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Of Gym and Buff Guy

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Mix didn't know why he signed up for this. Well probably because many people feel like they are entitled to give an opinion about Mix's body that he's getting fed up with. 

"Mix, you're gaining weight"

"It's going to get harder to lose weight as you getting older later Mix" 

"You need to watch out for your body Mix, seems like you the type to easily gaining weight" 

"Bla, bla, bla..." 

So, Mix decided to purchase a membership at the gym near his university. His uni provides free gym facilities of course but Mix didn't want to bump into any of his classmates. The first and last time Mix stepped foot at the gym was last year. He went with his friend Pond but something unexpected happened there. He dropped the dumbbell on one of the guy's feet there, it's no surprise he did it because clumsy is in Mix's nature. All hell breaks loose, the guy slightly raises his voice at him so Mix gets scared shitless. Not to mention how huge that guy he hurt too. He never wanted to come to the gym after that time. Mix developed a slight phobia going to gym because well he was afraid of those buff guys around the gym. 

Mix huffed a sigh as he stood in front of the gym centre. He was too embarrassed to get inside. Okay, Mix, you paid already, don't waste your bloody money alright. Mix held the door for quite some time as his mid spiralling out. 

"You want to enter or not?" 

Mix got surprised when someone talked to him. He turned his head and saw a guy behind him. Shit, he is only at the entrance but seems like he already pisses off someone. A buff guy after all. 

"Yeah sure, sorry, you go first" Mix spoke as politely as he could so the guy walked past him and entered the gym. He followed him after. 

Mix goes straight at the counter because that's what he read on the internet. If you are a newbie go ask someone for some guidance. 

Hey, this is,, my.. first time here can you help me. Mix purposely didn't get a personal trainer because he was afraid he cannot commit. So let it be. 

"Oh sure, wait I asked someone to guide you if any of them are available at the moment" Luckily the girl seems nice, she put a smile on her face while talking 




You're the guy at the front door. Come I'll show you around. I'm Earth by the way" 

Mix looks at the voice approaching him. Oh the guy before. Hah! So embarrassing, he probably thinks how pathetic Mix is. He could feel his face burning at this moment. 

"So I will make a simple explanation. At our gym, we have three sections, the first is cardio machines. It's best for losing weight; strengthening your heart and lungs". Mix look at the equipment setting at the cardio section. Seems alright, well the only thing Mix knew is only treadmill. He listened to Earth tell him about other machines. 

"This section is good for beginners," Earth continued. 

"Second one is the resistance Area section best for building strength and mass; muscle toning. The last was flexible space" 

Mix got lost between Earth explanations as he was too busy looking at his face. Well it's quite distracting because this Earth is well, goodness gracious, very handsome. His body also seems nice, not too big, not too small. Just adequate. He also speaks politely. 

"Oh, oh, thanks." Mix paused. Mix took the courage to continue the conversation. "How long have you worked here?" Lol Mix, is that even a proper question like why you ask that. Mix feels the need to hit his mouth. 

"Well actually.. " 

"Boss, what are you doing here?" A guy seems like another staff member greet Earth. 

"Giving our customer a tour"

"Wow, very special, is he your boyfriend?" He teases and Earth laughs awkwardly while looking at Mix. Mix wants nothing but to disappear now. 

"No, oh you make him uncomfortable. None of you guys available so I'll help around" 

"Oh, sorry boss, Tan took a leave today so we're short in hand. I'm free now, I can help him" 

"Nevermind we're about to finish" The guy left Mix and Earth after he said that. "So, are you good now? Sorry about that" Earth said looking apologetic. 

"Yeah okay, I can take care of it myself. Thanks" 

"Alright, take it easy, it's okay to be a beginner, don't need to be self conscious. Oh don't forget to warm up beforehand" He left after saying those words to Mix. Hmm, going to the gym is probably not bad afterall. Mix thought in his head. 

It's only thirty minute on this treadmill and Mix feels like dying. Now he is sitting on the stool to drink his water. Mix could see the guy at the resistance area. The one Earth said for building muscles right? Half of the guys there are shirtless with their bodies seeming harder than the rock. Mix shudders and about to throw his head the other way but someone catches his eyes. Earth is there among the others, doing Mix don't know what it call weight lifting probably? His upper arm muscles pop from his tight shirt. Gosh it's hot. Wait what? Mix shakes his head and sips a drink. He gathers his strength and approaches the rowing machine. It's said here it is good to lose some fat using it. Mix needs to lose fat on his thigh because manys give a shit about him having a thick and flabby thigh. 

It took Mix only one and half hours until he gave up and decided to leave the gym. One step and once okay. 



Fourth time Mix has been to the gym and guess what? He didn't lose any weight. How is that even possible? Ughhh.. But he feels a little bit of improvement in terms of his strength? He's not as lethargic as before. Maybe he's getting healthy, who knows? Oh he makes a friend at the gym. His name is Win, he is really nice as he helps Mix around. Win already has a well toned body. 

Mix gets the high spirit coming to the gym because... he's got a crush there, well none other than Earth. But it's really rare to see him. But today, Earth is here but there's another man with him. Did he give that guy a tour like Mix. Mix glare with jealousy. Mix is still stuck at this cardio section and well he intended to stay here only. 

He saw the guy and Earth and the resistance area. The guy seemed confident as he sat down and took the chest press. Well Mix knows every equipment there by now. Just in case he wants to impress Earth because Earth spends a lot of time there. Oh he also learned that Earth owns this gym. How dreamy. Mix saw Earth helping the guy with the chest press. That guy seems sly and flirty. Should he move on to the resistance area section next time? 

After spending his time exercising, Mix decides to have a rest at the sauna room. He only goes there when there is an empty room because Mix doesn't want anyone to be in that room with him. He always chose the smaller room that could fit two to three people only. Mix took a seat in his usual room and rested on his back. The heat slowly warm his body. Mix eyes flew open when he heard the sound of the door opening. Shit he forgot to lock? Mix blink his eyes awkwardly at the person on the door. 

"Am I interrupting? Sorry, I leave" 

"No.. it's okay" Mix tries very hard to not stare at the.. shirtless Earth who starts to make his way inside. 

"All other room is full, sorry" 

"Ehh, it's okay really plus this is yours" Mix tried to joke. 

"I must say I'm glad seeing you stick around" Earth mutters while taking a seat beside him. 

Mix raise his brow waiting for Earth to continue. 

"Well I thought you were gonna give up coming to the gym"

Mix laugh awkwardly well I probably did if you were not here. 

"That's quite mean" Earth chuckled lightly at Mix's words. "It's not that bad, going to gym" 

"So... then can we just cut the crap, and you know get on with each other?" Earth word makes Mix freeze on his spot. 

"Well I saw you staring at me like the whole time I'm out there, and I must say, I'm more than glad that you did it." There's a smirk on his lips when he looks at Mix. Mix loss at word as his mind trying to process what he heard. Is he that obvious? Woah this room is getting hotter or is just his body burning with embarrassment? Mix suddenly feels a hand on his thigh. Earth squeezed his thigh causing him to huff a small moan. He turns his head on the other side and the next thing is they grab each other's face as the lips start to chase another. There's nothing soft about the kiss as the two fight for dominance, tongue and teeth clashing with each other leaving no room to breathe as it gets heated by the second. Both of them didn't want to pull out until Mix felt he was breathless. Earth broke the kiss and Mix gasped for air only to get attacked by Earth again. The fuck is this guy even breath? Mix could feel Earth hand getting up his thigh before he squeezed Mix's already bulging cock. Mix bit Earth tongue in surprise so he finally broke their kiss. 

"I used to be in the military, hence the breathing technique" Earth spoke with his raspy voice. Mix looked at him hazyly as his brain clouded with nothing but lust. He looked at Earth short and saw his clearly hard erection. 

"Don't just staring, 'he' needs some love" Earth said as he grabbed Mix's hand to put in on his member. Well, Mix is more than ready to submit. He gets on the floor, on his knees between Earth legs. He brought his shaky hands and pulled Earth pants to free his cock. Earth groans in pleasure when Mix starts to play with it, pushing his finger up and down those hard cock before he puts it into his mouth. Damn it's bigger than he thought, Mix struggled to put the whole length inside. He might be suck at the gym but hey he's talented in other "suck", pun intended. Earth starts to grab a fistful of Mix's hair and move his hips in delight. Mix almost choke when Earth moves faster. 

"Fuck!!" Mix looked up and saw Earth closing his eyes while biting his lower lip. He is more than happy seeing Earth seems to enjoy it. Mix sucking his cock while enjoying every part of Earth's hard tone muscle. From his chisel chest to the pack in his stomach. The tattoo on his waist looks hot, making Mix couldn't help but reach out his hand to touch it. Didn't take long before Earth snapped his hip and shot his load onto Mix. He tried to swallow every bit of it before Earth pulled out his member. 

"That was amazing. I shall return the favour" Earth wasted no time before he lowered himself on the floor and pushed Mix to lie down on the ground. 

"You're a bottom or top ? Is this okay? Or you want the other way around"

"I don't mind," Mix answered fastly. He was impressed that Earth was asking him, not just assuming because of his appearance. But hey, honestly even if he's top, Mix doesn't mind bottoming for Earth. 

"Wait, the door" Mix suddenly remembered 

"Nahh, I lock it. I just want to flirt saying there's no other room available" He said smugly while talking off Mix pants. Mix took off his top as well. Earth pauses and staring at Mix for a while so Mix gets kinda shy. Is his body ugly and Earth got turned off?

"I like a soft belly" Earth said and bend down to plant a kiss on Mix's stomach. He put his hands on both sides of Mix waist and grip it firmly. Earth trails his tongue everywhere before he takes a licks at the tip of Mix cock. Mix buckles his hips trying to make Earth swallow his erection but Earth press down his hip on the floor. 


"Can you turn around?" He commands. Mix gets up and turns around to put half his body on the chair. He couldn't think much except want for Earth to ram his cock inside him, like now. Mix could feel Earth spreading his thighs before he felt Earth start to rim him. God it felt amazing having Earth licking his opening. 

"Arghhh!!" Earth pushed his tongue inside and Mix's voice got higher by a second. He put his two fingers without warning and Mix could feel his finger trying to reach him deeper until he found Mix prostate. 

"Fu.. fu.. ckk,,,, hhhhahhh,," Shit if Mix keeps screaming like this entire gym could probably hear him by now. Earth removed his finger and tongue at once before placing his cock on Mix's hole. Earth push it slowly and Mix could only groan when he feels those big erections entering him. Once he is fully inside, Earth starts to move his hip with a fast tempo. Earth grip on his waist getting tighter, Mix sure it will leave a bruise later. 

Earth suddenly left his waist and brought his hand to cover Mix mouth. 

"I'm more than glad to hear you moan like a whore but it's not soundproof here. You don't want people staring once we leave this room right" Earth voice on Mix ear making him shudder. Earth drove his hip faster only the sound of skin slapping and Mix muffle voice filled the air. Mix didn't know how much time passed when he reached his climax. Earth wants to pull out when he's about to reach his climax but Mix stops him because he wants Earth to cum inside him. Earth drops on Mix back after he got his climax and shot his load inside. Earth pulls his member a look at his cum leaking from Mix. That's got to be the hottest thing he saw for a while. 

Mix closed his eyes to catch his breath but his eyes flew open when he felt Earth shove his fingers inside him. 

"Wait,, ahhhh" Earth ram his finger harder and hit his prostate everytime making his flaccid member come alive. His leg is shaking by now because of the intense sensitivity he receives but Earth seems won't stop anytime. It didn't take long before Mix buckled his hips and got his second climax. 



"You don't need to come to the gym next time," Earth said while picking up his pants to wear. Mix looks at him with confusion. 

"Just go straight to my house" He smile smugly before giving Mix a kiss on the lips. "I'm going to shower" He whispers mischievously as if inviting Mix to come after him. 

So yeah, they resume another round in the shower. By the time Mix wants to leave the gym, some people stare at him intensely. Mix could only pretend he didn't see any of them. 

"Sir, Mr Earth wants me to give you this" The girl at the counter gave Mix a piece of paper and he took it hastily before he left. God it was embarrassing. Mix open the piece of paper and see the number on it, call me for a personal trainer. EARTH.. 

Mix couldn't hide his smile. Well, going to the gym wasn't as bad as he thought. 



Now the gym is like a second house for Mix but he didn't go there for exercising, more like to be simping over his newfound boyfriend.