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Symphony of screams I yell for you

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The rain and thundering clouds hung heavy above the two men. Loud suffocating coughs, full of blood spilled from the ginger’s lips. While the brunette’s gloved hand placed pressure upon the gaping wound of the other’s chest. Ajax's breath became increasingly more labored. It was becoming more apparent to Zhongli that Childe might not survive the night.

Zhongli pleaded with the barely conscious man in a pained tone, "Ajax. Please, don't let go. You're not ready. Your family isn't ready. Your job isn't ready... I'm not ready."

"you'll be fine, I know it." He responded with barely opened eyes and a small smirk across his pale complexion. He raised his hand with the last of the stamina that he could muster and clasped Zhongli’s palm.

The older male clutched him closer to his chest. A hand clasping around Ajax’s soft head of red curls, in an act to shelter him from Death looming over them.

His eyes dampened and his vision clouded; Morax couldn't tell if it was the rain or his tears," I... I can't go through this again. I can't lose another like you..."

"Before I go-" His final goodbye was interrupted by a loud wail.

"NO! No, no, you're not going anywhere Ajax!" His voice cracked.

“Zhongli...,” the next few words seem to choke in his mouth along with the slight traces of blood left behind,” I want you-,” Ajax bit his lip In thought, a brief pause filled the air in thick tension,“ I want you to tell my family, that I love them. Tell my ma, I am sorry. Tell my pops, that I tried my best to be the strong son he always wanted... And tell my siblings that I will miss them...”

The harbinger’s body went slack. His azure eyes turned a soulless gray. And small droplets fell from his eyes

Zhongli’s horse voice pleaded through thick tears, “Ajax... Wake up..”

The Ex-Archon’s arms shook the other man in a desperate attempt to wake him up, only to be met with a lifeless doll. An anguished scream ripped through the ex-god.

Looking up to the sky the man yelled with all his soul, “Celestia! Please, please, wake him up! Will you help me, just this once? After everything, I've sacrificed for you. Please... I loved him...”

His pleading was only met with the howl of the wind.

And then silence...