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Sweet (tooth) Justice

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Klavier: apollo im sorry

Klavier: plz talk to me schatz

Klavier: forehead?

Klavier: hase?

Klavier: mein liebling?

Klavier: my darling boyfriend who I love very much?



Apollo: Sorry doesn’t bring back my fucking skittles, Klavier.


Klavier: but i was hungry :(


Apollo: There were other snacks in the cupboard you could’ve had.

Apollo: Also that was half a bag Klav, you could’ve at least left some instead of eating the entire fucking thing.


Klavier: but you know i love skittles bcuz they’re gay ✨

Klavier: and how was i supposed to know they were yours?????


Apollo: Because they were opened and you literally watched me eat them on the couch yesterday.


Klavier: i’ll buy you some more then

Klavier: they’re only a dollar

Klavier: herrr foreheaddddddd :(

Klavier: schatz please don’t be mad at me ilyy




Apollo: Klav I’m trying to work.


Klavier: what can i do to make you happy??


Apollo: Maybe stop texting me when I’m at work?

Apollo: Trucy is getting suspicious.


Klavier: im going to the store do u want these skittles??


Apollo: There’s no point now


Klavier: wydm???


Apollo: I already bought some more. There’s a 7/11 like five minutes away.

Apollo: Trucy wanted food and I had to pay ofc.

Apollo: So I got some then.




Klavier: im still going to buy you some

Klavier: going rn


Apollo: Klav it’s fine I have some now.


Klavier: but are you still mad at me???


Apollo: Yeah a bit.


Klavier: so what can I do to make you happy with me :(


Apollo: Idk

Apollo: If you’re still going to the store can you at least get some more bread? We’ve run out.


Klavier: would that make you forgive me???


Apollo: Kinda. You were meant to get some yesterday when you went grocery shopping after all.


Klavier: schatz you’re killing me 💔

Klavier: i couldn’t get down the bread aisle there were fans trying to get my attention


Apollo: You didn’t disguise yourself????


Klavier: i was in a rush!!!


Apollo: Klav that’s celebrity suicide.


Klavier: at least i tried to get all the groceries we needed

Klavier: it was only the bread i missed

Klavier: and maybe my cereal

Klavier: herr forehead :(


Apollo: Sorry, Trucy tried to take my phone.

Apollo: She saw me glaring at my screen.


Klavier: :(


Apollo: Don’t :( me, you’ve gotten yourself into this mess Klav.


Klavier: it was only a pack of skittles


Apollo: HALF a pack of skittles.


Klavier: mein gott you are as bad as frau skye and her snackoo’s


Apollo: At least I don’t keep them at my side 24/7

Apollo: Actually, maybe Ema had a point. That way no one could steal them from me.


Klavier: are you going to start throwing skittles at me now?


Apollo: No, I wouldn’t waste a perfectly good skittle on you ❤️


Klavier: 😭

Klavier: anyways now entering the store, i’ll let you know when i get your precious skittles


Apollo: K


Klavier: ouch am i getting that treatment now??


Apollo: Just go in the store you moron.




Klavier: [image: a photograph of a freezer, containing tubs of different flavours of ice cream. The one at the front is labelled as cheesecake flavoured. Underneath, there is a yellow label reading ‘10% off’]

Klavier: isn’t this your favourite ice cream


Apollo: Holy shit! That stuff hasn’t been on sale in years!

Apollo: Not since me and Clay used to buy a tub each, stick a movie on at his moms house and eat the entire thing in one sitting.


Klavier: does it actually taste good?


Apollo: Of course it does, we wouldn’t have bought it if it didn’t. 


Klavier: want me to buy you some??


Apollo: Idk it’s still pretty expensive.


Klavier: if it makes you happy then I’m getting it for you :)


Apollo: Fine, you win.


Klavier: does that mean you forgive me for eating the skittles?


Apollo: Maybe.


Klavier: ach stop being so stubborn!!


Apollo: If you can bring the ice cream home without eating any of it, then I will.

Apollo: Oh and don’t forget the bread. I swear to god if I only see skittles and ice cream in your shopping bag I’ll let Mikeko lay on your black clothes.


Klavier: as if your wrath wasn’t bad enough!!!

Klavier: im literally getting bread rn


Apollo: Alright I believe you.

Apollo: I’ll be leaving work in about half an hour. I just need to finish this last round of paperwork, since Mr. Wright can’t do it himself.


Klavier: have fun with that schatz! i’ll see you later then 💕💕💕 xxxxx


Apollo: Bye Klav ❤️




When Apollo eventually returned to their apartment, Klavier had set everything up for a movie night. The coffee table was covered in bowls filled with popcorn, Doritos, and most importantly, skittles and ice cream. Netflix was already on the tv, the couch was covered in blankets and the lights were dimmed. 


It took a while, but once both of them were in their comfiest clothes and a cheesy romance movie was playing on the tv, Apollo tucked into the cheesecake flavoured ice cream. Klavier watched the spoon enter his mouth, and smiled softly as Apollo’s deep brown eyes glistened with reminiscent tears. “Good?” He asked.


Apollo nodded, taking the spoon out again. “Yeah, they haven’t changed the recipe at all.” He spoke fondly. Then he turned to Klavier. “Maybe I can forgive you.”


Klavier grinned, pressing a firm kiss to his forehead. “Thank you schatz, I won’t do it again, I promise?“


“Do you really?” Apollo’s eyebrows raised in suspicion.


“…Maybe, maybe not. Who knows?” He winked, Apollo rolled his eyes so hard that his pupils nearly disappeared back into his head.


“You’re awful!” Apollo scoffed. “And somehow I’m still in love with you.”


Klavier leaned into his boyfriend, tugging one of the many fluffy blankets he’d gathered over their bodies. “I love you too, mein liebling.” He pressed his lips into his slicked back hair, and then settled down to watch the movie in silence, occasionally sneaking a skittle into his mouth.