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♡✧We'll meet again and you'll be mine forever and ever✧♡

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It was the time back then when Eren is still a child.



He's 6 at that time, playing on the park near his house, quite far but not too far from his house.



Eren really loves playing sand, its like a magic to him, you can shape them, you can draw them, and do a lot of fun thing.



He always get scolded by his mother, Carla Because he's playing sand again and dirtied his clothes, its not the first time for her to see his son got almost covered with sand, covered like a sand man she thought. 



"Eren, really? again?!" Carla said angrily, she's nice and sweet, but when she's sees his son covered in sand again, her face downed into a furious beast.  



"I'm sorryyy!! I tired to hold it, but i cant!!! Its too addicting!!!!" Eren whined, he tried to hold it many many times, but sadly he cant. Sand is like his only friend, he had a trouble with talking to people. He might look like an energetic kid that wants to talk to anybody outside, but the inside was different.



He was shy and don't know what to do when someone was talking to him, does he have to hide? or maybe just be confident and talk to them.



But thankfully no one wants to talk to him, even when he's in kindergarten and almost reach his 1th grade at elementary school.



"I cant hold it mom! they're like my friends, my only friends!!" Eren whined again.



That's right, sand is Eren's friends, his imaginary friend you could say.



"Eren..." She sighed.



"I know your friends is sand or whatever, but that doesn't mean you cant make friends. If you're want to be a good brave boy, then try to make a lot of friends as possible, you don't want to keep being a scary shy boy aren't you?" she said, my mom always worried about me because i was shy and lonely, even tho i tried to be energetic like everyone else do, its still wont work no matter what i do.



"But one wants to talk to me!! i dont even know how to talk to them, they'll look so scary...!!!" Eren whine, tears suddenly fall from his face.



Carla sighed again, she knew that Eren is shy and being alone when there's a lot of kids.   



"Well...if you say so then i guess i dont have a choice..." Carla smiled sadly 



Carla don't want to see his son sad, so to cheer him up she gave Eren a pack of cookie that she made.



As she gave the cookie, Eren face from sad suddenly turned into full beamed happiness, she knew Eren favorite snack ever was cookie made by his lovely mom. 



"Yaayyy!!!! Cookie!!!" Eren quickly grab the pack of cookie from his mother hand, he opened the pack of cookie and quickly eat it, care fully not to get chocked and messed up his new clothes that he changed.


"Twank ywou moom!!" Eren thanked while the cookie still on Eren's mouth, munching it.



"No problem kiddo." His mother giggled, seeing Eren with his mouth full like  a squirrel.



'So cute!' Carla thought.



Carla then looked at her social media on her phone while Eren still happily muching his cookie full with happiness.



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The next day, as always, Eren goes to the park again but this time he bought two piece of bread to eat in case he's hungry. 



Since it's Tuesday, there's no kids in the playground, Eren goes fast as sonic after the school ends. 



His power perhaps. 



As he goes to his so called "emperor", he started to happily play everything that they have on the playground, swings, monkey bars, giant slide, and a sand place where kids could play sand, everything. 



After he played a lot and got hungry, he opened his lunchbox from his tiny bag and eat his tasty bread that his mom gave to him, with the taste of love. 



When he eating his bread, he suddenly hear a rustle from the bush, he then stopped eating and quickly looked around. 



No one was there... just him... 



but he wasn't stupid, he know that there's someone here, he's not stupid or imagine things, he knows... 



someone was watching him in the shadows... 


But where? And why? He never did anything bad in here, just play and play? 



'Maybe he just watching me playing? Watching people playing sometimes fun' Eren thought



Since he can't take it anymore, he bravely said "HELLOOOO??!!! " Eren screamed, no one said anything. 



Ok let's try it again



"Hello? Is anyone there?? Hello?! Hellooo!!!??? " As he wanted to screamed "hello" Many times, he heard the sound af a male... Or... Woman? Probably the same age as me. 



"Can you shut the hell up you annoying brat, I'm tryna reading a book here!! " The male/woman shouted. 



Eren trying to looked where the sound comes from that is until he found someone sitting under the tree. 



He can't clearly see him since he is sitting in the shadow, but he could feel a pair of glinting black-grayish eyes looking at him. 



As the light of the sun shines brightly, he now could clearly see her, her pale skin that looks really soft when touching it, a beautiful skin... 



Eren didn't even realized that she was under the tree this whole time, he thought he was alone, oh god this is so embarrassing!!! Stupid Eren!!! 



"A-are you always come here? " He said and the girl snorted. 



"Pfftt duh, I always seeing you playing and talking to a sand, it was so ridiculous seeing you talking to them like some kind of brat." She smirked. 



Wait did she just smirk at me? I mean she looks like it when she said that but soon stopped after she said it. 



Eren didn't focus on her word, instead, hes trying to take a good look at her full appearance. 



She has a black hair, a long back hair swinging beautifully in the air, smooth white skin, she looks like an angel made by a god. Eren don't know if he's insane or not but that's the truth, she really is beautiful. 



The black hair girl notice it and quickly glared at him. 



"What? Is there something on my face?? " He said



Eren quickly startled and suddenly blush at the sudden, not knowing what to say. 



"I-im sorry!!! It's just ummm.... You looked really... Beautiful.... " Eren said shyly, he can't handle the hot temperature on his face, his face probably turn into a tomato already. 



The girl looking at him with a weird look, thank god she didn't noticed it. 



"A-anyways do you.... Wanna play with me?" He changed the subject, he can't handle the embarrassment he got from what he's saying before. He really wanted a person to be his friend, just one is fine, he can't handle being alone and talking to a sand this whole time. Since there's a person here, this is his opportunity to making her his first friend. 



"Friend? Pffttt, do you always say that to a stranger brat?" She furrowed his eyebrows. Wait, did she just called him a brat?! Mean. 



"I'm not a brat!! And you seem alone, is it bad for me to be your first friend?? " Eren said. 



"Yeah you are and no, I'm already getting used to be alone, that's how I always do, hiding behind the shadow" The girl said. 



'Wow did I just friend with an emo..?? 'Eren though sarcastically. 



"Well... I don't care if you're hiding behind the shadow or whatever, lonely is lonely and you need a friend, And I need a friend, so you are going to be my friend and you can't say no!!!" Eren madly object the girl, he doesn't care if she thinks that he was some kind of mighty prince. 



'This bitch, he's really a stubborn brat' the girl thought, she don't know why he wants her to be his friend, there's literally nothing special about her. 



But she knows that this kid is going to be in a massive stubborn and probably throwing a tantrum in front of her without embarrassment as he rolling in the ground, and she don't want to see that kind of pity so there's no choice. 



So she finally give up... 



"Hahh.... Fine... I'm gonna be you first friend everrr, hope you happy about that you little noisy brat." She said sarcastically as she muttered the last word so the boy didn't hear. 


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The next day after Levi and Eren became friends, they starting to get a long together. Although Levi still reading books under the trees, he's still trying to play with his first friend. 



When Levi finally had a friend, he was pretty nervous about it and don't know what to do besides reading a books and being alone, but Eren don't care about that and still playing with Levi energetically. 



Since they became friends, Eren didn't forget about asking more information about Levi, his family, his favorite color, birthday, and much more. 



Eren already know about Levi's age, apparently he's 15 years old which made him shocked at the sudden age difference, the weird thing is that even tho Levi is older than him, his height is well... The same as Eren you could say. 



And the most shocking thing is that his friend who he thinks was a girl was actually a boy.... 



"W-WAIT HOLD UP YOU'RE A BOY??!!!" Eren screamed at the sudden. 



"Yeah, most of people thinks that I'm a girl so you're not alone with that.. " He signed. 



Eren can't believe that he was a boy, he was too beautiful that he can't say a word, but he actually didn't care about his gender and still be friend with him. 



Eren actually confused how is can he be so calm in the park, shouldn't he go to school?? 



"Hey Levi, I noticed that I never seen you go to school before... " Eren asked, still in his deep thoughts. 



"School? Oh I had a private teacher in my home and I never go to a public school before... " He said while he still focusing reading on his new novel book. 



'Private school?? So he was rich??? ' Eren thought, he doesn't want to ask too much question, he was kinda afraid and didn't want to invade his privacy so he stops. 



As they got pretty tired from playing and telling stuff, they siddenly got hungry. Thankfully there's a stall near the park, so Levi and Eren goes into the stall and buy a pack of potato chips. 



After they buy their snack and payed to the seller, they sitting on the park bench and starting to opened their potato chips. 



They buy potato chips on a different flavor, Levi buys spicy BBQ flavor, while Eren buys seaweed flavor. 



They both starting to eat their snack with comfortable silence, air blowing around softly, birds chirping, butterflies flying in the air happily. 



Eren glad that they're getting along great, Eren is getting more and more improved playing and talking to him, and Levi does the same. 



But sadly.... That moment of happiness didn't last long... 



The next month after they have been friends and getting a long together, Levi bought Eren a bad news. 



"Hey Eren... " He asked Eren with his seriously emotionless emotion. 



"Hm? What is it?? " Eren ask, he knew something was off with Levi, he never seen that kind of serious face before... As if he was really trying to tell him something. 



The moment amounts of silence scared the shit out of Eren and didn't know what to do. 



"H-hey Levi? Is something bad happened?? " He shakly asked, scared about the sudden information that he was going to tell to him. 



"So yesterday I just got called by my parents and apparently they found a new school that I'm going to go in and it's far far away from this town and so.... Well.... You know..." He trailed his voice down. 



Eren stood in front of Levi, frozen. He don't know how to feel anymore, just silent with blank mind. 



"I know it's hard for you but... We're going to move in tomorrow and.. I will never see you anymore... " He said, he could tell that Eren is going to cry just by looking at his eyes. 



"N- n-no way... NO WAY PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS NOT TRUE LEVI??!??? " He furiously ask, he can't take the pressure, he just had his first friend and he don't know what's going to happen if he leaves. 



Tears starting to fall from his eyes like a waterfall, a sad noise coming from the boy. 



He can't believe this was the end of their relationship, he can't believe that this was already ended. 



Shaky breath came out of his mouth in and out, hearts beaten fast, tears still fall over his eyes making his cheeks wet. 



"I'm sorry Eren...even if we going to moved far away... We will going to meet again, I promise." Levi tells Eren sofly, he don't want to make the poor boy depressed because of him, he don't want to leave him too, if only his stupid parents didn't asked him to moved in, then he's going to still keep playing with Eren forever and ever. 



" are you g-...going to meet me again.. " He said, sniffing and wiping his tears with his hands. 



"I don't know when we're going to meet again... But trust me we will, we will going to meet again no matter what!! " He said seriously, Eren don't know how is he going to meet him, but if that's how Levi said, then Eren has no choice but to accept his faith and waiting him years and years later. 



"O-okay but first there's something that I want to give it to you... I already wanted to give this in a long time but I couldn't and always forgot but this time I bought it... " He said as he opened his bag to get something. 



It was a keychain... A cute sanrio keychain character. 



"I've been wanting to give you this as a friendship keychain and since you're going to leave tomorrow... This is... A gift for you, H-hope you like it!!!" Eren said, handling his keychain to Levi's hands. 



Eren give Levi a "bad-badtz maru" keychain, while Eren keychain is a "pom pom purin" character. 



"I... Thank you so much Eren I really love it, I promise I will keep this safe after we met each other in the future... " He smiled softly, this is the first time he see's Levi smiled before and it makes him happy. 



"I promise we'll meet again, years and years later... " Eren said



Yes... We'll going to meet again, no matter how much years we've been waiting. 



we will going to meet again... 




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few days after Levi moved in, Eren starting to get pretty depressed over it, his mom starting to worry about him.


He locked up in his room for a few days, barely eaten and crying everyday. Carla don't want that to be happened, so she knocks the door and tries to comfort him.


It took long enough for him to finally calm down, but it was worth it.


After that he starting to focus more on studies and starting to give up, thinking that he will never come back and probably don't remember him anymore.


But he still remember the promise... He still can't believe if he and Levi will meet again...


When he was 12, he was starting to feel brave and starting to socialize with everyone, Eren now has 2 friends, the black haired girl with red scarf around her and a smart blonde boy. 



The black haired girl is Mikasa and the blonde one is Armin, they've been friends over a year now and he glad that they're starting to grow friendship over the past few years. 


Between the three of them, Mikasa is the strongest one, she fight the bully to protect them and that's why they don't get bullied. 



Eren felt bad because Mikasa is the one who keeps protecting them and not him, he always said sorry to her but she said that it's okay and there's nothing to worry about. 



Seeing Mikasa reminds him with Levi... He always seen his reflection everytime Mikasa look at him....



Just think of him makes him sad again, he really really miss him... 



Eren wonders how Levi is doing right now, is he having a lot of fun in school...? Is he enjoyed it? Eren really wanted to know how much moment did he get In there, it must be fun for him right? I hope so. 



Now that Eren think of it, he's 12 now so Levi must be already have a wife... Or maybe a crush? Ouch... That kinda hurt, why does this suddenly happened to me... 



"Eren, What are you standing there? C'mon let's go!! " Armin screamed, making him flinch. 



"Oh yeah I'm in, I'm in!!!" Eren runs between the two. 



"So whats in your mind Eren?? You seems like you're in deep thought." Mikasa asked. 



"Oh well... I was thinking about my childhood friend, we've always been together since I was 6 years old." Eren said, Mikasa and Armin starting to hummed each other. 



"So where is he now? " Armin asked, curiosity hit him. 



"He moved in... I wish I could see him again, he was my only childhood friend back then." Eren said, he still remember the words swirling over his head, giving him a headache. 



"Oh..I'm really sorry about that... " Armin said. 



"It's okay, year's past and I'm starting to get used without him already." Eren said



"And is that also the reason why you looked at your cute keychain everytime you sad?" Armin said, Eren is not shocked about Armin's detective mode, he loves reading books and smart too. 



"Yeah, this keychain always brings back memories, I remember I gave him the keychain the same as mine but with different characters that match with his grumpy attitude." Eren said then laughed. 



"That's a really beautiful memory Eren, I hope you're going meet him soon, maybe you can introduced him to us!" Mikasa said. 



"Haha I hoped so too... " Eren said 



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Chapter Text

A few years after Levi moved, Eren was 19 now and study in shingashina high school, he's now starting to more and more focus on studying for exams with his best friends and also their new buddies. 



Eren now starting to get a lot group of friends other than Mikasa and Armin, yes, their High School is also there. 



Eren can't believe that he's now not a lone anymore, he don't need to afraid about being alone again. 



But still... Lots and lots of years later they still haven't met, Eren knew that he's getting a lot older than him and now he could meet with him with his car or anything like that, ain't no way he's going to betrayed the promise.... Right?? 



The missed feeling still not gone from his heart, not even after the tons of years they've been separated. 



Getting frustrated, Eren starts shaking his head and continued to finish his stuff. 



"Your done Eren?" Sasha said,as she grab a piece of potato chips on side of her book. 



"Yeah... It's getting late now and I'm tired already." Eren said, stretching his back after a lot of hour sitting, hoping that his backbone still had an energy to walk. 



'High school really is pain' He thought. 



He already said goodbye to Armin and Mikasa + their other friends and starts to walk home safely. 



Hour's later, Eren goes to his bedroom with his clothes on. Wearing a plain T-shirt and short brown pants, Eren then starts jumping on his comfy bed, soft like cloud, and smells like heaven, the haven smell covered his body as he jump into the fluffy cloud. 



Eren then look at the phone, it's still 7 PM, he already finished his homework and now he don't know what to do besides laying in bed and do nothing.


Getting bored, Eren immediately tries to make himself bust by cleaning up his house, his house haven't been cleaned for a couple of days and he knew that there's tons of dust laying around. 



He's not a clean freak btw!! 



After a few hours of cleaning and do other chores until he's satisfied with his own work, he grabbed his phone again and check all of his social media. Eren takes interest into art and he post a lot of his work in his social media platform. 



He post it everytime he already finished his artwork and it made a good am out of likes. He's also open commission just to get more money. 



He got a good amount of money from commissioning thanks to his beautiful artstyle and vibe that he put in. And because of that, he gain a lot more followers than before and a lot of people commissioning him. 



He goes to check the comments and reply some of them, every popular person gets hate and so he is. But he's not really hurt for that comments and he blocked the account instead of reply them and making a fight. 



As he got tired, he put his phone on the dresser and sleep, trying having the best dream ever. 



"Survey corps" studio... A studio where they make luxury stuff, the famous company and expensive in the world. 



Making a high quality clothes and accessories, for model. And of course only rich people could afford it. Not just normal rich people but REALLY rich people can afford one stuff. 



The company also sell magazine which contains a lot of popular model with their unique style and their own aesthetic, the magazine also contains tons of different theme every single they created it. 



But the most magazine that people most wanted are the limited edition magazine, they only come out every 5 years and they only stock 100+ of the book which makes the book turn out really expensive. 



The building was really high that it reach half of the sky, it contains 100+ floor with 2800+ rooms for workers, and they use a very high technology like a lift that goes up fast over 5 minutes, door that opened automatically, etc. 



The highest floor are the CEO room, their room is always more luxury and clean than the workers room, the door and the walls was so fancy and it's only for CEO room and nothing else. 



On the most topped floor, there is a one person, the founder and the CEO of this company.The founder was sitting on a big black sofa, staring at the beautiful clouds around the building and the pretty sunsets on a big window. 



He grab his tea cup, drinking his black tea while reading his paper works to finish with. Starring at the beautiful sky in calm and peace... 



But that moment didn't last long as there's someone interrupting him by knocking on the door. 



"Come in" He says as he starts looking to the door, the door opened and one of his high worker come in. 



"Sorry for the interruption boss" The man apologies and bow at him, showing respect and good manner with the boss was the number one rule that every worker should know in their brain. 



The CEO stared at him, his eye staring daggers to the man, just staring at him makes his legs wobbled and uncontrollable. 



That's right, as expected from the most strongest and dangerous mafia boss hiding in a famous model and CEO of this company. 



Levi Ackerman... 



"You've already Interrupting my rest, go on, you only had a short time before I kicked you out so use it wisely" He ordered. 



The man nodded and says "We found one of the girl trying to find your identity, I'm guessing that she's one of the fans in here... "



The boss only listened to him, both hand was on his chin as he keep focusing on what the man was going to say. 



"We caught the culprit and was send to an empty room, your order?" The man said as he kneeling in front of him like a king. 



The boss only hummed as he put his cup of tea and starts walking looking at him, emotionless face still as usual. 



"Tch that's it? You're wasting my time as I thought it will be. I don't care about the girl or whatever, just kill her and hide his bodies somewhere and get out of my room! " He demanded with his dark glare to him. 



The man shivered and nodded as he get out of the room, walking untill the footsteps is gone. 



As he waited for the man footsteps to gone entirely, he finally stretched his arms and relaxed. 



'Finally... I'm in peace again' he thought, he fucking hate the crowd so much, that's why he barely go to party unless it was really important or have no choice but to participate it. 



He started to feel the comfortable with the calming sound of his air conditioner, the calming aura... The fresh aroma of blooming flowers that he can't describe it... reminds him with his precious boy, Eren



He was staring to get obsessed and worried to much about his safety, he want him to be his private bodyguard when he meet him, beating everyone who cares to hurt his possession and interrupting their love story.



When he was a child, his life is full with void darkness and cold. He always get nightmares and he can feel trapped in this dark cage, he wanted to escape, he wanted someone who can save him from this terrible world. 



He tried to send help but there's no one in there... All he could do was just give up and accept this life that God gave him. 



And that's when he arrives at the park, that's when the dark cage scattered, the cold feel from my body is gone...refilling them with warm and love that he never feel in his childhood memories. 



He looked up to see who was his savior and that's when he meet him, a beautiful boy, a beautiful angel. 



His eyes is the one that makes him go crazy and turned completely uncontrolled, that eyes... OH THAT EYES... That beautiful blue-green eyes that sometimes change color. He wanted that eyes, he wanted him to be his and his forever and ever...!!! 



He want that smile to warm his heart again, he want that cute laugh to hear on his ear again, he wanted that warm hand to be on him again. 



He actually almost faint when he meet him because of how much happy he were to finally lived in a happy world again... He wonder if he can grab his face and them kissing him all over his face, the love bite in his shoulder and the sound of his moaning. Oh god he can't wait to meet him again. He wished to buy a mansion for him and then starts living together..!! 



But not yet... It's not the right time to do it yet.. 



Because there was a lot of pest that needs to be cleaned first, a germs, a dust that he needs to destroyed before he could meet him. 



And he has a lot of bussiness with the other company which making him tired and frustrated. 



As he think of him, Levi then opened his drawer and grab a book, but it's not just a normal book... it was Eren's album book. 



Just by the name of the book, the book was filled with Eren's face and every activity he's been doing. He also had a picture of him in a different position like standing, sitting, drinking, drawing, sleeping anything he's doing was in this book. 



Even tho he's a stalker and always collecting pictures of him, he's not one of that type of people who put the picture on the wall and starts pray to the pic, just imagine that really disgust him so bad. 



All the picture was taken by his man that he trust, always taking a picture of him on a really high-quality and expensive camera to make him look more beautiful. Which is explain why a lot of his picture are full HQ. 



Levi continues to explore the page untill he found what he's looking for, it's a picture of him and Eren sitting on a bunch of his stuffies with him smilling on the camera while him was just the opposite expression of Eren. 



The pic was taken by his mother when it's my first time going to Eren's house and play toys on his bedroom that has a lot of stuffies and other cute things. The mom got an idea and starts taking a pictue of them. 



Just remember it again makes him feel more happy and warm than ever, that smile, that eyes that gleam so bring on the camera. He's really precious... 



He started caressing the picture and starts kissing on Eren's face, fantasizing that he really kissed him. 



"Eren..~" He purred as he sadistically smirked. 



"I might be still busy working on something but don't worry... " He grabbed the keychain from his pocket and starts bringing it to the shining light of moon with darkness of the night combined. 



"i will always come back to you... "



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Chapter Text

"Hey did you see the new magazine of him!!?"



"I did, the new Survey Corps magazine called " Black Rose Massacre" Isn't it?"



"YEAH!! He's so cool... The theme really matches well with him!!"



"Are you serious...? All the theme matches with him, too bad it's limited edition, gosh I wanna buy the magazine so baddd!!!!"



"We all want them dude, too bad it's expensive... "



The random group keep talking about the magazine while Eren sitting on the train seat, tries his best to close his ears tightly. 



"So annoying...!" He mumble 



Recently the Survey Corps just selling the new Rivaille magazine called "Black Rose massacre" And everyone is on chaos like an animal wanting to buy that magazine. 



The reason why people is on chaos is because the magazine was limited edition, only 100 stock of them and they're not gonna make it again, not even it's limited edition, it's fucking expensive. One book and that cost your organs. 



Eren don't really know much about that "Rivaille" guy and how he looks like, all he know is that he's the most popular and the richest person in the world. He's also the CEO from the Survey Corps studio which making people got interested on him. 



No one really know much about his identity or what his face looks like, he always wear mask everytime he got interviewed or photoshoot, the scary thing is that no one much know about him, his family, his past, how he go popular, everything is unknown to him. And the "Rivaille" Name was fake and also not his real name. 



I'm not really take an interest on him or anything, I'm not into a model and plus I don't have any sense of fashion. Well maybe I had, but I always like wearing cute clothes so maybe I have them??



The reason why I know about him is because of my fellow group of friends, they're always talking about him, and I have to just feel the torture by listening to them. And he's literally on my goddamn TV!!! The news, The celebrity channel, EVERYTHING WAS TALKING ABOUT HIM. 



The 3th reason why I don't watch TV anymore is because of that... I don't even know when this things gonna end like c'mon... 



There's also a lot of rumors about him, like him having a wife, or some fan going missing when he find his real identity and got killed and blah blah blah all theories and stuff was all about him. 



"Everyone is talking a lot about the model." Armin who is sitting beside me frowned. 



"Yeah, there's even rumors of him killing his own fans, the rumors doesn't make any sense." I said I tried to point the news on my phone to Armin. 



"Oh wow you're right... " He looked disbelief as he looking at the news. 



I can't believe that there's a horrific rumor like this of that famous model, but why did i talk about.. Him??? Did I worried about him? Heh, no way... 



"What's wrong Eren?" Armin looked at Eren who seemed to be in deep thought. 



"I don't know Armin but im kinda seemed to get worried about him, I didn't even know about him, but... He kinda reminds me of someone who I used know... 



" You mean your childhood friend??" Armin said



Eren nodded "yeah, but I probably just imagining things, he has a long hair back then and the person on the magazine was undercut. It probably because of his black hair and his pale skin." Eren said, he can't just tell that this was him when he don't even know what his face looks like yet. 



"Haha you're right." Armin laughed before he continued reading his book for exam. 




After we reached the school, we got in and goes to our class. 



I grabbed the book from the locked and walk to the class, I opened the door already met with my group of friends who is talking with each other as they studying. 



"Yo Eren, are you having goosebumps for the exam today?" Reiner said 



I chuckled at the sudden comment "Nah I'm good. " I said I looked at the group of friend to see Jean isn't here. Strange, he never got late before... 



"Where that horseface btw, it's rare to see him being gone and not bullying me," Eren said 



All of them just shrugged their shoulders, "I don't know, he probably got scolded y his mom or maybe sick." Sasha said, as she opened his second sandwich and munching on them. 



"Oi Sasha, this isn't lunch time and it's not the time for you to eat!! You didn't even finished reading a half of the book and you already hungry??!! " Connie said



Sasha looks at Connie and close her eyes before stick her tongue at him and starts to eat again. 



Connie looking at that just sighed "Well if you say so, don't blame me if you got a bad grades for not studying," He said, Sasha just ignore him as she grab a snack from her backpack



'Just how much food did she bought on that tiny backpack... ' Eren thought, Sasha really look like a Doraemon who bought everything. 



"Leave her be Connie, She already has a high IQ on her brain, she's different than us... " Ymir said, her left arm is around her so called "Girlfriend" Historia. She pouted and quickly get rid of her strong arms as she was trying to write on her paper, Ymir laughed at her sudden cuteness and remove her arms for her. 



"Your guys look lovey dovey as always." Bert said 



"They always been, I'm jealous you know?" Mikasa said, put the few books that she got from the library on the table. 



"What are you jealous for Mikasa?! You have Annie and we saw you kissing in the hallway yesterday!!!" Sasha said, Mikasa blushed and covered half of her face with her red scarf. 



"S-shut up!!" She mumble, blush still on her face as she think of the kissing scene 



Eren laughed at her and so was everyone, as Eren joined their conversation. A door suddenly opened in a bang, all of the students in that class look at who is coming and it was Jean. 



"Jean you finally here!!! Where have you been bro?" Reiner asked at Jean who is still panting and falling to the ground. 



"Dude you look tired as fuck, is something wrong? Ymir said. 



Jean drinks the water that Historia gave to him, waiting for him to finally calmed down before he answered. 



" A dog just fucking chase me on the road and it scared the shit out of me!! " Jean furious, everyone is on silent before they started laughing out loud. 



"HAHAHAHAH OH MY GOD JEAN I CAN'T" Connie laughed loudly, he falls to the ground and still laugh on the floor, looking like a crazy person. 



"YES I CAN'T AND STOP LAUGHING YOU FUCKING BALD HEAD!!!" Jean said, Eren and the other could only giggle at the funny moment. 



"Well, we glad that you came here on the right time, I can't imagine the teacher's face when they saw you late again." Armin said. 



"Yeah... But I still got traumatized because of that." He huffed. 



After that, they both started focusing on their studies except Sasha still eating like nothing happened. 


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Chapter Text

School is over and we finally finished our exam, we almost looking like a dead shrimp after being exhausted for hours and hours.But time fly fast and the school ends. 



"I'm surprised that you seems working on the exam so easily Sasha... " Connie said as we go on the road together. 



"I told you that she has a smart IQ than us!" Historia said, holding hands with Ymir. 



"Yeah sure, I'm seriously worried about your ass up Sasha... " He signed, Sasha looks at him as she eating a burger.



"Duh of course I am smart, you can't just think that I'm some kind of stupid person Connie!!" She said, hitting his back and make him since in pain. 



"Ouch what the hell Sasha?! " Connie said as he using his hand to rub his back. "Yeah yeah fine I'm sorry for thinking that your the most stupid person everrr" He sarcastically said. 



"There, what's so hard about apologize without me hitting your poorly back!" She said, pouting on him. 



"Jeez you get a room you too... " Jean snarled at the two "couple"



"You shouldn't be jealous of him just because you don't have a boyfriend Jean~" Eren teased, Making his face more red than ever. 



"Shut the f up Eren, you don't have a boyfriend either!" Jean growled at him. 



"Well yeah, but I had a feeling that I will have a boyfriend more fast than youuu." Eren said as he smiles innocently. 



"Y-YOU-mhm!!" Jean want to scream at Eren but stopped when Mikasa put a black tape on his mouth. 



"Don't scream in here, we're in a public place. I don't want everyone here to get embarrassed just because of your angry-ass!!" Mikasa said darkly, causing Jean to silent and take the tape out of him. 



"Sorry.... " He said



"You need to control your anger issues more Jean, it seems like the anger is getting more stronger than you.." Reiner said in a very serious tone. Bertholdt just walk beside him and laugh as he put his hand on his shoulder. 



"That's right Jean, you just need to be strong to fight your own anger. Come on bro I support you!! " He comfort him in a serious tone just like Reiner. 



"Why are you guys using the tone like that, it's kinda creepy not gonna lie... " He trailed his voice. 



"Yeah it's kinda like a movie." Historia said 



"Mhm and Jean is perfect being the dumb MC!!!" Connie cheered, Jean's eyebrows twitch. Armin and I are just chuckled at the joke, Connie really is the best when it comes to jokes. His jokes always making me laugh more than ever. 



"CONNIE YOU!!! GET BACK HERE I SWEAR TO GOD I'M GONNA CHOPPED YOUR HEAD IN PIECE WHEN I CATCH YOU!!!! " Jean screamed as he started chasing Connie while he's laughing in the middle of chase. 



They both run so fast that they are ignoring us, who is in silence trying to keep their mind stable about what the fuck is going on. 



"Well...I guess things going alright, For now.. " Armin said, we all nodded in agreement. 



"Yeah I mean look at them!! They look like the best duo ever." Historia said. 



"Lmao yeah." Sasha said. 



We both starts talking with each other until they each their home, leaving me, Armin, and Mikasa. We both started talking again until I finally reach my home. 



"See you later Eren!! " Armin said waving his hands at me as Mikasa does the same. 



"Yeah see you too!! " I waved back and then grabbed my key to opened the door before closing it, I quickly go to the bathroom to take a shower, got changed, and then goes to my bedroom. I quickly jump to my bed, rolling my body over and over like a dog. (my bad habits ever since I was a kid) 



I quickly grabbed my phone and then opened my social media, it been so long I didn't do any commission ever since I was busy with exam. Im kinda missed my followers while I'm on hiatus because of school, well I guess I can't help it, I probably should announce the commission now. That way it can make me busy when I'm bored.



I opened my Twitter first, I looked at my account to see that my followers is getting high than before. Wow... How long have I seeing this before. I did t noticed that my followers starts getting bigger and bigger. 



But just because I have a high and lots of followers, doesn't mean I'm popular in real life, the proof is I haven't got verified yet...even if I got 50k followers. Not fair!! 



So uhh... What am I doing again? Oh yeah! I opened the app and then start typing after been so long I didn't tweet in here, last thing I've been active was probably 2 months ago which I didn't realize it until now. 



Puriren_Art: "Hey everyone!! Sorry for being hiatus for a month... I'm currently busy with exam and other school stuff to do, I'm opening a commission 5 slots, and the im going to try my best for finishing them while I'm busy with school. I hope you guys have a nice day and again, I'm sorry for being dead for no reason... "



After I done, I press the "post" button and waiting for everyone to take a commission for me, I only do 5 slots, I used to do 10 slots when I'm on full holiday, but the holiday ends and now I have to do 5 slots, I can't wait to earn money again and maybe I could save them for something. 



As I dreamed about getting tons of money one day, a notification pops up on my phone, it must be the customer. They usually have to DM me to take an order. 



As I opened my DM section, I suddenly froze on who customer was... 



Rivaille_official: "your art is really interesting and pleasing to my eyes, may I take  a commission from you for the cover of my new album~?" 


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Chapter Text




Please tell me if this was real... 



Please tell me!!! This wasn't real??!!! 



I looked at the DM, still stunned about what happened. Is this a joke? Am I hallucinating?? Did my brain was on drunk right now... I tried to leave this hallucinating by pinching my cheek and also pinch all over my body, thinking that it was just a dream. Ain't no way someone that is popular like him was commissioned me right?? 






I breathed heavily to get rid of my chaos mind, god I must have been crazy on something. I tried to rub my eyes and tried to think peacefully, breathe in... Breath out... Calm down Eren... Calm down... 



I looked at the DM again and check the account to see if the one who asking me is just some sort of fake account or he was getting hacked, but no. His account was real... Not fake just pure real, I looked at the followers and I was right, 200 Million followers and verified account. It really really him, the real Rivaille person... 



I looked at his following but he only has ten, mostly his company and his friend who is popular as well. I looked at the latest post and most of them is him getting ready or his daily life and stuff.



Minutes later and he still hasn't remove the DM, so this was real. He was commissioned him and not a wrong person. But even if it was unbelievable, u was still thinking about how he was getting my account, I'm not popular or anything. Yes I have 50k followers but that doesn't mean I'm really famous and recognizable for everyone in earth!!! I never got any issue that led me to any rumors and video talking about me... 



And I just realized that he was using a swiggly line (~) was he do that to most of people that he DM-ed??? Is that what most celebrities do to tease their fans??? Well whatever I'm sure thats what he's doing. 



Frustrated at the thought on my brain, I finally decided it, I'm gonna answer him. I actually can denied him, but this isn't a stranger or my followers. This was the most popular person in the world, Rivaille. And If i denied him, I would be on news and all of his fans are going to have a chaos argument on my house for denying a God. I know I shouldn't be too panicked about it but for I have no choice but to answer him... This was for my safety and the other. 



Puriren_Art: "Hello!! Yes I just opened the commission today and umm... I'm sorry to say this but... Are you really taking a commission for the album on me or you talking to a wrong person??? (╯︵╰,)"



i type that and send it, oh god what have I done... I did not just ask to him when  it's obvious that he was literally taking a commission on me oh god I'm so dead!!! Am I in danger?! Am I going to be on news, I hope not. 



I'm sorry mom, I'm sorry dad, I'm sorry to however God in there. I just done something that will ruined my life, something illegal that I got killed by one of his fans when I'm on news. 



Eren thought dramatically as he could feel the lights on top of him and angel flying around in a beautiful sky called Heaven after what he just done. After he prayed while he was still laying on bed, not looking at his phone. A notification sound from his phone comes out. 



'Oh no... It can't be him!!!' he thought, he could feel his heart beat fast than faster. 



He put his head on a cold pillow for a minute, before he opened his phone to check the answer from him. He tried to calm his ass down first as he nervously open his twitter like he was on exam. He honestly surprised that he answered it so fast, wasn't he working right now?? 



I calmed by heart beat for a few minutes untill I opened my DM and look at the final answer... 



Rivaille_Official: "I'm taking commission on you mi amor~" 



Again, I stunned for the second time. Did this guy just called me "mi Amor"....??? I remember Ymir said that and I was confused at first until I ask and she said that "mi Amor" Was a French word meaning "my love... " 



Does that mean he called me "love"..? I feel my face hot without even know whats going on right now, I didn't know he was a flirty type person. But many people said that he's cold and never do any flirty things before so why? Why is he being flirty on me then? 



I tried to remove the thoughts from my head, think positive Eren, maybe he's always do that when he's on mood yeah... Maybe he's doing that to me a coincidence. 



I laughed in relief, well I guess doing commission with him wouldn't be so bad, even if I was still in shock and confused but hey chatting with him was really a good chance. I should probably need to talk to him more about what he wants to ordered before he's getting busy again.



Puriren_Art: "Well okay then what drawing would you like me to draw sir? I know it's kinda complicated but if you want to ordered here, you need to described it more detail so I can understand it then working on it!!! (・ิω・ิ)ノ" 



Rivaille_Official: "Don't worry, I'm getting used with this kind of stuff, anyways I want you to draw them for my new album book theme called " Angel and the Devil" 



Rivaille_Official: "I want the drawing on the front cover to be the angel, and the back cover would be the devil." 



Rivaille_Official: "The angel was a beautiful girl, wearing a white frail dress and a crown, lying on bunch of red roses. One eye looking at you,revealing shiny red eyes and the other one is closed, the colors all of them are muted and make it more darker on the shadow, you can add the light but don't put it more."



Rivaille_Official: "while the devil one is a boy, but make him look depressed with eyebags and stuff, all of his dress are black and his eyes are red same like the girl one. The concept is same but the roses this time are pale white."



I was focusing on the description while trying to write the concept on my sketch book with pencil, I always do this when commission, make the concept and try other thing to see which one is better. Since it's for the book cover, I have to make them look good as ever so that people would take an interest on the book and buy it. 



Puriren_Art: "Okay then I could work with that... So about the price... It's going to be really expensive since it's sponsored, is that alright with you?? ಥ‿ಥ"



Rivaille_official: "it's alright, how much is it?"



Puriren_Art: "ah.. The price will be... "



As I tell him the price, thankfully he didn't complain about the nonsense price. I mean why would he? He's rich anyway, he probably only cares about the results more than the price. 



I asked him of him to pay on app or use debit card, and he said that he wants to use app. I send the pay app, waiting for him to pay it then DM me again. 



Rivaille_Official: "I'm done.. "



Puriren_Art: "Great!! Thank you so much for commissioned me, I will working on it tomorrow and will send you the results when it's done!! (●'▽'●)ゝ!"



Rivaille_Official: "no problem my dear, I can't wait to look at your beautiful results~"



I saw the text and I immediately blushed and tried to closed my face with both of my hand, feeling the heat of my face. Hes teasing again... He's teasing again!!!! And why it sounds so hot!!!!... Wait did I just called him hot...? Well he is and I'm not gonna lie to myself that he's ugly. 



"Well let's get to work shall we... " I stretch my tired body to prepare for another tired body and back pain. 



I opened my wardrobe, and grab my pen tablet box that I buy with effort (obviously), I opened them and then put the pen and tablet on my table. It's still noon so luckily I had a time to working on it. 



As I was about to arrange my special tool, another notification comes. It must be him again  and as I check, for the third time... He does something that makes my mind and body froze... 



"Rivaille_Official followed you"



He... He followed me???!!!! WHAT!!!!??? 



Chapter Text


Okay...This is definitely getting more weirder and weirder, first of all, why is he DM me and commissioned me?? Well I'm honestly okay with that but following me?! Was he really like my art that much? There's a lot of God artist who's better than me so why?? Oh god this day is really crazy karma did God just gave me right now... 



I sighed, well there's nothing I can't do for that. I guess I'm lucky that he follow me, not to forget that I'm also following him so we can be mutual. 


And ain't gonna talk to him the most stupid question ever like "hey why are you following me?" When it's obviously because my art is beautiful and stunning for him. 


Right now I'm working on the artwork that I just got in my brain and Rivaille's idea after I draw the concept on my sketchbook, not to forget my energy drink just in case I get sleepy. I barely drink any energy drink but this commission is special for me and I need to make it perfect as possible. 


And things didn't go fun without music, so I turn on the music and listen to them while drawing. Listening music while doing things is amazing and that's a fact!!! 


I'm currently working on line art and next will be coloring and then shading which is took pretty long since my art style was a painting-like style and I have to shading it again and again. After the line art I started working the color palette just like Rivaille told me to. It's not my first time using dark colors so I don't need to worry about picking them. 


After I finished them, I started shading the hair first, my favorite thing to do when drawing ever!! It's to satisfying to shade them and pleasing to look at. After that I started working on the pale skin, dress and lastly shoe. 


Even if I already finish shading the background, I always shading them again just to make it more... Beautiful. 


The next thing was background, I have to search rose for some references. Rose is hard to shade with and I can't help but look at the reference. 


It's already night and here I am still working on them like a person who just got a job and working on them until it's late, 4 energy drink scattered all over the floor, I honestly hate it but I need to focus on finishing the front cover as quick as I can and then I will do the back cover tomorrow... 


Thankfully I still had a lot of time and also thanks for no homework at school, I FINALLY FINISHED IT!!!! 


Now I have to send it to him to see how he reacts, I hope he likes it, I don't want to start over again and forcing myself until I faint and got into a hospital. Ok I overreacted again ignore that please. 


I saved the artwork and then send it to Rivaille, I hope he's still active... I wanna see how he reacted to my artwork. I opened his DM and my finger shakingly send the picture to him, after that I typed to him. 


Puriren_Art: "I already finished the artwork for the front cover, how do you think?"


Puriren_Art: "Sorry for interrupt your work sir, I work this one too hard that I almost forgot the time... (◞‸◟ㆀ)"


I send it to him and he still hasn't answered it. I was right, maybe hes still busy, he's a boss after all how did I forgot about that?! I slapped my hand to my face, I'm so dumb dear God!!!! 


Should I remove it....? No! I'm just gonna wait tomorrow, I put my phone and cleaned my messy bedroom, grabbing the cans that I just throws, put it on plastic bag and throw it. 


Grabbing a broom and then swooping them right to left right to left as I dancing with the distraction of music I just heard...wiping the windows, organizing everything that I have on my room, a lot of them are just decoration for my bedroom like, my few cute stuffie, snow globe, my comic book, and all of the cute stuff I had. 


I know I'm already an adult and not a child anymore but who cares?! Cute stuff will be my comforters everyday, they get rid all of my depressing thoughts thought and makes me happy, but even if Iove cute stuff that doesn't mean I wear female clothes like skirt n stuff, well... I wish I can but it feels weird when people just look at me and who knows what they say about me... But no worries!!! Because I still wear cute stuff but without skirts!!! 


It's almost late and thankfully I had a lot of fun doing it, I go to the kitchen with my cleaning supplies, I opened the fridge and starts grabbing a few snacks and drinks after a lot of chores I do, it's better to take a break when you do something that drained your energy. 


The dessert for today is pudding that I make and some great strawberries milk, making dessert was my favorite ever since I was kid and it brings so much memories about how much dessert you just make from the  and now. My next dessert that I really want to make later was ice cream sundae and perhaps some pie, Armins favorite food. 


After Eren done eating his food, he starts to going upstairs and goes back to his bedroom, he got tired and so he got rest, waiting for another day to come... 


The next day, Eren starts to wake up and get ready to continue his special commission. He did the same thing as before so no need to explain more about it... 



He was too busy working on it that he forgot to check his DM, he actually hears it, but he ignore it and keep focused as he working on it. 



A few hours now and he's done, he let his few breaths away from his mouth after he hadn't took rest at all. 



"Finally... It's done!!!" I cheered, now my first commission was finished!!! And I can breathe happily after the work I took without any rest, he feel relief that he didn't died yet for not take any rest... But he sure got tired after that. 



Now I could just send the last piece and done!! I can't wait to see the album with my cover on it, it's going to be look amazing!!!! 



I sended the picture on his DM again and this time he finally answered the last post I gave him yesterday. 



Rivaille_Official: "it's.... Beautiful... I didn't expect the art to be like this... So beautiful yet so pleasing, I'm happy for the hard work you gave for this piece."



Just looking at the compliment makes my heart flutter, I suddenly feel butterflies on my stomach. What is this feeling....? Why his compliment makes my heart beat so fast...? 



Puriren_Art: "thank you sir!!! I'm really happy that you like it!!"



Rivaille_Official: "no problem beautiful~"



Rivaille_Official: "I knew your art makes me proud, keep up the good work love~"


Beautiful... Love... The word suddenly spinning in my head, my face turned red lime a tomato and my heart that just calmed down beating fast again, just why is this guy have to make me suffered with this feeling..!!!!! 



He can't wait to tell to his group about the shocking moment



'I can't wait to looked at their expressions' he giggled they're going to be jealous at me!!! 


Chapter Text

That time when Levi found Eren's art account, he was so happy that he finally found his lover account. He was actually trying to find an artist that is perfect for his album cover, he got bored with the artist that he always commioned with so he tried to find other artist. 



He was searching and that's until he found a tweet that questioned;



Blueyuwu: "hey guys is there an artist that I could commissioned with? Please tag the artist and tell me the reason."



I looked at the tweet, this is what I need, the reply on this tweet was bizarre. I sighed in relief, now I can find the artist that I could take commission with without searching the whole artist. 



I look at the reply and also not forget to check the account to see if the art fits for my album cover or not, I'm getting used with other artist and I remember I used to paint back then. Yes I'm also a painter but i barely do it thanks to this shitty work and other bullshit bussiness. 



As Levi continued to scrolled all the replies and check their account, he finally starts to have up... But before he gave up he suddenly noticed one comment... 



Nightwolfie: " I RECOMMEND IF YOU CHECK @Puriren_Art !!!! If you want to have a beautiful painting style then this account is perfect for you and also for everyone!!! He can do a all theme btw dark, warm, cozy, landscape everything. I commissioned him a few years a go and it turn out great. 



Levi looked at the comment and starts to getting interested with the recommendation,



'let's see if his art makes me feel the same as this person' he smirked. 



When he click the tag and leads to the artist account, he was stunned when he read the name...



Eren Yaeger



The room got silent... Completely silent as he was too stunned to speak, his mind froze, his heartbeat beating weirdly. As he read the name many times to see if what he saw was right... That's right... This was him... Eren... 



Eren, Eren, Eren his mind keeps calling as if his name, but his face keeps smiling. He finally found him, after years past, he only saw him in a few photo that his man too but he never saw his account and what his art looks like at all. He honestly proud at him. 



Just as I looking at his art I suddenly found one of his tweet, it was a tweet said that he announced about the commission was open and apologize for his hiatus. When he found that he just open commission, he quickly DM him, this is it.. The artist that his artwork was going to be in his album cover. 



He was so excited for his beautiful artwork to be on his album, he can't wait to Commission him again and then putting all of his artwork into one of his. Expensive photo frame, that way he could look at the artwork day by day. 



A few days after he commissioned him, he starts to getting work again, he said that the results will be send tomorrow so he have to wait. As he finishing his paperwork while drinking his favorite tea, he heard a loud bang of door opened. He's not suprise because he knew who bang that door. 



"LEEVVIIIIIII" Yep it was her, not surprise about it



As she opened the door she quickly rushes to the boss, with loud pant after her long running marathon. Levi keep silent as she panting hard on the floor. He continued working on his bussiness ignoring Hange. 



"DON'T IGNORE ME LEVI I NEED EXPLANATION RIGHT NOW!!!!" She barked, she can't believe that he just found his crush account without her knowing.



"There's no explanation I need to gave you." He said, getting irritated with her annoying ass. Why is she have to come in a wrong time...






"Who is it Hange? I don't remember." He already knew who she was talking about ,but he don't want to tell her so easily, it's obvious that she knew it too. What a scary moment. 






this woman.... I could feel my hands wanting to go around her neck and choke her to death. But I completely ignore her again, I'm already getting used with this shit. 



"What's the problem with me following him shitty glasses, I could follow them whatever I want." I said, I can't take this anymore... Just leave me alone goddammit!!!! 



"THE PROBLEM IS THAT YOU—" Hange word got cut off as someone opened door. 



"Hange-san huff... I finally huff... Find you... " It was Moblit panting heavily as he put both hands on his knees. 



"M-moblit what's wrong?" Hange said






"Oh wait really? I'm sorry I didn't know hehe silly me! " She said, pulling her silly faces. 



"Hange!" Moblit glared, Hange look at him and sigh. 



"Sorry sorry, Im coming okay I'm coming!!" Hange said, then get out of his boss rooms. Leaving Moblit and his boss. Moblit then apologize to him and then finally leave. 



"Finally she's gone... " He thought, he continued his work again until a notification pops up on his expensive phone. It was Eren. 



Seeing that, he automatically opened his Twitter DMs and read his message. It was him sending a piece of his results for the front page, he examined the artwork, the painting texture, the shading, the colors and the concept.... Everything looks the same like he requested to. 



Not to mention the feeling when you look at the painting, all gloomy and beautifully depressing. All in one combined into a pleasing feel, the more you focus the more your feeling become weird and unknown, just what on earth did his lover put into this painting?! 



But even so, he was glad that this piece of art was made by his lover, his Eren he can't wait but wanting to commission him again and again. Feeling all of his painting into his empty heart. Even if the painting look gloomy, but for him... It was warm... 



Because this was all Eren's painting, his precious lover painting... 



And he have to keep the feeling he just received, not letting it go, just like when he meet him soon..... 

Chapter Text

"WHAT?!!" All of them screamed, well you see... Eren just tell their friends about him getting commissioned and followed by Rivaille. At first, they ignore him and tell him it's probably a joke or some kind of prank, ain't no way Rivaille interact with him. 



But all that joke suddenly fall down when Eren show his phone to them, all of his text about Levi being flirty to him. All of then went silent, frozen themselves like a stone, not even a single move show up. Eren was confused, he knew this incident make them stunned but he never expect for all of his group of friend to be screamed at him. 



"Calm down guys, jeez you all give me a heart attack." Eren said, he put his hand on his chest, feeling his heart beating loudly from the scream. 



"How the hell can you be so calm when there's that guy following you and interacting with you?! Are you on drugs Eren??? Are you?!! Armin said, this is the first time for Eren to seeing him looking at him furiously like chihuahua. After all hes just a model, what makes him so dangerous about it? Beside, he just commissioned me, nothing bad happen.



"This is the first time seeing you mad Armin, I'm shocked..." Eren said.



"Well I'm more shocked the fact that you just communicating with him, and then tell us something about this as if nothing happened." Armin said while smiling, his arm playfully hitting Eren's shoulder, making him wince in pain."



"Ok but damn Eren, you're so lucky that you got followed by him." Connie said, everyone nodded. Well hes barely followed anyone afterall, even he didnt followed all the company that he commercial with.



"Yeah but like...I'm going to be on news isn't it?? My account I'm talking about...?" Eren said, he knows that the question was stupid. But Eren will know that there will be people who noticed that he followed someone and my account will probably got on the news. Eren suddenly feel his skin shivered at the crazy thought.



"Probably, you do know that their fan is batshit crazy so be careful.." Reiner warned.



"I know, I know, I'm just hoping that they're not going to hacked my account or get interviewed by them in my account." He said, he honestly could only just pray and never ever mess with him and their Oh-So-Godly fans.



"Haha! I guess you're having a bad and a good luck Jaeger!!" Jean snickered, this bitch...



"Shut up horseface!! At least my luckiness is more higher than you!!!" Eren said, Jean eyebrow's furrowed at his word.



"So what are you going to do Eren? You're not going to keep calm in this horrible situation like this right?" She said, well she has a point. He can't keep calm when a dangerous person chat with hin. Annie sitting beside her looked  at him with no words coming out. 



"Ah well... I'm still thinking about that, oh! Maybe I should chat with him yeah!! " He checked, that's it! Why can he just have a chat with him. It would be such a good idea!!! 



"Haha that's our Eren, always say without a risk!!! " Marco said. 



Eren could give him a little laugh, Mikasa just facepalm at her face as she muttered "stupid" In her mouth. 





"Hey Eren, " Armin said. 



Eren, Mikasa, and Armin just walking to the school gates after the school bell rings. The exam was finally over and now they can have a cozy day without studying. 



"Yeah?" Eren asked. 



"Wanna help me baked something?" He said, Armin's grandfather owns a bakery and me and Mikasa always help him, all the desserts and all the cakes in there are soo delicious!!! Recomended if I would say. 



"Sure, OH WAIT... IS IT FOR THE NEW MENU???!!!! IS THERE A NEW MENU ARMIN???" Eren beamingly said, Armin could feel the lights and the sparkling particles on his back, Armin could help but nodded happily. He really loves sweets. 



"Yep! My grandpa just making a new menu called "Spring Parfait", do you wanna help? " Armin asked. 



"Help? Armin what are you talking about of course I would!!! You know that I really love sweets and desserts, especially baking them!!" Eren said, faking his pout at Armin. 



"I know Eren, I know... Are you going to join Mikasa? " Armin  looked at Mikasa. 



She shaking her head "No, I'm going to Annie's house after this, sorry Armin but I couldn't help... " Her expression saddened. 



"No! No! No! It's okay Mikasa, you don't need to help me really!!! " Armin immediately said. 



"Yeah, me and Armin will baked them together, you always help us so I think it's time for you to rest and have some time with her!" Eren said, this is the goal for Eren to make Annie and Mikasa having a relationship and also not making him a burden for her. 



"Thx Eren, you too Armin." She smiled. We smiled back at her. 



Mikasa waved her hand at them and go first, leaving the two alone. 



"Let's go Eren." Armin said



"Yeah!! To the bakery!!!" Eren cheered and then starts running together. 


Chapter Text

"We're here!!!" Eren cheered in front of the bakery called "Arlert bakery", the bakery was quite vintage but still pretty to look at it, the flowers decorating the front building, delicious bread and dessert displayed in front of the window for everyone to look at it. 



" The bakery really hasn't changed since I was here... " Eren said



"I know right? My grandpa actually want to change it, but then he change his mind." Armin said, he then opened the door, the bell rings as the door opened.



Eren looking at the inside was can't believe but to feel the nostalgia, he remember he used to go here with his mother and amaze with the food that displayed, he never buy  a lot but he remember that time he only buy cream bread because it's cheap. And oh god trust me... It was so good!! The cream taste divine and the bread was soft to eat. 



Eren was too focused with the room that he didn't realize Armin calling him. 



"Eren!" Armin called him, Eren looks at him with his grandfather joining behind him. 



"Eren is that you? Oh god it's been so long I didn't see you, you have been grown up now... " Armin grandfather amazed, he only saw him when Eren was still five years old with his mother. 



"Yeah it's been so long sir, I can't believe your bakery still open.." Eren nervously said, he don't want to sound rude after meeting him so he tried to be polite as possible, he's old after all. 



"I actually want to close the bakery... But this boy right here turn mad at me for closing it and he said that he will keep the bakery open until he turned old like me." Grandpa putting his arms at the flustered Armin after he remembering the embarrassing moment he was when he was a child. 



"Grandpa stop! It's embarrassing!!" Armin said. Eren giggle when he tried to imagine Armin's child version was yelling at his grandfather. What a memory.



"Hahaha sorry sorry... By the way Eren... How is your mom doing?" He asked. 



"Oh she's fine as always sir, she's not living with me anymore but we still calling and chat each other. I don't know what she's doing right now but I'm sure she was healthy as ever!" Eren said with a smile on his face. 



"That's good! I'm glad that she is okay, so... Armin, are you going to make the"Spring parfait" ??" He asked, Armin looks at him and nodded. 



"Yep! That's why I bring Eren here, he's really good at baking and making any types of desserts so that's why I asked him to make the parfait together." 



The amusement was stick on his face, he knows that this must be because of his bakery, he really glad that his bakery shop inspired him so much to baked cakes and different types of desserts. 



"Really? Now I'm curious to try your desserts Eren, can't wait to see the process of you making it," He said.



Eren is so happy to hear the compliment, he really want to give his desserts to him and give it a try someday, or maybe he could try it now. 



"Oh my god yes you can!!!! Do you want me to make a simple desserts for you to try it after the work is done??" Eren said excitedly. 



"If you're now tired of it then sure, just don't force yourself or else the food will taste bad." Grandpa said. 



"Yes sir!!!" Eren said, Armin then comes back without him noticing again. He hold a few ingredients for the parfait and baking tools. 



"Eren could you help me hold this flour please?" Armin said, his eyes pointing to the flour right on the side of his feet. 



"Sure!" Eren said, he grabs the flour and starts walking to the kitchen. It's not that heavy so he had no trouble holding it. 



The starts to walk carefully, not to make the ingredients fall until they reach to the kitchen. 



As they go to inside, they put the ingredients and the tools on the table, the kitchen was old yet cozy, this is the first time he goes to the kitchen and he can't wait to explore all of it. 



Armin opened the wooden kitchen cabin and starts grabbing a really dusty book, he coughs really hard as he tries to get rid of the dust form the book, Eren curiously looking at the book, it was a recipe book, kinda old but not too old. Probably 4 years ago. 



"Wow that book looks thick... " Eren said, how can he find the recipe that they needed when the book was thick, so thick that this wasn't a normal recipe book anymore. 



"Yeah... This is the first time I see it... " Armin said he opened the first page, the first page was full with list of all different types of dessert with alphabet and page number in order. 



"But I'm glad that there's a list." Armin said, he continues to find the word "Parfait" And he found it, he opened the page of 489 and was met with fully detailed parfait recipes. 



"Alright found it, now let's go make that parfait shall we!" Eren said, already prepared his fighting tool. 



The first thing they do is prepare the martini glass, Armin get all the martini glass from the racks and put them on the table, Eren is confused at first because we're not making a Martini, but Armin said that the shape is perfect for the parfait, which is the reason why he picked it. 



After that we grab a few of fruits for the bottom, the fruit we're pick for the parfait is mango, strawberry and a few of nata de coco to make the dessert more fresh. 



The next thing was ice cream, Eren grabbed a bucket fully with strawberry and vanilla ice cream, Armin then grabbed a few yogurt from the freezer. The first thing is ice cream, Eren grab the scooper and scooped the ice cream, after that he starts to put the ice cream into the glass, mixing the fruit with ice cream on top of it. 



Armin opening the yogurt and starts pouring them on top of the ice cream, the fresh cream mixed with the cold of ice cream as they got almost melted, mixing them together. So far so good. 



As Armin busy with the yogurt, Eren grabbed a pack of biscuit and and some yogurt covered with plastic and pastry fondant, making it as a whipped cream. 



After Armin is done, Eren grabbed another scoop of strawberry ice cream then put it on top of the yogurt before he use the pastry fondant, and then he started to grab the pastry fondant and whipped on top of the ice cream. 



And finally after that, Eren open the pack of biscuits and put them on the side of the ice cream, the unique thing about this biscuit is that there's a different types of animal character carved in there like bunnies, cats, dogs, etc dressed up, making the character looked more cute. 



Armin helped Eren putting the biscuit on the other side, the rectangular biscuits on the other side of it, stacking them with another yogurt cream. They also decorate the parfait with edible flowers and a few slice of strawberries. And the last thing to put is the logo of the bakery "Arlert"



A few hour passed and they finally finished their work, they both laying on the floor, don't care if the floor was dirty. Eren can't believe that he got really tired after making them, he could feel his head starting to hurt and his hand will broke from how much work he got. Armin felt the same as Eren, he's already getting used to it to be honest, but the pain never gone. 



"Are you okay Armin?" He tried to sit on the floor and look at his best friend dying like a dead body. 



"Does this look okay to you?" Armin said, he can't even sit even if he tries. After a few try he finally did it. 



"Well.... Not really... But hey we did it!" Eren looked up to see the parfait on the table. 



"Yeah... " Armin stood up and then sits on the comfy couch, he rest his back on the soft couch as he closing his eyes as if he finally reach to earth after walking on 1000 stairs. 



We take a rest for a minute as we grab a cup of water and drink it, feeling the fresh water sliding down on our throat. After that, they start to go back to the main room with Armin holding the parfait on the tray, first they need Armin's grandpa to rate if it's good or not. They just hoped the results wasn't bad or else their gonna make them again and they don't want that. 



"Hey! You finally made it, and oh my gosh!!! This looks so good, good job Armin and also you Eren, thank you for your hard work!!! " He smile as he hold the tray from Armin's hand and put it on the counter. Almost Ready to be displayed. 



"Your welcome, I'm glad that you like it... " Eren smiled, but then his smile dropped when he forgot about the desserts he was going to make for him, should he make it now, no wait... Maybe not now if I make it in here then I would faint on the ground. And I don't want that incident to be happening again for the second time, yes I faint easily just so you know that... That's why I always bought medicine. 



"Oh sir, I'm really sorry but I couldn't make the desserts now, it's afternoon now and I need to get home right away. I will make the desserts and give it to you tomorrow..!!!" He bowed, he actually not busy but the problem is that he was scared to walk at night, he afraid that someone might walk to him and talk to him. 



"It's okay, I can wait for you desserts Eren, get rest and don't forget to sleep!!" He said. 



"Haha... Don't worry grandpa! I will!!!" He said as he opened the bakery door. 



"Bye Armin! See you later!!" He happily said to him, Armin give him a smile. 



"Yeah, see you and don't come back again!!!" Armins said



Eren nodded and get out from the bakery as he starts walking home. 


While somebody is watching him, examining a prey... 

Chapter Text



After get out and starts to walk home, he finally reach in front of his house. He grab the key from his pocket and unlocked it, as the door clicked open Eren looking at his right direction to see tons of delivery box with the stuff that he buy online a few weeks ago. 



He also not forget to checked his mail to see if someone was mailing him, well a lot of them are just electric and water bill. Some of them also a letter from his mom and dad. He grab all the mails and that's until he grabbed one mail that he had never seen before or even got it. 



The mail was for him and there is no name about who send him this, the mail is fancy, even the texture of the paper was strange for him. It's like the paper was high quality. Soft and silky, plus no dirts in it. 



Not just the paper was high quality, but the handwriting was oh god I can't read it, it's like "Letter for my beloved, Eren Jaeger"



"Letter for my beloved, Eren Jaeger"... Ok good now I can read it, and beloved??? What?? I don't have a crush and there's no person that called me beloved before, weird. 



Even if the letter was strange, it's still mine so I'm just gonna take it and then read it after putting all the boxes inside.



After he putting all of his boxes, he change his clothes and sitting on the chair while staring at the unknown envelope. This is the first time he got it so he doesn't know what to do about it, should he read it? Could he got a threat for doing something bad and a person gets revenge on him, wait no maybe not... 



He take his breath as he slowly opening the envelope, there on the inside was another paper which is the letter, he closed his eyes while bringing up the paper in front of his face like a surprise. He slowly opening his eyes as he observing each word in the letter. 



"Don't let them touch you, don't let them tore your body, I own you and your body"






I looked confused at the letter, that's it? I checked around the letter, expecting to see a secret message. But the only thing that I found is nothing. The letter also has no name written on it. At first Eden just thinking that this was probably one of his fans who loved his artwork and then making a letter for him. But looking at the letter seems like they're not talking about his art, but him only.



Did I just think that it was strange? Nope not at all, I'm okay with people complimenting me, and it was probably one of the reason about what the letter means. But this letter... Does this had something to do with the compliment?? 



And don't let them touch me...? By who?? What does this letter even mean, touch is touching right? Is there other meaning besides touching??? 



Eren starts in deep thought, he's getting trouble already with these letter, God why does this happening to me, especially when my exam is over, this World never putting me in peace, not even once. 



After a lot of thingking, he finaly decided to keep the letter and waiting for that mysterious person to write again, even though he doesn't seemed to understand what the letter was talking about, but he's sure going to know about it once he collect all the letters. 



"I hope the person wasn't bad..." He muttered, but then he looked at the scattered box inside his house, oh yeah... I completely forgot about that... 



Eren starts opening them and get all the stuff that he got out from the box, he was so happy with stuff that he buys. He recently buy a lot today and he can't wait to try the newest lip balm that he ordered, yes I know it's for girl and shit but do I really care about that? Pfftt of course not, I don't even care if I was a boy using it. 



The other thing that he buy is comics and more useful and not that useful stuff that he buys because it's cute, everytime he saw something cute, it makes him wanna buy it more. He can't handle his addiction when it come to that even if he tried to handle it. 



He tried his best not to waste his money too much or else he's going to get scolded by Armin, he's the one who helps him handle all his addition I feel so bad for troubling him. But come on, who hates shopping? Especially when you get a lot of money in your pocket. 



Anyways, after I throw all the empty boxes next to the trash can outside my house, I started organizing my stuff and cleaning them one by one. When I was cleaning them, I suddenly hear a notification on my phone, who would dare interrupt my peaceful and calm moment like this?! I swear if it's that bitch Jean and Connie doing a funny spam on my chat, I'm gonna block their number forever. 



But I was wrong, when I opened my chat, it wasn't Jean or Connie it was... 



Unknown: "Hello"




A stranger... That he didn't know of course. 



Who is this person, how did they get my number....? I felt nauseous as I still staring at the unknown chat. Should I answer it? Oh god what should I do?! This is bad!!! My head starting to get dizzy.. 



I'm scared... 



Another text pops up



Unknown: "Hey, no need to be scared, you can take a deep breath, I'm waiting"




I do what the unknown person told me to, I try to take a deep breath and tried to keep my mind steady, I know I shouldn't talk to the stranger and do what they told me to, everyone knows that, even kids. 



But why is he talking to me? I never give my phone number to anyone other than my friends, did they send my phone number? No... If they did, they will tell me about it. I never did any crime related, I'm just a normal high school students who almost graduate and go to college. 



God, is my lucky charm broke? 



I signed in frustration, the stranger is waiting for me to type something, the clock is ticking. The sound loudly reach my ears then to my brain. 



Eren: "who are you? And how did you get my phone number??"



Unknown: "I'm the one who send you the letter, I'm sure you have read it already." 



Unknown: "Oh how I did get your phone number was secrets by the way..."



"Oh.. So he was the one who send me the letter" I hummed, gonna be honest that the person who's sending me that weird letter was shivering me up, and how did he know that I was feeling scared? I don't understand this person. 



Eren: "How did you know my address?? How did you know that I was feeling scared?? Why are you sending me those letter, what's the meaning of this??"



Unknown: "too much question that I can't answer angel~"



Unknown: "But about the letter, it means that I own you~ your body, your eyes, your hair, and even your skin, everything is mine and no one else."



You're mine?? Huh?? Since when did this person starts to own me? I'm not a furniture that he could buy, I'm a human so how did he own me?? 



And then something on my mind pops up... Do I know him? Why do I get a feeling that I know him somehow??? 



And they way they said me the word "Angel" I don't know why but there's something warm feel in my heart, it's like this person wasn't dangerous... My brain and my heart said. 



Eren: "you say that as if you already know me... Do I know you? Have we met before???"



Unknown: "Yes we have met before, it's sad that you forgot about me anymore, I still remember your cute smile ever since I met you."



oh so we have met before... And did I remember him? I was wondering how they look like..what moment I spent with them. 



I almost wanting to chat with them more until I realize it was already night time, I checked my alarm clock and it's 11 Am already??!!! Oh god I gotta go to sleep I forgot that tomorrow is school, I'm going to be late if i keep spending time with them.



Eren: "oh! I'm sorry but I gotta go to sleep, goodnight stranger."



I turn off my phone and grab my Bluetooth headset, it's been so long I had sleep with music on my head. I picked up the music that I want to hear, I choose "Slowdeath" By Sewerslvt. After that I started to put my headset on and then starts to sleep, leading me to another world. 



Without even realizing that there's another notification on my phone. 






Blood..lots of blood flood everywhere on they floor, bruise and cuts all over their body. 



Levi currently finished his fun with the gang after he having a lot of fun torturing them, they lay down helplessly on the floor, dead. Levi looked at them in disgust after their dirty blood was on his expensive shoe. 



"Tch, look what have you make my shoe looked filthy with your dirty nasty blood..."



He then gets out from the room after he cleaned his shoe with his wet cloth. Well at least he had a fun with talking to Eren on the phone. 



He ordered the janitor to clean that room and burn their bodies. 



He looked up to phone to see a message minutes ago from Eren. 



Eren: "oh! I'm sorry but I gotta go to sleep, goodnight stranger."



"Stranger huh?" He chuckled, he can't wait to see his reaction if the stranger that he think was actually his fellow friend that had been gone ever since he was a child. 



Unknow: "Goodnight Eren~ have a sweet dreams"



he typed, he's staring at the phone then look towards the big beautiful painting that he commissioned on his room. 



A smirk fell on his lips, 



"Or not.. "

Chapter Text


Eren woke up from his sleep with messy and weird sleeping position, his headset doesn't attach to his head anymore, song still playing nonstop. It's really dark in here what time is it... Eren get up and look at his clock. 



4 AM...?! Wow no wonder why it's still dark outside, I can't believe I woke up this early, not to mention that this was my first time wake up more early than 6 AM. Well I guess now I have much time to do something before I had 1 days left and then I get back to school, ugh..the holiday is really short I can believe after torture with the exam, we're only got 4 days. It's not fair!!! 



But then, a random thoughts comes out, how is that person doing...? Oh yeah, I forgot to ask what the person gender is fucking hell..



And I did not just call that person a "sir" What if the person who chat me was a woman?! Should I tell them that I'm gay?? 



It's 4 AM so maybe I could talk to them, will they woke up this early, I don't want to wake them up...



And yes, I'm still not blocking him. I know I should block them, but I can't... I don't know why but I feel like I can't block this person, as if there's a cold string behind my back getting pulled out from the "block" Button, not allowing me to press it. And so I don't, I have no choice but to keep the unknown account in my phone. 



I was about to chat with them until I see a text. 



Unknown: "Good morning angel, did you had a good sleep?"



Oh.., so he already woke up. Well... Not that I really mind about it. 



Eren: "yes um... sir?"



Another text pops up



Unknown: "oh my, did I forget to tell you that I'm a boy? Well silly me." 



Eren felt relieved at the sudden answer, it's not like he was having a phobic to girls or anything like that. He feels like girl is just not a match for him for unknown reason, he always saw on TV that the girl sometimes spoiled and trying to get on their pants and attention. it makes him wondering if he will be going through that pain when he ever get a girlfriend. 



The more he think about it, the more he's starting to take not interest with girls, he remember that a girl was trying to kissed him for a dare, and it's really traumatizing for him, the worst time ever. Not to mention that the one who kissed him was that typical popular girl with bold lipsticks on her lips. His mind always swirling with thoughts about why do I got kissed by this type of girls, but thankfully it was a long time ago. 



But that doesn't mean I could erase them. Who says that a heavy memory could easily erased? Not me if you say so. 



I don't want to think about that bitch too far so I throw it away and try to keep focus on the chat. 



Eren: "Well... Then do you know that I'm gay?" 



Stupid question, I know. 



Unknown: "Brat, I've been watching you for a years now that I can't even count on how many years I've been watching you far away, I still remember I saw you blushing mess at that random boy in middle school."



Unknown: "It rages me so much that I can't pick you up at school, I should have kidnap you at that time." 



I starred his honest answer in horror, wtf did I just looked? Did he just say that he wanted to kidnap the crap out of me??? I know that he's a stalker but kidnapping is completely out of the line. 



Eren: "Dude... That's sad... Never got people have a crush on you?" 



I know I shouldn't mocking him but damn... Relatable, really really relatable for me not having a crush, maybe him and I we're the same. 



Unknown: "I had tons of fangirl and fanboy crushing over me, but the only thing that I loved is you and you only..~"



Unknown: "Also, that is really rude for you to talk to a person who is older than you bright eyes."



'O-older than me...? Then how old is he that makes me feel disrespectful...' I thought to myself. 



Eren: "How old are you?" 



I'm guessing that he will be between the same as my age or maybe two years older. But we'll see if my answer is right or not. 



Unknown: "28" 



I take it back!! This guy is older than I thought my mind would say, he's almost 30, I'm gonna say it again 30!!?!? And this man just stalk a 19 year old me??? Should he have a wife and kids to take care of.... 



I can't with this guy, I feel like I'm about to give up from this world. 



Eren: "I'm sorry but 28...?! You've been stalking me and your 28?!? Shouldn't you get back to work and not just staring at a 19 year old boy who just trying to living their best life... "



Unknown: "My work is done and now I had lots of rest, being boss is no work for me." 



The guy who's stalking me was a boss, noted



Eren: "Ok then instead of being lazy like a grumpy cat, how about you ordered me something at KFC and then deliver it in front of my house, I'm sure you know my address so there's no explanation I need to tell you.."



Unknown: "Oh so I'm a delivery man now? Is this what you always do when a stranger is trying to talk to you hm~?"



Unknown: "And also, please don't buy fast food... I don't want your beautiful body to get fat.. :( "



Ouch, that hurt. This guy has been stalking me yet he didn't know that I was eating a lot? Did this old man know that I was winning on a mukbang contest 20 times in a row and that my shelf doesn't even fit with my own trophies anymore. 



Unknown: "I know you might be thinking about your mukbang contest and your body was still normal as ever."



Unknown: "But that doesn't mean you could disrespect me my love... "



Unknown: "Be a good boy... Or else I'm going to do something bad to other people... Of perhaps.... You friends is going to join~"



I starred at the screen in horror, my friends... My family... They all going to die because of this man?! 



My mind suddenly blank



What should I do...??

Chapter Text





I don't see anything...everything I see is dark as always... 



Why is my life like this is unknown, I didn't do anything... Not when I was a kid so why? Why am I born in this unlucky life God? Oh wait, you're not there, of course you are, watching people suffering and not doing anything is a wonderful job. 



When I was a kid, I was get bullied because I'm ugly, because I look like a girl. I don't even know what's happening, all I could see was blank emotion. I didn't recognize those people, their eyes got censored in my vision, but I could still hear their laugh. 


















Curse... That's right... They're right.... i am, 



Just a curse who got created by a god



Its not like I hate God, for what? What's the point of thinking them when I'm literally not religious? Pointless... 



There's no colors in my eyes, just gray. As gray as my life would be, is this also part of the health conditions? My do I only see gray when I'm healthy?? Is this also part of the curse too?? So many questions pop's up in my head, trying to find the answer. 



My parents said that my heart is empty... So so empty, and I need to find love. Because love solves everything and will get rid of all the darkness around you. At first, I don't care. No one would like a guy with long hair like a female like me, and they all hate me. They only said that because they don't know how I really feel, they expect me to be sad inside and felt heartbroken, when the truth is that I never felt anything, no happiness, no laughter, no sadness, not even anger. 



Only Emptiness.... 



Even though I have no emotion and got bullied, I have no problem with my academic skill, I read all the books at school, but there's not any new books coming in the library. And so he got bored again. 



He might be getting bored with reading books already, but he starts getting into fiction story and history, he learned a lot of new things, how they fight to their enemies, how they learn the enemies emotions, how they manipulate them, torture them, killing them, everything makes him feel something that he have never been felt before, 



And that is <EXCITEMENT> something that he had never been feel for the past few years... 



It feels so weird yet so good! Is this what feeling excited looks like? Now that he has this feeling, it's time for him to find more...more feelings that he needed to get!!



He found out that there are other types of books other than random thriller-horror books that he read after school, he took that opportunity to read all books with different genres, but the weird thing is that even if he read all the books and examining the whole stories, he only got the feeling that is different than any emotion people always get. 



Sad pained story still not working on him, he doesn't know why, he got bullied a lot, he just a mocking stuff for all the students, it's still not working... The emptiness... Still there



His vision still gray, not change as always, but that didn't mind him, no one knows about his vision, they can't see it so why did he have to hide them? 



After a lot of books he had read, so far he only get happiness, excitement, anger, jealousy, curiosity and lust.



however, even if he got a few emotion that he needed, he still dont know what to use it for... Yes he could feel, but when? When will he use them, what moment that makes him have to choose what emotion should he choose?? 



The strange thing is that he only got it when he read something gruesome, something that only adults would understand... 



He saw the picture of a dead body to make the story look more scary, everytime he saw that, he somehow got this weird feeling again... The blood, the organs, the body parts, everything combined, making such a mess. His father said that the color of blood was red, the organ was red too... The difference is just the light and the dark that contains on them, he don't know any other color than red so he usually called it light red and dark red. 



The more he saw it, the more excited and curious he got, he was imagining how it feels like if he touch the organs, how the texture feels in his hand, especially the blood, is it wet like water? Kinda sticky, or really sticky and yucky....?? 



But that's not it, he kinda want to now how it taste when it's cooked... Will it be different than he used to eat with animal meat? 



But something on his mind popped up.... Some idea that would make his life changed... Something that is perhaps would changed his future.



'What if I killed them... ' his insanely thought makes him smile, that's right... The bully... The people who bullied me... Why can't I just killed them, why didn't he think of that? But even so... No one would cared about them, they need to be gone, the disgusting germs needs to get cleaned or else they will be stuck there and making more germs. 



They need to be punished for what they have done in hell, they need to realize the pain I felt when they bullied me, and punish is the only option for them. 



And that's when I finally decide to bought a cutter at school, I was only 3th grade at that time, young I know... But I don't care about it. But I tried to make no one ever realized that the culprit was me. 



When the school starts and the teacher was coming, I was sitting in my desk as usual, as the teacher was still talking while writing on the board, I started thinking about the plan that I need to do. What time, what technique, what words do I need to say and also the emotion I have to use. 



The teacher ended and saying goodbye to all the students as she get out, this is it. The plan is now ready. 



I get up from my chair and quickly running to the school yard behind the building. As I was running, I suddenly hear a bunch of footsteps behind me,



I knew it... 



'As I thought,they were following me... ' I quickly running as fast as I can to the yard, they were never give up, of course they would.



As I finally reach at the yard while panting heavily, a loud voice comes up from behind. 



"You have nowhere to run now!" The jock smirked. The other group behind him begin to laugh. 



They thought he was stupid, but for him, this was part of his plan. He put his head down, not letting them seeing his eyes that got covered with his hair, dark eyes staring at them. 



Kill them... 



The leader looks down at me with mocking expressions "What's wrong? Leviiii?? Does your mom never cut your hair before~? What a twink!" The leader said. 



Let your frustration out... 



The sounds whispering inside my head, was that my thought?? Did I say that in my mind? If its not then who...? Is it me?? 



I completely ignore what the leader was saying to me, he saw that I wasn't paying his attention and it got him angry again. Not again.... 



"HEY I'M TALKING TO YOU YOU LITTLE SHIT HAVE YOU NOT LISTENING TO ME YET??!!" he shouted, he pull my shirt up with his big muscles arm. All the others we're cheered at him, waiting for him to beat me up... 



Kill them... 



Suddenly I could feel my body lose control, my eyes snapped, some thoughts in my head giving me another image, blood rushing, my vision turns red and black, my emptiness was changed with..... 



With your lust. 



I could've hear them screaming at me, I could hear a cutter stabbing through something, my vision is almost getting blurry, but I don't care, I stabbed and killing them one by one. Not giving any remorse and forgiveness. All people screaming with different voice that I couldn't guess. Stabbing them, cut them, kick them, punch them, destroying every part of their body like a broken rag doll. 



Happiness and excitement take over me, I don't know what expression I was making right now but..i could tell that I was happy with the tiny freedom that I got. 



But then I suddenly stopped and fainted, blackness taking over me completely. With the little bit of happiness that he got from killing the gang. 



Finnaly he's free... 



But of course its not over yet. 

Chapter Text



a few minutes later, the police is coming, Levi sneakily walking,going back to his home without noticed, in the middle of the night. As he kept walking, he keeps trying to remember their faces. Blood painted all over them, organs pouring out from the inside. He didn't realize what have he's done...he can't believe this was happening, but hearing their laugh while mocking him is making him not feel bad anymore. 



If only there's no bully exists in this world, his life wouldn't be like this, if only he isn't cursed like they said and be like the others, he wouldn't be getting hurt like this. 



What if his parents reacted about this, this will be on news and he will be doomed, but he's not panicked at all, his expression never change like always, looking at the dark sky from his dull eyes, he started wondering if the sky really this dark at night. Curse this eye for not having color on his vision, he was curious how people see it, many people said that it's beautiful but that's a no for him. 



After he reached his gloomy house at night, he walks in and opened the door with the key that he bought, when he walks in and closed the door. The room was still dark, strange... Is anyone home yet? He though, his parents always busy with their work so it must be te reason. 



He go to his bedroom and starts to change his clothes, now he don't know what to do... He try to keep himself busy, but that won't work, he also go downstairs to eat a few leftovers in the fridge and get back to his bedroom. 



He turn on the TV and was met with news about the gang that he killed, smiling proudly at the scene while eating something inside the jar that contains "Something" But he enjoys the snack so much as he watch the whole documentary and theories from other people. He can't imagine the shock and terror on people's faces when the one who killed them brutally is a kid. A kid who already had a psychopath mind ever since he's born. But sadly he didn't know it. 



After a few hours he finally got tired and go to sleep, waiting for good things to happen. 



Timeskip to the next few years



few years past after the insanely brutal tragedy, Levi was fifteen years old now, he feels so old like this, it's been a long time ever since that tragedy took over. Because of school, things starting to get more busy and busier. Lots of homework to work at, not having more time to read his books, everything is never changed at all even if he was teenager already, his hair still long, pale skin, dull eyes, no difference...



And of course, his bloodlust still hasn't did not effect him anymore, in fact, he's starting to feel comfortable with it like a normal human being. 



Apparently, he found a perfect spot to read and rest while got home from school, it was a park while he was walking around. There's barely any people go to park, everything feels calm and cozy. A perfect spot for him, there's also a big tree that could protect enough from the hot sun. When he saw that, he's starting to feel like he's not regret picking this place, for him, it's recommended.



Today, he picked up the book that he buys from the bookstore, after school he go to his favorite place that is park. When he reach the park, no one's there, probably leave. After he checked and there's no sound coming out, he sits underneath the tree. He opened the book and starts to read it. 



A few minutes later a kid comes up, a boy that he always saw everytime he's sitting peacefully. That brat, really interrupting his peace every day... 



He doesn't know the name of the brat, who cares about him, he's just a noisy brat who talks nothing but the sand. Why does he have to care about him and mind his business? 



He then looks at him again, the boy still talking to the sand, poor boy, he have to be honest but, there's no bad attitude from this boy, he doesn't have bad reputation like him so surely he has tons of friends.



Too bad, he couldn't see his face from where he's sitting right now, the boy always talking about random and weird things, having a tea party with him, helping Ms Bear baking for her bakery bla bla bla weird stuff.... 



He looks normal but weird at the same time, he always answer the sand as if the sand could talk, is this what everyone always do back then? No I don't think so... 



Anyways I tried to focus on reading while hearing him babbling up at some shit. 



It's almost night and the boy finally goes home, he said goodbye to the sand and hope they having a good day. Levi looking at him go, he got tired from reading so he leaves. 



When he got home he saw his parents, he doesn't know what they we're doing yet he didn't care, they always thinking about stuff more than their son. Not really abusive, they care but..they just act and he knows that their parents brain are just money money and money. It makes him mad looking at his parents not care about him, he feels jealous looking at random kids holding their mom's hand. 



He wanna do that to his mom too.. And also his dad, holding hands together while walking on a bunch of flowers, petals flying around, watching the beautiful sunsets. But that didn't happen of course...its obviously not gonna happened, what he only think of, was just a dream from his stupid brain. 



He goes to his bedroom without them noticing, busy with their phone and talking about business kind. He lay down to his bed and said to his mind. 



'One day... I will be not alone... One day... Someone will break the dark cages from me...' 



Boy or girl, he doesn't care. If it's the person who's destroying was them, then it's then who he will have to protect and loved. A blessing for the people who had saved him, he will protect them at all cost, he will kid everyone that do something bad on the person that he owned. 



He keep that promise inside his black empty heart. But it's okay... This would be filled one day... He just have to wait, and wait, and wait. Even if he's dead, he's still there, waiting. 



As he sleep, he let one word come from his heart, 'One day... I will kill them, hope you had a great day.'



... Mom... And dad... 



The next morning he woke up, doing his chore like he always do. Today his parents was out, they don't give him any information like when are they going back to home or where they're going, the only thing that is on his mind is that his family is wasting their money. 



When he reach to the park he starts sitting underneath the tree and starts reading his books. 



Guess who's Interrupting him again? That's right, it's the brat, talking shit with the sand. Without him noticing that he's not alone. My ears hurts so fucking bad because of him. 



I cant take this anymore!!! 



I shout a loud "shut up" to him, the who talks turning into a dark long silent, he's shocked. Realizing that he's not alone, the boy looks at random direction while shouting a loud "hello" to him. The boy starts shouting "hello" many times now. 



This boy... Not only he's a brat but he's also a spoiled brat, great. 



I shouted to him that I was here and as the boy starts hearing it and looking where the sound went, that's until he looks at me... Directly in front of my dull eyes. 



We both directly looking at each other, silent that they didn't even noticed the loud wind. 



When I looks at his eyes something happened.



That the darkness...was gone..the darkness that covered every part of his body, is completely gone, leaving him seeing all the colors that he have never ever seen. The first time he saw all the weird colorfull-non gray vision was here, in the park, the time he's staring at the eyes.



The gray color faded slowly, leaving bright colors. The dark cage that covered him, shattered in peace, the cold feeling, his colorblind vision, the darkness and everything that is on to him... Gone. 



The curse was end, the curse was he's a normal human now? He's like other human now?! Right??



He don't know what to feel at this moment, he was so happy, he can't smile in front of him because he doesn't want the boy to think him weirdly, so he restrained, he tried to keep calm and pretend like nothing happened. 



He blinked his eyes for a moment, the boy who was nervous suddenly ask him to be his friends. 



I still there, silent at the boys request. Friend... I never had a friend before, what does friends do? He don't know, the happiness from his heart broke, that's right... He forgot that he never had a friend before. Is he going to be like the others..? He might think that I was a really insane person for not having a friend. 



Wait a minute, why do I need to be afraid...? He's never had a friend like me..He said that I was one of his first friend ever. The reason why the boy never had a friend was unknown, but that doesn't important, what important is that he's not alone anymore... 



Because the brat is always on his side... forever. 



⋇⋆✦⋆⋇ ⋇⋆✦⋆⋇ ⋇⋆✦⋆⋇ ⋇⋆✦⋆⋇ 



The next day is my first time coming to his house, yesterday he introduced himself that his name is Eren and his age is 6 years old, younger than him. 



The boy was shocked that I was older than him, not to mention his expression was so cute and funny whe  I told him that I was a male and not female because of my pretty long hair. He then apologies to me and I said to him that I don't mind about it, I get this kind of question everyday, a lot of my classmate in school was shocked about my gender as well. 



There I was, sitting on my bed, nervous. Eren cheered me that there's no need to worry about me. He keeps making my heart warm and warm and it's positively irritating me, I always smile without him noticing everytime he's happy to me. 



As if he never cares everyone but me... 



I put both of my hand on my chest, hearts beating loudly and repeatedly. Badump badump is the only thing that I've heard. 



As the promise, I will protect him. I will punished everyone who cares hurt my friend, no one ever touch and talk to him dirty, like germs trying to reach him. 



He's mine and always will be mine. 



I walk to Eren's house as soon I got called by his mother, Carla. I only met her on phone. She always called me when her son wants to play with him at park together. He's really lucky to have a sweet mom like her, I'm glad that he's having more healthy family relationship than me. 



It's not like I'm jealous to him for having a happy family, I don't care about my family, they already broken and can't be fixed anymore, useless insect like them is never going to deserve some love. Especially their own son like me. 



When I reach his house I knocked the door, waiting for him to opened it. If your asking where's his mom at, she's out shopping for groceries. While I wait for him, probably still sleeping and getting ready, he's a lazy person, really a brat. 



His house is really nice and peaceful, my house is just too fancy and lots of technology, rich people I know. It's not like I hated it, it's just boring for me to live there. I prefer buying an apartment and living by myself then living on that too boring-too rich house.



A few minutes later, not too long enough. Eren opened the door, he smiled brightly at him, making his heart flutter in warmth and sparks. I can't with this boy... He's too beautiful to looked at. 



"Oh Levi!!! You came!!!" The angel cheered, he gave him a happy smile that he could. It makes him smile as well, but he keeps silent. 



"Of course I am." Levi said, Eren opened the door wide to him and let him in. 



He closed the door after Levi goes inside, Levi looked at the room, the room was really warm, they have this warm type color and also lots of flowers. Some of them fake, some of them real.



"You had lots of flowers in your house Eren..." He amazed, he can't coins how many flowers are in this rooms right now, he's amazed that there's no one take care all the flower. Must be really tired taking care one of them (even though he never actually experience it) 



"Hehe... It's my mom's flower actually, she loves flower so much, she's also taking care all the flower alone, but I also help her." He said as he blushed in embarrassment. 



He really is cute when he's shy to him, I want to see him like that more. He wished. 



Levi just only hummed to him, Eren then lead him to his bedroom upstairs. 



He then goes to the boy's bedroom, other than most of the rooms who has lots of flowers decorated to it, Eren room was different, it feels with something cute and... Girly??? The girly he was talking about was not that his room was pink, it was the decorations, instead of flower, all of his room is full with bunch of stuffies,the room was colorful yet warm with the help of the yellow color in his walls. 



"Wow Eren your room is really... Colorfull...?" Levi said with his questioned face. The boy just looks at him with pouting expression to him, little bit of pink flushed on his cheeks. 



"You think my room is cute like girls didn't you? My classmate always said that... " He mumbled, he's starting to feel bad on him, he feels like he just saying something wrong. 



"I'm sorry, did I offended you?" He apologies, the boy looks at him again and just shook his head. 



"Not really, a lot of my classmates thinks that I was disgusting because I like cute and girly stuff like a girl... " He said, both of his hand fiddling on his shirt, he could feel tears formed down from his soft cheeks. 



When he hears that, he could feel his heart wrecked, rages flowed down all over his hand. How dare they mocking him like that..!!! His heart turn dark from thinking about it. He realized that Eren was still here and he don't want to scared him with his enormous aura. 



He finally calmed down and said "Eren... It's okay to like cute stuff, just because you like that kind of stuff doesn't mean you're a girl.." I comfort him, he was looking at me softly while trying to wipe off his tiny drops of tears. 



"I- I know... Thank you Levi.. " He smiled at me, i looked at him as I smiled back in front of him. 



"Your welcome, anything for you... " Was the only thing he could said to him, his both hand starts to cuddle Eren with more comfort and warmth, letting him know that there's nothing to worry about. 



Because I will protect him... At all cost. 


Chapter Text



"So.. What are we going to do now?" Levi asked, they both hugging for almost an hour as he rubbing his hand at his back. 



Eren put his pointy finger on his mouth, thinking what should we do next, a light bulb suddenly shine bright on top his head. It's weird that Levi could see it. 



"I know!! How about we watch something!" Eren said, his tiny finger pointing at the tv. Levi looks at him and nodded. He was afraid that Eren would looking at the news, but then he forgot that he's still a brat. 



Eren grab the remote and starts turning on the TV, searching channel that he wants to watch, he could see the serious yet cute expression from his face. After a few minutes he found a channel that he wanted to watch. It's was a mystery type cartoon called "Detective Conan" A kid who is trying to solve everything. 



"Found it!!! Have you ever watch this Levi?" Eren asked, his eyes shines brightly, so brightly that he could see the star in his eyes. Sadly, he didn't know, he didn't want to make him sad, but he hates lying to him at some useless stuff. 



"I'm sorry Eren... I don't." Eren looks at him, he knows that it feels wrong apologize on a boy who is younger than him, but this is not a normal boy that he normally found, this was Eren. He doesn't want Eren to hate him, just simple as that. 



Levi looks down until he heard a giggle from the boy, his head rises, looking at the boy who is giggling like he was funny to him, did he mad? Nope, it was the opposite, he was happy inside his heart that the boy was not mad at him and still be friends with him. 



"Aww Levi it okay, we could have watch them together!!" Eren cheered again, a smile never gone from his mouth. 



Eren starts watching with Levi together while eating gummy bears that Eren bought, Apparently according to what Levi watch, it's about a kid who solved every murder case with detailed description of how do they killed them, this cartoon makes him learn about it, he can't believe this was family friendly show. But at some point he probably will doing the same technique like what the tv told him to. It was pretty accurate. 



Looking at Eren, he's still focus on the TV that he didn't realized Levi was looking at him. Eren's eyes mixed with the blue-ish color from the TV, it's pretty to looked at. 



After the episode was done, Eren got pretty tired, his glowing excited eyes turn fade as he was about to fall himself on the floor. Luckily, Levi the prince Charming saved the princess from falling. He tried to make sure he was okay but thank god he's fine. 



His beautiful face sleeping peacefully, he hoped that he's having a nice beautiful dream no matter what, when he pray, his only wish was to make Eren happy and protect them, even if what he did to people was dangerous for his life, he doesn't care. He was fine if he got into a jail, he's not worrying himself after all. 



It's weird, but Levi wanted to caress him like a baby that was born, he can't wait to kiss him and touching his body with both of his hands. His skin was so soft, the smell of the baby powder was all over his nose, he smell so beautiful... 



Without realizing, Levi goes closer to Eren's face, his lips almost touching his chubby cheeks, Levi closed his eyes, he can't wait anymore.



I'm sorry Eren... I'll buy you more desserts after this. 



And so his lips touched. 



And let me tell you... It was AMAZING. The soft cheeks touching with his lips, not to mention the baby powder smell from him was too good. So good that he kissed him many times now, kissing him while deep into his cheek more closer and closer. I can't with this boy, because of this boy, he turned out like this, cursed God for making him beautiful. 



Not wanting to interrupt his peace and making him annoyed, he goes out from his bedroom, as he closing the door he hears a bell ringing from the door. He going down the stairs carefully and then goes in front of the door. 



He opened the door to see his mother bought a few groceries that she buy, the mother stared at him confused than she realized who's the person that she saw. 



"Oh my... You are Levi isn't it?" The mother asked. 



"Yes, Eren just invited me to his house." He said, the mother was shocked at the sudden news, she put her hands on her lips. 



"Omg how did Eren not telling me this, I didn't even prepared the breakfast and I didn't even cleaning the house omg I'm sorry for this hun, you don't like the dusty floor right? Stupid me for not preparing anything, what do you want to eat Levi? Is Eren okay? Ohhhh God I've better start cleaning right not or else I'm going crazy!!!!" Levi keep hearing her babbling and mumbling at the mistakes that she had done. 



Yes, he hates dirty but looking at his mother going insane make him feel worried. 



"You don't have to prepare anything ma'am, Eren and I are just playing with each other, although he's got tired and sleeping..., but I don't want to wake him up so I explore all the rooms in here." Levi politely said to her. 



"Ahh I see, that brat, he's always been a heavy sleeper ever since he was little." She grumbled, she goes to the kitchen to put all her stuff in the fridge. 




"A heavy sleeper? I thought he was energetic??" Levi questioned, he didn't know that Eren was a heavy sleeper, he followed her behind and started sitting on the stool while crossing both of his arm on to his chest. 



"Well everyone thinks the same as you, that boy is really energetic that he even loses his energy, he can't force it so that's why he's like that, sleeping like a sloth did you even see his sleeping position, haha my god." She started laughing at the stuff that came in her mind. Levi adored at the new things that he had learned. 



"Let me guess Levi, his sleeping position must be him holding the bolster like a sloth isn't it?" She guessed. 



Looking back to the Eren sleeping position, she was right. He almost wanting to laugh at his cute position. Levi and Eren's mother sit beside him and continue to talk about all things about Eren untill it's almost night. 



When they both realized that it's night time already, Levi get out from the house, he said goodbye to Carla. As he walked out, a sudden female voice came up to him. 



"LEVI WAIT!!!!" It was Carla, Levi looked at her panting, what is it now... 



"Since you're here, I just wanna give you this, please open it when you reached your home safely..." Carla handed him a book, there are no text in the cover, just plain brown old book??? He don't know if it's really important for him to looked at or not but...oh well he'll keep it. 



"Thank you ma'am, say goodbye for me to Eren!!" He said before he continues walked home. 



Timeskip of him in his bedroom not doing anything, he's still staring at the book, don't know what will he have to do with the book, should he open it already??? He's already reach his home... She didn't even tell what time should he open the book... 



'Fuck this I'm just going to open the book' he thought, he started open the book, that's until he found something that frozed him, what he saw was... A picture of Eren from baby to what he is now, Eren in the photo look really gorgeous, it feels like he's been photoshoot a lot, like a celebrity but he's not a celebrity. 



Eren in the photo have wear different kinds of clothes, and different places, photo of him showing a sand castle in the beach, him picked up a flower, and also a picture of him taking care his mother plants. This however make his heart feel more and more filled with this photo of him, he didn't mean to feel rude but... He kinda want to asked Carla for more picture of him. 



But what makes him confused was... Why did her mother send him this? This book should be kept for memories, not for him... Is it because I was his friend? Well that won't important for me, what important was that she gave me this. 




But what makes him confused was... Why did her mother send him this? This book should be kept for memories, not for him... Is it because I was his friend? Well that won't important for me, what important was that she gave me this. 


Oh well it's not really important, it's probably because u was his first friend ever and perhaps that's what make his mom happy, he will thanked to his mom. For this precious gift. 


Now that his mom gave me this, where should I keep it, I don't want my stupid family to see the whole picture of him... The only one who could see it was me, no one else dare to looked at this book, if they do... Then I have no choice but to kill them, even if they the one who make me exist, I still killed them, torture them, until they died. But that's only the plan. 




While I tried to think, I suddenly remember that I have something that I could hide, I opened my wardrobe to get a bag that had locks in it, this should help for a moment. I grabbed the book and then putting them inside, I'm really good at remembering something so there's no need for me to worried about forgetting the password. 



And now he's saved from my parents. 



And I know most of people will think "why are you hiding it? Is it wrong for your parents to know him??" The answer is yes. It is wrong, they all bussiness and dumbasse strict parents, they never allow me do anything, like having friends for example, if they find out, then I don't know what something's bad gonna happen to him... 


And yes I still kept my innocence before I killed, let's say it's a suprise. 


After I put the book inside the bag, I go to my bed and go to sleep. 


When I woke up, I was suddenly met with my parents calling me... What is it now... Don't know why they called me but it's gotta be something important (for them not me) 


I walk out from my bedroom and go down stairs, in the living room, there was my parents sitting on the couch, I just gave them a blank face, they don't seem offended about that because they're getting used to it already. 


"What do you want mom and dad." Levi boldly ask. 


The father just sit there while his wife focusing on the TV, not give any care for his son, ever. 


"We're moving." Father said. 


Levi stunned about the words coming out from his father, no... This can't be...moved? Where??? 


"Where?" Levi asked again. 


"Far away from this place, we recently got a bussiness to do and the place was really far from here. And I also don't want to hear you say "no"." The father glared at him. Of course it's about bussiness what do you expect Levi... There no way my parents would ever cared for me... 


The only thing I could do was just obey to him..


The next day is the day, the last day. Me and Eren are in the park rn, he's still having fun playing with the monkey bars, while I was sitting there looking at his beautiful smile. 


After a few minutes Eren starts to rest, he look's at Levi, he's feeling down today is something wrong?


"Levi... Is something wrong?" Eren asked, Levi then flinched at the sudden question, what should he do... Should he just say it. 


"Eren... There's something that I want to tell you.. " I get up, my frown never gone from my face. 


"I'm... Moving tomorrow..." Eren frozed, no blink in the eye, just frozed. A few seconds tears started coming from his bright eyes... I already explained to him, but it won't work. It feels hurt in my chest. Seeing him cry like this. 




I tried to soothe him down by putting my hand in his back and starts rubbing him with comfort that he could. 





As he called down, I'm telling him that we will meet again, Eren eyes suddenly looked at me, little bit light in his eyes flashed up, I grabbed his hand and the do a pinky promise. 




One day... One day I will change, one day I will change myself my preference, I will cut my hair so I could impress you. When I have work I will buy whatever you want. 





And one day... I'm going to meet you in person. 


Chapter Text


The next day after that incident, Eren starting to get scared at whoever the person would chat him, he don't know why he was the victim, he don't know why he seems like putting me in part of his game. Am I really that gorgeous? Well.. Sure I looked fine but gorgeous? I don't think so. 



It's 3 AM and my eyes starting to form like a panda, the stalker hasn't chat with me yet, maybe he's busy with his work? That thought make him calmed a little. Since he has nothing to do, he goes downstairs and trying to do something, first is watching TV, Eren sitting on the couch with remote in his hand, turning ON the TV only show's a news, a really boring news, talking about economics and political stuff, looking up at the other channel still bored him, maybe because it's early in the morning? The cartoon usually show's up between 4 to 5 AM. Apparently the TV didn't work on him, so he tried the second idea. 



The second idea is watering his plants, even though hia mom not live here anymore, he's still take care all the plant that my mom had, a lot of years come and yet they didn't die or in a bad condition. All the plant are still healthy and fresh thanks to him taking care all of them. As he watering the last pot, his stomach started to grumbling. Oh yeah... I forgot to eat yesterday, I was too focused with the stalker that I forgot to eat last night. 



I opened the fridge and grabbed some food, sadly there's not much food for him to eat, he was too busy with working with his homework that he forgot to buy them (again) having not much money is pain... I wish I could buy all kinds of food and then I could eat it whatever I want. 



"Let's see... Eggs, a few vegetable, cake, candy... Ah!" Eren looked at the cold cooked meat in the plate, cool! Now I dont need to wasting my time leaving my stomach in pain. I grab the plate of meat and then put it in the microwave. A few minutes later, a beep sound coming out from the microwave. Eren grabbed the plate with his hand covered with cooking glove in case his hand got burn from the hot microwave. I cut the half of it then put it on the table, I put the other meat back to the fridge. 



I started to go sit down and then starts eating the meat, the meat wasn't too hard and not too soft, just what I like it, I don't know what meat am I eating right now but hey I don't care about it, as long it's good then it is good! But some question pops up in my hear while I'm eating.



'Do I... Ever buy a meat?'



I know it sounds really stupid, like "Wtf Eren, how can you forgot about that?!" But I'm serious, I never even buy any single pack of raw meat and then put it in the fridge. I usually buy pack of food that is already cooked from the cheap convenience store, oh wait, maybe I buy it but I forgot? There's no way the meat just popped up in the fridge. The meat taste like beef but in a strange way, I can't describe it, but the taste is pretty same as beef. 



After eating and getting my energy back, I open the fridge to grab a pack of gummies, I pour a few into the bowl until it's full, after it's full I started to put the yummy back into the fridge and then grab the bowl full of gummy in my hand. 



Chilly cold air feel in my skin as soon as I open the door, making me shivered, I didn't wear any jacket or a thick coat but that's not what I wanted to do right now, I walked behind the backyard with bowl still in my hand, behind the backyard I stopped as soon as I saw a trapdoor down closer to my feet, hiding in the bushes and thick grass. That's right, I have a secret room!! I unlocked the trapdoor with the key that I bought, I took a deep breath and then moving my feet to go deep down inside the darkness, the door automatically closed as soon as I got inside. 



After I'm inside, I turned on the lights, the lights was turned leaving the hallway shine bright with the yellowish lamp, straight far to the hallway there was a door, an old rusty door that got moss covered in it after been there for a lot of years, surprisingly the door still strongly okay and still good enough to use. Walking straight to the door was pretty chilly because of the cold floor that felt in my feet, even though the lights turned on, the floor still wasn't warm enough for him to step on it. Poor gummy, they probably turned hard like ice already. 



After I was in front of the door, close enough for my hand to knocked the door. 



Knock, knock



"...." No voice come up, I knocked again



Knock, knock



"......" Still no voice comes out, strange, is Null tired??? 



I opened the door slightly so he wouldn't woke them up, he slightly and carefully put the bowl inside, trying not to make a sound or any noises as possible, after I put the bowl inside, I quietly closed the door and get back to home. 



As soon as I got back inside the house. I rushed to the bathroom and opened my med kit. The med kit reveals bunch of medicine that I buy, I don't know why I buy them but my brain said that I needed them, as if dangerous thing going to happen if I don't buy it, but I don't know why I need these thing. Anyways, which one should I pick? All the medicine I buy is different yet I don't know which one should I take. 



A few minutes later and I finally decided what pills I should take, I put it in my mouth and I quickly drink a glass of water in my hand, making the pill slide down into my throat. 



After I take the pills, I suddenly froze, what am I even doing?? Why do I buy those medicine when I don't even need it?? Why do I give the gummy??? Who do I gave the gummy to?? I don't remember... I don't get it why my brain said that I need to do this, i- what's happening right now?! Am I crazy? Hallucinating??? It feels weird, I don't even know what medicine I just take... 



My breath starting to get more shaky and uncontrollable, my vision is getting messy and dissociated, my mind goes overthinking about what happened, making my head pounding like my heartbeat. Is it because of the pill?! The pill that I drink giving me this kind of effect. I can't handle it, a shadow, a bunch of shadow came approach me, I don't know what kind of expression the monster give me but it's disturbing. The monster started getting more and more closer, leaving me shivered in fear, what are they... Why do they came to approached me?? What did I do wrong, and why am I feeling in pain instead of fear? Is there a moment that I don't remember??? If so, then which one? 



The only thing I did was not doing anything, if I run I would get killed, if I silent I would get killed too, I was still stuck in the bathroom, monster started coming out of nowhere, making the bathroom covered with black like paint. Feeling of sadness flooded fully in my heart, guild and regret stabbed me like a knife. I'm sorry... If only I didn't do it, then this wont be happen in the future, I'm sorry... I know you hate me, but I also hate myself, if only I could think much longer, then everything is going to be okay, that's right everything is going to be fine.... 



"Everything is going to be fine Eren, everything, everything is just a dream, you're just hallucinate because of that pill." I said to myself, putting both of my hands into my ear, trying to get rid of the weird loudly sound singing in my head. 



The monster is getting more and more closer, a black sticky goo covered my feet, there's no color left, only black, lots of monster looking at me, they probably laugh about it. I feel like my vision starting to get faded, is this where I die... ? No, I can't die yet, please not now!!!! 



Please get out, Please get out,  Please get out, Please get out, Please get out, Please get out, Please get out, Please get out, Please get out, Please get out, Please get out, Please get out, Please get out, Please get out, Please get out, Please get out, Please get out, Please get out, Please get out, Please get out, get out, get out, GET OUT!!!!! be honest, I don't know who I am, I am Eren but I don't know much about myself, heh what am I even saying...dont know much about yourself when the one who controlled your body is you, I don't know why I said sorry, who's the person that makes me feel like this was unknown. After that my mind went blank, blank as white, lots of error ringing in my head like a alarm clock... 

























I'm sorry Eren... I didn't mean to keep a secret from you, from now you're save, I promise I will tell you what happened to you and yourself, some parts of the memory will be removed, meaning that you will never remember what you just saw, RESTARTING DAY will be begin in 3...2....1...



✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*



The next day after that incident, Eren woke up from his bed, did I overslept? I think I am, oh well my stalker is probably chatting me now, Eren wants to look up his phone, but he prepared himself instead, the nice time is over, it's time to get ready to school, I put my book inside my backpack, and walks out to school without breakfast. 



Eren was sitting quite early in class, there's no students coming, he looked up his phone and it's 6 AM, well that was... So early for the lazy me, I opened my bag and grab my book to look  up if there's any homework I forgot to finish, it's really boring without any people here, I can't stand the chill with this place, although it's calming and peace. 



But something was wrong, Is it just me or I feel like I didn't remember anything? Some thoughts comes up and then it's gone, as if it's vanished. Is it because of my starker...?? Oh wait nevermind I do remember him, when I woke up I suddenly get this weird guilt and pain in my chest, I feel like I almost crying at that time, don't know why I felt like this but I was starting to forget about it, it must be a dream that make me like this. 



After exploring all the books and found nothing, a message suddenly came up from my phone, oh I know who this is, it's gotta be him. 



Stalker: "Good morning love! You seem to go early this morning, anything happen?"



Eren: "Not really, I don't know ow why I go too early today... "



Stalker: "Well, atleast you dont need to get panicked about getting late at school."



Eren: "Are you making fun of me?"



Stalker: "why would I? I'm telling the truth here."



Eren: "Sure... Btw Levi, you always watching me right? Do you see me doing something weird like wake up at 3 AM?"



Stalker: "Nope, you sleep peacefully as ever, what's wrong? Something happened???"



Eren: "No, nothing happened."



Stalker: "Liar"



Eren: "I'm not!"



Stalker: "You are."



Eren: "No!!!"



After sending that, I quickly close my phone, I don't want to start a yes-no argument here. Minutes later a few students starts to come one by one, most of them chattering with their friend or their gang, too bad Armin and Mikasa isn't come, maybe they are pretty late, I put my phone inside my backpack and put my head down to the table, my eyes starting to get tired, pressuring myself to sleep at the moment while waiting my friend to come. 



I opened my eyes to woke up in a strange place, it's dark, dull and blurry in my eyes, there's a person in front of me but I can't tell who... I could feel a cold stone on both of my legs that I'm currently sitting in, the person started to say something but I can't hear what they were saying, who are they? And why am I here?? Where am I??! 



"Did you hear me Eren?" A gruff sound came from the person. 



I wanted to say something, but something shut my mouth, I can't speak, and I also can't hear what the person was trying to say, I can't do anything, what kind of dream is this? It felt so real, the person started calling someone, but then I realized they was talking about me. 



"Eren can you hear me??" The man called him again, that's when he's starting to get dizzy and his vision faded, before he fall into the darkness, he hears another person talk to them. Too bad he doesn't hear them anymore. 



"Eren." A new voice calling him, who? 



"Eren!" The new voice calling him again, this time he could clearly hear a woman's voice. 



"EREN!!" The loud voice make him finally opened his eyes, it was blurry at first, but he could clearly see after a few minutes, everything is white, this isn't class... Where am I now? 



"Eren, can you hear me? It's me Mikasa." Eren slowly turned around, his eyes was met with her gray eyes, he saw Mikasa's face, full with worried and sad expression, 



"W-what happened?" He asked, the only thing he remembered was that he was sleeping in the class and dreaming about that mysterious person calling him, Eren wondered if ever met the person in his past. 



"You were fainted in class, me and Mikasa bought you here." Armin who sits right beside him said, hospital?! Why?? 



"I see.. You were awake... " A woman with curly brown hair came up to him, walking with nurse uniform, she bought something in her hands. 



"Nurse, is Eren okay?" Mikasa asked. 



"He's fine don't worry, he just got a really heavy headache and fever, the fever is not that high so it's okay for you to go home." The nurse said. 



Armin and Mikasa sighed in relief, the nurses give him pack of pill with the doctors  receipt in it, Eren turned to the nurses. 



"This pills might help you a little bit for your headache, be sure to eat first before drinking the pill, for now, you only drink 2 pills in a day, if the pill is not working then be sure to come here and informed me." The nurse said before she leaves the room, leaving the trio in silence. 



"Well, now that you can leave , I'm going to bring you home alright?" Armin said, Eren nodded at his actions. 



Thankfully he could still walked slowly, he tried his best to not get tired after the amount of sleep he had. 



"Btw Eren, are you going home after this?" Mikasa said as they both stop in front of Armin's car. 



"I'm planning to go on a grocery shopping today, I ran out of food stock in my fridge and I have no choice but to buy a lot of it." Eren stated, he was sure ran out of food and he need to buy it right away, not to mention he's sick and needs to eat si he could drink the medicine. 



"Oh ok sure, it's been so long I do grocery shopping I'm afraid my food is ran out too.. " Mikasa said, Armin also ran out of food so he agreed. 



"Yeah, I almost forgot about that thanks to you." Armin laughed. 



"Oh then that would be much better, let's go before it gets late." Armin and Mikasa nodded, Armin goes to his driver seat and turn on the car with his car key. Me and Mikasa go sit in a passenger seat, on the inside Eren was met with a flowery kind of smell, it's actually pretty good and calming. 



When we arrived at the grocery store, I grab the shopping cart and started to go first to the "fruits and veggie" section, Eren is not have much money so he buy something that he could usefully use for him to make soup, he buy carrot, spinach, potato, tomato and corn, as the fruit he buys a lot, he buys strawberry, apple, grape, mango, and lemon (to make lemon juice) he honestly preferred fruits than vegetables. 



After things that I buy are milk, eggs, instant noodles, frozen food, can of soup, and meat.... 



When I go to the "Meat" Section, I got this really gross and nauseous feeling in my stomach, I'm really confused why I feel like this, I'm not like this everytime I buy meat so this is my first time, I'm not even hate meat so why just looking at it making me wanna puke... I don't want to stared at them for too long so I decided to not but the meat and buy a pack of raw chicken and fish instead. 


. "You're not buying that Eren?" Armin pointed at the meat that he feel nauseous at. 



"Yeah, I'm not in the mood buying it today, I feel sick just by looking at it... " Armin looked at with worried and concerned expression, he doesn't know why Eren felt like this, yes he's sick but this is the first time he saw Eren disgusted at the meat. He's not vegetarian just by looking at the chicken and fish that he picked, the meat is not that expensive either so why??? He wanted to asked him "why?" but he choose not to. 



After they done with the shopping, they started to wait on the cashier, waiting every single people to take turn, they give the money to the cashier and put in his stuff on a plastic bag. 



They both getting inside the car and lead him home, timeskip to Eren's house, he said goodbye to Armin and Mikasa before the drove back to their own home, Eren was tired after the amount of things that he'd been through, thankfully the stalker didn't chat him after all this horrible incident (I guess). 



As soon he was about to grab a key, he suddenly felt a presence from behind f, getting closer, this cause for Eren to get panicked and quickly looked behind him, but no one was there... Only him. 



"Weird, I thought I could feel a person behind me for a moment. " Eren said to himself, am I hallucinating?? He thought as soon he opened the door. 



Yep I'm totally hallucinating, there's no way someone would just behind him... Right? 


Chapter Text


Today Eren was sick. It's been so long he didn't get sick for the past few years he had been on school year, not trying to flex but I never exactly faking myself to sick or skipping school. I remember Connie used to tell me about how much he had been skipping school with Jean without being suspicious, I asked him why and all he said was pretending to get sick, Eren amazed how Connie didn't get any suspicious from his parents, he must be a really good actor.


His body has been getting really really hot and sweaty, thx to the air conditioner, he never got any of those gross sweat, Eren told his stalker to buy him a medicine and when I was about to put down my phone, a bell suddenly ringing and when I opened it, I saw a tiny box, curious I opened the box and what I saw was... Medicine, fever medicine. He didn't expect to be this fast, just how much did he prepared for this, is he know that I will get a fever and so that's why he's buying it already...? Well, he might have to thank him about that later.


He put the medicine on the counter and goes up to bed, he didn't realize himself and goes back to sleep.


Minutes later he woke up in a strange place, again. Was it another dream? What is it this time, he woke in somewhat a room, it's not a cell like before, all the room was white, not color just... White. He looked around only to find one bed (that is white just like the room) a medicine and a paper, curious he grabbed the paper and read it, he clearly couldn't read it because of the handwritting but he tried to read the paper and the paper said something like this...


Patient 0 : Eren Jaeger                                   
Status: Emotion : Stable (for now)                
              Brain: Genius                                     
              Memories: Stable                              
              Mental health: Unknown                  
              Sickness : Unknown                          
Patient type : Dangerous                                
Info: We made a report that it turns out      that we can handle his anger and                aggressiveness by giving him a music        box, something that would calmed him a    little bit, one of the doctor went into his       room and put a music box, we still unsure  who gave it to him but it sure a massive    good job                                                          
Anyways we still tried to see his brain for  his weird mental health but we only found nothing, his weird habit is still unknow as  for now why is he like  this, we are going     to do some check on him later on after he calmed himself a little bit... Please tell this to everyone to not interrupting him or else he will going to do something bad like          what he did with the other victim                                                                                           


I looked at the paper in shock, so I have been in here before, but why? If I was in here back then, then what about the memories I have with my mom...? What about the memories between me and Levi?? Are they fake? Who send me to this room? Who???


I don't know why I was here, I don't remember anything at all, even this paper, what kind of room is this and why am I here is not in my brain, everything is white, I'm not really know much about this room, but at the same time, it feels really... Calming, I feel like this is where I suppose to live, I feel like this is where I belong, not in house, not in school, but here.., there are no door in this room, I tried to find it my rubbing my hands on wall but I found nothing, the room is so white that I couldn't even see the shadows, the brightness on the lights hurt my eyes a little bit.


Just how did people get in my room anyway when there's no door in here, it has to be a secret door in this place or something, so that I could escape. I'm don't have any mental health, I'm not sick, I am normal!!! Normal like everyone. Even though I don't remember anything, but I know that deep in my heart, I'm still a human.


After I searched on wall and found nothing, I decided to put my hands on the floor, the floor was really clean surprisingly, there is no single dust in here at all, it's so clean and smooth in my hands, I'm glad that they keep the hygiene. Searching it on the floor like a dumb people trying to find something really embarrassing, I just pray to myself that I was the only one in here, I don't want to get caught and running like some kind of video game. I hate running so much, my legs gets weaker everytime I run. I hate my leg.


As soon as I search underneath the bed, something opened, the floor crash, everything crash, making me fall down into the darkness that I feel like I ever been here before. The white room is gone, leading my body to nothing but a darkness, good now I can't see where I'm going, I get up and look around, yep it's dark now what am I gonna do? Without thinking I started to just walked randomly, not caring the risk that got me into. When I walked in I suddenly hear a sound, the sound that leads me the way, the music manipulated my brain, telling me to lead the way I should go next. The the black floor that I walked in suddenly turned into a flower, one by one all the floor started to grow with some kind of flower as soon as I step my foot in there, the flower was white, white with no color at all.


I'm glad that there's at least a color in here, the white room makes me calm but the black Making me feel weird, I didn't panicked at all, as if I was already step in this room before, but I don't know when and what am I doing here.


After a few minutes of walking the music stopped, leading me into the sky with invisible floor that reflects like a mirror, making the floor had nowhere to be seen, this time I was scared, I have never been in this place before unlike the other 2 room I just walked in, I could feel my eyes starting to get watery and crying. My emotion suddenly mixed into another guilt and sadness, my heart goes ache, feeling my heart beating loudly. The weird sound in my head pops up, a monitoring sound... A heartbeat sound... While staring straight at nothing I kept on walking, walking and walking and walking and stopped, in front of me is a rope, already prepared for me to put my head in.


The monitoring sound starting to get more and more slower as soon as I get more closer to the rope, I was started the rope with a blank mind, the regret feeling hurting my chest, my mind is nothing but me begging sorry to everyone for what I have done and now this is where I have to face the consequences, for being a bad person... Consequences... Yeah... I don't want to held this pain anymore, my friend, my everything..., I don't know if this is just a dream, if I die then I probably wake up right? This is all a dream after all. Even if I don't remember anything but my heart knows it all.


I put both of my hands into the rope, putting my head into the rope slowly trying to see if it fits with my head or not, I don't want to be in here anymore, I need to wake up, I have to get out from this mess.


After I put the rope on my neck, the rope automatically going up, making both of my leg not reaching the ground anymore, the rope starting to get tighter, I could feel my breathe started to get loose, letting the sound of my messy breath, following with the tears had started falling, it hurts, it hurts so much, the pain, the regret, the sadness, everything hurts. My brain completely shut down, I want to get out... I don't want here, please... Don't leave me... I'm begging you... I don't want to die...ok..


While I was about to die, I started to think about him... Levi, my best friend... I still haven't meet Him yet, where are you? It's been so long my mind started to think about him, I really missed him so much, I also missed my happy self, because of the society,they making me changed like this like this, Armin and Mikasa is waiting for me too, waiting for me to get back in class and talk to each other, the sound of their laugh started to swirling all over my head. After that as soon as I remember him and my other friends, I smiled to myself and shut my eyes, wanting to take a sleep for the second time...


" Your sure this was you're choice? Your only choice??"




".... "


What's wrong?


"You want to meet him do you?"


What else would you want me to do besides waiting him, he's my friends after all...


"Have you ever wonder to yourself who exactly you are?"


I don't know, I know that I'm not normal just by hearing your random voice. Are you going to tell me who I am?


"... Not now Eren, try to restrain that question for a while , the truth will come soon."


Ok then, it's not like i want to know myself about it.


"Your mind will be shut down in a few seconds "










As soon the counting ends, the world started to shattered again, the ropes around my neck vanished, the pain around my neck is gone, everything vanished, I still closed my eyes for a moment, trying to make myself sleep until the shut down finished. I might be a loser... But I'm okay with it...


You probably confused about what happened... You're not alone, I was confused about what happened too, wish I could remember something even if it's just a tiny piece of memory,  I am still okay with it, I just... Need to sleep and dream about it again, that weird person that I saw in front of me, white room, black room with flowers, a sky with rope for me to die, everything.


Even if everything shut down and going back to world where I belong, the guilt and the sadness is still there, but I'm going to find the answer soon after I collect all the memories that I got, I just need to be patient.


After that... Perhaps, I could start meet him..? Who knows, depending if he still remember me or not... Or... He's not wanting me anymore, that keychain, I wonder if he still have it in his room, or he probably throw it in the trash... No... I don't think that's possible, I hope he isn't going to throw that this into the trash even if it's useless, I just.. Hope he wouldn't do that.


My heart started to clenched as soon as I thought about Levi not want to be friends with me anymore... I feel like I was about to die at some point, I can't make him leave yet... He was the only person that I needed, more than my other friend like Mikasa and Armin, i love him, I love him so much more than ever, I want him to hug me again, I want him to play with me again, just like when we we're young, even though he's already old, I don't care, as long he's with me then I'll be fine.


That's why... Please don't leave me alone...


"Levi... "


As soon as I said that, I feel my body getting grabbed by someone, I still closed my eyes, the strange smell is making me want to smell it again, he don't know who the person is, but... The hands that bought him seems familiar, but who...?


As soon as I opened my eyes, I was nothing but lay in the fresh of grass, wait this isn't my bedroom, how did I sleep in here, no, that's not important, the important is-


"Are you ok?" A deep male voice said, I looked up. To see someone, but it's still blurry ugh I hate it so much!!! Why does my vision have to get blurry when I first woke up??!!!


I tried to focused, making the vision look more and more better than before, as I starred to the person I was stunned...


It was a man, a man that he don't know who, but why is this man seems familiar to me...? Who is this man??


The question answered as soon as I started at the eyes, the man's eyes, black gray stormy eyes... It remind him of Levi... Levi.... Levi.... No, it's not him right...?


"L- levi??" I said with a crooked voice, the man is just silent, but he could see him smile a little bit.


"No it can't be?!"


"It's been so long Eren." The man said

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