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When it's just the two of us ( Our world is ending )

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         F ear. It consumed the heart and body with trembles and cries, it filled you with few reactions. Sadness, anger or fleeing, somehow the body becomes unresponsive to reason and becomes void of what it was. The instinct that rushes through you is one thing, survival. Whether it be for you or the person who you'd call home- perhaps even the man you see on the street sometimes heading to work. Surviving was everyone's biggest goal, reason and comfort came after that. So under the fractured rubble of the soon to be fully collapsed building, the heroes moved fast. 


   They were called in for about 23 people being in the building, Pro-Hero Deku and Dynamite on scene first and worked with the time they had left. Perhaps 25 minutes? They barely could tell, eyes finding each person who cried out and somehow tracking down the rest- now with 10 minutes to spare, they had one civilian left. Bakugou worked with urgency, eyes finally locking to the small girl who cried in the ashes of the rubble- a loose ceiling moving uncomfortably close where she was standing. 


  " Hey, hey." The elder boy spoke softly, unlike his usual abrasive voice, the little girl looked up- eyes teary and body trembling. " I'm Pro-Hero Dynamite, I'm going to get you out of here okay?"


   The child wailed, yet let her small body be picked up and ran out of the building to her crying father. He did a headcount and nodded, speaking into his radio to the green haired boy. " Deku, got the last kid to the safe zone- we're good to go."




   " Deku? Deku I swear to god."


   No answer


   The pro-hero glanced to the right and saw that Frog girl finally entered the scene and nodded at her- " I'm going back in, headcount is good but Deku's not answering."


   Asui ribbited and nodded- now helping the civilians as Bakugou went in with 7 minutes to spare. He pressed his mic, " Deku, you okay?"


  It sounded like someone pressed their mic on the other side, but then it repeated a pattern. Bakugou tensed, closing his eyes to hear the sounds- 9 times, small breaks after each 3. 9 taps, two breaks... SOS.


  He took a deep breath in, he could feel his own hands shake yet in protest he pressed his mic again. " Deku, can you press it once or make some type of noise- I got you."


   The static from before came back, though this time a small gargle of what sounding like pain was heard.


    Deku was hurt.


   " shit." Bakugou swore, moving through the remise of the building with distress- his heart thundered in his chest and his ears rung as he tried to find the bright green hair of his partner " I'm coming Deku, you just stay awake okay?"




   He searched all the places from before, soon looking through Izuku search area on the second floor- where the main collapse was done. It was fragile up there- he check his timer- 5 minutes. Unlike before he called the boys names, yet as he reached the furthest hallway he heard a soft voice swear- " Nerd?"


   He ran in, eyes sincerely unprepared for what he saw- horror filled him as Izuku bloodshot eyes met his own, Bakugou's lip quivered as he accessed the situation. There one the concrete ground, was Izuku laid on his stomach, arms stretched out before him and eyes full of tears, of pain or frustration, Bakugou wasn't sure. There behind Izuku's body, was a large concrete debris, grey in colour and larger than a car. And on the body of the green haired body was grey dust, it layers on his suit and made his hair look like it was greying. However none of this was the problem, the issue was the huge large concrete debris was on Deku's leg- calf down. His other leg looked to be free already, covered in holes with red cuts and scrapes.  


   Yet what got him the most was the crimson colour swirling out from around the debris, soaking the showing part of Deku's knee. " Holy shit." Bakugou's eyes widen as he took in the scene. 


   Izuku, most likely deep in shock, chuckled groggily, " I know, how good do I look right now huh Kacchan?" 


   Bakugou stepped closer, taking a look at the leg with a wince- most likely crushed. His other leg looks broken too, they couldn't use one for all to get out of this and if Bakugou used his power, Deku could just loose his life as well... The stupid nerd dropped his head onto his hand with a pained breath. " It's good Kacchan, I'm okay."


   " Damnnit nerd, you're not. You're legs are fucking crushed." Bakugou seethed out, tapping his mic " Uraraka, how far from the scene are you? We got an emergency."


   It was silent for a moment before her panicked voice came forwards, " What do you mean? Everyone's out right? Asui told me it was clear, they told me I wasn't needed."


   The explosive quirked boy dragged his hand over his face, " Shit, it's Deku. Some debris must of fell on him, his leg is fucking done for if I can't get this off because he's out of it."


  Uraraka's voice came back on sounding panicked and scared, " How many minutes until the building is exploding?"


  " 4 minutes left." Bakugou told her, the rush of panic of the lost time now making his voice tremble. 


  " I won't make it." Uraraka gasped over to him, voice now sounding more staticy from before. It echoed in his ears and he turned off his radio, kneeling down to Deku with frustration. 


   " You stay awake okay? Fuck." Bakugou shouted, eyes narrowed in daggers at the panting hero. Deku lazily mumbled and he nodded, " keep mumbling."


   " Kacchan, I can't... I can't use it. I can't turn around and if I use it from my hands I'll risk loosing motion in them too." He cried out, ugly sobs beginning to leave him as he tried to peak back at the other hero and his leg. " I'm done for... if you use your power it'll risk us making this place collapse now... shit!"


   The hero huffed, shakily sighing as he squatted down to access how he could get the others leg out. It was disgusting, the smell of iron wafted into his nose as it soaked Deku's pant leg- Bakugou ripped the costume carefully so he could see where the other was stuck. 3 quarters up the calf is where the concrete sat- barely making a bump to where Deku's leg was. Best case it was crushed and he could still regain function, worst case it was completely pulverized and would have to be amputated. Yet with the short time they had, he wasn't sure if he could get it off safety at all.


   " you really did it this time..." Bakugou trailed off, the usually malice gone from his voice


   The viridian eyes boy let out a choked sob, " it's that bad huh... how much longer we got."


   He check his timer with a grimace, " 3 minutes..."


   " It's okay Kacchan." Deku spoke softly, like all the fight left his voice and the sobs were now softly heard, " I think I got myself into something that I can't fight this time..."


   " What are you saying?" Bakugou's voice held edge, looking over at the body twitching in pain. " what the fuck are you saying?"


   The other hero sighed- shaking his head. " Just get out of here to safety, I'll figure it out... promise."


   Bakugou heard the lie leave the others lips and held himself back from punching the shitty hero that looked as if he gave up. " No, fuck no Deku."


  " Kacchan.. go." Deku spoke, his voice now stern yet shaky. 


   " always so sacrificial huh... Deku, I have a way. It's going to be the shittiest way ever and you can't hate me for it." The spiky haired blond spoke, out- lips pursing together as he realized what he'd have to do to get out in the next 2 minutes before the building went kaboom with them in it. " I'm doing it whether you like it or not actually. Auntie Inko is going to need to see you home for dinner. And I'm not being a fucking shitty coward like you."


  " Mom?" The other whimpered out like a small child would and slowly he nodded, " do it... just.. carefully.."


  " Don't look back here okay..." The boys red eyes stared at the leg crushed under the material with a shaky breath, pressing his sweaty hands forwards. " I can do this... I can do this."


   Bakugou placed his hands facing the concrete and more downwards towards where Deku's leg was- tears filling up eyes as he saw the others scarred flesh. " I'm sorry Izuku."


   1 minute, 30 seconds.




   Red, it flickered in his vision. His ears rung as he heard high pitched screaming, blood... he blinked around with heavy breath and saw what he had to do. In front of him was Deku's leg, unlike what it could of been done cleanly- it was horrific. The skin was charred and open- red gushed out and the bone poked out from the flesh. Bakugou could hear the other pro hero letting out panicked shouts, probably still in shock. He stared at the leg again, eyes wide as he saw chunks of his muscle barely hanging on by a string and laying on the concrete. 


  Bakugou gagged, ripping open his first aid and grabbing a cloth he put in the to wrap up the wound tightly- avoiding how Izuku's body thrashed and the ugly sharp cries he let out- soon enough it was silent. He looked over in panic- hand on his wrist to see if the other was... dead. 


  No he still had a heart beat, unconscious from the pain? 


  45 seconds. 


  Bakugou hauled up Izuku's limp body, eyes flickering over to where his crushed leg was- it stuck out from the debris slightly, the charred flesh able to be seen and he never turned away so fast from something in his vision. Heavy breaths left Izuku's mouth, like a dog panting almost and Bakugou somehow began to feel under his eyes wet like Izuku's in this moment. He might be in shock too as he stumbled away from the scene with a dazed expression and salty water feel onto the cut up face of Deku's


   30 seconds


  " Dynamite, where are you two?"


   " Dynamite, did you find him?"


   " Answer back. 30 seconds till the place explodes." Asui's never ending voice carried through but Bakugou began to run, vision still dazed and the dripping iron liquid from deku's knee falling onto him as he carried the others limp body. 


   25 seconds


   Light, he saw light again. 


   He ran faster, body moving almost automatically and Izuku's body bounced in his arms as he did so. " fuck."


    10 seconds


   he could hear and collapse and yet he just moved forwards- eyes unfocused 


   Bakugou just kept on moving, ignoring the eyes of civilians as they gasped in horror as they saw the two heroes leave the scene. He barely even felt as two hands shook him, voice in a hushed panic about something- he just needed to get Izuku to safety. He need to-


  " Bakugou! Let him go, we need to get him to the ambulance. He needs to go now!"


  The body he held so tightly in his arms weight was taken away from him and he didn't even look at the flashing camera's as he jumped in the ambulance with the others- he didn't care about anything- the only thing filling his vision was the collapsed body of his childhood friend




     Green hair filled with grey grime, skin dusted with soot and filth, eyes squeezed shut like even when he was unconscious he was in pain and the paramedics who rushed around the hero- trying to stop his charred open leg from bleeding out. He was scared, for once in his life Bakugou could admit he was terrified.






   what had he done?