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Merry Fuckmas

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“Joel” you purred as you walked into the bedroom holding a silk scarf

You had him already tied up, unable to move around much, but all that was left was blocking out his vision

“Baby please don’t I wanna see you” he whined

“This is more fun” you cooed as you straddled his waist “I promise”

You tied the scarf around his eyes, cupped his face feeling his scruff scratch your palm and pecked his lips.

“Maybe if you’re good I’ll let you see again” you whispered before pecking his lips again

You lightly glided your finger down his abs, feeling every bump and curve making Joel’s breathing hitch. He groaned as you continued to glide your finger down passing his navel and stopping at his base.

“Wow already so needy I see” you purred as your thumb pressed down on his tip coating him in his pre-cum

“Fuck” he moaned as you continued to tease his slit

You lowered your head, letting the ends of your hair gently brush his upper and inner thighs as you grabbed his base. Your tongue slipped out of your mouth as you encircled his slit and slipped down further. Joel moaned out your name as you bobbed your head until his shaft was nicely coated. Pulling out you let out a moan as he whimpered already missing your mouth. You moved your knees so they were back caging in his sides. His head poked between your soaked folds making him groan,

“Baby please don’t tease me”

“Tease you?” You smirked as you only sunk his head down “this is teasing” you groaned as you shook your hips enough to rile him up but not enough to please him

Joel squirmed underneath you, trying whatever he could do from his restricted movements to slip more of him inside you.

“Baby” he groaned

“Papi” you cooed mocking his complaints as you sunk down burying his full length inside you

Leaning over you kissed him passionately, engulfing his moans. Your hands rested on the edge of the pillow between his head as you moved your self up and down setting a medium pace. Joels biceps flexed as he fought against the rope restraints, craving to feel your body. You pulled on his bottom lip moving over to nip his warm skin on his neck marking what’s yours.

“You want me to untie you don’t you?” You mumbled into his neck

“Please baby” he whined as he tugged on the rope

“I guess you don’t want it that bad” you teased

“Baby, baby, baby” he begged “please untie me”

“What if I said no?” You taunted making him squirm

“Please baby” he begged

You pulled off his blindfold wanting to see his utter need for you in his puppy dog eyes. His pupils were dilated, as he devoured the sight in front of him.

“Fuck” he groaned again “baby I need to touch you”

You leaned over, caving in to his demands to untie his left hand as he wiggled himself free. His hand latched onto you, grabbed your breast and massaging your hardened bud as you untied his right hand. Once both hands were free he couldn’t keep them to himself, grabbing on to what he could. Joel went to lean up but you pinned his shoulders down.

“Did you forget? I’m in charge” You growled

“Babe” he whimpered as you set the pace faster

A familiar knot formed in your lower abdomen as flesh smacked against flesh. Joel was a moaning mess as his dick pulsated inside you. As your edge came closer your walls tightened around him. Joel’s head shot back as he fought back his bodily functions waiting for you to finish. Your knot unraveled as your thighs quivered, toes curlings and eyes rolling back. Your vision fuzzed as you screamed out his name. Once you came down from your high, you pulled out of him and massaged his shaft letting his seed hit your lower abdomen. After you milked out his last drop you got off of him and untied his ankles checking to see any burn marks.

“You okay baby?” You cooed climbing back onto him and cupping his face

“I’m alright” he reassured you, pecking your lips as he grabbed a shirt off the dresser to clean you up

Joel threw the shirt into the open hamper and pulled you onto him, so your head was laying on his chest. You drew idle patterns on him as Joel drifted off to sleep feeling safe having you wrapped around him.