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What We Can’t See

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    “I am so confused right now,” Hinata whispered, locking eyes with the bewildered man in front of him. Bewilderment would’ve been an acceptable reaction if the man in front of him was supposed to be alive. Shoyo had just snatched the Soul clean out of this man's body, and yet here he was, standing just as confused as the other.


   “You’re supposed to be dead right now.” The man gave Shoyo a petrified look, pushing him away. “What the actual fuck are you doing in my house? And what type of bullshit are you spouting?” Shoyo’s eyes widened, “And you can still talk?” The soulless man kept his eyes on Shoyo as he picked up his phone to dial the police.


   “Hey don’t do that!” Shoyo jumped onto the man, knocking the phone to the floor. “What the hell,” the man pushed Hinata to the floor, “get out of my house!” The ginger sighed and disappeared into thin air, leaving the man speechless. Before he could pick up his phone, a strong push knocked him straight to the floor. His arms and feet are being held together by an invisible force. 

   “Get me out of this you fucking pervert! Is that why you came here, to tie me up?” Hinata laughed at the man's vulgarity. “If I wanted to do that I would’ve asked.” The man rolled his eyes, “Then what the fuck are you here for, and untie these damn— get me out of this!” Watching the man struggle and fail repeatedly made Shoyo smile, “If you calm down I’ll let you out. Now tell me, what’s your name?” 


   After a few trials and errors, the man eventually gave his name. Kageyama, what a fitting name. “Now are you gonna let me out, or are you gonna keep me tied up here forever, you damn perverted freak?” Shoyo sighed mockingly, “Those names are rather insulting, you sure do have a way with words.” Kageyama continued to pull at the invisible restraints, cursing at every failed attempt.


  “I honestly just want to know how you aren’t dead, I just ripped your soul straight from your body.” Kageyama laughed and rolled his eyes, “What are you, a Soul Sucker?” The intruder laughed, “I can be when I want to.” Kageyama groaned when the man winked at him.


  ‘This is getting nowhere’ Kageyama rolled his eyes at the thought of staying reinforced all night long. “Can you just tell me what you need so you can leave? I’ll give you whatever you’re looking for.” Shoyo Shook his head, “I already got what I came for. The problem is that you’re still alive and you can see me.” 


  “Are you confessing to a failed murder attempt that was directed towards me?” Shoyo shook his head, “Of course not— um, well kinda. Technically I was aiming to take your soul, which ultimately should kill you. Though I did take your souls, you still seem to be alive as ever.” 

  The man in the restraints looked down at himself, “I don’t feel any different, I just feel a little more tired than usual.” Hinata nodded, “You appear to be alright, I mean you’re aren’t dead.” Kageyama clicked his teeth, “Oh wow, I would've never thought of that Captain Fucking Obvious.” 


   “Calm down and I'll let you go, just promise not to go ballistic.” Tobio looked at his wrists, then up at Hinata, “Fine, I won’t do anything stupid, just let me please.” Shoyo looked the man in the eyes as if looking for something. Sighing, he released the man, “See if you can move now.” Kageyama moved his hand up and down and breathed out in relief.


     “Any funny business and I’ll put you right back in those chains,” Hinata grinned mockingly, before resting his hands on his sides. Kageyama nodded his head, moving slowly to sit in his desk chair. Turning the small light on the man's eyes roamed over his intruder. The man was short, definitely shorter than himself by a longshot. Along with his short stature accompanied a nice build to match. Dark orange curls sat haphazardly, matching flawlessly with his glassy umber eyes. 


   “You’re an odd one Tobio.” The man came to a shocking realization, “I never told you my first name.” Shoyo pointed at something behind Tobio, causing the other to turn around. ‘My custom Highschool Jersey…with my first and last name on it’. Turning back around, Kageyama found himself staring at an empty room, with no traces of anyone other than himself. “I seriously need to start getting better sleep.”


   Once Hinata had reached his destination he sighed out in relief. He has been taking souls for Thousands of years, but this was the first-ever time the person had survived. Usually, once someone had lost their soul it meant their life had no meaning, therefore living was pointless. Why was Kageyama different?


    The man sat on top of the large building, the starry skies keeping him company. The sounds of the city had died down, the bright lights filling in the darkness. This is Shoyo’s hideout for whenever he needs a clear mind or peace. 


  Taking souls has taken a major toll on the small man. The first time he had ever taken a soul was when he was fifteen years old, it was devastating. At such a young age he was forced into this lifestyle and eventually over time he adapted to it, that didn’t make the job any easier.


  When taking a soul you can see all the memories and emotions the person lives through with your own eyes. Though with Kageyama it was different, his soul was dark and empty containing few blurred memories of his past. Shoyo had never seen anything like it, he didn’t know whether to be sympathetic or intrigued. In his eyes, a soul like Kageyama’s has no value.


   Hinata shot up at lightning speed, a great idea popping up in his head. “I'm going to help Kageyama form a valuable soul!” The boy smiled, before looking down at the grown below him. Slowly he crouched back down, careful not to lose his footing. “Now how do I do that?”


  Shoyo had never thought about how to help someone find their true potential, it wasn’t something that would just frequently occur in his mind. Sure he had seen many people's passions over the years, but never once did he stop to think about how they were formed. It wasn’t like he just sat around and thought about why he liked, what he liked, he just liked what caught his attention.


  Looking into Kageyama’s soul was like a void of memories with no explanation. They were blurry and unclear, though some memories stood out from others. A very old man and a young woman showed up in the man's memories frequently, as well as volleyball. Shoyo smiled, he must love them and volleyball greatly.


    Kageyama sat in his room thinking about the recent events that had taken place at his house. He just couldn’t believe the fact that some random stranger just appeared out of nowhere and then randomly disappeared. Not only did they show up out of nowhere, but they chained him up, spouted nonsense about stealing his soul, and then flirted with him like that was a normal occurrence. 


  The man couldn’t help but reflect on the intruder's appearance, he almost looked mythical..? He looked like an advanced human in other words, his skin was tanned and smooth, his hair was silky looking, and was a very odd shade of Orange. Not only was his appearance different, but his presence was peculiar. His presence wasn’t threatening, it almost seemed welcoming and maybe even alluring.


   Kageyama rolled his eyes, no way in hell he found a perverted intruder alluring. It was just something odd about the man that struck up his curiosity, nothing more. Though the man was long gone, he couldn’t scratch the feeling that eyes were on him. He did a double-take of his room and huffed out a sigh, ‘Great, now I’m not only tired but I’m paranoid too.’


    Deciding to stay on the safe side Tobio checked all of his door and window locks. None of the doors were unlocked, “I definitely would’ve known if someone tampered with the lock.” Kageyama had set up a Security system throughout his apartment due to some of the recent crime rates. Tokyo was different from Miyagi, the loud city was a major change from the quiet outskirts.


   On days like this Kageyama couldn’t help but miss the quiet prefecture. He missed the comforting silence and the warm feeling his childhood house provided him. Though times have changed and Tobio needed a change, even if that’s not what he wanted. Everything you want isn’t, particularly what you need.


  Dragging his feet across the floor, he made it to his room. Feeling the chilly breeze, he found his window open with an orange sticky note stuck to his bed. Running over to the window he found nothing, why would he? He was on the sixth floor of his complex, not to mention the fact he didn’t have a balcony either.


   Tobio sighed as he could feel himself slowly losing his sanity. “Wherever the fuck you are and whoever the fuck you are, I will find you!” Kageyama gave an indignant huff before snatching up the flashy, orange sticky note.

    Meet me at xxxxx at 10 pm on Friday and I’ll answer any questions you have, I’ll be waiting for you Kageyama. 


   From yours truly,

     The Perverted Soul Sucker 

   ‘Who does this fucker think he is, asking me to meet him at some random area at night’ Tobio yawned before re-reading the neatly written letter, if you could call it that. He did want to know more about the man but why did they have to meet at night? Kageyama knew all too well about the dangers of big cities at night, not exactly something he wanted to get caught up in. 


  Deciding against throwing away the note, he secured it to his desk calendar. Shrugging, he slid into his bed and switched off his lights. Hundreds of thoughts raced through his brain as he thought about meeting the intruder. Why should he meet this man anyways? He broke into his house, rambled on about random nonsense, and then left. Not only did he leave, but he came back through his window to leave a note about meeting up. ‘Who said I even wanted to meet up with him anyways?’


    Kageyama shivered in the cold as he walked down his street. It was Friday, fifteen minutes before 10 pm. He held a pocket knife in his right hand, ready to strike at any given moment. It was dark and quiet, eerie really. The sidewalk lights flickered and his grip on the knife grew tighter, much tighter. ‘Why does he want to meet me at some random warehouse? The better question is, why am I even going?’


 Turns out, Tobio was too curious to turn down the offer of all his questions being answered. Ever since that night, Kageyama’s mind has been thinking about the man non-stop. He wanted to know everything about this man, it was like he was pulled into a trance that night. 


  Maybe he was in a trance, so Kageyama stopped walking. This was a bad idea, the man turned about to start walking back to his house, gradually picking up speed. “Hey,” a stranger yelled from the darkness, “don’t tell me you’re going to leave, you just got here!” When Kageyama turned around, he noticed that voice. It was the man from that night, his intruder.


  “I wasn’t leaving,” Tobio lied, “I was just looking for the right building.” Hinata laughed and waved the man over, as if on command Kageyama followed. Stepping into the large abandoned building gave the man chills. ‘What the fuck was I thinking?’ Shoyo chuckled, “Wipe that look off your face, I’m not going to hurt you or anything of that sort.” Kageyama's face slightly relaxed and his shoulders dropped, “Okay, just keep walking in front of me.” Hinata quickened his pace and walked in front of the man, leading him down the long, narrow hallways.


   “This is where you wanted to take me?” Kageyama stared in disbelief as he looked at the view, Shoyo had taken him to a secluded balcony. All the neon and bright lights could be seen in the distance, the lights could be seen reflecting off the empty, dark streets. Hinata nodded his head, “Yeah! It’s where I come sometimes when I need a break, it's perfect because it's always secluded and empty.” Kageyama stared at the man suspiciously, before turning his attention back to the city view. 


     Hinata was the first to break the silence, “So, what questions do you have for me?” Kageyama shrugged and sat in one of the white chairs provided, “I haven’t really thought about it, but I still want to know why you were in my house that night.” Shoyo smiled, “I already told you why I was there, I wanted your soul.” Kageyama was about to retort before Shoyo interrupted, “But I know that isn't the answer you want, so i'll explain everything.”


    Tobio reluctantly agreed, “I’ll hear you out, but if anything doesn’t add up I’m leaving.” Hinata turned to face Kageyama, “That's perfectly fine, but I just want you to listen to what I have to say first because some of it may not make sense, and I want to be able to explain everything thoroughly.” Shoyo’s eyes flashed with something undetectable, leaving Kageyama to wordlessly agree.



 “So to start off, when I told you I was at your house to take your soul, I promise you I wasn’t lying. I have no reason to lie anyways, but what was different were the results. Usually when I take a person's soul, they automatically die. In a way I kill people, but painlessly and only when it's their time, it's my job.” Tobios breath hitched, “A killer?” Hinata shook his head, “Possibly, but just because it's my job doesn't mean I want to be a killer or anything of the sort. In all honesty it was never my decision, I was just assigned this job against my will.”


  Kageyama listened, voicing his opinions and concerns when needed. He had just listened to the man in front of him say he was a “Killer” and for some odd reason he still felt he had no reason to be scared. “Do you know why you were forced to have this job?” Hinata went quiet and turned to the view, “It’s a long and depressing story, maybe another time though Kageyama.” He nodded, “That's fine, so are you able to quit your job?”


   Shoyo laughed, “I wish it were that easy, if it was I would have quit ages ago. You know, as bad as I may seem, I really do hate ‘killing’ people. I try not to think about it, but when I take a soul I’m also taking away all many valuable and treasured memories, memories that I can see. Over the years I've seen so many memories, but honestly I think yours are the most heartbreaking ones yet.”


   Rolling his eyes, Tobio scoffed, “Gee thanks- Wait you can see my memories? And besides, what was so “heartbreaking about them anyways?” Shoyo paused before answering. “I think the saddest part about your memories is that they’re all so compressed and sparse. The memories you do have are all so blurry and jumbled, even I can’t read them.” Tobios focus shifted to his hands, “I honestly don't know what to tell you, I can’t do anything to fix that.”


   Hinata rested a reassuring hand on Kageyama’s shoulder, “Maybe, but with my help I think we could figure it out! The reason I wanted to meet with you is because I want to help you, and not for selfish reasons either. I want to see you make happy memories, so when you die you have lived your life to its greatest potential!” Tobio blushed in embarrassment before slapping Show's hand away, “Don’t just say embarrassing things like that so freely! Besides, you make it seem like you're preparing me to die!” Hinata smiled, “You can look at it that way, or you could always look at it as me giving you a second opportunity at living.”


   Staring at the determination in Shoyo’s eyes, the man clicked his tongue. “Fine, I'll give this a chance, but if you do any more weird or embarrassing shit,” The man's voice dropped to a threatening tone, “i’ll kill you before you even have the chance to help me” Hinata laughed, “Now that’s the spirit!” Kageyama could help but let a genuine, self-reserved smile settle across his face, too bad Shoyo was too busy rambling about his plan to notice.