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Liquid Courage

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"Hey, wake up." Minhyuk said as he parked his car in front of the house, he looked at Eunwoo who fell asleep in the car.

"Hyung, hyung wake up, we're at my house now." He said while giving his hyung a light shake.

"Come on now let's get you up and going." Minhyuk opened the car door and assisted Eunwoo to walk inside.

Eunwoo was tipsy, and was practically half asleep. Once they both got to his bedroom, he laid his hyung on the bed and turned off the lights so he could get some rest.

Minhyuk sat on the sofa in the living room and turned on the TV.

(This is the fourth time this week.) He thought to himself.

Eunwoo keeps going to the clubs a lot more recently. And each time he went there he'd wake up to find himself hungover in his dongsaeng's place.

Minhyuk was starting to feel his eyes getting heavier. He was tired from having to deal with Eunwoo's antics, he was being stubborn and insisted on driving earlier despite not being able to walk properly.

(Why is he like this . .) He often thought to himself.

(And more importantly, why do I like him?) The question would always dwell in his head without an answer.

The bedroom door opened, Eunwoo slowly made his way to where Minhyuk was.

"You should be resting." Minhyuk spoke out of concern.

"There's enough space for the both of us in your bed you know." Eunwoo replied. His eyes were barely open and he was leaning on the wall for support.

"I'll sleep on the couch, don't worry about me."

Eunwoo shuffled closer and sat down on the couch, he turned his body and opened his eyes to faced the younger.

"Well in that case . . ."

Eunwoo moved closer.

"Guess I'll sleep with you here then." Eunwoo laid his head on Minhyuk's lap.

"I don't want you to wake up sore and hungover. You'll be more comfortable on the bed."

Eunwoo lifted his body and hoisted himself upwards. He plopped his body onto Minhyuk's chest and hid his face on his collarbone.

"You know . . it's kind of adorable when you show your concern for me." Eunwoo smiled teasingly.

"Well who else is there to take care of you?" Even when he was shy he didn't let it shake him. Minhyuk knew Eunwoo would keep on teasing him until he gave in.

There was a pause.

Eunwoo attempted to take off his pants, but he was so drunk he could barely unbuckle his belt.

So instead he took Minhyuk's hand and guided it to his chest, through the neckhole of the oversized sweater he was wearing.

Rocky felt thin lace and ribbons wrapped around Eunwoo.

He was wearing lingerie underneath.

"Take care of me then." Eunwoo smiled devilishly, he could tell Minhyuk was flustered since he was avoiding eye contact.

Minhyuk could barely keep a straight face. It was barely a peek but he couldn't even look at the sinful sight directly before him.

Eunwoo started tracing Minhyuk's facial features with his index finger. He slowly traced around his lips.

"Please Hyukie?" Eunwoo pleaded.

Minhyuk's face was flushed with red.

(It's just the alcohol, it's just the alcohol.) Minhyuk kept repeating to himself in his mind.

He knew Eunwoo was reckless, and frankly kind of an idiot. But he knew he'd never be this reckless.

Eunwoo started planting kisses all over his dongsaeng's neck and collarbone.

Rocky placed his finger over his hyung's lips.

"Stop it. You're drunk, go back to bed." Minhyuk spoke with finality.

"You're no fun." Eunwoo pouted.

Their legs were pressed together, Rocky could feel a bulge in his pants. He could feel it twitch out of arousal from just the light touches Eunwoo gave him.

"Seems like you're enjoying yourself to me." Eunwoo inspected Rocky's jeans.

Eunwoo pressed his crotch against Minhyuk's and started dry humping.

Rocky moaned a little. It's getting so hard for him to resist.

"I saw you staring earlier while I was lying down on your bed."

"I wasn't." It was getting hard for Minhyuk to hide the fact he was flustered.

"I know you want this just as much as I do, please just let me take care of you." Eunwoo spoke with a soft voice as he continued humping.

"Please Hyukie, just this once?"

"I know I'm gonna regret this . ."

Minhyuk finally caved in.

"Fine." Minhyuk's answer lit a spark in Eunwoo's eyes. Like a spoiled brat he finally got what he so desperately wanted.

Eunwoo took off the sweater, revealing the lingerie he wore.

They were thin lace straps forming a bra shape that left his nipples exposed. His neck was adorned with a white ribbon.

Minhyuk took off his clothes and helped Eunwoo in taking off his jeans. Making sure to gently plant kisses on his hyung's bare body.

He had long thigh-high stockings, and a thin lace panty underneath his actual underwear.

The panty served no purpose since it was just lacey straps exposing his hardened cock, it was leaking precum and his hole was moist, as if he played with himself earlier.

Minhyuk was starstruck. He could barely take in just how beautiful Eunwoo looked in lingerie. How his chiseled and sculptured body contrasted against the lace and ribbons adorning him.

The two started making out, starting off with small pecks, eventually, Eunwoo invited his tongue inside Minhyuk's mouth.

Minhyuk could taste the beer from Eunwoo's tongue.

He doesn't drink alcohol. In fact he hates it, he hates the burning sensation it gives and the disgusting aftertaste that came along with it.

But Eunwoo's taste and touch was worth any bitter taste. It was an intoxicating bitter sweetness. A warmth that started to envelop him and swallow him whole.

Minhyuk started kissing and nibbling Eunwoo's neck, leaving small bite marks from his neck to his chest.

Eunwoo's breath grew sharper by the moment, he couldn't take all the foreplay anymore, he wanted the real thing.

He laid his hand on Minhyuk's chest and mustered all his strength to push him away.

"Just put it in." Eunwoo was getting impatient.

"I'm gonna go get lube and condoms." Minhyuk stood up, but the older grabbed him by the wrist to stop him.

"There's a condom in my jeans pocket, and I already prepared myself while I was in your bedroom."

Everything seemed all too convenient to Minhyuk. He could tell how desperate Eunwoo was for this to happen.

Minhyuk wore the condom and he slowly slid two fingers inside Eunwoo and scissored them.

Eunwoo moaned as he bit his lower lip.

Eunwoo felt warm and tender from the inside, it seems he didn't lie when he said he prepared himself beforehand.

Minhyuk started to quicken his pace, he lost composure and couldn't help himself anymore. He knew this was exactly what Eunwoo wanted, it was so obvious.

But he kept telling himself it was wishful thinking each time. That Eunwoo wanted him the same way he did. A burning desire to have him all to his own

Eunwoo covered his mouth to stifle his moans.

"So this is what you wanted huh?" Minhyuk said, his tone was sharp and it made Eunwoo stare in bewilderment.

"What do you mean?" Eunwoo played dumb.

"This." Minhyuk thrusted harder, reaching Eunwoo's prostate, his legs shook and his toes curled from the sensation.

Eunwoo gritted his teeth and closed his eyes. He didn't expect Rocky to be this rough in bed, but he loved it.

Minhyuk moved closer putting his hyung in a mating press. Their faces were so close to each other they could feel the other's breath on their faces.

"I want to hear you moan. I want to hear you call out my name."

"Keep going Minhyuk" Eunwoo moaned, he was still shy and could barely be heard.

"Louder." Rocky demanded.

But Eunwoo didn't listen.

"I said." Rocky stopped thrusting and pulled out.


"AHHH FUCK" Eunwoo cursed loudly, Minhyuk quickly slid his cock inside and started slamming himself on top of his hyung.

Eunwoo felt his body rock back and forth while his dongsaeng pressed himself on top of him. Their hearts were pounding from the exhaustion but they kept going. They both wanted more.

Minhyuk lost all composure and completely gave in. And Eunwoo stopped caring if the neighbors heard them.

"I'm close to cumming. Where do you want me to finish?" Minhyuk asked.

"Take off the condom and cum in my mouth." Eunwoo requested

Minhyuk pulled out and stood up while Eunwoo sat on the sofa. He took the condom off.

He tapped his cock on Eunwoo's cheek while stroking it at the base.

The older started kitty licking Rocky's tip and stroked his own dick until both of them came.

The cum started dripping from Eunwoo's mouth all the way down to his collarbone.

Eunwoo looked beautiful like this. How his lashes fluttered while his lips and mouth were dripping in Minhyuk's seed.

"Don't waste a single drop." Minhyuk wiped his fingers upwards to Eunwoo's mouth. The older licked his fingers clean.

Eunwoo laid down on his back again and Minhyuk got on his knees to kneel down.

"What are you doing?" Eunwoo asked

"I wanna clean you up too. It's only fair that way." Minhyuk started licking Eunwoo's balls, he slowly made his way towards the tip and licked Eunwoo clean.

Once he was done licking up all the cum Eunwoo took off his lingerie.

Minhyuk then grabbed a towel from the drawer beside the couch and he wiped the sweat and cum dripping off of Eunwoo, he wiped himself clean afterwards as well.

Eunwoo laid down on the sofa and pulled the blanket all the way to his shoulders.

"Hey I told you, I'm sleeping on the couch." Minhyuk sounded annoyed.

"And I told you that I'm sleeping on the couch with you." Eunwoo insisted.

Minhyuk sighed, he knew he could never win against his hyung.

"Fine, as long as I get to be the big spoon."

As they were lying together Rocky's warm breaths felt ticklish on Eunwoo's nape and ears.

"Thank you for taking care of me." Eunwoo spoke with a soft smile to express his gratitude.

There was a pause, Minhyuk stood up and sat on the sofa, Eunwoo stood up as well.

"Hey . . . What's wrong?" Eunwoo asked, while parting Minhyuk's hair.

"It's just that. It seems like you planned all this." Minhyuk spoke.

"I mean, the lingerie the many times you slept at my home drunk, The fact you were prepped before we even made it home . . . It seemed all too convenient." Minhyuk said

"I know I haven't been completely honest to you but . . I was just scared of getting rejected I guess." Eunwoo answered.

"It's the reason I've been drinking lately. I was trying to drink my feelings away but every time . . . Every single time I'd stay here hungover . . Every time I saw how concerned you were for me, it made me fall deeper for you each time." Eunwoo turned his head away, he was embarrassed by his own feelings.

This surprised Rocky.

"I never knew. I'm sorry you had to go through all this."

"No need to apologise." Eunwoo turned his face and caressed Minhyuk's cheek with his hands.

"I was a coward for not being forward with you."

"I haven't been truthful with you either." Minhyuk answered

"In all honesty, I sort of . . Looked forward to bringing you home. Even when you were drunk and stubborn, it felt endearing to me in a way. How you're some sort of pest I couldn't get rid of."

"That's more of an insult than a compliment but okay." Minhyuk laughed at Eunwoo's reply.

"I liked you too . . I guess we were both scared of being rejected."

Minhyuk placed his hand on Eunwoo's cheek, and Eunwoo moved his face to kiss his palm.

"I love you, Minhyuk." Eunwoo confessed.

"I love you too." Minhyuk hugged his hyung's side and rested his chin on his shoulder.

Eunwoo kissed Minhyuk's head. "Come on now let's go to sleep."

The two laid down, Minhyuk was still the big spoon. He pulled the blanket all the way to their shoulders.

He had one arm cushioning Eunwoo's head while the other wrapped around his abdomen.

"Good night Eunwoo." Minhyuk kissed his hyung on the Neck.

"Good night Hyukie."

They slept soundly, knowing the two of them would be able to sleep in and enjoy each other's embrace.

The next day, Eunwoo bid goodbye to Minhyuk and gave his dongsaeng a hug.

Minhyuk watched as Eunwoo walked off into the distance.

He sat down on the sofa. And realized Eunwoo forgot to bring his lingerie, which was neatly folded in a paper bag, with him.

Upon closer inspection Minhyuk found writings on the inside of the bag.

It read "Last night was amazing. I'm free next Friday, you know where to find me. -♡"

"Ahh that scheming bastard." Minhyuk smiled widely like an idiot, and held the paper bag closer to him as if he was embracing Eunwoo himself.

He could still smell Eunwoo's perfume when he hugged it to his face.

Meanwhile Eunwoo received a text while on the train.

(Ah did Minhyuk read the little note I left for him.) He thought to himself upon finding out the text was from Rocky.

"See you again next Friday . . . ♡"

"I'll see you then. I love you ♡♡"

Eunwoo texted back.

Eunwoo looked forward to their next meeting. And so did Minhyuk, knowing he can finally put all the pining to an end. He's Eunwoo's now, and Eunwoo belongs to him.