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Spark Knight Klee!

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Albedo glanced up from his trance of work for a knock at the door. As he opened the door bright orange-yellow eyes met his tired turquoise ones, and he nearly immediately recognized her as outrider Amber. He sighed slightly, not as much in annoyance as you'd think, "What is it?" His voice came out deeper than normal from having been up all night working. "Do you want the long story or the short story?" Amber started. "Short story." Albedo had a small huff as he spoke on accident.


Amber thought for a moment, "So.. basically, your sister blew something up-" Albedo yawned quietly in the middle of her sentence. "-and now I can't find her anywhere. She's completely vanished." Amber had seemed nervous as she spoke. The tired alchemist took a moment to process what she had just said and then instantly shot up, "You lost her?!" Amber raised her hands up in a false surrender to defend herself, "I didn't mean to! She just up and ran away from me!"


Albedo stared into space for a moment before pinching the bridge of his nose. "I'll go look for her. I'm assuming that's why you came to me." Amber nodded in response. Albedo let out another sigh, "Alright, give me a moment." He turned around back towards his work and took a quick swing of coffee, stretching out his shoulder and cracking his knuckles as well.


He gently pressed past the outrider that stood in his doorway and shielded his eyes with his arm at the sudden brightness. He had left his windows closed while he worked, as he considered it to be somewhat of a distraction, so he wasn't very used to the sunlight that beat down on him. It's basically always sunny in Mondstadt, so there was no escaping it, but it still bothered him sometimes.


He shook his head slightly to clear his sudden thoughts and bounded in the one direction he could guarantee Klee most likely went in. He nearly tripped over his own feet a few times, having to avoid bumping into people as well in his exhausted state. If he got a dollar everytime he muttered “sorry” today, he’d be rich enough to buy the entire Knights of Favonius HQ at this point.


His rather fast steps against the stone path in the city melded together with the other random people’s steps who were walking by. He wondered to himself what trouble Klee had probably already gotten herself in by now. Maybe she blew up a barrel at Dawn Winery, or accidentally threw a bomb at someone passing by. Whatever she might’ve done, he didn’t want to have to deal with the damages of it after, and so his pace grew quicker.


He was absolutely exhausted; he had been staying up all night to work on his alchemy and sort out paperwork, and he didn’t know how many cups of coffee he’d drank. It was rather unpleasant to be searching for Klee with less than 3 hours of sleep, but he had no real choice in the matter. The truth was that Klee mostly only came out of her hiding for Albedo. Even when the other knights would go searching for her, they could never find her. If they did find her, she’d run away and explode other things just to get them stop chasing her.


It was nothing short of special to do this, not at all; it was more so like a bi-weekly occurrence, with how much trouble that girl could get into when left to her own devices.. or well, her own bombs. Albedo snapped away from the monologue in his head and continued moving, slowing down to a stop once he reached the area he had expected the elf would be in. “Klee, come on out.” Albedo called, listening intently to the sound of shuffling.


The spark knight burst forth from the bushes with a bright smile on her face, immediately hugging close to Albedo. “Big brother! I’ve been searching aallll over for you!” Klee half-shouted. “Klee, if you wanted to get my attention you could’ve just come to my workshop, instead of running away from the knights and making them panic..” Albedo picked her up into his arms and she nestled herself into his chest. She seemed not to register what he said until then. “Oh.. I could’ve?”


Albedo chuckled slightly, “You had Amber worried sick. So much so that she came to me so I could find you, actually.” Albedo booped her nose with his semi-free hand. “Oh, I don’t want Amber to be sad!” Klee frowned. Albedo smiled softly, “We should go back and look for her, just so she’s sure you’re not lost.” Klee nodded and gladly let Albedo carry her as he walked back. He was excessively careful of the girl in his arms.


Ever since Klee had come into the Knights of Favonius’ protection from Alice, they always had seemed to have a bond of some sort. Klee was basically Albedo’s younger sister (despite them not actually being related at all) and that seemed to be what everyone else accepted. Instead of saying Klee, they said “Albedo’s sister” or “your sister.” To Klee, they’d sometimes just say “your brother.” It was strange at first, but since then, it’s grown on Albedo.


His footsteps padded all the way back to the Knights of Favonius HQ, and he already knew exactly where to go. He opened the door to Jean’s office and found the vision wielders of the knights just standing there. Amber opened her mouth to speak but when she looked down at the spark knight in Albedo’s arms, she let out a relieved sigh.


Jean stood up quickly and walked towards Albedo. “Thank you, Albedo- we wouldn’t have been able to find her otherwise. I apologize for the inconvenience.” Albedo smiled, just for a fleeting moment, “It’s nothing. She’s my sister,” he didn’t express any emotion outwardly at being able to say that, “of course I’d look for her.”


Jean smiled as well. Klee jumped out of Albedo’s arms with a big smile on her face, but she turned to Amber instead. “Klee’s sorry for making Amber worry..” Amber seemed a bit confused at first, glancing towards Albedo for a moment, before kneeling down to Klee’s level with a smile. “It’s fine Klee, please don’t do what you did again.”


“I will!” Amber let out a sigh while Albedo and Jean looked at each other for a moment, as if they just knew; she was definitely going to do something like that again in the future.