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Back against the wall

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The room was buzzing with music and tainted with colourful lights. After a long day of receiving awards, and conversing with people they didn’t really know, dream and sapnap were at a top golf, surrounded by some of the best people. It was nice, really; hanging out with friends.

It was dreams debut at a big event since face revealing about a month ago. It felt nice talking to all of his online friends. Being able to feel their energy in person.

The event was over, and he’d revived an award for content creator of the year. He was done with all the media side of things, posted his thanks to twitter, and taken photos of him and his friends with smiles across their faces.

Twitter had gone especially crazy when he posted a photo of him and sapnap holding punz bridal style, all giggling, dressed up all fancy, not bothering to smile at the camera, just living in the moment and having fun. It’s something dream has never experienced, yet it feels so familiar.

Over the last few years hes watched all of his streamer friends meet up with their group of people. Him being dream, had saved his “meeting virginity” till George had gotten to Florida.

A lot has changed since george arrived in America. Now that all three of them were in the same house, they had all the time in the world. Just basking in eachother presents. Hanging out, watching movies, cooking together, going to theme parks. It all seems to some so naturally to the three of them. The conversations had never run stale, the silence never awkward. The adjustment period seemed to be non existent.

Though it was fun getting to know their little quirks. Such as sapnap always need 10-15 minutes after he wakes up, before you can talk to him. Or that George hates nothing more than crumbs left on the floor. (I mean fair enough right?)

Dream bathes in his happiness, getting lost in thought, being brought back to the present by a warm, strong hand on his thigh. Eyes clearing the blur and focusing on sapnaps hand resting on his leg. Gazing over it before looking up to see sapnap next to him.

“Hey you here?”

Sapnap says with a light giggle in his voice, used to dreams zoning out, Sapnaps not fazed.

“These booths are uncomfortable do you wanna go get something more to drink? A little walk?” They had already had two, or three glasses of champagne and were just starting to feel it. The nerves starting to fizzle out.

“Yeha I’m here, sorry just zoned out. And yes. Let’s drink please.” Dreams voice a little scratchy from yelling over the loud music all night, and the conversations going on around them.

They both stand and wonder off to the bar. It’s still a little weird to dream, how there is a bar in a golfing joint. He’s not really sure who booked this for everyone but its really nice. They were on a rooftop, an amazing view, live music on a massive stage, good food, and even better people. He was so happy to be there. Surrounded by comfort and familiar voices.

It was getting quiet late into the evening, most people a little buzzed from all of the champagne being handed around. Dream didn’t usually drink, but tonight was different, he was celebrating. Smiling at sapnap as he took a seat at the bar, sapnap ordered their drinks

“Shots?” Sapnap asks as his lips quirk into a smile. “Tequila?” Dream quirks back. Fuck it, he won a choice award who is he to deny drinking.




The liquor settles in his stomach as his head feels a little bit lighter than twenty minutes ago. His mind a little foggy, seems to focus on the music in the background.

“Dance?” His attention turns at the voice, to the face next to him.

Skimming over the features on it. The light freckles that dot the noes. The sharply trimmed beard of dark hair, that accentuates a slightly rounded yet strong jaw. As dreams eyes roam back to green and grey hinted eyes, the voice chirps again.

”You know you want too” sapnap teases. “You know i don’t dance sap… But I’ll make an exception, Just for you” his mocking tone makes sapnap smile.

“Dancing is fun, and you know it. Plus I know those shots make my feet wanna move. Come on pretty boy let’s see what you got” sapnap says as he lifts himself off the bar chair they had been seated on for a while now.

Sapnaps wondered off into the crowd of people that are also dancing. Dream smiles to himself has he follows close behind, his hand reaching out to hold the side of sapnaps arm, so he doesn’t get lost amongst the crowd.

Finding a spot among everyone, sapnap turns to dream and smiles as he starts to move with the music. As his arms reach out, his hands lightly brush over dreams torso. They were both still wearing the same clothes from the award show, a bit over dressed for a top golf but they fit in well with the others in the room. All dressed to impress. Both having undone the top buttons of their dress shirts to give them a little more room to breath.

Sapnaps eyes wonder down along with his own hands. Fingers brushing against the cool leather of a harness that sat along dreams hips and waist, both of them moving with the music.

Dream was never one to really dress up to go out places, but when he had been invited to this event, he’d gone to sapnap and George for outfit advice. Not wanting to just wear a plain black suit and white dress shirt. It was a fun experience for the three of them to browse Pinterest for ideas, and when dream had come across these cool harnesses that can go over your shirt, he was in love. It was very much out of his comfort zone, usually opting for something a little more causal and lounging around in sweats all the time. Though after looking at people wearing them, they all looked really hot in them, so he decided that he was just going to buy it, and if he didn’t like it he could always find something else. He had also bought a satin like dress shirt and black leather like pants that clung to his thighs and show off his ass real nice. He doesn’t do all those ass workout for nothing.

When he first put on the outfit at home a few weeks ago, he was alone. Not wanting anyone to mention how he looked in it, just in case he hated it and felt insecure or something. He wasn’t as insecure about his body as he was a few years ago. Still, sometimes he just can’t stop thoes thoughts from plaguing his mind, and if they did, he didn’t want sapnap or george to be around to see what would happen.

Luckily when he had gotten fully dressed in his new outfit, he didn’t have any of those bad thoughts. Dream had put off trying it on because he was worried the glass wall holding them out would crack when he look into the mirror. Instead the complete opposite happened.

When he steeped into the bathroom to take a proper look at himself, he almost couldn’t believe how good he looked. His tall slender frame working well the outfit. The pants smooth against his skin with the belt sitting snug around his hips. The feeling of fake leather under his finger tips and the feeling of the fabric pressing firmly around his legs, made him so happy for some unknown reason. Maybe it was because the look and feeling was so foreign to him? He didn’t really question it. He adjusts the leather and pulls on the straps that hold it around his shoulders. Gazing over himself in the mirror, he plays with and hooks his fingers through the O shaped holes littering the harness.

Being tugged out of thought, by sapnap doing the same. Dream feels himself being tugged lightly by his harness. He stumbles a little forward, head being a bit dizzy from alcohol. As he stables himself he hears sapnaps voice giggle in front of him.

“Woah there cowboy” sapnap says through laughter. Dream opens his eyes to look at sapnap, not even realising he had closed them in the first place, to see that he had his hand fully on sapnaps chest.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…” his words fade as he sheepishly turns his head away and pulls back his hand.

“If you wanted to feel my man boobs you could have just said so dream.” Sapnap quirks an eyebrow still giggling to himself, waiting for a laugh or something from dream but it never came.

Sapnap and dream usually have a very playful friends ship, some would interpreted it as more than a friends ship, but the two of them never really talked about being more than just friends. Yeah there had been times where the two of them got a little too far into the flirting, and would blur the line even for them selves, but they never spoke of it. Even that one night in discord where things had gone a little too far. They never really talked about it. Dream was a go with the flow kind of guy, just living in the moment, not worried about commitment or labels, and sapnap knows this. Being one of the reasons sapnap himself has never brought it up.

“You okay dream?” Sapnaps voice laced with genuine concern as he looks at the side of dreams cheek.

“Yeah I’m okay, I’m kind of tired tho, and a bit cloudy.” Dream looks back at sapnap. This is when sapnap realises that he’s never actually seen or been around dream when he’s had something to drink.

“Oh is it good cloudy? Or bad? Is it from the alcohol?” Sapnap questions.

“Yeah i get spacey when i drink, I’m not drunk but it’s buzzing a bit. It’s normal for me.” Dream clarifies.

“If you want to go back to the hotel, just let me know, It’s only a five minute walk, I’m okay to go whenever. I can carry you back too, if you’d like that, princess.” Sapnap teases, they both giggle at that. Both having flushed cheeks and a little sweaty from moving around the dance floor, in and out from amongst the crowd. They just twist and move back and forth for a moment, staring at each other, taking the other in.

“You look amazing in this outfit. Like seriously, dream, i know I’ve told you already but, these pants, the harness, the whole thing. You look amazing.” He said meekly, eyes meeting with dreams.

The coloured lights blending across dreams dusk ridden face, as sapnap smiles warmly at the blond in front of him.

“You’re not good with complements, are you dreamy, you go all shy and shit.” sapnaps voice teased.

“Well I’m not used to it. From you at least” dreams voice small.

“I call you hot and sexy, literally all the time? What’s changed? Are the drinks getting to your sexy lil headed, pretty boy?” The shorter says, tone laced with teasing.

“Oh come on. Sap i literally am practically sober? And you need to stop calling me ‘pretty boy’ or I’ll literally fall on the floor and combust or something.” He rolls his eyes and he laughs.

“You like being called ‘pretty boy’ hm? I’ll keep that in mind.” The brunette says, half joking, but also half not.

“You know, you look really good as well sap. I like the rings the most.” Dreams hand going to reach out to sapnaps, taking his hand into his own. Looking down at the mans hands in his own, and running his fingers gently across the smaller hand.

“You like my hands? Or the rings?” Sapnaps voice says smoothly, somewhat more deeper than twenty seconds ago.

“Does it matter? I like the cool of the rings, and the way they make your fingers look really long.” dreams own slender fingers fiddle with silver steel. “Your hands are really pretty too. The way your veins are visible. The way your knuckles jut out.” Dream says in a slowed hushed voice, barely audible to anyone but sapnap.

“You think about my hands often? Huh?”

“Sometimes. I guess.” Dreams tone almost skirting the realms of embarrassed.

“You have a thing for hands or something dream? Think about strong, ringed fingers a lot?”

The two no longer really dancing, but now just standing and blushing in each other’s presents. The playful flirting and banter, has somehow morphed its way into a darker area. Somewhere more meaningful.

“You imagine them holding your own? Or something a little more dirty?” Sapnaps voice questioning and low, makes dreams stomach warm.

Was sapnap being serious right now? He couldn’t really tell. He’s used to sapnaps play flirting, but he thinks this might be crossing a line of some sorts. And, it’s not like he can really tell Sapnap his thoughts on his hands…

How is he supposed to say to his best friend, that he is a little bit obsessed with them. How they’d look tightly gripping onto sheets, the way they could wrap so nicely around his neck, make him feel so helpless and little. Make his vision fade so nicely.

The thoughts make dream feel guilty. But as long as he doesn’t act on them right?

“ I- uhm” dream remembers he was asked a question, not really knowing what to answer, his words stumble into a sentence with no real words.

“You do, don’t you dreamy?” Sapnaps voice velvety.

“I’m not sure what you want me to say here sap.” Dream sheepishly laughes.

“Just the truth. I see you looking at my hands all the time. I just never really say anything about it, but you know, I’m feeling bold right now.” Sapnaps cocky tone makes dreams head spin.

He’s always loved how sapnap could make himself seem so much bigger than dream, with just his confidence. Dream was bigger, hight wise, broader, yet he seemed to feel so small near sapnap sometimes. Not the bad type of small, but the type that makes you feel fuzzy in the head. They type where you feel comfortable just letting go of guarding yourself and you can just relax.

“I mean, I- I like your hands. I like it when you get my attention by putting them on my legs. And when they hold my waist. Like, how they make me feel small.” The blonds voice small and shy. Feeling somewhat confident enough to be saying this stuff. Eyes averting contact with sapnaps. Opting for looking at his jaw instead. As dream feels sapnaps hands hold around his waist, and pull him in.

Dream straightens his back and leans into the touch, breath hitching a bit as one of the hands leave his waist to reach up to hold his jaw.

“Sap… we are surrounded by people right now I’m not sure if-“ Dreams cut of by sapnaps shushing him.

“It’s okay, nobody here will really care. Plus, it’s dark. Nobody will see, if they don’t want to. Unless, you want them to? Hm? You that type?” Sapnap questions.

Dreams mind is clouded with confusion and want, and some emotion he can only feel and not really comprehend. What was he doing?

Was sapnap really trying to insinuate something? Was sapnap really drunk right now? He’s been around sapnap drunk before and this isn’t really it. Plus he knows sapnap doesn’t get drunk easy.

“What are we doing sapnap?” Dreams voice meek.

“We can be doing anything you want dream.”

“Anything?” The blond asks with curiosity. Was sapnap really saying what he though. Was he just play flirting again? Dream guesses he wouldn’t know if he didn’t test the boundaries.

Dreams hands find their way to sapnaps stubble. Thumbs lightly caressing the smaller mans cheek. Eyes drifting from the brunettes jawline carefully up to his lips.

Sapnaps lips were just parted and slightly turned up at the corners. Dream realises he was staring and eyes drift upwards to grey eyes. Meeting gazes as dream searches for any sign of negative emotion, or apprehension. He can’t seem to find any though.

Anything you want dream.” The words ring in dreams ears. Inching closer to the face in front of him. Sapnaps chin tilted up as he stands up straight to reach closer to dream. Their faces stopping just inches away from each other.

“Can I kiss you dream?” Sapnaps voice hushed. It’s like they were the only people in the room. The music seemed to drown out. And the voices around them seeming so quiet.

Instead of giving sapnap a verbal answer, dream just leans in, hands bringing sapnaps face closer, until their lips brush together. Nose’s brushing each other as lips start to press harder together.

Sapnap pulling dreams hips closer to his own as they continue to kiss. It’s soft and warm. Not desperate or sloppy. But just figuring out where they stand. Experimenting if you will.

The faint taste of liquor lingers on both of their lips. Dreams hands travel to sapnaps hair. Feather light fingers dance around the back of the brunette hair. Then the drag of trimmed nails, and the light tug of knotted hair being undone but delicate fingers. It feels like heaven. Goosebumps litter dreams arms as he pulls back for breath.

Eyes opening as they stare at each other for a few seconds. Both have smiles across their faces.

“Was that okay?” Sapnaps voice small and breathy.

“Yes. Saps I-“ Dreams words cut off by a voice from next to the both of them.

“I’d get a room if i was you two, there are so many cameras around here, don’t want to leak something you know? Sorry for interrupting.” Both of the mens heads turned to find Bad drifting pass them, just as quickly as he came. They both turn their heads back to eachother, giving each other a questioning stare as the both start to giggle.

“Whys that muffin head everywhere. I swear to god” sapnap voices between laughter.

“He’s right tho, we are at an ‘influencer event’ don’t want the wrong people to see.” Sapnap agrees with Bads words.

“And what exactly would they be seeing?” Dream asks, covering his genuine question with a velvety tone, and a smirk, mock confidence.

“You tell me dreamy, what are we doing?”

“We are going to get another round of drinks, and then we are going back to your hotel. That’s what we are doing.” Dream says as he holds sapnaps hand in his own and leads him through the crowd, to the bar.

“My hotel? You got something planned, pretty boy?” Sapnap teasingly questions.

“Pandas…” dreams voice coming out more of a whined than he wished. He didn’t really think before saying ‘go back to his hotel’ but sapnap didn’t seem mad, or disgusted more curious.

“I’m not complaining, just intrigued.” Sapnap obviously seeing the regret on dreams face, of what he said.

“One more drink.”