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Naughty Gift

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Joel walked out of the bathroom fresh out of the shower his dark curls were plastered to his face with a white towel hanging a little too low. You hopped off the bed, eyes dilating in lust and walked over to him with an ache between your legs.

“What are you doing?” He asked as he cocked an eyebrow brow and watched you get on your knees

With feather-light touches, you traced a vein that popped out on his lower abdomen down his v line.

“That depends” you hummed

Your mouth salivated as the two v shapes connected, as your light touches ended at the beginning of the towel. Joel grabbed your hair, forming a messy ponytail and tugged as you pulled the towel loose. You grabbed his base and pumped feeling his member harden underneath your touch. Joel moaned as you buried his tip into your mouth feeling the familiar warmth engulf him. You didn’t bother teasing since you were so desperate to have him inside you as the puddle between your legs grew. Bobbing your head, taking more of him in Joel melted into a moaning mess.

“That’s it baby” he graned “just like that”

You hummed in response as you slid down further on his shaft until your face was pressed against him. You gagged as Joel tugged on your locks begging you to stay longer. As the air escaped your lungs you pulled out and lifted his shaft giving you access to his balls. You sucked each testicle making Joel tilt his head back and release the sweetest noises to your ears. You buried his full length again and again until the ache between your legs was too much to ignore.

“Joel lay on the bed” you whimpered as you pushed one hand down underneath your underwear and toyed with your pearl.

Joel’s eyes ran down your body and shook his head.

“No baby you lay down” he growled “let me take care of that needy little mess”

He helped you up and you laid your back onto the bed still toying with your pearl. Joel pushed your underwear to the side exposing your glistening core and two fingers buried deep inside them.

“Baby are you really that riled up?” He chuckled

“Joel” you whimpered “don’t tease me”

You squirmed around as Joel threw one of your legs over his shoulder, stretching you out nice and wide. Your back arched as without warning he thrusted into you, sending you on an immediate cloud. The pleasure overtook your body as you squeezed your eyes shut, engulfing yourself in the sweet feeling.

“Look at me baby” Joel cooed “I want to see how pretty your eyes look when I fuck you”

You struggled to keep them open as his lust-filled eyes intoxicated you deeper. Joel moved one hand off your leg, letting you wrap it around him as he drew figure eights around your nub.

“Joel!” You screamed as your eyes were ready to roll back

Each of his thrusts, along with his appraisal sent a knot to your lower abdomen. Your body was quick to follow making your walls squeeze his girth. Your breathing hitched as you let the knot go. The nerves in your body shot bolts of electricity throughout you making your thighs shake and eyes roll back. Joels thrusts lost their rhythm as you unraveled underneath him. Once you came down from your high, Joel pulled out and released his warm white juices over your lower half. You sat up and removed your tee shirt throwing it to the side.

“I think you need another shower” You smirked.