

A familiar knot tied in your lower abdomen making your walls clench around him.

“Fuck mami” was all he was able to shoot out as he held in his orgasm

Your toes curled and eyes rolled back as you screamed out his name. With your breathing hitched you saw the stars and unraveled on top of Zabdiel. He guided your hips as your thighs shook letting you savor every moment of your high. When you dwindled back to earth you pecked his lips and whispered: “cum inside me amor”. Zabdiel groaned out Spanish curses mixed with your name as his warmth filled you up. Having him fill you with his seed send a new pool of arousal between your legs.

“Zab vamos I need more room for round two” you purred