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Fifth Octave

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Taehyung and Jungkook walked in unison into the latter's room - or rather, what was technically his room, but was actually their room.

They had just ended a long vlive, where they, fortunately and unfortunately, had the chance to stare into each other's eyes long enough to lose their minds.


It lasted about two hours, and it was just the two of them. No Jimin to fill the silent moments they naturally exchanged, or to stop them from being too obvious.

Two hours where they couldn't take their eyes off each other, and soon, off each other's bodies, either.

The sexual tension was thick as condensed milk, smooth like butter (all puns intended), one might even say, as sticky and white as what was going to be in Jungkook's throat - or ass - very soon.


Most people would say they brought this on themselves (which, frankly, they did), but how to blame them?

How to blame Jungkook, whose ass was being groped by Taehyung's large, veiny hands throughout the entire vlive?

How to blame him, knowing about the text Taehyung sent him when he said he was going to the bathroom?

'Behave for daddy. Don't want anyone else to hear your precious moans, do we now' 

That was a pretty hard text to not react to. It was also hard to be quiet, since he was very sensitive and moaned at the tiniest drops of pleasure.


How to blame Taehyung, knowing Jungkook had been casually running his pretty fingers over his clothed cock, making his pants grow tight and hot?

How to blame Taehyung, knowing Jungkook had replied to his text with a picture of his pretty ass as soon as he had an excuse to leave for a few minutes?

The caption didn't help either. 'Can't wait for you to spank me, daddy.' was definitely a challenging one, to say the least.

Jungkook also didn't help by touching his biceps and pecs in front of hundreds of thousands of people, making it pass as him joking around and showing off his 'friend''s body (when in reality, they stopped being friends in 2015).


When the vlive was finally over, they left to walk into their room, and let out the biggest sighs on each other's lips.

They finally kissed and fed themselves off each other's scents, which, by now, they were craving like food.

"God, you're a fucking bitch, you know that?" Taehyung's low voice rested on Jungkook's lips.

Jungkook smirked as he felt the other's arms around his waist, pulling him close. "You started it by grabbing my ass."


Taehyung raised an eyebrow, "it's not the same thing as doing this . This was low ." He pointed at his own crotch. His jeans looked like they were desperately trying to stop his dick from growing any bigger. Not that Jungkook was complaining, of course. 

Jungkook chuckled, proud of himself, "Never mess with the baby bunny."


"Oh, I see how it is." Taehyung sat on an armchair next to their bed. "Jungkookie, come here." He turned him around and pulled him down by the hips. 

Jungkook chuckled once again and sat on Taehyung's legs, resting his back on his boyfriend's chest. 

"Hyung, we should play something so no one hears us"

Taehyung laughed at the request, "who's 'no one' again? The neighbors or something?"

Jungkook's eyebrows furrowed in confusion, "the hyungs..?"

Taehyung's chin was soon on Jungkook's shoulder. "They're all gone, remember?"


Jungkook let out a loud "ohh," as he felt Taehyung kissing his neck, trailing down to his shoulder.

Taehyung asked, "what was that? Were you moaning or just surprised that we're home alone?"

Jungkook's answer was equally satisfying, "both?"

Taehyung looked at him as if he was asking whether Jungkook thought his brain was the size of a pea or a bean. "Really, now"

Jungkook babbled out his reply, stuttering, "well, I, was.. I was also thinking about.. how lucky we are, you know? I mean, uh, if we really had to play something, we could just sing it ourselves? I mean, it's our job, after all"


Taehyung sighed, breathing hot air into the pocket of his collarbone. "Yeah, sure. So you're telling me you can sing while being fucked? And not just the fifth octave?"

"Hey, I don't go that high!" Jungkook protested, guiding Taehyung's head further into the crook of his neck and biting his lips, trying not to breathe harder than he already was.


"Sometimes you do." Taehyung laughed. One of his hands rested on Jungkook's neck, fingers exploring the length of it.

Jungkook's cheeks grew even redder, "Besides! You like it. And you like it a lot , mister." He tried to regain his composure and pull himself together so he could get his revenge.


Taehyung asked, "What do I like a lot?"

Jungkook got up from Taehyung's lap. From now on, you're a smoking hot chick that no man can resist. A sexy secretary with the firmest ass in the radius of four miles.

When Jungkook turned around, his embarrassment was gone. Instead, he looked confident and secure, but most importantly, he looked hungry . Hungry for cock.

He straddled Taehyung's lap, sticking his ass out and arching his back, and sighed. "Well, you say that, but you seem like it a lot when I scream like a bitch in heat while I suck your cock." Jungkook looked straight into Taehyung's eyes, with a hungry look that came straight out of pornhub. 


Taehyung licked his lips hungrily, and decided to let Jungkook go on for a little longer.

Seeing him being so shameless was fucking addicting.

Just as he thought that, Jungkook took Taehyung's hand and started slowly licking his fingers. Up and down, left and right, showing off the entirety of his long tongue - and a bit of his guts too - as his jaw bones strained.

He sucked on each finger, slowly and intensely, never breaking eye contact with Taehyung.

He made sure he looked like a desperate slut while Taehyung bit his lip to resist him.

He went from the big licks to the small, kitten-like ones, looking like a cockslut who was provocatively trying to look innocent and cute.

His throat looked so warm and inviting in Taehyung's eyes, and the urge to just grab Jungkook by his hair and shove his cock inside his throat grew stronger every second.

He also had no gag reflex, so he gave the best blowjobs. He was such a good, well-trained cock taker.


"Oh, I see what you're doing there." Taehyung tried his very best to keep his composure. 

Jungkook saw how hard Taehyung had to try, and decided to spice things up even more.

"Oh, I'm not sure I understand, sir . I think you might be the one who wants a little.. favor, from me." 

He looked down at his boyfriend's crotch again, "maybe you want some help with this?" Jungkook's relatively long nails brushed Taehyung's clothed dick slowly, making the latter groan in pleasure. 


"Oh?" Jungkook put on a fake surprised look on his face, "what was that?" He did it again, this time even lighter and softer than the last, using the pointiest parts of his nails.

"So maybe this is the problem..." He pulled his sleeves down until he had big sweater paws, and then went back to his shiver-sending massage. 

He talked as the tips of his nails caressed Taehyung's clothed dick over and over, up and down, left and right, dwelling on the tip and feeling it harden quickly. "Well, sir.. you have a huge cock, I mean.. I can feel it pulsing under my nails. It's so hard, and big, and thick.."


Taehyung's groans were growing more and more frequent and harder to contain. He loved when Jungkook did that with his nails. It drove him crazy.

Jungkook was enjoying this so much. He loved feeling like a prey, being watched by his predator, teasing him until he would finally hunt him down and take him, roughly, hard and deep, making him lose his mind.


"I wonder what you want me to do, though." He looked down at his dick, as if he were examining it, and squeezed it with his whole hand. "Maybe you want me to give you a handjob." He stroked it a few times, "I wonder if I would even be able to take it in just one hand.

He looked into his eyes, "or maybe you want me to give you a blowjob," he looked for the tip of it through the fabric and started tapping it with a finger once he found it. 


"I wonder if you would want me to suck it.. or if you would want to fuck my throat." He looked up with a fake clouded expression, "would it even fit? You know, I have no gag reflex, so that would help, but it's still just so big..."

Jungkook pretended to be struck by an idea, "or maybe you wanna fuck my ass? I'm pretty sure my ass can take your massive dick, so."


Taehyung let out soft growls as Jungkook talked, getting more and more turned on every second. 

"You know, you don't have to do much." Jungkook's hand stopped massaging Taehyung's dick and he got closer to him. 

Barely touching his ear with his lips, he whispered, "just one word, sir, and I would immediately , obediently do as you say, like a good little boy. Just one word and I'd be bent over like a good slut, sir, hoping you'll fuck me dumb and silly." His hands rested on Taehyung's shoulders. 

Jungkook noticed how Taehyung's body temperature was rising, and decided to make it even worse for himself. 

"Just one word, and I'd be in whatever position you want me in, waiting to be fucked like a good little toy. Like a good little boywife, sir. Waiting to be used by daddy. Waiting to serve daddy, sir."


The way Jungkook was addressing Taehyung, ' sir ', was killing him.

Jungkook was so damn good at dirty talk. He could go over all of Taehyung's kinks like it was nothing, riling him up so he would fuck him like a beast. 

They both knew what Jungkook was doing, and were just keeping up the act for longer, knowing the longer they did this before getting to the good part, the better the sex. 

Jungkook was teasing Taehyung more and more, riling him up and being provocative, and bringing him to his breaking point where he would finally take him and fuck him silly until he broke the bed and Jungkook. 


Jungkook's hungry eyes left as he turned around, rubbing his ass on Taehyung's clothed dick. "Well, I wonder what you think of me now. You must think I'm a slut, right?" He sighed, "but the truth is, I don't go with just any man. You see, I need a big dick to fill my holes to satisfy me. There's just not enough men with that... feature , around. But yours, sir.. god, your cock is massive. God knows what I would do to have it in my cunt."

He turned his head to Taehyung again, "besides, could you blame me for it? Who wouldn't want a big, strong man like you to fuck them?" His hands caressed Taehyung's pecs and broad shoulders as he talked. 


Taehyung was trying his best not to fuck him on the spot, but fuck it was hard. Jungkook was really outdoing himself with the size kink (which was possibly Taehyung's favorite, after the dom/sub one). 

Taehyung's hands cupped Jungkook's sides, holding his waist, and then went dangerously lower until they met his hip bones. 

Jungkook, who was, by now, also painfully hard, practically moaned at the thought of Taehyung groping his ass. 


"I see what you're doing, babyboy." Taehyung's hands reached Jungkook's inner thighs and stroked them.

Jungkook moaned again, this time on purpose. "Sorry, sir. I just want you to fuck me so bad. Wanna moan on your cock like a little bitch, sir."

Jungkook knew Taehyung loved moans during sex. He was obsessed with Jungkook's moans. He liked them high and desperate, loved when Jungkook begged, when he cried, when he sobbed and screamed out of pleasure.

When he couldn't talk with his mouth full with Taehyung's dick, or fingers, so it came out muffled and strained, and Taehyung made him repeat himself until he could tell what he was saying (all the while stuffing his throat even more like the sadist he was).


He wanted to hear his voice, hear how he was making Jungkook feel, and what he was doing to him, through it.

It was a good thing that Jungkook was loud as fuck , and just as sensitive. It was the perfect combination. 

Even just kissing often had him moaning, as soon as it got the slightest bit deeper than usual.

He always had to pay attention not to be loud or hide his little whimpers whenever they french-kissed while the hyungs were home. 

Moaning like a pornstar in front of Taehyung was like holding a dangling steak in front of a lion, and that was exactly why he did it. 

He started moaning in Taehyung's ear, making his voice high and loud, just the way Taehyung liked it. 


And then, Taehyung finally lost it. 

Jungkook's moans were interrupted by Taehyung's voice groaning low and deep, "fuck." 

He took Jungkook by his hips and lowered his pants so they were below his ass, then grabbed his asscheeks with both hands and made sure they were fully out of his pants. 

He slapped his ass with both hands wide open. 

The handprints he left on his asscheeks were red as blood. 

"Take your pants off." And Jungkook immediately did as he was told. 


"Daddy's gonna eat your ass real good, and you're gonna moan on my cock like the little slut you are. 'That clear?"

Jungkook nodded excitedly while Taehyung sat lower on the armchair, so his back wasn't so straight and Jungkook could be comfortable while Taehyung tortured his poor (or very lucky) ass.

Jungkook did as Taehyung ordered and put his knees on the arms of the armchair, while his ass was finally in Taehyung's face. 


Jungkook felt his hips being grabbed by two strong hands and pulled back harshly, until he felt something warm and wet touching his hole. 

He instantly gasped at the feeling and arched his back more, sticking his ass out and feeling Taehyung's tongue on his sensitive skin.

Taehyung's tongue rubbed his hole up and down, going around it and occasionally pressing on it.

Jungkook let out a loud moan while he stroked Taehyung's dick up and down, leaning closer to it and starting to lick it. 

He put his lips on the tip of it and quickly slid them down the entirety of it. 


"Good boy. That's my good boy."

Jungkook could tell Taehyung was turned on by how fast he was moving. It was like he was having a feast, and was in a rush to eat all the food on his plate so he could devour more. 

His hands left his hips and stroked his asscheeks, spanking them and stretching them open.

Taehyung felt Jungkook moaning on his cock when he spanked him. The man was, indeed, struggling to keep up with the fast pace at which he usually stroked Taehyung's cock. 


Taehyung's tongue covered every inch of his hole, after his lips left red marks on Jungkook's ass, making him gasp in response.

"You like daddy claiming your ass? Like daddy's marks on your skin?" 

Jungkook couldn't help but nod vigorously (or as much as he could, considering he had a dick shoved down his throat). 

"Then keep sucking daddy's dick like a good whore, and you'll be rewarded."


The more time passed, the deeper Taehyung's tongue went into Jungkook, the harder it was for Jungkook to keep sucking Taehyung off. 

He moved his head up and down, keeping Taehyung's cock warm with the hot walls of his throat. 

The harder Taehyung sucked, the shorter Jungkook's strokes got. The deeper Taehyung's tongue went, the quicker Jungkook took Taehyung's dick out of his mouth to moan. 


Taehyung stopped for a second, "what's this? Is my little whore not doing as I ordered him?"

Jungkook shook his head no in a hurry, "no, sir- 'm sorry, sir, I'll be good," and got back to work. 

 Taehyung let out a satisfied grunt and spread out Jungkook's ass again, entering Jungkook's hole with his tongue before feeling Jungkook pressing his ass against it, rubbing it desperately on his face, trying to get him to go deeper inside him. 

Jungkook's moans got louder as he licked every inch of Taehyung's dick, tongue wide open to welcome his boyfriend's cock. 


As if that wasn't enough, Taehyung then inserted his thumb inside Jungkook's ass, watching him as he stopped sucking Taehyung's dick and gasped for air, then moaning on it. 

Jungkook tried to lick it or suck it again while Taehyung hooked his thumb in his hole, but that was no use. He couldn't do anything but moan on it. 

"Why is my little slut not sucking my cock? Hm?"

Jungkook's hands massaged his dick, "I'm s-sorry, sir, it's so hard while your fingers are inside me"

Taehyung groaned loudly, "I said , suck my fucking cock."

Taehyung grabbed Jungkook's head by the hair and kept it down in place while he tortured his hole further. 


His thumb was replaced by his index finger, which was much longer than his thumb and almost reached his prostate.

Jungkook moaned louder on Taehyung's cock, eyes turning watery from the pleasure of being manhandled by Taehyung. 

He moved his head around it as best as he could, shivering under his boyfriend's hard spanks. 


"You want it deeper, Jungkookie?"

Jungkook nodded as much as he could, even shaking his hips as if he was asking for more.

"That's right, tell daddy how much you want his fingers to fuck your slutty ass."

Jungkook obviously couldn't talk with his mouth full, so he just whined needily.

"Aw. My whore's mouth is so full of cock he can't even talk." He pressed his head lower onto his dick, making his lips meet the base of his shaft. 

"Should I let you talk? Hm?"


Jungkook's whines were convincing enough for Taehyung to pull his head off his dick.

Jungkook gasped for air, "thank you, sir. Sir, please, I want your fingers in my ass," he bit his lips hard, "please, I want your long fingers to fuck my slutty ass, please"

Taehyung's satisfied smirk became wider as he inserted another finger inside Jungkook, with no warning to prepare the man.

"Ah, fuck! Oppa, please-"

Jungkook realized he called him oppa, only a few seconds after he did it.


At that point, Taehyung was even more turned on, and wanted to hear Jungkook scream.

It was one of the many things they liked during sex. Jungkook had a thing for calling Taehyung 'oppa' or 'tae oppa', and Taehyung liked that a lot

"Shit." Taehyung bit his own lips and shoved a third finger inside him, giving him no time to adjust before brushing his prostate hard

He scissored his hole and hooked his fingers in it, went in and out of it repeatedly and enjoyed Jungkook's moans, telling him how good he felt.

"Oppa, feels so good," he whined breathily and his fingers gripped Taehyung's pants as hard as he could (since he couldn't grip the sheets of their bed). 


"Yeah? You like how Oppa's fingers feel inside your slutty ass?"

Jungkook jolted from the pleasure but tried to stay still and not move too much.

Taehyung noticed the small spasms Jungkook was trying to hold back and chuckled, "what a sensitive slut, aren't you? You're really fucking tight, babyboy."

Jungkook blushed at the compliment, slowly losing control of his act and showing how much of a shy babyboy he was.


"Thank you, oppa," Jungkook made himself small on Taehyung's legs, "Oppa, please, hold my waist- want your big hand on my waist"

Taehyung chuckled again, pressing his fingers against his sweet spot and wrapping his free hand around Jungkook's tiny waist, enveloping it completely and holding it firmly. 


Jungkook gasped into loud moans, "fuck, keep going". 

Taehyung's hand traveled from Jungkook's waist to his chest. He caressed his pecs and groped them hard, "shit!"

He rubbed his nipples, making them harden even more, pinching them and twisting them. "Oppa!"

But Taehyung, being the sadist that he was, didn't stop, and instead teased him more. 

"Oppa, I can't- fuck," Taehyung's fingers slipped out of Jungkook's hole, then he grabbed him by the waist again and pulled his back towards him until it was pressed against Taehyung's chest. 


He felt Jungkook's head leaning onto his shoulder while his hand rested on Taehyung's neck, inviting him to kiss his. 

Taehyung took Jungkook's legs and pressed his knees to his chest before entering his hole again with three fingers at once. 

Jungkook let out a scream while arching his back, and Taehyung took the chance to kiss Jungkook's neck like he wanted, leaving marks left and right. 

"Fuck, fuck, please, keep going"


"Good boy." "Tae oppa, please," he gasped between words, "want it harder"

"My baby wants it harder?"

Jungkook nodded and opened up his legs even wider. "Please, I'll be good, I'll be a good boy for you, oppa," he looked up at Taehyung with pleading, watery eyes. 

"Alright, princess." Taehyung enjoyed the sight of Jungkook's lips parting while he drowned in pleasure, pounding his ass hard enough to make his whole body jerk at every thrust. Jungkook even had to hold tight onto Taehyung's shoulders. 


"Fuck, fuck- shit, I'm so close, ah, fuck-" right when Jungkook was about to come, Taehyung took his fingers out of his hole under Jungkook's disappointed, needy eyes. 

"Oppa.. wh-" "Oppa's getting real hungry, princess. Can't wait to see those beautiful hips jumping on my cock." He kissed Jungkook's collarbone, hands rubbing the back of his thighs. "I wanna see your face when you're sobbing pretty tears for me"


Jungkook gasped softly, "yes, please, oppa.. want your big cock inside me," he got up and turned around, then sat back on Taehyung's lap, straddling it. 

His hands massaged Taehyung's shoulders before helping him take off his shirt. 

Taehyung chuckled and groped his ass with open hands again, "I wonder why you like my chest so much," Jungkook threw his shirt across the room, "and why you hate me showing it on camera so much"

Jungkook whined at the question, "it's broad.. and big, and fans love it," Taehyung lifted Jungkook's hips and was about to enter his hole with his dick, when the younger stopped him. 


"Oppa, wait, I wanna do it from behind.." Taeyung bit his lower lip, "but I wanna see your face, princess."

"Wait.." Jungkook got up once again and walked a few steps from the armchair, then waited for Taehyung to get up as well. Then he took his hand and took him to the living room.

He climbed on top of the couch with his forearms on the edge of it, ass stuck out and legs wide open, waiting for Taehyung. 


Taehyung then noticed the long mirror standing in front of the couch, and quickly joined Jungkook behind him. 

"Good job, princess. Now be a good boy and rub your pussy on Oppa's dick." 

Jungkook quickly looked in the mirror and arched his back, rubbing his ass back and forth when he felt Taehyung tapping his dick on his ass. 

"Like that?" Jungkook asked, eager to be praised. 

"Perfect, baby. Now face down, ass up." Taehyung held his hip tightly with one hand. 

Jungkook immediately did as he was told, "Am I being good?"


Taehyung pressed the tip of his cock into Jungkook's hole, groaning in pleasure and making his boyfriend gasp. "Fuck, yeah. Good boy. So obedient for Tae oppa, hm?"

Jungkook moaned when Taehyung's dick finally entered him, stretching him out, "w-wanna make Tae oppa proud"

Taehyung looked in the mirror and groaned from the pleasure, and noticed how Jungkook was quickly slipping into subspace. 

"You're making oppa so proud, princess." He got down to his eye level and turned to him, "remember your safeword, baby?" Jungkook nodded, "Busan."


"Good boy." He got back up and pushed his dick further into Jungkook's hole, slowly going all the way in, making the younger scream out a high-pitched moan. 

"Shit," he breathed heavily, "oppa, you're so big". Taehyung took Jungkook's other hip and held them tightly, before pulling his dick almost all the way out of Jungkook. "And you're so fucking tight."

Taehyung then thrusted deep into Jungkook, making him moan louder when he barely brushed his prostate. "Fuck!" Jungkook cried out, eyes coated with tears that were close to spilling. 


Taehyung pressed his dick harder against Jungkook's prostate, then went back only to hit harder, making Jungkook's eyes roll to the back of his skull. 

He went back and forth slowly so Jungkook could get used to it, and saw the younger's hands hold tightly onto the couch, even digging his nails into it.

Jungkook couldn't take the pleasure, and you could tell: the man was sweating, cursing left and right and repeating Taehyung's name like a chant (or, in this case, saying 'oppa' over and over). And that sight had Taehyung in heaven. 


And that wasn't even the beginning of it: once Jungkook got used to the feeling of Taehyung's dick inside him and was properly stretched out, the older man sped up the pace.

He went from agonizingly slow to a fucking-machine pace that had Jungkook sobbing.

"Good boy. Cry for me, baby." Taehyung praised Jungkook while thrusting hard inside him and staring at him through the mirror.

" Fuck , you look fucking beautiful, princess." Taehyung took Jungkook's face in his hand and gave him an open-mouthed kiss.


Jungkook blushed hard, "thank you, opp-ah!" He was interrupted by Taehyung spanking him.

He spanked him hard enough to leave a very red handprint on his asscheek, and growled hard when he looked at it. "Harder!"

Taehyung groped his ass, "you want it harder, baby?" 

"Yes, oppa, please, spank me harder" And he did. He rubbed his now red skin and then hit it even harder than before.


A few slaps later, Jungkook's legs were shaking as Taehyung pounded him with brute force while he sobbed hard. "Fuck, oppa- can't take it," The older man crashed their hips together and saw his legs wobble like jelly. Jungkook looked like he was about to pass out from the pleasure. 

"Baby, what's your color right now?"

Jungkook took a little time to process the question, being so hazy and giddy, but eventually answered. "Green"

Taehyung was about to go back to thrusting inside him, but Jungkook interrupted him. "But," "yes, baby?" "Oppa, it's hard to keep my legs from falling," he caught his breath, "they're all shaky". 


"Want me to turn you around, princess?" Jungkook nodded, and Taehyung pulled out to turn him around so he was lying flat on the couch.

Jungkook's hands reached Taehyung's shoulders, "Oppa, please, fuck me", Taehyung positioned himself between Jungkook's legs, "miss your cock in my pussy". 

Taehyung chuckled, "of course my slutty babyboy wants my cock in his tight pussy," he smirked and placed the younger's legs on his shoulders before entering him again.


Jungkook moaned out again, reaching for Taehyung's shoulders and gripping them, "fuck-" he breathed heavily, "oppa, please," he held onto the couch again, almost scratching it. 

"Hm? What is it, princess?" "Come down, please," so Taehyung lowered his body to be closer to Jungkook, and the younger man instantly held onto his back, scratching it. 

"Shit- you look so fucking pretty, baby" Taehyung pounded Jungkook hard and fast, groaning in pleasure at every thrust, "you should see yourself right now. Blushing while asking me to fuck you dumb and silly and sobbing while moaning in my ears."


Jungkook arched his back, getting closer and closer to coming, "fuck," he scratched Taehyung's back harder and his eyes rolled to the back of his head, "Tae oppa," his spongy, hot walls tightened up and squeezed Taehyung's dick more.

"shit, say that again." Jungkook did as he was told, "Tae oppa, fuck, feels so good, keep going". Taehyung groaned loudly. 

"fuck- Tae oppa, tell me I'm your little slut" he brought his hand to his ass. 

Taehyung took the hint and slapped Jungkook's ass, "oh, you're better than that. My little slut who likes me using him as my personal cumdump. My beautiful, pretty little whore."


"ah, fuck!" Jungkook was so close to coming, "wanna be your little fuck doll," "You are my fuck doll. And you're mine ." Taehyung's breath hitched and became unsteady, "shit. Tell me you're mine, baby. Say it."

Jungkook squeezed harder around Taehyung's dick, "Tae oppa, I'm yours. Only yours-" "fuck! I'm close," Jungkook continued, "don't want any other man, just you, want you to fuck me like a good little whore, oppa". 

"Fuck- Good boy. Taking my cock so well" "Fuck! Oppa, 'm gonna come, fuck," Taehyung kept thrusting into the younger man and praising him, "good boy." 


"fuck! Tae oppa- fuck, coming-" Jungkook finally came on his own stomach with a high-pitched moan. 

Jungkook caught his breath while clenching his insides around Taehyung's cock, "Tae oppa, want your cum in my pussy, please-" Taehyung moaned hard and deep, "shit!"

He took Jungkook's legs off his shoulders and spread them apart, pounding him with sloppy, unsteady, deep thrusts. 

"Tae oppa, need you to come inside me-" Taehyung grabbed his hips and entered him with all the strength he had, "fuck!"

He finally came inside Jungkook's ass in a long, loud, deep moan. 


As soon as Taehyung was done, he collapsed on Jungkook's chest, catching his breath. 

They were both hot, sweaty and exhausted.

They took a few seconds to start breathing slowly again doing nothing, then Taehyung felt a hand gently falling on his head and through his hair. 

Taehyung looked up at Jungkook and he was about to get back up, but decided to rest for a bit longer instead. "I'm exhausted."

Jungkook chuckled a bit and the memories of them fucking like wild animals from not even a minute earlier came flashing through his head, making him blush. 


Taehyung, of course, had to point it out, "and you're embarrassed."

"And you're having fun pointing it out and making me even more embarrassed," Jungkook complained and pouted.

Taehyung shrugged, "I guess I'm a sadist in and out of bed-" "nuh uh, hyung, that's just being an asshole."

Taehyung let out a loud laugh, "Each time you call me hyung after we have sex is more traumatic than the last."

Jungkook gasped dramatically, "excuse me? What are you insinuating?" 

Taehyung went along with it, "since you call me oppa during s-" "yes, yes, I know! I know, thank you for reminding me, hyung." Jungkook laughed again and relaxed on the couch, looking Taehyung in the eyes. 


Taehyung smiled warmly at Jungkook and cupped his cheeks, looking him in the eyes, "how are you feeling, Jungkookie?"

"I'm alright. You were perfect, hyung." Jungkook did the same and cupped Taehyung's cheeks, "how are you feeling, hyung?" "I'm alright, jagi. And you were perfect, too."

They let go of each other's cheeks and shared a short kiss. 

They did this every time they had non-vanilla sex, to make sure they were okay. It was such a sweet, intimate moment, and the fact that they did it regularly made it turn into a domestic, personal, sweet little ritual. 


Then came an even better part: aftercare. 

That was Jungkook's favorite, for a lot of reasons. Said reasons being cuddles , relaxing together, cuddles , having warm baths together, cuddles , calling each other cute pet names, cuddles , and much more. Oh, and most importantly, cuddles .

"Hyung, I'm so tired.." Jungkook purposely closed his eyes, "my legs won't move, hyung, I think you broke them."

"Sure, Jungkookie, I'll carry you to the bathtub. You could've just asked, but this is fun too." Taehyung got up and took Jungkook in his arms, "thank you, hyung," Jungkook rested his head on Taehyung's chest.


Taehyung quietly planted a kiss on Jungkook's forehead, and felt him snuggle closer into the crook of his neck.

"I love you." Jungkook whispered the three words so quietly that Taehyung barely heard them. 

"Love you too." Taehyung whispered back. 


Once they got to their room's bathroom, Taehyung left Jungkook on their bed. "Anything hurting?" Taehyung sat beside him.

Jungkook chuckled at the question, "no, hyung, I'm fine. My ass is a little sore, but I'm good."

Taehyung nodded while waiting for the bathtub to fill up. 

"Why?" Jungkook chuckled again, putting a hand on Taehyung's. "Are you scared you hurt me or something?"


Taehyung stayed silent, not dropping his smile.

"I guess I was really rough today so, maybe."

"aw, hyung.." Jungkook turned to his side and rubbed the back of his hand, "I promise you didn't hurt me and you were perfect. I loved every second of it."

Taehyung smiled warmly at him, "yeah?" His eyes followed his boyfriend's as he straightened his torso to kiss him, "promise."


Taehyung finally seemed tranquil while Jungkook kissed his cheek and forehead. "Better?"

Taehyung nodded, "but I want to snuggle for at least an hour."

Jungkook laughed at the specific request, "sure, jagi. Anything you want."


Once the bath was ready, Taehyung freed himself of his pants and underwear, "Ugh, I should've taken these off before we destroyed the armchair and the couch."

"Hm? Why?" Jungkook asked while going into the tub. 

"Cause now they're all sweaty," Taehyung protested before yeeting them into their room. 

"God, I'm so tired." Jungkook sighed and stretched his arms. 


Taehyung got in the bathtub and Jungkook pulled him down by the hand, "come here, you said you wanted to snuggle for at least an hour".

Taehyung nodded and lay down on his side, "I do".

Jungkook noticed the tiny pout hidden in his lips and positioned himself so he was lying down facing Taehyung, as if he were giving him his full attention (and he was).

He opened his arms and legs again, and Taehyung quickly got right between them, holding his waist tight and resting his head on Jungkook's chest.


Jungkook tightened his arms around Taehyung's shoulders. "Better?"

Taehyung closed his eyes, smiling, "yeah.. but no."

Jungkook titled his head to the side, thinking. "Oh, right." He kissed Taehyung's cheek and ran his hand through his hand, gently combing it with his fingers. "Better?"

Jungkook knew Taehyung loved when people touched his hair. His grandma would do that whenever he couldn't fall asleep as a baby. Then came Jimin in his trainee days, and finally Jungkook when they started sleeping in the same bed. 

Taehyung nodded, "yeah," he planted a kiss on Jungkook's chest. 

"Big titties."


Jungkook laughed at his comment and kept stroking Taehyung's hair. "Handsome face."

Taehyung smiled shyly like he did every time people complimented his looks. "Why do you say that so much?" He quickly realized how weird that sounded and explained further, "I mean, not that I'm complaining. I'm flattered. Just, I'm genuinely curious."

Jungkook thought about it. "Well, there are a lot of reasons." Taehyung opened his eyes and listened with curiosity. "Sometimes I do it to see you smile, sometimes I do it to boost your confidence, sometimes I just.. look at you and I go 'shit, he's so hot' and I say it." 

Taehyung showed him his boxy smile, "and why did you say it this time?"

"I think.. all three. Yeah, probably all three."


Taehyung looked into Jungkook's eyes, "You're amazing, you know?"

Jungkook waited a bit, "I think I do, but.. hearing it from you makes me happy." 

"Well," Taehyung took his hand, "you're amazing, Jungkookie. Really, I mean it." He kissed his first set knuckles one by one, "I love you. Every part of you."

Jungkook cracked a smile, letting Taehyung kiss his second set of knuckles, and then his wrist, and then the back of his hand. "You know, jagi, I really love you, but this is the part where you stop me from kissing your entire body before I collapse in the tub."


Jungkook laughed a little too loud, then whispered. "Or, it could be the part where I get you out of the bathtub and into the fresh silk pajamas that I got you for Christmas," he stroked Taehyung's hair once again, making his eyelids heavy, "and then into our warm bed, and then you would put your head on my stomach and I would sing you to sleep, while combing your soft hair with my fingers, and then you would peacefully fall asleep, and I would kiss you goodnight and fall sleep next to you, and they lived happily ever after."

"Woah," Taehyung chuckled, "how'd you come up with that?" 

Jungkook rolled his eyes, pretending to look for an answer, "I don't know, must be the dozens of times we've done that before."


Taehyung finally got out of the bathtub and waited for Jungkook to do the same, "You know, I like the second version better. We should do that."

"Yeah, you're right. I love that version too, hyung."



Once they were all dry and clean, they got in bed and their cuddling session started.

"You know, I feel kind of bad for having sex on the couch," the memories from earlier spreaded in Taehyung's head. 

"Oh, come on, we've all done worse things on that couch."

Taehyung asked, "worse than having sex on it?" 

"Oh, yeah , definitely. Remember when it used to be in Jimin's room, and then in Namjoon's room? Plus, we cleaned it up afterwards." 

Taehyung was suddenly hit by dozens of flashbacks, "ooh, ugh, yeah. Come to think of it, Jimin's had sex with multiple guys on that couch, so."


Jungkook shook his head at the thought, "Ew, I just pictured it!" 

Taehyung laughed at the comment, "yeah, I'm used to it. We've been telling each other about our sex lives since we were like sixteen."

Jungkook yawned, getting tired as well. "I wonder how he reacted when you told him about our sex life. Like 'Oh, yeah, it's great, I like to tie Jungkook up and choke him while he calls me oppa'". 

Taehyung laughed at the way Jungkook described the hypothetical conversation. "I mean, it didn't exactly go that way, but that's a nice representation of it. Also, Jimin is a kink freak too. And I know everything about it." He smirked suggestively. 


Jungkook got lost in his thoughts, and Taehyung almost thought he was asleep, until he spoke again. "Hyung?" 

"Hm?" Taehyung cupped his cheek and waited for him to continue. "You know, when we get married.." Jungkook started and Taehyung nodded, curious and excited to hear what Jungkook had to say about them getting married. "I know Jimin is gonna be your best man, but.. I don't know who to pick out of the hyungs. I mean, there's five of them, that's so many. How am I even gonna pick? Why did they have to be so many?" 

Taehyung burst out laughing, "Jungkook-ah, I think it's a little early to worry about that, don't you think?" 


Jungkook rolled his eyes, "but, hyuuung," he whined like a disappointed baby, "Now I have this question in my head and I don't know how to answer it!" 

Taehyung thought about it before coming up with something. "Alright, so, since you can't pick, and equally want every one of them to be your best man; we could have a little competition where the winner gets to be your best man. How's that?" 

Jungkook's eyes lit up with joy and excitement, "oh, yes! Yes, hyung, you're brilliant, thank you!" He pressed his lips on Taehyung's cheek and gave him a little smooch, making him giggle. 


"And what would they do in the competition?" Jungkook asked and listened eagerly.

"It could be.." Taehyung thought about it for a second. "Something like a quiz, about you and what you want for our wedding day. Things like the cake, or the clothes, or our car. Things like that" 

Jungkook's hands clapped fast without making noise, "aaah, jagiya, you're a genius. Thank you, hyung." He giggled excitedly while Taehyung watched him with a soft smile on his face. 

"Jungkookie?" "Yes, hyung?" 

They looked at each other. 


"I love having this. Getting to cuddle like this and talk about nothing after being so close to you.. it makes me feel so safe, and happy, and full of love." Jungkook stared at him with bright glistening eyes as he listened. 

"I love this too, jagi. It makes me feel so.. at peace, and so close to you. It makes me feel loved, and happy, 'cause we get to cuddle and take care of each other."

Taehyung rolled onto his side and hugged Jungkook's waist, then yawned with his jaw wide open.


Jungkook kissed Taehyung's head and put it on his chest. "You're really tired, aren't you, jagi?"

Taehyung nodded, "I'm sorry, Jungkookie. Do you want me to stay up with you for a little longer? I can drink some tea if y-"

"No, no, it's alright, hyung. It's fine," he smiled, "I like helping you fall asleep like this." 


Taehyung whispered into Jungkook's oversized t-shirt, "Jungkookie?"

"Hm?" Jungkook whispered back, stroking his hair. 

"I love you more than anything, jagi. Can't wait to marry you." He kissed Jungkook's collarbone and closed his eyes. 


Taehyung relaxed and listened to Jungkook like a lullaby. 

"And I love you more than anything in the world. My beautiful precious angel." He whispered softly into Taehyung's hair, then placed a soft kiss on his forehead. 

He felt Taehyung's heart pump a few strong beats and his arms embracing him tighter while a huge smile spread on his face.

Jungkook's lips met Taehyung's forehead for the last time that day, before his chin settled on his head. "Goodnight, hyung."