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wishing upon a star

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If you had asked Evan Buckley if he would have ever thought they would end up the way they did, he would’ve said no immediately. Because Evan had a whole other plan in his mind, he had mapped out his and Eddie’s future completely to every detail.
Some would say it was childish, but that’s exactly what he was at the time. He was just a child, a stupid teenager in love with his best friend.

Except none of it went as planned.
Except Evan would’ve done anything for it to go as planned.

“Come on Eddie, get up, we’re leaving in like 15 minutes,” Evan shot up from his bed to a groaning Eddie who was mumbling for Evan to get back next to him. “5 more minutes Evannnn,” Eddie whined and sighed.

He didn’t like it whenever Evan got out of his grip, because he didn’t like the cold that hit him afterward.

“Eds, you know we can’t spend like, our entire day in bed,” Evan chuckled as he put a shirt on before getting into his hoodie. “And here you go, one for you,” Evan threw his hoodie at Eddie who finally got up after a lot of grumbling. Evan knew that Eddie purposely forgot to bring a jacket or a hoodie, simply to be able to wear Evan’s hoodies.

He probably gave away half of his closet to Eddie. Both of them liked it, Evan liked the way it looked so big on Eddie and liked the way Eddie looked in his clothes.
And Eddie liked the way the clothes fit him, he liked Evan’s smell and felt comfortable in Evan’s hoodies.

So neither of them really complained about it.

“You know, you’re smart Ev, you could easily skip first period,” Eddie offered again and got a confused look from Evan. “I’m not the smartest Eds. I’m failing chem, and guess what I have first period? Chem,” Evan replied and got his bag ready for school.

“You know…there is a lot of chemi-” Evan cut Eddie off immediately, “don’t say it, it’s a terrible joke, please don’t say it.” Eddie gave him an offended look, “damn, very nice of you.”

Evan’s parents were out of town for the week, they went to their lake house to take some time off. This meant that Evan had the entire house for himself, which also meant that he didn’t even think twice before inviting Eddie over to spend the week together. They got into Eddie’s car. He started the engine and drove towards their high school just to experience two last months in that godforsaken building.

Except it was another extra year for Evan since he was a junior in high school, and Eddie was already a senior. Leaving for college at the end of this school year. And that was within two months.

But neither of them was ready to think about that just yet. They were too caught up in the moment to even think about the future that was already so close. They were terrified of what the future would bring along.
All they could focus on was the present. Because being together made both of them forget about everything else going on in the world.
Life was meaningless outside of being with each other. And somewhere, both of them knew that the love they had for each other was unhealthy, that they shouldn’t depend on each other so much.

Because one day, they wouldn’t be there to pick the other one up. And that’s when everything would go downhill.
But neither of them knew that either.

Neither of them wanted to know that.
All they needed and wanted was each other.

“I love you so so much,” Eddie mumbled with a smile against Evan’s soft lips before pressing another kiss on his lips, “but I also need you to get out of the car. I wanna show you something.” Eddie pulled back and turned the car engine off to get out of the car. He rushed to the right side of the car to open Evan’s door for him.

Evan unbuckled his seatbelt and got out of the car, shooting a warm smile at Eddie as he looked around to where they were.

They were in the middle of a field, surrounded by the green nature, which seemed so dark at this time of the day. Eddie had already walked towards the blanket he had laid down right next to a tree for the both of them and a bottle of wine waiting for them. Of course with two six-packs next to it, but the wine looked fancy, the beer not so much. “What is all this?” Evan questioned as he looked around, wondering what was going on.

Eddie just pointed up to the sky, “look up cariño,” he spoke and watched Evan look up as his eyes filled with admiration for the night sky.

“Eddie how did you even…this is beautiful, it’s…it’s so perfect,” Evan spoke as he let himself drop next to Eddie on the blanket to lean his back against the tree behind him as he looked up at the night sky to see the stars sparkle, they shined so bright in the dark night sky. And they felt so close as if Evan could reach up and grab one of them right out of the sky.

“You like it?” Eddie asked, even though he damn well knew how much Evan fell in love with the stars that night. “I love it,” Evan just whispered back at him and opened a bottle of beer he took out of the six-pack. “I love it so much,” Evan repeated and sipped his drink as he admired the night sky.

Eddie sat right next to him and leaned his head on Evan’s shoulder. He pointed up to one of the constellations in the sky. “Which one’s that?” he questioned Evan’s knowledge. “That’s the…the Great Bear, right?” Evan answered. Eddie gave him a proud look and placed another kiss on his lips.

“You know, they say that we’re made out of stardust, which means that you,” Eddie now pointed at Evan’s chest, right where his heart was, “are…you are a tiny version of this entire, entire universe. Because you’re my universe Evan,” Eddie sat up straight and pulled Evan close to him this time, his hand still on Evan’s chest.
And right when their eyes locked, right when Eddie could see the reflection of the entire universe in his blue eyes, that’s when everything made sense for him.

That’s when everything stopped for a second, “Evan, I will spend an eternity loving you. Even after I die, I’ll find a way to always love you, to always be with you.” He pressed his soft lips onto Evan’s.

And this kiss wasn’t like any of the ones they had before, this one was different.
As if the magic kiss from all the folklores were real. As if it healed something inside both of them. As if both their universes collided. And maybe it was the alcohol, or the moon making them feel this way, or maybe it was the love they both felt for each other.

The way they loved each other more than they ever dared to love themselves.

“I love you, Eddie,” Evan whispered back to him because despite how many times they said it to each other, it was never enough. They had no idea how much time they had left with each other.

Evan got out of Eddie’s grip and put his back against the tree, leaning back. He took a big sip of his fourth bottle of beer, already starting to feel the effects of his drink, making him a tad bit more emotional. And right when he looked up to the night sky, he saw exactly what he needed.

A shooting star.

The star that fulfilled wishes, and still swung across the sky with such elegance.

Except shooting stars weren’t actually stars, they were meteors, so Evan was basically wishing upon a meteor. Hoping that that piece of rock would help ease his nightmares coming true.

And that was everything he just needed, a chance to make a wish. Hoping to God, or anyone that was listening to him right now, that his wish would come true.

“What’d you wish for?” Eddie questioned with curiosity while Evan shrugged with a chuckle, “it won’t come out if I tell Eds, gonna have to stay patient.”

Eddie reached out his hands to find Evan’s and he curled his fingers around his, holding it tightly. “Well then, I guess I’ll have to wait huh,” he placed his head back on its original spot on Evan’s shoulder and caressed his hands with his thumb.

And if only both of them knew that that would be one of the last times they would ever have some form of happiness in their lives, because that was the last night they would ever know peace for a decade.

Because after April came May, and after May came June.
And June brought a lot of pain with itself.
And June also brought the hard reality, hit them right in the face with it.
Because June was the calm before the storm.

Eventually, they knew this would happen. Because after all, Eddie was graduating, and Evan couldn’t be more proud of him. And he had to hold himself back, hard not to yell out at the top of his lungs, that Eddie Diaz, the man he loved, was an honours student, graduating at the top of his class.

He was so damn proud.

Instead, Evan watched Eddie pick up his diploma, he was wearing a graduate cap and gown. Tears were burning behind Evan’s eyes. Maybe happy, maybe sad, he couldn’t tell the difference anymore.

Because after June came July, and after July came August.
And August took everything away.
It slipped right through Evan’s fingers.
And August left a mess behind.

Maybe Evan wished upon the wrong star. Because Eddie would stay, just as he wished. But never in a million years would he have thought that he couldn’t, that he had to leave.

Evan’s parents made the sudden decision to move away to Hershey, Pennsylvania. Neither of them gave a reason why, all they said was that he should pack his bags because they would be leaving within the next week.

He just didn’t seem to understand why, or how they even came up with that decision. And not even Maddie wanted to tell him the truth. He was all alone, trying to find a way to make his parents stay. But Philip and Margaret Buckley were stubborn, they weren’t exactly the type of parents to consider the effects on their children when making decisions. They just did what seemed best for them. Didn’t give a single thought to anybody else.

And for the last time, Eddie picked up Evan who had sneaked out of his house through the window.
And for the last time, they sat in Eddie’s car, at 2 am.

Evan looked up to meet Eddie’s brown eyes filled with tears looking back at him. And that single teardrop that just left his eye, now rolling down his cheek, spoke a thousand words that both of them couldn’t say.

That sparkle Eddie always had in his dark brown eyes was now long gone, Evan’s eyes were searching for it everywhere. Trying to find that familiar feeling of home that he was going to miss more than anything.

Neither one of them could find the courage to speak, they just lied there. Under the night sky, trying to make sense of the sick joke life was playing on them.

“I will always love you Evan, and I promise you that we’ll find each other again. Maybe when we’re old and eighty, or maybe when we’re thriving in our wealth at thirty. Perhaps in the real world we’ll enter at twenty. But we’ll find each other again. Until then, I’ll keep looking for you.”

All the I love you’s they exchanged weren’t enough, and love wasn’t enough for them. That feeling Eddie got whenever he saw Evan was more than just love, his entire body and soul felt this…there weren’t enough words in any language to describe it.

Seeing Evan leave hurt Eddie more than anything ever would. He could literally feel his soul aching, wanting to feel Evan’s touch since Evan took Eddie’s heart right with him when he left.

And after August came September.
And September was the month of new beginnings, a fresh start.

But to Eddie, it was the month where his life got turned upside down. Weeks had gone by without Evan and Eddie couldn’t hold it together anymore.

Every single night he would go to sleep with the hope that he would see those familiar blue eyes once he woke back up. He would reach his hands out, searching for Evan’s warm skin every morning.

But Eddie would wake up, only to be disappointed by the empty spot right next to him, the left side of his bed remained untouched.

He finally gathered the courage to go out again, back into the real world where he would still look for Evan everywhere. Because every time he went to turn the volume up in his car, he flinched back when he could still feel Evan’s hand brush against his. And for a split second, he bought into his illusions before reality hit.

Eddie prayed and hoped that a mistake had been made and that the universe would make it up to the both of them. That the universe would give them their youth back. That the universe would bring them together again and would give them one more chance.

Which was exactly why Eddie was driving back to the place where he had been happiest in his entire life. Back to the empty field to be able to make one last wish.

He parked his car and got out to see the night sky filled with stars, except none of them, were shining as bright as they did that night. And he could also see the moon, it lit up the entire field for Eddie. He took a seat underneath the tree and leaned his back against it, just like Evan did that night.

And Eddie just looked up, admiring the night sky. Yet he couldn’t seem to be able to admire the beauty of the universe as he was still searching for his own universe, Evan.

He was searching everywhere for the reflection of the entire universe in Evan’s blue eyes.

He couldn’t find it anywhere until he saw a particularly bright star swing across the night sky. And this time he promised himself he would make an actual wish. Because the last time he was here, he didn’t. And maybe that was why Evan left.

For the first time since Evan left, he let himself go. Tears were starting to form behind his brown eyes that were holding the weight of the world, the universe that he had lost, and he could feel his lips start to tremble. And within seconds, Eddie was lying on the floor, crying his eyes out. Aching for Evan to be with him.

Eddie was never one to be religious, to pray to God. So he didn’t exactly know how any of this worked, or who he had to pray to. But he just needed someone to listen. Anybody would be enough because the silence he was hearing was deafening him.

“Why are you doing this to me? Why are you making me go through all of this?” he cried out with a trembling voice. His eyes were practically bloodshot red from all the tears he cried, and he honestly didn’t know the human body even had this many tears. Eddie let out a sob, which turned more into a scream.

And it wasn’t just Eddie hurting. His soul was aching too, it was still feeling a gravitational pull towards Evan Buckley. Towards the love of his life, the man he would always love.

“Why would you make me love him so much? Why would you take him away from me?”

Eddie knew that asking questions wouldn’t give the answers he needed. Instead, he just started telling whoever was listening about how much he loved Evan, and how he would love him forever.

Until forever was no more.

“You know…I miss him, God I miss him like crazy. I miss his fluffy curls whenever he would wake up, and I miss the way he would wake me up too. And for some reason, I didn’t mind waking up so early. And I miss his blue eyes, oh he had the most beautiful kind of eyes. I got lost in them every time he would look at me. I drowned in the ocean his eyes carried.

“But…at the same time, those blue eyes carried so much pain. I wouldn’t be able to know why, all I did know was when you looked into his eyes long enough, you could still somewhat see the child inside Evan that needed love.

“And he also had, well still has, this…this birthmark right above his left eyes. And the red really really brought out the blue in his eyes. And I loved…love his birthmark. It suited him, and I like to believe in soulmates. Perhaps also in previous lives, because that’s what they say about birthmarks right? That they represent the places where a past lover in a past life liked to kiss you.”

Eddie’s voice filled up the silence haunting him as he told the moon about the man he loved most. He told the moon everything he could remember about Evan, and knowing that Evan was looking up to the same moon made him feel a bit better.

And he kept on telling the moon everything, from that day on.

“Tell him I’ll always wait for him, and I’ll always love him.”

Eddie didn’t know what was worse if the pain that Evan caused by leaving was worse than the pain of knowing that their life together had ended. All he had left of their short life together was the memories they made. Those sweet teenage memories.

Because despite the fact that years went by, and Eddie grew up to have a family, he never stopped loving Evan. There was a part of Eddie that would always be Evan’s, he would always hold a special place in his heart.

So years went by…slowly because for some reason the universe wanted Eddie to suffer even more than he already was. The damned universe had to just pick out Eddie Diaz to hurt.

Maybe that’s why Eddie enlisted in the army in the first place. To somewhat forget about everything, take his anger out, turn his emotions off. And it worked, Eddie got to take his mind off of every single damned problem going on in his life.

Until he had to step up as a father when Shannon left, essentially, Eddie became both a father and a mother to Christopher.

Yet he still thought about Evan, about if he could’ve had this too with Evan. Or was his soulmate Shannon? And why did everybody feel the need to leave him?

Because leaving was easy, it was always the hardest on the person left behind. Because they were the ones having to clean up the mess being left behind. They were the ones trying to find excuses on why they weren’t enough for anybody to stay.

Why wasn’t Eddie enough for anybody to stay?

Because even at 28, exactly ten years later, he still couldn’t seem to make sense of everything that happened.

Maybe he moved on from Evan too fast, after all, he got married two years after that. And became a father the next year after his marriage. Maybe it was his own fault, maybe he didn’t give himself enough time to grieve, but then again, two years…it should’ve been enough.

But it wasn’t. Because Eddie loved Shannon, he really did, she was great. She was nice, she was pretty, she was smart, she was…she was the ideal woman. But Eddie wasn’t in love with her. He tried, he really tried. Thought that maybe eventually, he would fall in love with her.

But deep down Eddie also knew that it was impossible for him to ever love anybody like that ever again.

Evan left a scar on him, and that’s when Eddie understood why storms were named after people.

Perhaps his storm was called Evan.

Because when Eddie dropped on one knee to ask Shannon to be by his side until death did them apart, he wanted Evan to be there. And when he bound himself to the woman he was supposed to love, he couldn’t stop thinking about the man that left him years ago. And when he bought his first house, he wanted nothing more than to make it his home.

But his home had left him to go to Hershey.

So Eddie hoped every single day to maybe hear a knock on his front door, and that when he opened it. Evan would be there, standing right in front of him with open arms.

But none of that happened.

Eddie woke up every morning to cold sheets, with nobody by his side.

He had absolutely nobody left. And usually, he wouldn’t mind being alone at all, it gave him time to remember Evan as if he could ever forget him. Eddie wasn’t just alone though, he was lonely.

Perhaps it was true that the night sky full of stars was actually a graveyard. And in this case, it was a graveyard of their eternal love.

So here he was now, getting ready for his first day as a probationary firefighter at the 118 in Los Angeles, California. It was a long way from home, yet it was exactly what he needed.

“You ready buddy?” he asked his son, Christopher, who was looking at him with a big smile, “yes dad!” he giggled and leaned on his crutches. Eddie got Christopher ready and took his bag to put it in the car before dropping him off at his Abuela.

The next stop was the firehouse. Eddie didn’t exactly have the best feeling in the world suddenly as anxiety washed over his body. “Come on Eddie, you got this,” he mumbled to himself as he drove into the fire station parking lot and turned the engine of this car off.

Los Angeles Fire Department

He would be probationary firefighter Edmundo Diaz, and he hated that name. Always went by Eddie. It suited him way better.

He took a step towards the entry and walked in between the firetrucks, his eyes scanning the building and admiring everybody working in it. He looked for his captain, except he didn’t know who he was. But he assumed it was the middle-aged man walking towards him with a smile on his face, which automatically painted one on Eddie’s face too.
The man put his hand out for Eddie to shake, “welcome Eddie Diaz, I’m your captain, Bobby Nash,” the man introduced himself as Eddie gave him a firm handshake. “Eddie Diaz sir,” oh what an idiot repeating his name.

His first interaction at his job was already going terrible. “I’m happy to have you here.” Right when he said that, two other firefighters showed up right behind him. A short man and a taller woman, both seeming very welcoming. “Guys, this is Eddie Diaz, new recruit,” the captain introduced him as the woman shot him a smile. “Henrietta Wilson, but definitely call me Hen,” she said with a warm smile. “Howard Han, or Chimney. Nobody ever uses Howie anymore,” the short man informed Eddie.

“It’s nice to meet you guys.”

“Well we’re missing one of our team members, he’s having some personal time off right now, will be back this week,” Bobby told Eddie to get dressed and pointed him to the locker room to give him a tour around the firehouse later on.

And so Eddie Diaz became a probationary firefighter, he liked his job so far. It was going great, everybody there was so nice to him and he got along with his team so well already. Eddie had nothing to complain about. Life was treating him well.

Until that specific Thursday came along.
And Thursday brought a lot of pain with itself.
But also a lot of memories.
But mostly pain.
Soul-crushing pain.

Thursday was the first day that Eddie noticed the familiar name on the coat hangers. “Buckley,” he read and thought to himself how much of a coincidence it was. Because as always, he was being made fun of. There was absolutely no way that that was his “Buckley.”

Thursday was also the first day Eddie got to meet his co-worker, the one that was coming back from personal leave, the “Buck”. And after seeing that name tag, he got all the more curious as to who this man was.

“There he is!” Eddie heard a voice from the distance speak, he recognized it as his captain’s voice but hearing it made him turn around at the entrance and give a good look at the blond man walking into the fire station. “Miss me?” the blond man asked his captain, causing Bobby to chuckle.

“And you might be?” Oh…the blond was now standing in front of Eddie, and now that he got a closer look at him, he had to admit that he was hot. The blond was terribly hot, and his voice made Eddie weak already.

Oh God what was he even doing, he was supposed to be a professional, yet something about the blond made him so curious, so intrigued. “Eddie Diaz,” his voice spoke as he watched the big smile disappear off the blond’s face. “Uh…” the man had no idea what to say, what to do. All he could do was just search for that familiar feeling of home again in Eddie’s brown eyes.

Oh those eyes that have carried the weight of the world, and oh the same eyes that would make Evan fall in love, again and again, every single time he got lost in them.

Eddie stared right into those blue eyes that reflected the entire universe behind them, his universe.


Neither of them spoke a word, and the silence was killing Eddie. His eyes shot up at the birthmark across his left eyebrow.

And perhaps the story about soulmates from a past life didn’t necessarily mean life before they were reborn. Perhaps it meant the past life in which Evan left Eddie. The past life where they would gaze at the stars, make empty promises to each other, and wish upon stars flying across the night sky.

Perhaps this was their new beginning that September took away from them.

Perhaps Thursday was their new September, healing the pain that August brought along to both of them.

Healing their youth, because Eddie stared just long enough into those blue eyes to see the little child behind them. Oh, that little child that needed, and deserved all the love this cruel world could give. Which wasn’t a lot.

“Evan,” Eddie broke the silence with a shaking voice, wanting to scream at the grown-up man right in front of him. “Why are you doing this to me?” he mumbled under his breath, unsure if the ‘you’ was the universe, God, or Evan hurting him.

Surely, the universe was Evan to him.

“Eddie- I-“ Eddie didn’t even let Evan finish his sentence as he could feel the anger rushing through his body, taking over his words. “How could you huh? You left me, you went away and got the good part of this. But I was left behind, had to clean up the mess you left with me! But of course, you wouldn’t know what that’s like huh?!”

Because that sparkle Eddie once had in his eyes every time he saw Evan was now long gone as his eyes turned black in anger.

And his teenage heart that would skip a beat was no more. It felt as if Evan ripped away his heart the day he left and took it with him.

“Let me explain Eddie-“ but Eddie couldn’t hear or even see anything anymore, all he cared about was finally being able to let it all out at Evan.

All the bottled up feelings, “I prayed, begged God to bring you back to me. I blamed myself all these years and not once did you bother coming back to me? Coming back to Texas?! Did you just forget about everything?”

Evan couldn’t find the words to say anything, he knew Eddie had every right to be mad. But he also knew that he did everything he could, except Eddie didn’t know about any of that of course. To Eddie’s concern, Evan left him in El Paso.

Saved by the bell, calling them to another emergency, Eddie turned his back around and rushed to the firetruck, saving another life as always. As he was meant to do since he couldn’t save himself.

Because Thursday turned into Friday, and after Friday came the weekend.

And ever since Thursday, Eddie stopped showing up at the firehouse. It definitely wasn’t a good sight, being a new probationary firefighter but now showing up to work. But he just couldn’t…

He couldn’t get himself to ever, ever face Evan again, yet he also needed to see Evan. Eddie was spiraling, not knowing how to fix this. How to get over himself, and over Evan.

It had been an entire decade, exactly ten years. And somehow, the universe brought them back together. Maybe it was a sign, maybe it was the universe making fun of him. Or maybe, it was meant to be.

Eddie’s thoughts got interrupted by a loud banging on his front door, and it was the same knock he had been hoping to hear for years. He’d recognize that rhythm everywhere, five quick knocks followed by two short ones.

But his son, sitting in the living room, aka being closer to the front door, had opened the door already to be surprised by the blond muscular man standing in front of him. Eddie rushed to Christopher’s side to give Evan a curious look who was just letting out an annoyed chuckle followed by a nod.

“What are you doing here Evan?” Evan, Evan, that name would haunt him forever. He started hating his name ever since he left El Paso, knowing that nobody could pronounce it as elegantly, and loving as Eddie could.

“We need to talk Eddie,” Evan spoke, his eyes still on the child beside Eddie who was already making his way back to his toys in the living room. Eddie knew that this could possibly be his last chance at a proper conversation with Evan ever again. He let out a sigh and stepped aside to let the man inside his house. The place he wanted to call home so bad, but for many reasons, obvious reasons. He didn’t…and couldn’t.

Eddie led Evan towards the kitchen not to bother his son playing with his toys. “Well…talk.” Eddie was harsh, but he didn’t dare to open up his heart to Evan ever again, scared that if he might show emotion, he’d break down.

“Did you know that I actually did go back to El Paso, right before I left off to–” no need for an entire life story he thought to himself and got to the important part of his story. “ I went in 2014…except your mother told me that you were in Afghanistan, so I went back in 2015, again got to hear the same excuse.”

Eddie didn’t know that, nobody ever bothered to tell him. “Y-you went back?!” he asked in surprise and got a nod in response. “Yet you say that I forgot about you, that I moved on. But from what I can see, you have an adorable son, which means that you built a life for yourself, Eddie. You can’t blame me for the same thing you did! And you’re dumb as fuck if you actually believe that I ever stopped loving you! Do you even know how much I prayed to ever see you again? How I wished upon a thousand stars only to be able to see your face once again!”

“W-what?!” It was all Eddie said, more like blurted out. “What are you talking about? I moved on not because I wanted to, I had to! It’s not easy being the eldest son, not having a stable life yet while your family depends on you, Evan! I moved on because I had to!”

“But I never moved on at all! I haven’t lived a single day without you. Time stopped right that night, and I stayed there forever. I could still feel your fingers on my skin, while you never even touched. I went through that every single day Eddie.”

“We shouldn’t do this to each other. We spent too much time apart. I don’t think you would ever be able to love me again after all those years. Missing you, not being next to you, that was…that was hell for me. I have been through hell and back, again and again, every single time I remembered something about you. I compared every person that ever entered my life to you, and none of them were ever enough. Loving you caused me so much pain.”

“Just because we were apart for so long doesn’t mean I don’t still love you.”

He would have done anything, really anything, to have Eddie say his name as if he was craving for him. Which Eddie was, holding himself back barely.

Perhaps the universe found a way to bring them together.
Or perhaps they found a way back to each other.
Or perhaps it was the gravity pulling them back together like magnets.

“I promise you, swear on every star in the universe, that I will never, ever leave you ever again. I give you my word Eddie. I have loved you more than life itself, and I will forever continue to love you. Despite everything that happened, despite our lost youth and the years we lost, I will not stop loving you.”

“If only we could take back the years we lost cariño. But we have a whole lifetime in front of us, and more lives to come. Because I’ll find my way to you in every one of my lives. Te quiero mucho Evan,” Eddie spoke softly, cupping Evan’s face in the palms of his hands as his thumb traced the birthmark above his left eye.

That sparkle Eddie had whenever he saw the reflection of the universe in Evan’s eyes, that sparkle, it was all still there.

Because Evan was there, Evan was right there with him.

Touching him felt unreal, he couldn’t get enough of it.
And kissing him, that would…that would ruin Eddie as those lips were all he searched for in every lost lover he ever had for years.

Perhaps, both of them wished upon the right star.