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Not Left Behind

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I wasn't sure how long I had laid on the ground sobbing my eyes out, but a small part of my mind noted that the shadows of the forest around me were definitely longer than they had been when Edward had, when he, he had. I couldn't even think of the words before a fresh wave of sobs rocked through my body.

"Bella!" The voice sounded so far, and the cold arms that wrapped around me felt almost unreal despite their true strength. "Bella, it's alright, we're right here."

Alice, it was Alice. But, Edward had told me they had left. They had all left. No goodbyes. My mind was already breaking down it seemed.

"We need to get her home, she's freezing." Rosalie was here too, yep mind definitely gone. Another pair of arms gently scooped me up and held me tight.

"Take her to her house, Charlie will get suspicious otherwise. And go through the front door." Alice told her, before blurring off.

I cried out at her disappearance, reaching out into the space she had occupied only a second before.

"It's alright, Bella. She's only getting my car, she'll meet us at your house." Rosalie told me gently. A cold pair of lips pressed to my forehead, effectively short-circuiting my mind.

"W-what?" I stared at Rosalie, unable to comprehend what she had just done. I was able to understand that even in my own mind Rosalie would never be this kind, at least not to me.

"I'm sorry Bella. I promise we'll explain soon, but first we need to warm you up." Rosalie smiled at me, I just kept staring. "You may want to close your eyes for a moment, I need to run." And with no further warning Rosalie took off.

I couldn't help the squeak that left me as Rosalie started running, but I heeded her warning nonetheless, closing my eyes tight against the blur of forest around us. It was only a minute later that Rosalie was nudging me and I opened my eyes again. We were at my house, right next to Rosalie's red convertible. Alice appeared again at our side, laying a comforting hand on my shoulder.

"Do you think you can walk?" Rosalie whispered. I could only nod. Gently, I was lowered until my feet touched the ground. Only feeling a little wobbly I continued to stare at the two vampires with me, only barely believing they were actually there.

"We need to get you inside." Alice said, pulling me gently toward my house. Slowly, and with only minor stumbling, I found myself across the yard and by my front door. I had only stepped a foot inside before I was enveloped by a new pair of arms, these ones warm and very human.

"Bells!" Charlie tightened his hold on me. "Bells, where have you been? I was so worried! I almost sent out a search party for you!" That was more than I could take. Quickly, I wrapped my arms around Charlie and began to sob again, almost collapsing into him.

"Ed-edward. He-he took me to the w-woods, and, and." It was too much. My throat constricted and no more words would come, I could only stand there shaking in his arms.

"What? What did Edward do!" Charlie pushed away to look at me frantically. "Did he hurt you?" I couldn't speak, only my heaving breaths could be heard. Charlie looked at the other two, the desperation and anger clear in his eyes. "Did he hurt her?" He asked them.

"Not physically." Was Rosalie's response, anger just as clear in her voice.

"That bastard!" Charlie almost growled out, before glancing sheepishly at the two Cullens standing in his doorway. "Sorry, I didn't-"

"You are absolutely right about what he is, Charlie." Alice told him. "We can't focus on that right now though. Bella's been outside for too long, we need to warm her up."

As she said it, I finally seemed to notice how cold I really was. Absently I wondered if I felt as cold as the vampires I spent so much time with, and before I knew it I was on my fathers couch. A blanket had been draped over me at some point. Charlie and Rosalie had gone to the kitchen, warming up soup and hot chocolate for me as I shivered my way to warmth. Alice sat next to me, close enough so that it looked like we were touching if Charlie looked over, but never truly making contact so as to draw as little warmth as possible from me.

"Bella," Alice whispered, "I know you probably don't want to, but we need to take you to our house once you're done eating. There are some things we need to explain to you that Charlie can't hear." I only nodded, I wasn’t able to focus on much at the moment.

Soon Rosalie had joined us on the couch, pressing a bowl of chicken soup into my hands. "Eat, you need it." She told me, and I did. I hadn't even realized how hungry I had been until the soup was gone and the hot chocolate had taken its place.

Alice had gone to Charlie, asking to take me to their house for a sleepover, assuring him that Edward would be nowhere near for the foreseeable future (of which she could see quite a lot of, but no need to tell him).

Soon I was ushered out of the house and into Rosalie's car, an overnight bag packed by Alice on my lap. All I could do was stare at the seat back in front of me, confusion and sadness warring in my mind.


Esme scooped me from the car as soon as we had stopped and took me inside the glass mansion, murmuring gentle words to me the whole way. A spot was left open for us next to Carlisle on the loveseat, me still in Esme's comforting embrace.

Everyone but Edward had gathered in the living room. All of them looking both sad and murderous about the whole situation. They tried to speak to me, but by now I was too far gone, lost in my own emotions.

Rosalie pulled me from Esme's lap and carried me to her bedroom. She seemed to have the most comfortable bed in existence and if I had been a little more aware I would have felt bad for not enjoying it more. As it was, my eyes were shut the moment my head hit the pillows.