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Out Of Our Heads

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The click of the key card being accepted was quickly followed by the two men dashing into the hotel room and closing the door behind themselves. Steve walked over to the window and looked through the blinds to the city below where there were no sirens or flashing lights. Danny remained by the door and sagged against it, letting out a held breath.

“Nothing,” Steve said, which allowed both men to relax.

Steve wandered back and took the bag from Danny’s hand and placed it on the desk then sidled closer to where Danny was still standing. He bent his knees just enough to let their hips press together and then kissed Danny, both men smiling into it.

“We did it,” Danny replied.

“Was there ever any doubt?”

“I did have a stray thought when that guard started his rounds early, but Harry’s quick thinking fixed that.”

“Oh yeah?” Steve asked as a hand trailed down Danny’s chest and to his hardening dick and squeezed. Both men always got hot after a successful job. It was becoming pavlovian after so many and always led to amazing sex.

Danny bit his lip to keep from grinning too much while he nodded. “Yeah,” he said. “It’s a cliche but it’s amazing how many security guys still fall for the ‘drunks making out where they shouldn’t’ routine.”

Steve lifted his other hand to Danny’s face, cupping it and running his thumb across Danny’s lips. “Next time, Harry can hang precariously from a roof while I get the easy part.”

“Jealous?” Danny asked, one side of his mouth edging up into a sly grin.

Steve shook his head but his words didn’t match the denial. “Always, when someone else is close to you,” he replied, both men knowing full well that Danny had to get close to their marks relatively often which just heightened the pleasure they got after. Especially when Steve would take control to appease his possessive side and Danny would indulge the play.

“You’re the only one who gets closer,” Danny whispered as their lips hung close together.

“Naked and on the bed,” Steve smirked in response, indicating the king bed beside them and then pulling away from Danny to give him the space to strip. He watched as Danny pulled his black tee over his head and then unbuttoned his pants before dropping them with his underwear in one go, kicking them down.

Steve was slower to get his clothes off, distracted by Danny as he sat on the bed to shuck his shoes and the tangle of material at his legs. Danny had just dragged himself into the middle of the bed and Steve had his t-shirt off when there was a knock at the door.

Steve peered through the peephole and turned back to Danny. “Stay,” he said, which at least indicated to Danny that there wasn’t trouble at the door, then he opened it wide and let their friend into the room before closing it again.

Harry was looking relaxed so he must have already dumped his stuff in the room next door. Tani and Junior wound up with the room that had two queen beds so Harry, as a last-minute guest on this job, was sharing with them. He'd complained bitterly all morning about Tani’s snoring but Junior, as smitten as he was with her, joked about how he was always too worn out at night to care about it.

“Everything good?” Steve asked.

“We’re clean,” Harry responded before raising an eyebrow as he looked at Danny on the bed, his eyes roving up and down his naked body. “I see you’re celebrating already.”

“Just getting started,” Steve said.

“It’s traditional,” Danny added. “At the end of every successful score. It’s for luck.”

“Luck?” Harry asked while Steve continued to undress, unfazed.

“Well, we’ve never been caught,” Steve winked at him and Harry laughed.

“And here I thought you two just did it all the time because you were addicted to each other.”

“We have a healthy appetite,” Danny shrugged as he began to touch himself while Steve got rid of the last of his clothing, freeing his hard dick from his boxers. His eyes also scanned over to Harry who despite the black he was wearing, had an obvious bulge in the front of his pants. “You should stay,” Danny said. It wasn’t like it would be new and out of the blue for him to suggest it. “I like when you watch.”

Steve and Harry looked at each other and quickly interpreted each others’ imperceptible nods as agreement. “I’d be happy to. The others never provide such an enticing invitation.”

Steve grabbed the lube from one of their suit bags that was hanging up in the wardrobe and threw it over to Harry. “Why don’t you prep him for me?”

Danny’s dick twitched happily at the thought. It had been a long time since they’d done anything with Harry and the distraction kissing earlier in the evening had just reminded Danny of how good it felt to have Harry’s hands on him. He lay back and opened his legs wide while keeping a hand lazily stroking his dick.

Harry knelt beside Danny and let his eyes roam over his body, allowing a hand to trail in the wake across Danny’s chest where he tweaked briefly at each nipple before feather-light touches moved down over his abs, making Danny huff in a breath at the tickle. His hand joined Danny’s over his dick, squeezing into the movement before brushing down a thigh to his knee then off.

He opened the lube and squeezed some onto his fingers, rubbing them together to help coat them then he leaned down close to Danny, kissing his cheek first then shifting to his chin before claiming his lips. At that moment, the cool gel pressed against Danny’s hole, Harry’s finger swirling around the opening before gently pressing inside, giving him time to relax into the feeling but never stopping as it inched further inside him.

A dip on the bed let Danny know that Steve had joined them and was sitting watching. He could hear the soft slapping noise of Steve stroking himself.

“Hmm, feels good,” Danny whispered against Harry’s lips and he felt the answering smile as Harry took Danny’s words to mean he wanted more and a second finger pressed in with the first, making Danny tighten just for a moment as he was stretched that little bit more. Harry’s lips moved down over Danny’s cheek again and into his neck then more lips were on him and he opened his eyes as he felt Steve kiss his shoulder.

As Steve’s lips moved into Danny’s neck and began to graze and bite against him, Harry moved onto Danny’s chest and took a nipple between his teeth, pulling and teasing at the nub. Danny couldn’t help but raise off the bed, arching his back into the dual sensations of teeth on his skin. He didn’t even realize that a third finger was already pushing in and out of his hole.

“Fuck,” he moaned out, his throat tight. Steve knew Danny too well and that he was getting excited too fast and he put his hand over Harry’s to stop the Brit from moving his fingers inside Danny, keeping them still as they filled him and pressed tantalizingly close to his sweet spot. At the same time, he pulled Danny’s hand away from where it was still stroking his own dick and Danny moaned again at the loss.

Harry pulled his fingers out and let Steve settle between Danny’s legs. As Steve lubed up, Harry leaned down and sucked the head of Danny’s cock. The sight of both Harry and Steve down there made Danny want to explode, but he also wanted this to last, to enjoy both men taking care of him. He watched as Harry’s head bobbed up and down over his dick and Steve shifted closer, the head of his dick now pressing against Danny’s hole, ready to push inside.

As Steve tapped Harry’s shoulder, the other man lifted away from Danny’s dick at the exact moment that Steve pushed inside Danny.

“Yes! Give it to me!” Danny growled out as Harry slowly moved away and sat on the armchair beside the bed, opening his pants to allow his hard dick to spring out of their confines and he stroked himself with the lubed fingers that had just been inside Danny.

Danny smiled as he watched Harry watching Steve fuck him, the act heightening everything and turning Danny on more but a slap at his dick from Steve made Danny turn his head back to look at the former Navy SEAL who demanded his attention as he fucked him.

“Yes, babe. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Show Harry what you do to me,” Danny encouraged.

“You want this?” Steve asked on a grunt, bracing himself over Danny on both arms as he shoved his cock in hard and held it deep inside Danny. “You want my thick cock? Want me to spill deep inside?”

“I want it so deep it’ll take days to drip back out,” Danny said and as Steve bent closer, Danny hooked a hand behind his neck to pull him down so they could kiss. They were already getting out of breath and their lips met sloppily, messily, missing on occasion with tongues licking against the chin or lip.

Steve moved back into Danny’s neck, hot breath and wet kisses trailing down to his shoulder while Danny turned his head again to see Harry still watching intently while stroking himself.

Danny locked his legs around Steve’s waist and it changed the angle just enough to send sparks through Danny’s body. “That’s it! That’s it, right there! I’m gonna come…”

Steve grinned into Danny’s neck as he sped up his hips. The locking of their bodies meant Danny’s cock was trapped but it didn’t matter as he had stimulation from Steve’s cock, his hands, his mouth, and the added pleasure of Harry in the room watching, turned on so much by seeing Steve fucking Danny that it was enough. More than enough.

As Steve bit down hard on the join between Danny’s neck and shoulder, Danny let go... wet, hot cum splashing between their bodies. After a few more thrusts, Steve followed - shooting his load deep inside Danny, dick pulsing as he emptied himself into Danny’s willing hole before slowly pulling out and lifting himself back into a kneeling position between Danny’s legs.

He used a finger to push any last drops inside Danny and wiped his hands against the smaller man’s thigh.

“You always put on such a lovely show,” Harry said, breaking the silence. Both men noticed that Harry hadn’t come yet, his hand still stroking his hard dick and it made Danny lick his lips in a way Steve didn’t miss.

“You can have his mouth,” Steve told Harry, who hesitated for just a brief moment to gauge that Steve was serious before he climbed back onto the bed. He threw a leg over Danny’s shoulders so that he was kneeling on top of him before shoving his cock into Danny’s mouth, not giving him any time to get used to the feeling. Danny gripped Harry’s buttocks; the Brit was still clothed with just his dick out while Danny was completely exposed and he liked it. He felt like he was being used and only because Steve had allowed it. He eagerly swallowed around Harry’s cock and relaxed his throat so that Harry could take his mouth however he wanted.

He hadn’t realized that Steve had left the bed until he had returned and Danny felt something rubbery at his hole as Steve took the opportunity to plug him up, his spunk trapped inside Danny’s body, claiming him. Danny had no doubt that more would be added as soon as Steve was hard again and him now watching Harry fuck Danny’s mouth would help get him hard quicker.

It didn’t take long for Danny’s hot mouth to bring Harry to the brink and then he was groaning as he came. Danny swallowed as much as he could before the last of Harry’s cum dribbled out the side of his mouth. As Harry climbed back off him, Danny wiped the back of his hand against his mouth, then licked the last of the cum from it.

Harry sat up against the headboard beside where Danny was lying flat on the bed. Steve came closer on Danny’s other side, lying against his body and throwing a leg over one of Danny’s while he nibbled on Danny’s ear. “Did you like the taste?”

“Hmm,” Danny responded then reached to grab for Steve’s head and pulled him closer. “Taste it yourself,” he smirked as they kissed and any remnants of Harry’s cum in Danny’s mouth were shared between the two men. As Steve half climbed on top of Danny, the smaller man reached a hand back across Harry’s lap and the Brit took hold of his hand in one of his own while the other trailed lightly over the inside of his wrist before he lifted it to his lips for a gentle kiss.

As Steve kissed Danny’s chest, Danny looked up at Harry and locked eyes with him. Steve’s movements stopped and his head lifted as he saw the desire that Danny had for more. “Harry,” he began. “Why don’t you stay and maybe we can do what Danny really wants.”

Danny looked down at Steve, eyebrows raised in a question.

Steve laughed. “I know you too well, baby.” He reached a hand to stroke Danny’s face. “It’ll be fun for all of us.”

“I love you,” Danny said.

“Rest,” Steve said. “And in a little bit, we’ll both fuck you.”

The thought of it was so good Danny didn’t think he really needed to rest. His body already tingled with anticipation and he wanted it now. But as he felt both men tenderly stroking his arm and chest, he took a deep breath and allowed his body to relax. Closing his eyes to linger in the sensation, he didn’t even know he was dozing off.