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Fucking migraine. No, you can’t disturb me. I am working.


Mew hangs the clothes he was holding on the rack and turns his face to the other side of the wall, pressing his forehead lightly against it, eyes shut, hoping it gives him some kind of relief. He places his hands on the wall, trying to gain some sort of balance that this throbbing pain is depriving him of.


The warm and dim lighting of the dressing room isn’t really helping with the somber mood.


Scratch that, it is helping his mood. Mew would rather have this dull lighting than the bright lights outside. In fact, he wants to turn off the lights. In his experience, that’s the best way to combat this.


After popping a few painkillers from his staff, Mew has requested for some alone time before he goes live for Skechers. He has to change his outfit anyway to comply to the brand’s request.


Slowly, he opened his eyes and turns himself to the full length mirror in front of him.


To be honest, he physically doesn’t look bad.  Emotionally, that’s a different topic all together. But then work is work, professionalism will always be key in keeping your job. And in his case, work means getting out there even if you’re not feeling 100%. No one should notice you’re not okay.


Deep breaths, Mew. Deep breaths.


He sat himself on a small cushioned stool in the tiny room and waited for the medicine to kick in.  He managed to fix his hair a bit, iron out the slight wrinkles on his shirt, and then he feels it. The fatigue.


Painkillers don’t kill tiredness, don’t they?


Mew thinks about what had transpired during the day. This was what, his 3rd schedule for the day? Truthfully, it was his second public schedule but if he includes all the meetings he has to attend in between - does he even want to count?


Yes his face looks fresh - thanks to his ever reliable makeup artist, but honestly, he’s exhausted. He just wants to go home and sleep, and maybe -


Mew then hears a knock on the door and thinks it’s time he needs to go live.


“Nong Gulf is on the phone.”


He hears his manager say behind the door and he quickly checked his watch.


10 minutes before 7pm.


Mew quickly opens the door and sees the look on his manager’s face.


She doesn’t look exactly happy about the call since they have exactly 10 min before they go live. Mew knows that it’s not like she doesn’t like Gulf. She’s just very strict with his work and he is working and there are schedules that needs to be followed on time. Mew can sense that his manager thought twice about giving him the phone. She probably thought they have no time for this. But knowing the hectic schedule Mew had the past weeks, he hasn’t seen Gulf for quite some time. Their schedules doesn’t really meet so Mew usually ends up going home to his parents instead of going to the condo. She probably just gave in because she knew he needs this. Needs him.


“You have 5 min, Mew. That’s it.”


Mew looks at his manager with a satisfied grin and tells her he’ll take it and quickly took the phone from her.


Closing the door behind him, he sits back on the stool when he hears Gulf on the other line.


“Phi, I am setting the timer because I’m also going live at 7 and P’Best will kill me if I am late.”


Mew chuckles and suddenly he feels a little bit whole again.


“Hi Nong. I miss you.”


He hears Gulf sigh before hearing his reply that he misses him too.


“Should we turn on the video, Phi? I wanna see you.”


He can feel him smile through his words. He indulges the younger and turns on his video too.


“Wanna see me, huh? Here, me. Hi.”


He flashes a smile at Gulf, to which the other returns with a glee. Mew looks at him and sighs because it’s been weeks since he last held him in his arms.


“I miss you too, Phi Mew.”


Mew sees him shuffle around and hears some clanking sound in the background and Gulf was out of focus for a bit.


“Gulf, are you okay? Where are you?”


When he comes in focus again, he flashed him a shy grin, cheeks with a tinge of pink.


“I am in a janitor’s closet? I dunno, Phi. It’s the only vacant room I could find. Heh.”


Mew looks at Gulf and can’t help but burst out laughing - so hard that he’s feeling wetness on his cheeks. And then suddenly, emotions turn downhill and he’s choking a sob. He’s a fucking mess.




“Phi, are you okay?”


“Are you crying?”




“Talk to me.”


“Phi Mew, you’re scaring me.”


Mew tries his best to quickly catch his breath and calm down his sobs as he hears the slight panic in Gulf’s voice.


He gently wipes his face and turns back to the call.


“I’m not really okay, I feel tired, have a throbbing migraine and am missing you like crazy. It’s been weeks since I last saw you. Like in person.”


He doesn’t expect Gulf to reply this.


Gulf’s not really the expressive one between the two of them and Mew’s really okay with it. He’s usually good at keeping his emotions in check but then it is Gulf he’s talking to and he’s always at his most comfortable when he’s with him, even when not physically together.


Gulf is quiet and looks at him with solemn eyes and Mew just wants to reach for him through the screen.


“Don’t worry, Nong. I’ll be fine.”


Mew forces a smile, but really, he’s feeling much better. Maybe he just needed that release.


Then the timer buzzes through Gulf’s phone.


“Well, I guess our time’s up.”


Mew says as he stands up and is already anticipating a knock from his manager.


“Phi Mew, hang in there, okay? You know I will always be here. Susu na, phi.”


They both quickly say their goodbyes and Gulf sends him a quick kiss through the screen before ending the call.


Well, he doesn’t really have a choice, does he? Mew muses.




“How’s my schedule tomorrow, P’Best?”


Gulf looks at his manager as he packs his things now that the live has finished. When he saw Mew crying in their call earlier, he felt his heart breaking, had wanted to drop everything and just go to him. Of course it wouldn’t be wise given the situation so he just said some words of encouragement for Mew.


Now that his work is done, he was wondering if he could sneak a little quality time with his Phi.


“First schedule is at 12 noon tomorrow so I need to pick you up at 11."


Gulf smiles at this and P’Best narrows his eyes at him as if he already knows what he is going to ask next.


“Uhm…can you drop me off at P’Mew’s condo instead?”


Gulf pleads with his eyes and P’Best scratches his head and rolls his eyes in defeat. His manager is strict but he knows he probably needs this time off. He helps him pack his stuff so they can quickly exit the studio and drive off. When the car finally stops in front of Mew’s building, he fixes his cap and mask and grabs his bag and gives his manager a big hug of thanks.


“No hanky panky tonight, ok? You guys better rest. You can’t be late tomorrow. I’ll pick you up at 11 still, okay?”


“Yes, sir. We’ll be good tonight. We just need a bit of alone time. It’s been almost a month since I last saw him.”


His manager nods and sighs and shoos him away. Gulf makes his way up to the unit and wonders if Mew is already home. He didn’t message him that he’s coming because he wants it to be a surprise.


He keys in the passcode and sees that lights are still off. He checks his phone for the time and it’s almost 10. He sends Mew a message asking his whereabouts and he gets a reply almost immediately.


I am on my way home, Nong. I just had to make a quick trip to the office to get some documents. How about you?


Already home, Phi. You’re staying at the condo tonight, right?


Gulf didn’t realize he could be going home to the mansion tonight and prays to all gods that he stays here instead.


Yes. My schedule tomorrow starts after lunch but I’d rather stay in the condo to catch up on sleep.


Gulf sighs in relief and tells him to be careful and to message him once he’s home.


He knows he probably only has a few minutes before Mew gets back so he quickly places his bag on the bedroom and goes to shower so his Phi doesn’t have to wait for his turn.


A few moments later, he’s already drying his hair and about to sit on his side of the bed when he hears the front door closing and sees light in the living room.


Then his phone rings. He isn’t on silent so he doesn’t wait long before he answers it.


“I’m home, Gulf.”


“Me too.”


“I know, you must be already in bed, right?”


“Right. Wanna see?”


Gulf turns on his video to show his Phi where he is and it doesn’t take more than 5 seconds for him to hear Mew come rushing to the bedroom.


“Baby, you’re here!”


Mew rushes to his side and immediately cups his face with his hands and brings their forehead together, eyes closing just to feel each other’s presence. Gulf held his arms as soft sighs can be heard from them both before he was able to reply with the softest voice.


“Yes, Phi. I’m here.”


They don’t move for another 10 minutes and it takes another 5 minutes for Gulf to convince Mew (and a lot of pouting from him too) to go shower so he can join him in bed.


Gulf thinks Mew took the quickest shower because he joins him back in no time and he’s not even done with his ongoing game. Usually Gulf will finish the game before putting it down but he’d make an exception tonight. He places his phone on the side table and slips into Mew’s warm embrace, immediately nuzzling his neck. Gulf can feel Mew’s fingers tracing circles on his back, while his hands are on Mew’s hair, giving him gentle massages to his scalp, earning relaxing moans from the older.


“How were you able to convince P’Best to stay here?”


“I didn’t have to. Maybe he just knew I need this. We both need this.”




Mew hums in reply and Gulf can feel Mew’s fingers slipping under his shirt, lacing soft touches on his back and his body shivers uncontrollably. In return, he shifts and starts tracing soft kisses on Mew’s collarbone, on his neck then on his jawline before finally placing his lips on his.


They had both missed kissing like this, the slow unhurried kind. It’s the kind that triggers a burning sensation in their core but it’s like a slow ember that’s just there. Always unwavering.


Hands firm on Gulf’s waist, Mew is slowly pulling him closer for good measure as they deepen their kiss, giving access to each other as their tongues languidly play on each other’s cavern, not once fighting a battle. Albeit relaxed, it doesn’t mean they are not thoroughly enjoying each other, what with light moans filling their otherwise quiet bedroom.


But if they keep doing this for 30 more minutes, they both know it will probably turn into something more heated, more lustful and both their managers will possibly kill them for not resting properly. So after a few more nips and nibbles, Gulf pulls away, but not without a protesting groan from Mew.


“I promised P’Best, no hanky panky tonight, Phi.”


“Tomorrow morning, then?”


“If we wake up early enough, then maybe?”


They both giggle like teenagers as they position themselves to sleep, Gulf turning on his side and Mew wrapping an arm around his middle, cuddling him. A kiss on the younger’s nape and an exchange of I love you’s and they’re off to dreamland.


Do they wake up early enough tomorrow? You bet, they did.