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Jingle Bells

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Joel and I were on a short holiday vacation as Christmas was just around the corner. This year, we decided to spend the little break in our shared apartment in New York wanting to see the snowfall, coat the city. The day started out peaceful as we cuddled on the couch looking for something to watch on Netflix. But I quickly grew bored of the same old things the streaming service had to provide so I began with gentle inappropriate touches. It started off with my hand gliding over his member and giving a small oops. Or as I looked for a comfortable position, I pressed my ass against his crotch wiggling it gently and feeling him soon harden underneath me.

“Fuck Netflix” He growled as he pinned me down and lustfully kissed me

I pulled on his bottom lip and tugged his shirt off letting it fall to the floor. Joel was quick to rip my clothes off of me as well. Kissing my freshly exposed skin, sending waves of electricity down my spine. Joel sucked on my hardened buds sending a pool to form between my legs.

“Fuck me” I whimpered as he teased me slowly paying attention to every inch of my skin except where I needed him.

“I will” he mumbled as he kissed down the valley of my breasts

My hands intertwined with his dark curls, and I tugged trying to get him to move faster. Joel groaned as he passed my navel and fanned his warm breath over my soaked folds.

“Joel” I whimpered as his breath moved away and he kissed my inner thighs

He lifted one of my legs to rest over his toned back as he finally caved in to what I need the most. Slowly Joel kitten licked my arousal, sending me on a cloud of pleasure. His focus changed to my bundle of nerves, drawing figure eights and making my toes curl. He gripped onto one of my thighs, prying it to stay open as I bucked my hips begging for more. His other arm wrapped around my thigh as his hand lay flat on my lower abdomen. His scruff roughly scratched my sensitive skin, as he tugged on my pearl.

“Fuck me” I moaned

His arms shifted their position as he slipped two fingers inside me. Joel knew my body like the back of his hand, meaning he knew the right place to curl his fingers making me scream and beg for more.

“Joel please just fuck me. I need your cock inside me baby” I whimpered

Joel removed himself from my entrance as he flipped me over. My face lay flat against the couch cushion, with my back arched and knees spread apart. I wiggled my ass waiting for more as Joel without hesitation roughly thrusted inside me, sending me to the stars. His hands firmly gripped my hips, as he shook me back and forth with each thrust. His member perfectly hit my inner sweet spot driving me closer to the edge.

“Harder” I moaned as my hands reached out tightly grabbing onto the edge of the couch.

Joel smacked my ass, as he groaned

“So needy baby”

His thrusts turned rough making the sound of flesh beat against each other to grow louder. My edge grew close as his hand wrapped around my throat giving it a gentle squeeze. My walls tightened around Joel’s girth as my knot was prepared to snap.

“Close already?” He smirked as he smacked my ass again

“Yea” I moaned into the cushion

His thrusts lost their tempo as I let the knot fall apart beneath him. My thighs quivered as my eyes rolled back, the sweet bliss possessing my body. Joel rode me out for the entirety of my high with this thrusts losing their rhythm. When I landed back to earth, Joel pulled out, releasing over my ass and lower back. When he was done, he got off the couch picking up his teeshirt and cleaned me up with it.

“Fuck” he mumbled as he walked away throwing the shirt into the wash

“So what did you want to watch?” I giggled as he pounced on top of me for round two.