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Of Blood and Trust

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Mondays. Why did things always happen on Mondays?

Thirty minutes ago, Jean was in English, taking down notes just so she could pass an exam, and now she running full sprint down an empty street, blank-eyed people trailing behind her.

Personally, Jean wasn't sure how long she would last. Sure, she was fitter then most kids her age, but even she couldn't keep up this speed for much longer.

She glanced over her shoulder, only to very narrowly avoid a hand grabbing at the collar of her shirt. The blonde back pedalled hastily, nearly tripping over her shoe laces before picking up the pace again, neatly dodging between the....things that had surrounded her. At one point, one had grabbed her arm, and for a moment all Jean could see was those sharp-fanged teeth, preparing to bite down on skin, and if Jean knew anything about zombies, it was that once you were bitten, you were gone.

At least that's what the books said, anyways. Maybe Jean should stop reading those.

The high-schooler practically ripped the zombie's arm off when she yanked hers away and started running again, down the only free space that Jean could see; an alleyway.

That was instantly blocked off by a brick wall.

All of Jean's hopes dashed as she spun around, staring at the zombies there, eyes flitting from face to face as panic rose in her throat. She glanced back at the brick wall, and one of the zombie's took that chance to lunge at her....

And be met in the middle with a metal pipe, swung by Jean herself, who was silently thanking Barbatos for this random string of luck.


Eula was not having a pleasant time. At all.

Half dragging, half leading her best friend of six years back to her house without getting bit by.....whatever the hell these things where was difficult.

She felt Amber shift in her arms, the girl murmuring quiet nothings as she fell limp for the second time in the last thirty minutes, and Eula felt her heart leap into her throat the second time in the last thirty minutes, hastily dropping to the ground and looking Amber over, and inspecting the wound once again.

Her friend had gotten bit when one of the zombies had, quite literally, launched itself through a window and right onto Amber, who had been sitting there because 'she liked the view'

Now, Eula worried she'd never see the view of Monstadt again as she tightened the ripped cloth around Amber's arm, frowning as the usually energetic girl fell limp again. Worry darkened in Eula's chest as she dragged her friend towards a shed, pursing her lips in concern at her friend's abnormally pale skin, and then the stoic girl got up, sparing her friend a glance before exiting the shed to go find medical supplies.


"Klee, please be quiet-"

"Shut up drunkard! She doesn't have to do shit!"

"Yeah! I don't have to do shit!"

Diluc stopped pacing, sighing heavily as he put his face in his hands. "Kaeya, I am going to murder you...." He muttered, half of his attention on Albedo, who was trying to calm the two underclassmen down.

The red-haired man thanked every god in existence for the blond man, he actually had no idea where his sanity would be without him.

Thirty minutes ago, what appeared to be a zombie apocalypse had started, and it started for this group like this:

A zombie somehow launched itself into a second story window, landing on some random girl who Diluc had never spoken to. The girl got bit, Jean and another girl named Eula-he only knew that because the bitten girl had yelled it-tried to pull the zombie off, only for it to shove Jean out the window.

Eula had then taken bite girl and ran out of the classroom to Barbatos knows where, leaving only Diluc, Kaeya, Albedo, Sucrose-who had told him her name literally two seconds ago-and for some reason Albedo's sister, Klee, and Diona, who had ran into the classroom before they had a chance to lock it, shouting at the top of their lungs about how their teacher had been tackled by a zombie.

And now they were here, penned up in their own classroom, Kaeya having passed out ages ago and Albedo and Sucrose tending to Klee and Diona, while Diluc kept glancing out the window, trying to see some kind of sign of Jean.


Uncharastic worry tugged at his chest.


Jean wasn't sure where she was.

After escaping the horde by the skin of her teeth, the blonde was now looking for a way back to the school. Her thoughts flicked to her classmates, and worry came over her once more. While she didn't not trust their abilities, she....well....kind of didn't trust them.

Diluc was cold, and prone to start arguments at the drop of a hat, Kaeya was the one who started the arguments, Sucrose could barely speak without looking she was about to faint, and Albedo....was Albedo.

She sighed, shaking her head slightly. Jean had to get back, and fast, or else they may kill each other before the zombies did.

Stepping into a nearby shed, one that hopefully had supplies in it-or a map! A map would be helpful right about now-Jean slowly opened the door, metal pipe in hand.

She instantly threw the door open in shock when, low and behold, Amber was lying there, red bunny-themed hoodie and all.

"Oh shit." A swear escaped Jean's mouth, but she didn't pay it much mind, instead rushing over and kneeling beside her classmate, wincing at the nasty-looking bite wound on Amber's arm. Her and Amber hadn't been particularly close, but she had seen enough to know that the girl was the kindest person she had ever met. Looking around the shed, Jean couldn't see any medical supplies, and her worry increased, panic seeming to fill the silence around her.

A solid *click* of a gun was what broke it.