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You're Not So Bad

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The wiry brunette Italian boy had just been standing in the front door of the guest room, once certain the mansion was asleep-now he was pressed up against his family’s newest friend. The bulge in his pants pressing into the sleeping boy’s ass. Carlo’s hands were on the hips of the angelic-faced boy, quietly grinding the ocean-eyed stranger against his cock. David squirmed to break free and not draw too much attention to them. The alarmed golden-blonde boy just wanted to have an undisturbed night of sleep.

The nervous 12-year-old felt the other’s hand leave his side and David thought maybe Carlo was finished with him. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

David felt the loose, flowing pajama bottoms lowered which forced a gasp from his usually sealed lips. Then it became more confusing as Carlo pushed the stoic boy’s pants down and his slim, yet strong lock of a hand moved around to the crotch. Carlo deftly felt the mysterious boy up, his hand forcing the beautiful stranger’s legs apart. He found David’s balls and his cock jumped at the contact of those fingers that once attacked him.

The lankier of the two pulled his hand away and David sighed but it returned damp as he started to masturbate the deer-startled boy, stroking the length of his cock with his spit-lubed finger. David gasped and stiffened in Carlo’s arms. Carlo pulled the stilled youth close as he plucked his guest’s cock with a little more force than he never thought to use himself before being taken in by Carlo’s family. It was getting him hard and hot to his splitting excitement and horror. Then the bold boy’s other hand slid up under David’s loose light blue shirt to find his rising nipples.

"Ugh... umm no." David moaned as Carlo hushed him, laying a hand on David’s pale chest, and gingerly tugged on his left nipple.

A swift haze of harsh memories for the internment camp flashed in David’s mind as Carlo continued to touch him in the way he heard adult men did to women they love. The ghost of a boy gasped and moaned as Carlo pumped his cock and pulled more audaciously on his nipples. His own ecstatic bulge pressed against David’s bare butt. The runaway helplessly laid there with his narrow shoulders pressed across the lean chest of the boy he feared yet was intrigued by.

"My God, you’re not chicken at all." Carlo groaned behind David as he pulled his hands away from David’s chest and cock.

David’s mind was too muddled and shocked to think clearly, he simply leaned against his tormentor and panted for breath. A feeling he’d become more than acquainted with since his flight for freedom. Suddenly, Carlo pushed his bottoms halfway until the shy boy’s ass was stuck out. Blue eyes widened as David heard over the barking of a neighbor’s dog as Carlo’s own pants came down.

Is he going to beat me, like the terrible people in the camp did? David could see the monstrous torture of fellow prisoners, hear the fall of kicking feet and cracking horsewhips as the question made him shudder.

Remembering his friend Johannes brave encouragements, David turned his head to the ceiling and looked up at the moonlit cloud white space before the hopeful and surprisingly remorseful Carlo from earlier had turned just slightly more to meet his gaze. David’s hands balled into fists clenching the bedsheets. A beat and he felt something prod his hole.

God, is that really his…cock, why does it feel so big? David questioned yet kept Johannes words alive lest they fade away.

David’s mind ran riot with mental images of all he had seen on his journey: the people he met, the hardships he faced and what he was hoping to find. Carlo’s blue eyes closed tight while letting his lips fall on the perturbed boy’s ones before sliding the head in, and David moaned through enclosed lips at the indescribable feeling that broke through him as a pebble on a pond surface.

"You feel good." Carlo hissed in a whisper as David unwittingly pushed more of the solid presence into his reluctant yet slowly convivial gate.

"Wait-please. . .pull it out. . .it hurts." David murmured through his moans while his knees arched up, raising the bedsheet high.

"It’s alright…David…just relax, your beautiful and feel so good." Carlo growled then ripped his friend’s shirt off his shoulders and flung it to the carpeted floor.

His hand landed right on David’s nipple like it was a snowflake. The refined boy teasingly twisted it, his skinny fingers digging into David- kissing him fearlessly all the while Carlo drove his cock in and out of the boy now grasping into his shirt. David moaned with strained feelings on an unfamiliar instinct as the boy who never knew cruelty as he did, pounded into him.

"Do you feel it? I'm going come soon." Carlo breathed into David’s mouth as their heads were connected briefly.

"Not so hard. I-I’ve never done…felt like this before." David gently groaned which only made Carlo’s burgeoning desire increase.

"Sorry David, hope you know I’m not so bad... I just feel drawn to you. We all do." Carlo grunted as he sank into the paralyzed boy, his cock head penetrating David’s untouched opening and he poured a great load of his seed.

Carlo held himself in David and offered what had to be bucket loads of heated cream into the boy who exuded innocence yet remained guarded. David moaned not out of palpitating fear but out of the fact that he had discovered odd but warm feelings a week ago, so he was likely feeling adventurous at this moment as well. Licking his lips, Carlo grunted and rested against David’s ass while languidly petting his soft hair.

"My Lord David, that was wonderful."

David expected the well-meaning yet bold boy to pull out if not sneer at him, but Carlo stayed in him, firm and beating at the rate of his own heart.

"Are we done? Is that all there is to making love?" David asked still perplexed cocking an eyebrow yet not wanting to be alone now.

"No, not yet. There’s more we can do before morning." Carlo grunted as he pulled David’s underwear down and away from his legs and to the mute boy’s timidness, he lifted the beatific one up with his arms under the still scuffed up yet healing knee's.

David was in the air and able to see his cum spattered, red and throbbing passage being fucked. Carlo started to batter into him from below, his cock having just painted David’s insides and yet not yet spent. David moaned in resigned acceptance of the powerful impact overtaking him as the boy savoring every taste and feel, finally exploded in a spot David never knew existed.

"Will you come for me David?" Carlo asked entreating the boy who saved his sister Maria’s life and only recently had come to regard more as a wandering orphan with an unknown story.

"I- I don’t know. Not sure if I can do it."

"You’re almost there David." Carlo grunted then let David slide lower on his strong length, that wide head poking his rosebud yet again.

David didn't harbor fear anymore and just wanted Carlo to come and be done for he knew his time hear with this family, loving though they were, had reached its end.

"Don’t be scared, here I come David." Carlo grunted below him as he let David rest on his shaft till, he was balls deep inside the winded boy once again as he came to the point of blanking out.

Carlo moaned as he filled David again, the well-born boy’s ability to come left David with emotions and an understanding of life he knew next to nothing of before now. He thought forebodingly of the journey ahead of trying to find freedom and perhaps even his family. His mother. Carlo grunted with each jerk of his eel-long cock while peppering kisses on David’s face until a whisp of a smile appeared.

Finally, the disheveled boy let David stand on his feet and get dressed, bestowed one more kiss on his soft and disappeared from the guest room as soon as the door opened and shut.

"Thank you, Carlo," David quietly spoke into the returned tranquility around him as he picked up his dampened nightshirt, underwear, and pajama bottoms. "You’re not so bad."