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Burning Feathers

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Keigo- no. Hawks was tired, he was tired of acting, tired of playing puppet to the Commission, tired of betraying the League, his family, he was tired of faking, tired of existing

Kei- Hawks sighed as he rubbed a gloved hand down his face, cringing at the feeling of his talons scraping the inside of his leather gloves. 'You're going to be a hero, Hawks, heroes aren't animals, you can't let these.. disgusting abnormalities show', he remembered his Handler saying. 

He ran his gloved fingers through his hair, getting up on his feet. The winged-hero was about to pick up the shattered pieces of glass that were scattered across the kitchen floor when his phone pinged, his hand hovered over the unlock button, his breath hitching at the name of the sender. 


        ____________Madam President____________

Madam: Hawks we have a new assignment for you, this is being given over text due to all our agents being extremely busy at the moment. You are being assigned to eliminate threat #655, aka, the villain Toga Himiko.


Hawks'-Keigo's heart dropped.. what? kill... Himiko? the girl he had come to see as a little sister? 

He didn't realise he was hyperventilating until he felt himself suffocating, he shakily walked towards the door. 'Wouldn't that be nice? suffocating to death?', a traitorous part of his mind supplied before he halted. 


Toga Himiko, a seventeen year old girl, who had already been hurt so bad by society was going to die, his little sister was going to die, by his hands. 

And if he didn't listen to the order then it would be him. But... that wasn't so bad was it? but of course that wasn't going to happen. 

If it was between him and his family, it would be him. The Commission wouldn't allow that, they wouldn't allow their golden bird to die. Instead they would torture and brainwash him until he broke, until he couldn't think, until he obeyed

And suddenly death didn't sound so bad.




Tomura was busy playing games on his Nintendo Switch as Himiko pestered Twice to paint his nails. Kurogiri was cleaning his glasses while having a very interesting conversation with Sako about the finest brand of wine. 

Dabi was sitting on the couch, watching the news reporter talking about baseless accusations against some new lowlife hero assaulting a fan when his phone pinged with a text. 

Himiko, who was with Tomura perked up and skipped over, squealing. 

"Dabi!!! is it Hawksie!? is it your birdy?!?", she giggled. 

"Fuck off Himiko, he's not my birdy but yeah, whatever, it's him", he grumbled. 

Tomura paused his game reluctantly. They won't admit that Keigo had flown his way into their small family, they knew he was a double agent, he didn't know they knew but they both knew he wasn't doing it by his own accord. Though they were always happy to hear from him, especially with the Commission breathing down the guy's neck. 

"What did he say? I don't care", Twice perked up. 

Even Kurogiri was listening intently, he was worried for Keigo once he heard what the Commision were doing to him. All For One had tried his best to keep the most of the Nomu's human traits alive even if it forgot it's memories. 

Dabi rolled his eyes at their antics and opened up the text. Though the contents immediately set him on edge. 

"He's acting.. off", the burnt-villain muttered. 

"What do you mean?", Tomura scratched his neck in anticipation. 

Himiko hawled the phone off Dabi, ignoring his grabs she read it out loud. 

"Ok he said, 'Hey Dabs, I'm sorry for lying to you and the League, I'm.. a traitor but I swear I didn't tell them anything to put you guys in trouble. I just wanted to tell you guys that, sorry. Also protect Himiko, the Commission is after her.' Huh?.. wait there's more, 'My real name is Keigo.' Dabi why is he talking like that?", Himiko frowned, her usual smile faltering. 

"I.. don't know Himiko", Dabi muttered. 

"He said the Commission is after Himiko, and he's acting like he's going somewhere. We already knew he was a double agent so why is he telling us now of all times", Tomura had disintegrated his Switch, choosing to scratch his neck instead. 

"He said his name.. he's never told anyone his name.", Spinner added. 

"I think it's best to go check on him", Kurogiri suggested. 

"Yeah.. I think so too", Dabi said, the sinking feeling in his stomach growing every passing second. Something was wrong, really wrong. 

Kurogiri opened a portal to Keigo's apartment and Dabi rushed out of the purple matter. Himiko gasped at the state of the flat, the kitchen was a mess, covered it glass shards and the sofas were all ripped apart. 

"Birdy? Hawks?", Dabi went and knocked impatiently on his bedroom door. 

When he got no answer Tomura came forward and placed all five fingers onto the wooden door, reducing it to nothing but dust. 

They stepped in to see the room all a mess, glass frames shattered and lampshades broken. 

Twice was silent and Tomura was frozen. Himiko whimpered as she saw a few red feathers laying around. 

Dabi made a beeline to the bathroom, hoping he would be in there, safe and just doing something stupid as usual, like showering with earphones on or eating KFC. Though his cold, frozen heart knew that wasn't the case, not this time. 

He knocked twice and tried to open the bathroom door, only to find it locked. The ravenette let out a string of curses before kicking the door open, just to freeze upon the sight. 

Dabi let out a choked gasp at seeing Keigo, laying on the floor in a pool of his own blood. A sharpened feather lying in one of his gloved hands. 

Himiko froze, her face filled with pain and shock as shimmering tears silently rolled down her face. Twice was trying to get Himiko away, he knew, as much as she obsessed over blood, this was probably a trigger for her. 

Tomura accidentally dusted the feather he was holding before he rushed into the bathroom. 

"Dabi! Dabi snap out of it and help me!", Tomura shouted, his red eyes wide with panic as he quickly took the sharp feather out of Keigo's hand, decaying it.

Dabi shook his head and dropped down to his knees beside Keigo, quickly checking his pulse. It was slow, but there nonetheless. 

"Please don't leave me", he whispered into his chest. Dabi released a breath he didn't know he was holding. 

"KUROGIRI!", Tomura shouted. 

"Yes Tomura, we will bring him to the Doctor, rest assured", the mist-man tried to reassure his ward even though his own mist was flickering due to panic. 

Tomura let Dabi lift the winged-hero up while he stared at his blood covered hands, he didn't realise he was still sitting there until Spinner layed a hand on his shoulder. 

He wordlessly nodded and got up, choosing to look anywhere but the red stains on his clothes. 

He glanced at Himiko who was currently crying into Twice and Kurogiri who left alongside Dabi but left a open portal. 

The blue-haired villain slowly headed towards the portal, stopping beside the blonde duo for a minute. 

"Himiko?", he choked out, his voice suddenly hoarse. He couldn't tell who initiated it but in a matter of seconds Himiko was in his arms, sobbing. 

He didn't know he was crying until he felt a teardrop land on his hand, that was resting on Himiko's head with all but one fingers. 

"Why.. why woul..d he do that!?", Himiko sobbed, her voice cracking. 

"I don't know Himi, I don't know", he whispered into her hair.




"You must only heal the boy, nothing more nothing less. Am I understood Garaki?", All For One commanded. 

The Doctor, Garaki, grumbled in annoyance but obeyed. After all, who was he to disobey the overlord of the underworld.

That seemed to please the Supervillain as he nodded and left. 

Garaki sighed and returned to his lab, Dabi entered with the Hero soon after.




"He had lost a lot of blood before getting here it seems. However, I was able to heal him but he probably won't wake up until a few days", Garaki told Dabi and Tomura, who still held Himiko in his arms, who had cried herself to sleep. 

Dabi numbly nodded while Tomura glared at the Doctor. "Fine, but we're bring him to our layout", he spoke. 

"Yes young Master", the Doctor gritted out and stiffly bowed. 

"Hey Twice.. bring Himiko to her room", Tomura told Twice, his voice unusually soft. 

"Okay", Twice agreed, his other voice silent for once. 

Once they were gone Tomura layed a gloved hand on Dabi's shoulder, who's cerulean eyes were locked onto the unconscious figure lying on the bed. 

"I can't lose him Tomura.... not again", he breathed. 

Tomura didn't have the heart to ask him what he meant at the moment so he just let his bro- friend lean his head onto his shoulder. 

The blue-haired villain took a deep breath and turned around, wrapping his arms around Dabi. The black-haired man stiffened before he melted into the touch. Tomura didn't comment on the blood seeping into his hoodie. 

Kurogiri sighed and warped the duo and the bed to their home. He knew if he had proper eyes, he would be crying right now.




All For One was scowling sitting in his room. He knew the Commission was still creating child soldiers and lab experiments, but he couldn't stop them, not yet. That's what Tomura and the League were aiming to do. The fall of the Hero Public Safety Commission and the toxic hero society. He used one of his quirks to find out what happened. 

The HPSC wanted Pro Hero Hawks, Takami Keigo, to eliminate, meaning kill, Toga Himiko. It was evident that Keigo wouldn't kill them, All For One knew that, and if the boy was any danger to his family he would have gotten rid of him when he first heard of him.

The Commission were now trying to outright kill the League of Villains, they know if they try to kill all of them at once it will fail so they're trying to kill off the younger, easier targets first. 

The Supervillain sighed, his family wasn't safe, he failed one of them, he wouldn't fail another. He looked at the picture of a smiling green-haired woman, a white-haired man and a small baby in his hand with one of his quirks. He couldn't fail another family. It was time to cash in one of his favours. 

A phone ringtone echoed in the silent room.

"Hello. Ah yes, this is Shigaraki Hisashi speaking, I had a favour to use", All For One spoke. 

"Oh what a wonderful surprise, it's been a while old friend", the other individual replied

It was time to spin the world on it's axis.

It was time for change.