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♡✧We'll meet again and you'll be mine forever and ever✧♡

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It was the time back then when Eren is still a child.



He's 6 at that time, playing on the park near his house, quite far but not too far from his house.



Eren really loves playing sand, its like a magic to him, you can shape them, you can draw them, and do a lot of fun thing.



He always get scolded by his mother, Carla Because he's playing sand again and dirtied his clothes, its not the first time for her to see his son got almost covered with sand, covered like a sand man she thought. 



"Eren, really? again?!" Carla said angrily, she's nice and sweet, but when she's sees his son covered in sand again, her face downed into a furious beast.  



"I'm sorryyy!! I tired to hold it, but i cant!!! Its too addicting!!!!" Eren whined, he tried to hold it many many times, but sadly he cant. Sand is like his only friend, he had a trouble with talking to people. He might look like an energetic kid that wants to talk to anybody outside, but the inside was different.



He was shy and don't know what to do when someone was talking to him, does he have to hide? or maybe just be confident and talk to them.



But thankfully no one wants to talk to him, even when he's in kindergarten and almost reach his 1th grade at elementary school.



"I cant hold it mom! they're like my friends, my only friends!!" Eren whined again.



That's right, sand is Eren's friends, his imaginary friend you could say.



"Eren..." She sighed.



"I know your friends is sand or whatever, but that doesn't mean you cant make friends. If you're want to be a good brave boy, then try to make a lot of friends as possible, you don't want to keep being a scary shy boy aren't you?" she said, my mom always worried about me because i was shy and lonely, even tho i tried to be energetic like everyone else do, its still wont work no matter what i do.



"But one wants to talk to me!! i dont even know how to talk to them, they'll look so scary...!!!" Eren whine, tears suddenly fall from his face.



Carla sighed again, she knew that Eren is shy and being alone when there's a lot of kids.   



"Well...if you say so then i guess i dont have a choice..." Carla smiled sadly 



Carla don't want to see his son sad, so to cheer him up she gave Eren a pack of cookie that she made.



As she gave the cookie, Eren face from sad suddenly turned into full beamed happiness, she knew Eren favorite snack ever was cookie made by his lovely mom. 



"Yaayyy!!!! Cookie!!!" Eren quickly grab the pack of cookie from his mother hand, he opened the pack of cookie and quickly eat it, care fully not to get chocked and messed up his new clothes that he changed.


"Twank ywou moom!!" Eren thanked while the cookie still on Eren's mouth, munching it.



"No problem kiddo." His mother giggled, seeing Eren with his mouth full like  a squirrel.



'So cute!' Carla thought.



Carla then looked at her social media on her phone while Eren still happily muching his cookie full with happiness.