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an after thought

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At the beginning when Bruno entered the walls of his childhood home ten long years ago he never thought he would be back with his familia. He never thought he would be able to experience the sun's warmth on his face, or the cold morning grass under his feet, or hell even one of pepas thundering storms ever again. But here he was. Over the few weeks it took his familia and village to clear out the fallen ruble and rebuild their home he was experiencing all those things and more. He was still in disbelief that he was here, that this wasn't a dream. He felt free from his burdens and anxieties, even though he knew it wouldn't last he enjoyed it.
With the construction complete a looming feelings of worry filled Bruno's head, he no longer had a distraction. His burdens and anxieties found their way back to him in the week it took the family to move in and this time he had no places to hide. All his regular places the family now knew and the walls have been patched. His head was rushing with thoughts before he was interrupted by a soft but worried beckoning. “-uno?” “bruno?” he quickly snapped his head up, turning towards whoever was speaking his cursed name. “¿Estás bien?” his sister spoke softer than before, a glimpse of worry in her eyes.
Taking a minute to hastily ground himself and take in his surroundings he remembered he was helping julieta and augustin in the kitchen prepare dinner. “Si, lo siento” he half whispered towards his sister before she nodded in acknowledgement going back to her task at hand. She was mixing batter for arepa con quesito well making small talk between the others in the room.
It felt so peaceful watching the happily married couple bake and cook together, though agustin was clumsy at most things he had a talent for cooking. Time seemed to slip by gracefully because before he knew it dinner was ready. “Bruno, want to set the table for me, por favor?” Julieta smiled as she glazed over to him. “Si, claro” he replied, grabbing onto the plates and utensils walking out of the kitchen to the dining room.
Setting the dishes and cutlery down he proceeded to knock on the wooden table well muttering under his breath “knock, knock, knock on wood” finishing with a knock on the head. Setting the table he glazed into the kitchen to see food being laid on platters and wine being selected. Bruno was never much of a wine drinker; he preferred whisky and gin for its helpfulness to suppress visions and guilt.
Finishing up setting the table and getting washed up for dinner he heard his sister yell to the house that dinner was ready. Almost stamped like the family was down to the dining room, washed up and seated in a matter of minutes. It made Bruno's head spin from how fast everyone arrived. Standing up and tapping her fork to her glass to get the familias attention Bruno's mama began to speak. “It has been a long month for us with all that has happened and I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to you all, lo siento mi familia for all the gref, hurt, and sadness I have caused you. I hope I can atone for my actions and build better relationships with you all” with that she sat down in her seat at the head of the table.
Her words rang censeir in everyone's ears, flashing a mix of emotion around the table in silence. No one dared to speak, taking time to process the message they just received. Seeming like hours but only being a few minutes the first person spoke. “I forgive you albela” young antonio chirped with a warm smile on his face. He definitely took after his mother that way. After that everyone acknowledged her apology, some forgiving her and some needing proof of change they all started to dish out. Conversations ran rampant amongst them as everyone ate and laughed which made Bruno have a sense of calmness and belonging he hasn't felt in so long blossom in his chest. A smile appeared on his face as he chewed on his second arepa con queso earning a glance from his mama.
As dinner neared its end bruno volunteered to do the dishes well pepa and julieta decided to take care of the leftovers. Standing up to collect the dishes Bruno felt a sense of uneasiness twist in his stomach as the floor beneath him started to swing and sway. Nausea bubbled in his gut as a high pitch ring started to fill all his senses and blackness filled his eyes. Losing any sense of strength he had his body gave into the vertigo leaving him crashing to the floor. The last thing he remembered before everything faded away was the distant sounds of yelling and pepas hail. Waking up Bruno's head felt like it was going to split down the middle, the pressure in his skull was intense and made his eyes water. Not daring to open his eyes to the spiraling world he instead opted to press his hands on his eyes and sigh. What even happened to him? Last thing he remembered was he was helping clean up after dinner. Maybe it was all a dream and he would open his eyes to the all too familiar walls of casita. Before he could continue to question his circumstances there was a light knock on the wooden door before being pushed open. “You had quite a fall, Hermano, we were worried about you” julieta said, sitting on the bed next to him. Opening his eyes and removing his hands he looked over towards his sister, she had her dark brown and gray hair in a messy bun letting a few strands hang loose. Her eyes looked almost as if she were crying. “Lo siento, i didn't mean to worry you and la familia, i don't even know what happened” he stated, trying to sit up despite his sisters protests.Brushing hair from his face, Julieta let out a simple sigh “you fainted well helping us clean up dinner, guessing from the bruises on your head and neck this isn't the first time this has happened” with that she took his hand and placed an empanada in his palm. “Come, te sentirás mejor” she stated, placing a hand on his shoulder and standing up to exit the little room he was provided. “Gracias hermana” bruno stated looking at the empanada then her. “We talk more in the morning, eat and get some rest, buenas noches hermano” she sighed as he returned the goodnight before closing the door. In doing so she left Bruno to question all the new thoughts that arose with no answers. Ripping the empanada given to him into smaller chunks he fed it to his rats. Hungry little things. Tonight he would get no rest. /p>