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Following Evan Buckley.

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Ever since the lawsuit, Buck has never kept in contact with Chase. Chase & Buck knew where each other lived not that they would ever see each other again. Buck and Eddie’s relationship was still kinda shaky so Buck left it alone, he knew if they wanted to talk to each other than they would talk.

Buck decided to go out for a few drinks to get his head clear. Once he was finished he was heading home, he wasn’t expecting to head home with a busted face and bruises all over him. Buck didn’t know where to go. He was debating going over to Eddie’s but he figured Eddie wouldn’t want to see him, neither would Bobby. So Buck went to his last resort.

Buck stood on the doorstep at 2:00 in the morning. Chase opened the door and his eyes widened. Buck was on his doorstep. Shivering, Bleeding and Scared. Buck’s eyes we’re slightly dazed and confused. Chase examined Buck and it looked like he had been assaulted.

Buck looked up at Chase with tears welled up in his eyes and he swayed lightly. Buck let out a mumbled sentence.

“…didn’t know where else to go.” Then Buck collapsed into Chase’s outstretched arms.

Chase carried Buck to the guest room and laid him down cleaning his bruises. He was mad at the kid, of course but he had a heart and this kid showed up on his doorstep bruised and beaten. He was gonna help him. After 2 hours or so, Buck awoke to find Chase still dabbing at his wounds. Buck knew he was thinking intently.

“Chase?” he whimpered out as the hardness in Chase’s eyes faded. Gently patting him on the cheek.

“You’re up. Who did this to you Buck?” Chase spoke softly.

“I- I can’t remember, how did I get here?”

“You rung my doorbell and I found you on my doorstep.”

Chase paused and resumed.

“Did Eddie do this to you?” Chase sneered.

“God no-no he didn’t.” Buck stammered out.

Chase let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. He didn’t know why he was so angry about someone hurting the kid anyway.

“I’ve shouldn’t have came here, I’ll go.” Buck made a move to stand up but was stopped by Chase’s hand to his chest.

“You aren’t going anywhere. Not at this state and not at this time of night. You’re gonna sleep.” Chase insisted.

Buck gulped.

“How do I know you won’t hurt me?” Buck questioned.

“I wouldn’t hurt you Buck.” Chase patted Buck’s shoulder softly and headed towards the room door.

“Get some rest. I’ll figure out how to help you in the morning.”

The door to the room closed and Buck blew out a breath. He wiped the tears flowing down his eyes and laid onto the bed falling into a deep sleep.

Chase pondered in his room. He was confused on why Buck would think to come to his house when hurt. Why not Eddie or Bobby? Chase was confused someone had put their trust in him. He was going to find out what happened to Buck and then rain hellfire onto the 118.