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Burning Lies

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Bucky POV

I don't know how long it's been since I've... disappear? I think that I good way to put it. The last thing that I remember is calling out to Steve after I see my new arm dissolve, and then blackness.

I look around at my surroundings and quickly realize that I'm still I'm Wakanda. I call out "HEY is anyone there! Steve! " I wait for a second and I see T'Challa run up to me along with Sam. I give them both a greeting hug. When I pull back from my hug with Sam he speaks in a soft voice " does anyone know where the rest of the Avengers are I looked for a bit and sent Redwing I can't find other Avengers, I saw Wanda North of here and a walking tree that is repeating 'I am Groot'. " When I hear Sam mention the tree I speak up " I remember the tree he was with the raccoon and Thor? I think the tree is there." I pause for a second "friend? I didn't know trees could have friends." Sam and T'Challa let out a small laugh. T'Challa then starts to speak in a formal tone" we need to go get Wanda and head towards the city, Sam go get the tree and we'll meet you where you found Wanda." Sam nods his head and takes off, with Redwing following closely behind.

After we got everyone gathered we start to head back towards the city,on the way back we walk through the field where the battle started, many more Wakandans looking at each other in worry trying to find their friends and families, T'Challa and Shuri calls them all over. We make our way to the city when Okoye spots all of us and calls over a few other dora's, speaks to them, and sent them away. Queen Ramona then comes rushing over to her children, pulling them into a hug. Just before we can walk into the palace a golden yellow portal opens and a strange man with a red cloak come out and tells us that Thanos is on earth again and that we have to help out the others.

- After everyone gets ready for the war -

Everyone is suited up and ready to end the 5-year long war, Sam and Bucky still have their comms so Sam tries to reach anyone he can, once he connects he says in a joking manner " On your left" soon after he said those words portals start to form all around Wakanda. T'challa, Shuri, and Okoye walk through the same portal while Sam flies above and Bucky follows behind. Once everyone is out of the portals they close up and good is faced with evil. Everyone hears "AVENGERS" and then a large bolt of lighting and the long thump of thunder roll across the sky and the battle commences. Bucky and the raccoon are talking yelling back and forth about Bucky's arm again while killing everything in sight that isn't human.

All of a sudden a large red bolt of power forms around Thanos and some people quickly turn there to see Wanda trying to rip Thanos in half, but soon loses focus when the ship Thanos and his army arrived on start to fire at the ground. The sorcerers put up shields and the Sorcerer Supreme starts to twist water to protect people. Soon after they put the shields, they drop them because the firing stopped. everyone watches as a large yellow light comes crashing into the largest ship and it comes crashing to the ground with a large crash. The fight continues everyone is fight until suddenly all of the Black Order and Chitauri turns to dust, Thanos himself being the last one as he says his final words


Time skip

Everyone is gathered around Tony while they watch Pepper and Peter let tears flow freely, the small cries turn into sobs when everyone watches as Tony Stark arc rector goes out for the final time, when you look around one could see the silent tears flowing from Steve Rogers, Thor Odinson, Bruce Banner, and James Rhodes was they morn the loss of their friend of many years. After a few minutes pass everyone takes a knee for the man that just saved the universe at the cost of his own life, a king, a god, a WW2 super soldier, an assassin, a sorcerer supreme, and many more, kneel as they thank the man the saved them.