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Moving on will be hard

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Wai doesn't know whether to laugh or cry when he thinks about his current situation. He could laugh at the irony of him being friends with Pat or cry at the current state of Pat, in which the once cheerful person has turned somber and listless.


Korn grunts beside Pat as they haul Pat to his feet and maneuver him towards Korn's car. It's difficult since neither Wai nor Korn are as physically fit as Pat is, however, Pat has grown weaker in the few weeks since Pran has left. He's still a fit guy but the muscle definition that Pat once boasted about is gone.


They managed to get him into the car and lay him down on the back seat. They close the at the edge of the field, eyes open yet unfocused.


Pa had called them at twelve, her voice cracking with the force of her crying as she told them of Pat going missing again. Pat going missing is nothing new, yet Pa cries the same every time.


"We should get going now," Korn said and he moved to go to the driver's seat.


Wai grunted in agreement and moved to sit in the passenger seat. Korn starts up the engine and starts to drive to Pat's dorm. Wai stares at the still bustling streets of Bangkok and feels a deep ache in his heart. Why was Pat this deeply affected?


It started a month after Pat and Pran's break up and Pran moving to the US again. Pa says it was minor at first, Pat would just wake up in front of the door or at a random corner of the room. But as the days went by it started to get worse.


Pa will find him outside sleeping near Pran's unoccupied room or standing where the noodle truck sells. Yet the worst place Pa found Pat was on the roof, standing dangerously close to the edge. Seeing his sister worrying and losing her own sleep, Pat asked Ink for help who suggested him to a therapist.


"At least it's far apart now," Korn's voice fills the silence, he moves the steering wheel for a turn.


"Yeah," he replies and watches the street lights flash by, "but I don't think he'll fully be able to let go."


Korn's silence voices his agreement.


He sees the dorm building and braces himself to pretend that everything is fine and it happens to all of us once Pat.


All while ignoring the tear tracks on his friend's face.