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Spider-Man: The New Home

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Name: Peter Parker (Original in MCU), Peter Reilly (In his new world)

Alias: Spider-Man

Character Type: Protagonist, Hero


Age: 17 (Physically) 22 (Biological) 

Gender: Male

Species: Genetic Human

Affiliation: Midtown Town Of Technology and Science (Formerly), Stark Industries (Formerly) Avengers (Formerly), World Alliance Academy

A.I: Karen (Revive back)



Parents: Richard and Mary Parker (Deceased)
Uncle: Ben Parker (Deceased)
Aunt: May Parker (Deceased)


Mentor/Father Figure: Tony Stark

Adoptive Older Sister: Clara Reilly

Adoptive Younger sister: Amy Reilly

Personality: Kind, friendly, smart, intelligent, quick-thinking, strong sense of justice, gentle, determine and bravery.

Like: Science, making his web shooters, protecting innocent people, using his powers for good in responsibility, his new home, honoring his mentor and aunt's memory, talking in jokes, helping the neighbourhood.

Dislike: Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Joker, Venom, arrogant, bully, pervert, disrespectful, someone using their powers for evil and responsibility, 


Homemade Suit

Stark Suit

Iron Spider

Stealth Suit

Upgrade Suit

Black and Gold Suit

Integrated Suit

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